What do women think about big dicks?

What is the significance of the sex membership for women?

Sex pathologists claim that sex technology, technical techniques, rather than the size of the male sexual organ, is of greater importance to them. Recent research, however, showed that women considered a large member to be more powerful and more sex-motivated. Philosophy candidate, Psychologist Judy Curiansky agrees with such allegations, saying, "The questions indicate that most women believe that they have a large size of membership, because they associate him with men's power, remove or pleasure."

And that's what another prominent researcher says: Many women believe that a small member from a psychological point of view does not give them the kind of excitement during preparation for a sexual act, such as a large or even medium-sized member, which symbolizes aggression, power, power and men ' s energy. Besides, if Sexual member Longer than normal, a woman has the prospect of a more exciting, more lucid situation, and it is already a much more inclined view.

A few years ago, the Playboy magazine published an interesting letter from its reader, who conducted his own research. Among the women aged 25 to 50 who had given birth to at least one child, there was no one who likes a small sex member. It goes without saying that such a rapid analysis has no scientific value, but it also helps to argue that many women prefer a large male member.

Arranging women who claim that they are much more important than sex technology than a member does not convince men. We're not talking about a perfectly logical situation here. It's just nothing, no argument can convince a middle man that a big dick is the best sexy dick.

For men, the most important is the size of the penis, which, however, with some limitations, women are also recognized. A experienced woman usually admits that things such as tech and techniques affect her feelings, but when men have equal characteristics, the ultimate preference is for someone with more penis. That, in two words, is the essence of all infinite discussions on the size of a member. Most women answer that question as follows: a better big penis than a good little one. In this regard, men and women are the same front, all of them favour a small sex member for different reasons.

In the August edition of the Game magazine, Donna Powell writer cites an example of an informal survey involving fifty women between 18 and 45 years of age. They asked: what size did they choose for their perfect partner? The lists he gave indicated four categories of sexual members: small, medium, persuasive, very large.

47 interviewees were put in a "cross" next to the words "convincing sizes" and only three others preferred "medium."

In another survey, 36 male and 26 female college students were shown slides with a large member image and Minor sexual memberThen they were asked to describe their psychological reaction to the eyewitness. They described the big penis as "more strong," "more active," "more energetic" compared to the little one.

Another sex researcher, one of the pioneers in this science, Virginia Johnson-Master, in one interview, commented on women ' s attitude to the size of a male member: "If a woman believes that a large sex member is much more inclined and stimulated, it is. In the public, most women claim that they are much more important than the size of technical techniques. But in private, many of them say otherwise."

In a survey conducted by the Glamore magazine, most women admitted that they preferred large and medium-sized members. A few years earlier, a study conducted by the Institute of Kinsey revealed that women were equally among both large penis and middle-aged members.

This is probably due to the fact that most women do not reach orgasm, thanks only to vaginal penetration.

Joy Davidson's psychologist says, "This question is not as much about the size of the penis as the man he chooses. This has a direct bearing on the location of the clitoris, the position of the sexual act and the physical fitness of each other - whether they have different growth, body building, etc.

Men's sex can be long, short, fat or thin. Women may also have narrow, deep, wide, small. If further consideration is given to the size and structure of the sexual organs, some experts are of the view that the exact matching of the partners will be observed in one of the 16 cases.

The vagina can be extended and extended after several years of marriage, and especially after the birth of children, is another argument in favour of a large member. The popular anecdote speaks about one couple who lived together for 25 years. My wife convinces her husband to go to the second wedding trip, celebrate the second honeymoon. All right, he agrees, only this time, I'm gonna get in the back of my bed and yell at my voice, "Oh, how big it is! Too big!"

Размеры половых членов в фантазиях достигают 23-28 см.
Sex members in fantasies reach 23-28 cm.

The scientific and popular literature has popular images of magnificent male members. Nancy Frydy's study on the male sperm called My Secret Garden. The sexual fantasies of women, "the many women share their fantasies, tell us about the desire to be tempted and to experience a feeling of infiltration of a male member for 30 cm long. Clarissa, one of the interviewers, admits, "I'm often imagining how I have some kind of active reproduction of a male figure with a huge, sexually active member, which is clearly not in line with the rest of his body. No, I'm not saying that I'm not satisfied. penis sizes My husband, I'm just giving imagination, and I see how this huge, long, fat dick with a giant punk at the end is getting deep into me." Another member named Anna-Belle shares his greys, too: "Text members in my fantasies are usually 23-28 cm. When I move my legs to swallow it all to the end, I feel so erotic pleasure that leads to an amazing orgasm.

One woman recently wrote about the preference she gave to men with a great natural gift:

"Your books are written from a man ' s perspective and seem to be trying to prove that women are losing their minds to male braces. From a woman ' s point of view, I'm prepared to say that the best sex ever comes with men who have the exact ends, and we've seen it from our own experience. We, women, always like to look at men's stunning line, and guess what's in his pants."

