Advanced programme

The exercises for a member are a long way, and, as on any path, there are joys and frustration. And the end result of this journey justifies all efforts made. You've finished the first part of your journey, the next few chapters will help you move on. There will be no special change, but you will just add new advanced exercises and guidance.

Advanced advice

Ideally, you will always add and quickly achieve your goal, but unfortunately, it's only ideal. Many men note that, with a move forward, they are backed up at a time when any additions in size cease. Some have reached the limit of 2 to 3 months, some have never stopped adding. To increase the chances of a steady increase, you will be able to follow a few simple rules (and even if you reach the limit, there are a few ways to overcome it, you will find out a little later).

Council 1: Make sure you do jelking.

No matter how many new exercises you'll learn, never drop jelking class. Jalking is the captain of your team, he plays a key role in any training program and should never be on the bench. Jelking is the best practice that stimulates hemorrhaging and better exercises both long and wide.

Board 2: Keep exercises

Your body has a unique ability to adapt perfectly to external influences. Your member is constantly in need of pressure to stimulate his growth. The simplest way to compel a member to adapt to external impacts is by constantly changing exercises. Try to change your training programmes every 2 to 3 weeks. Do different exercises, change the number of approaches to each and every one of them, as well as the order of the exercise itself. In a few months, it's gonna be pretty easy, because you're gonna learn a lot of new exercises and choose from. You can even change the number of training days this week.

According to one of the trainingers, " inconsistency is one of the principles I tried to follow in an attempt to maximise growth. I've added more than 7.5 cm since I accidentally changed my practice. I'm changing my training program in any way I can. For example, I can practice three days in a row and then take a four-day break, then practice in a week, and then do five days in a row. In short, I keep my cock in the dark about my further actions.”

Council 3: Continue to increase intensity and monitor physical signs

Don't forget these key principles, I've often watched training, which started to slow down after the first five weeks, thereby slowing down their growth.

Your member is rapidly accustomed to the loads, and it needs to be kept in shape, increasing these loads to keep growth. The velocity with which the increase occurs is usually reduced after the first five weeks (as in the case of any other exercises, the first few weeks of training are the most useful in terms of muscle development), so the constant desire to do more than your member is used to it will help you keep the increase as much as possible.

At first, you increase intensity only in one way, increasing the time of each exercise. In time, as you move forward, you will learn about two other ways of increasing intensity. One of them is adding advanced exercises to your training. You don't have to use all the new exercises you'll learn, just change their order and do different exercises from your training program every time. By the end of the six-month period, you will have a selection of more than 40 exercises.

The second way is to make the ongoing exercises you already know are even more complex. For example, you can do jelking while doing Kegel exercises. In subsequent chapters, I will address the topic of increased intensity in greater detail.

Advanced exercises

As long as you've been using only a few major exercises, now that it's time to move on, your choice will increase. Advanced exercises have helped many men achieve their goals. They helped those who are hard and slowly receiving an increase. Because using different exercises and constantly changing them, you stop following the same formula. This diversity prevents your dick from adapting to different loads, thereby slowing its growth.

Miscellaneous advanced exercises

Advanced exercises are divided into two categories: length exercises and thickness exercises (except for the three advanced exercises of Keguel). Advanced long exercises are mainly related to length, while thickness exercises are related to the expansion of your penis. Your dick's drowning exercises are working to stop the blood flow from your dick, making it expand.

The highest drowning occurs in an eregrated state, which is why most advanced thickness exercises are performed with erection. In this case, the risk of different injuries increases, so take these exercises seriously.

The best in advanced exercises is that you can always use their different combinations and variations, picking up a complex that is best suited to you. The only thing you need to avoid is to increase your intensity too fast.

Levels of intensity

Some exercises are more intense than the rest. You may add some advanced exercises to your program immediately, while the others are not recommended for use until you take six months. To enable you to understand the intensity of each exercise, they can be classified according to intensity levels. Levels change from 1 to 5 (1 - lowest intensity, 5 - highest intensity).

Intensity level 1

It includes the main exercises you already know.

Intensity level 2

It's the basis of advanced exercises. At this level, three new Kegel exercises, two new types of length (long exercises) and two new thickness exercises. You can take these exercises as soon as you feel ready.

Intensity level 3

Includes more plants and two new jelking varieties that are effective to increase the thickness and rectify the natural curvature of the member. Don't start with these exercises until you've done at least three full months. It means that if you, for example, spent three weeks, then you took a month's break, and then you took a week again, you've done exactly a month. In this case, you should take at least two more full months before moving to the exercise level.

Intensity level 4

There are exercises on the thickness of the erection. Be careful with erection training and draw attention to your physical signs. There are also more intense stretches. Don't go to that level if you haven't taken up at least four full months.

Intensity level 5

Includes additional thickness exercises performed with erections and additional intensive stretches. Don't move to that level if you don't give up exercises for a member for at least six full months.

