If you're ready to get a big dick!

If you've asked for the purpose of becoming a member of large sizes, you need to keep a few points in mind.

You always remember that any success (whether it is in your career, sporting competitions, or even in the size of a member) is not an accident. Anthony Robbins, the author of the Man's Power, developed a formula for success, including four simple paragraphs:

  • ♪ The desired result should be known (this is an increase in membership).
  • ♪ Determine how to deal with the issue. You need to get ready for this.
  • ♪ Look at the results of your actions.
  • ♪ If your actions do not give you the desired satisfaction, you will change your approach.
  • For those who display particular patience and seek to achieve greater success, we will bring three advice to all people in any area of life:
  • Find someone who has already made some progress in this field. In this case, a man who actually reached an increase in his penis.
  • Find out how he practices.
  • Follow his example, and you'll get exactly the same results.
Цель увеличение члена
Purpose of increase

You'll realize very soon that if you use a model like that to any man, you'll soon be smiling for success. When, for the first time since 1985, I was interested in the problem of the elongation and exhaustion of a male sexy member, I read books that were put in my hands (they were very few), talked to the doctors (they were smiling in response), and sent orders for the purchase of various devices that I met on the latest pages of the magazines for men.

Some of them seem to have been "lippers" devices that their developers just wanted to make money out of my pocket. Gradually, thanks to my perseverance and stubbornness, I have managed to find two or three men who have markedly increased their penis by means of a vacuum discharge. They actually had members in the eye. Anonymous network of the same amateurs has helped me to contact dozens of other people who dream of the same thing about increasing their membership.

With such modest means, I have been able to find valuable information. I accidentally found one device in England, the principle of which was built on the basis of a scientifically developed method.

Although his price was about $100 a grand, the offer was so tempting that I couldn't get past. When I acquired it, I started a full-time course.

Although I was not satisfied with the results that I received and did not satisfy the length of my penis, I did not leave this exercise. The manual stated that notable results could be achieved until 100 days later. I've had four months to do it, and in that time, I've only extended my cock by 1.3 cm. During the year, I managed to achieve an extension of 2.5 cm. I was out of my sight. Likoval. I'm telling you this only to encourage those who actually have a deep interest in the possibility of increasing the size of the member.

And the last recommendation. If you're willing to go to surgery to get an immediate increase in the penis size or limit yourself to the masculine methods in your locked bedroom, do your best to get the necessary information. Look for the necessary textbooks and manuals, talk to those men who have increased their sexual membership. You can ask that surgeon to give you the phones of his old patients. Watch private advertisements in male magazines.

What are you up to?

Still, we'll try to list the most popular things to date that, if not too much help, will not cause serious health damage. First of all, these are various alcoholic stuns and powders prepared on the basis of different grass and plants. In the first place, a wife is among those funds. The root of the feminine has been used in eastern medicine for several thousands of years, Geneva has expressed abundance, encourages and stimulates the sexual activity of partners. It is also used in powders and in various outlets, and special solutions, capsules and pills containing genes are produced. Indeed, most urologists and Andrologists believe that the wife only improves the quality of the sperm produced and increases its viability rather than sexual activity.

Less expensive means are followed: eleuteroccock, which is supposed to be extorting; lemonic (spiritual stun from its fruits, first, has a strong inflammatory effect on the central nervous system and stimulates a cardiovascular system, secondly recommended as a means of promoting sexuality); golden root, which is used in popular medicine by Altai.

Exotic excitement means include Vaka Vaka, a traditional convenience of African medicine. They say that taking a light brown powder vusankunzi, which translates from a local imagination means "Razbudy Buck," makes South African natives beautiful lovers. According to local pharmacologists, the key ingredient of aphrodising powder is kantaridin, a substance that is given to special local bugs at a time when someone attempts their lives. Clean cantaline, falling on human skin, causes changes like snoring burns (and worse). But in the small doses, taken in, the cantaridin provides a strong flow of blood to the sexual organs.

Now, the legendary Spanish Mummy is more of a myth, because, according to the doctors, there is no excitement.

Well, as an experiment, you can still try a cure from the horn of the nose.

However, it is more legendary than actually used in medicine. However, the role of other faunas is also actively used as a doping of sex, which includes maralas, as well as a cultivated and stainless reindeer from which alcohol is produced. In fact, any alcoholic stance in small doses acts as a good stimulant. It's important not to overdo it, because the impact dose of alcohol always leads to complete fiasco in bed.

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