Erotic emotions of women with large sex

Dr. Dick Richard summed up the powerful erotic emotions of women with a large sex penis as follows:

  • And now we're going to get the outcome. The large penis has a number of congenital advantages which include:
  • Undoubtedly, representatives and representatives of both sexes look at a large sexual member with great respect and admiration.
  • Enhance the owner ' s appearance in his external attractiveness, enhances his male dignity. A long, fat, well-developed sexy member compels a man to a deeper sense of his sex, gives him a healthy male ego.
  • Big sex manoeuvre. From anatomical point of view, a large penis is capable of achieving greater diversity of sexual poles, and only one can make real deep penetration into the vagina.
  • Big potential for vagina stretching. The fatal penis is capable of fully extending the muscles of the vagina shincter than much more incentives and sexual pleasure.
  • It causes more acute emotions. The more penis, the more his contact area.and therefore more space, which perceives external stimulus. So the more sexy member, the more acute emotions he delivers.
  • Whether you want it or not, the size of a member is very important for most men (and many women). It's a fundamental social fact in our lives, and it's unlikely he'll soon disappear. Look at our modern superhero men, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bo Jaxon, Joe Montana. They're all big, big men. Can actors like Woody Allen, Dudley Moore and Danny De Vito compare to them? Although they are intelligent and have made a great contribution to the arts, do they give us the same emotions of men, manhood, manhood, manhood, superiority over others, and gross, infinite sexuality? Hardly.

"Woman always prefers to see and touch a big, powerful woman penis♪ She feels how much he acts on her. She's proud that she touches him and gives him all her attention. She is proud to have contributed actively to his awakening, to their sexual completeness. A man, for his part, will be able to brag about his big dick without fear of the ridicule and feel proud of him. Undoubtedly, regardless of his true abilities, a beautiful, proud, hard-ass dick doesn't go any way compared to a slutty, slutty and small."

Most women have never had sex with a man who has a really large member, and therefore claim that the size of the male sex body is not important to them. However, having experienced effects Large Sex Memberthey tend to change their point of view. This fact was confirmed by one clinical study conducted several years ago in England. One doctor has decided to test the effectiveness of the pilot member enlarged for this purpose in a group of participants (we will discuss this further in chapter 7). Before clinical tests were started, men ' s wives were asked different questions about their partners ' possible involvement in studies related to the increase in sex membership. As expected, 87 per cent of women surveyed stated that they did not care, claiming that their partner ' s membership was not important to them.

At the end of the experiments carried out (in which 28 of the 32 participants were actually increased the penis), 67 per cent of women changed their previous views. They now recognized that a large member attracted them much more and not only because of the unquestionably more pleasant feelings that both partners enjoyed, but also because of the growing sense of pride that her partner now owns a much larger member. The disparity between 87 and 67 per cent in only four months is indeed impressive.

Whatever the reason for this obsessive idea, which is, as a man ' s obsession, psychological dependence on the size of his penis, it must be recognized that humanity is associated with men ' s penis around the world with the idea of domination, domination. You didn't notice how grown-up boys in Boy Scout camps or teenagers in common bedrooms often turn up a game called "Let's see who's got more"! While men grow out of such praiseworthy child games, which are glossing the fallic superiority, the congenital sense of curiosity in this regard remains long. Most men never admit it, but such comparisons of the underdog always occur, even among heterosexual people who always seem curious about the man ' s dignity standing next to him, either in the next script or in the shower cab.

But even if a man is looking at Member Neighbour, it happens by accident, harmless and very rarely involves sexual intercourse. It's just that most men make a comparison of the mill to make themselves more convinced that his natural gift is no worse. Such comparisons are merely a reflection of the adversarial nature of men - they are made for the same reason that someone is trying to give a strong impression on others by their simplicity, a luxury car or a solid bank account. Large muscle men become our superheroes. Large broad-based vehicles, expensive mansions are symbols of a permanent state of life.

Large diamonds and jewellery say their owner's insolvency. Big breasts are sexy. Big. Big. Big. It's big everywhere, more... It's hard to imagine in such circumstances that someone will be attracted to a little penis.

Now, please answer the next question, just completely honest. Regardless of the size of your sexual penis, would you like to add extra centimetres to it if it were your desire to do as magic?

95% of you would have said yes.

I strongly suspect that the remaining 5% is either a liar or they already have the same dick between their legs as Missouri mules!

Perhaps the most persuasive statement about the size of a male member is found by a writer like Mark Stage. In his book, "An eternal fig leaf," he said, "Maybe after everything has been said, everything has been analysed, the size of a man's penis is what a reasonable man should be worried about."


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We'll never know the truth, and the question is weird. They don't think anything, women are pragmatistic creatures, they think they're gonna tell you what emotions to experience - and how to do it, or with or without a member. Especially when he's got one, it's different, she wakes up a female, and then she becomes a woman. That's why women and men are two species of animals, that's all.

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