This leadership is not a panacea, someone needs more time, and someone less. In any case, there's a risk of being retrieved if you start advanced exercises immediately. This, as you already know, has some bad consequences, such as temporary erectile dysfunction, for example. So pay attention to the recommended time, this will allow you to maximise your successes and minimize the risk of complication.

Advanced exercises are not mandatory

The fact that exercise is advanced doesn't mean it can improve your results, especially if you start using it too soon. You don't have to use all advanced exercises. Moreover, you may not use them at all.

Some men increased their size by a few centimetres, doing only jelking and stretching. You'll probably be able to do that if you're going to increase intensity in different ways.

Nevertheless, you may have specific goals that cannot be achieved without using advanced exercises. A good example in this case is that if your main purpose is to increase the thickness of the penis, and in your practice, you add mostly to the length, you should add a few advanced exercises to your program to increase the thickness.

Plus, there's gonna be exercises that you don't like for some reason. It's okay, just don't do it. You'll have to choose, you'll know more than 30 new exercises.

Add new exercises only when you're sure you can. Your goal is to build one hand with your dick, his wishes and his needs. It's gonna help you with measurements and bodily signs.

Increased implementation rate

You can change the intensity of the exercises you've already used, a little change in your approach to their implementation, again doing it gradually, not immediately.

Increase time for each approach. The more time you spend on one repetition of each exercise, whether it's a stretch, a jelking or a compression, the more intense the exercise becomes.

For example, one jelk takes two to three seconds. If you've been doing jelks longer, say five to six seconds per jel, you'll increase the impact of this exercise. To get a maximum of jelking, do every jelk about 10 seconds.

Another example: stretch your dick longer than 30 seconds. You can make stretches as long as you're comfortable with it, up to two, three and five minutes.

Increase the power and pressure. It's just here, the increase in force in jelking, stretching and other exercises is the right way to increase their intensity.

Increase your erection. The harder your cock gets, the harder the exercise gets. Over time, you can do jelking and stretching at a higher level of erection. Don't forget that high-erection junking is useful to increase thickness, while jelking at a lower erection level has a good impact on the length increase.

Add the kegs. The Keguel exercises during other exercises often increase the intensity of all training, especially when you stretch up. This is because the kegs reduce the pelvis diaphragm muscles that are at the base of your inner part of the member, adding loads to the stretching exercise. Imagine that you're pulling your cock in the opposite directions (in one direction, by your hand, and in the other by reducing the pelvis muscles). Cogel's exercises in thickness exercises increase blood flow to your penis and are therefore also useful, as your penis rises further.

Do exercises under different angles.Spread up and do jelking under different angles. Most importantly, stretch in all possible directions - up, down, right, up the diagons, etc.

Loads under different angles affect different parts of your member, thereby increasing your growth potential. For example, upward stretches have a good effect on the inner part of the penis, and downward stretches put on your ligaments.

But don't stick around, do other exercises in all directions. Go up, down and down. Change, try something new all the time.

Press your press. When you press during the plantings, it increases the force of the stretch. This technique works particularly well when it comes down. This has to do with the fact that Petleweed connections that are at the base of your member are associated with the muscles of your press. As in the case of Kegel's exercises, your press's tension allows you to stretch your dick in two directions.

Use the gyms. Over time, when your dick becomes physically more defiant, you can use various devices to increase the membership to increase the intensity of your training. Many men say that the use of such devices does help.

Major advanced programme

Four days a week, do the following.

Basic training:

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes long exercise (lenses)
  • 20 minutes jelking
  • 5 minutes thickness exercise at any time per day of training
  • 100 jai rascals
  • 5 minutes of Keguel exercise

Every day

  • Do "Kegel Start/Stop" on every walk to the toilet.

Four times a week. Take five days a week as soon as you feel you and your dick are ready. Your dick will need less rest as he gets used to exercise.

Increase your intensity.Continue to increase your intensity, consistent with your physical characteristics. Do it by increasing the time, adding new exercises and increasing the intensity of the exercises you already use.

Get warmed up. Keep warming up for ten minutes, if you like, but after the first five weeks, five minutes will be enough, just do the mine more carefully.

Long. Now you've got three kinds of vegetation that you can choose: the main stretch, the diaper and the rotating distance (the last two you find in Annex B). Change the stretch. In time, add additional long exercises to the training in accordance with the implementation guide in Annex B.

Jalking. By the end of the second month of practice, you can start changing jelking. Prove the jelks up and down. Well, in the meantime, gradually increase the intensity of the jigs, adding more strength and increasing time.

Thickness. For the next two months, you'll have two thickness exercises. gradually increase their intensity in accordance with the exercise manual. After all, you'll have about ten thickness exercises.

Kegeli. As long as you do kegeling five minutes a day four times a week. You can use any of Keguel's exercises, including those advanced that you find in Annex B. You can try to increase the time of the kegs to ten minutes. However, most men claim that 5 minutes 4 times a week is more than enough to maintain the muscles of the pelvis in good physical form.

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