If the jelking works through a penis, the stretch is much easier to exercise. Analogize the retraction of a member with a stretch of the rubber. When you stretch the rubber the first few times, it returns to its normal state, but if you pull the rubber all the time, it'll eventually be longer. The same thing happens to your member: the penis increases in size at multiple, persistent lengths.

The length may be one of the oldest exercises for a member, and it is indispensable for someone who wants to add in length. Plus, the stretch increases the hardness, so you should make four to five minutes, even if the length is not your primary priority.

The length is not the wire retraction.

The purpose of the stretch is to gradually adjust your member to the load. The key word is gradually. Your cock's not responding well to unexpected, severe stretches. The unexpected length, the greater the likelihood of damage to the member and the less chance the length increases. So don't drag yourself into a cock like you're playing the wire, especially at first. Start with slow and weak plants.

The main length is the basis of all exercises designed to increase length. As soon as you learn this exercise, the others will use the machine.

You can stretch standing or lying.

Keep the erection level between 0 and 40 per cent. First, avoid vegetation in the erections larger than the typical size of your non-regulated member.

Don't forget to warm up for ten minutes. If you've already warmed up to perform the jelking, you may not reheat.

Основная растяжка
Main stretch

1. Grab a dick anywhere but a head.

2. The weakness will pull the dick forward and keep it tight within 30 seconds.

3. After stretching, quickly re-establish the circulation of blood in the penis, by doing a few exercises in Kegel or slapping a dick on his leg.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, new this time, pull a member in different directions, 30 seconds in each of the four sides: up, down, right, left.

Do the main stretch in all directions twice, it'll take you five minutes in general.

Disadvantaged issues

" Is it possible to lose the thickness in carrying out the exercise? ”

No, the stretch does not lead to the loss of the thickness of the penis. On the contrary, combined with jelking and exercises to increase the thickness of the length may help to increase the thickness of the member. This is due to the fact that the tissue inside a member is flexible and subtle after length.

This fact, in combination with jelking and exercises to increase thickness, will allow your cock to stretch further. In addition, some men, according to them, have increased the base of a member after continuous thickness exercise.

" Can we stretch more than 30 seconds? "

Start from 30 seconds, increase time gradually over the next five weeks, bringing it to 60 or 90 seconds per stretch.

"What am I supposed to feel when I make a stretch? ”

A lot of men feel different things during a stretch. Some people feel light skiing, little potion or fatigue, while others feel nothing. In any case, the main indicator remains the reaction of your body, not your feelings during exercise. As long as you don't feel pain, you're probably doing the right thing.

" Is it possible to stretch forward only? "

It is possible, but the distance under different angles is more effective, as it captures various parts of your member, depending on the angle.

About half of your penis is inside your body, which could be " pulled " outside if the penis is stretched down and the connections are stretched. But you don't have to concentrate on the stretch down. By spreading it differently, you're increasing the chances of increasing your dick. This has to do with the fact that the lengths under different angles affect different parts of your member.

By stretching your dick up, you're affecting the inside of your dick. By stretching your dick to the right, you pull the left of your penis, and, on the contrary, by stretching your dick to the left, you act on the right side of your penis.

In one direction, you can only reach in the only case if you want to fix your penis' bending.

In this case, focus on the stretches opposite the bending side.

" I can't catch a cock well when I'm stretched, how do I fix it? ”

You can use a child's ass, rubber gloves with some kind of material. The baby's ass can be wrapped on both the dick and the hands, while rubber gloves and a piece of tissue can only cover your hands. Anyway, don't forget that you shouldn't pull too much. Excessive force can slow the growth of your dick.

Gye retraction: fast and easy

The main length is only one of the 14 exercises on the stretch. The exercises are similar to each other in their ideas, but each one of them is unique in how it puts pressure on a member. The jay stretch is a stretch for newcomers who can be dealt with when you have a little more time.

The man who invented this exercise has tried almost all the exercises for the penis unsuccessful, but he has never been able to climb. It then decided to apply the principle of an active and separate extension, which includes rapid lung extensions. He decided to use this principle in exercises for a member. The results did not wait a long time: this man started adding in size for a few weeks, and it was not the only one in his kind: many men were able to raise the size of this exercise.

The best thing in the jay stretch is that you don't have to do 100 or 200 repeats. You'll need to do this exercise from time to time just a few times in one exercise.

You went to the bathroom at work? Make 5-20 jai rascals during your little break. This exercise can also be used as pre-mining for other types of plants.

Jai stretch

Erection level: 0 to 40 per cent

Recommended number of repeats for newcomers: 20

Jai stretch
Jai stretch

1. Slowly stretch your dick and keep it in that state for two seconds.

2. Remove the stretch for two seconds.

3. Repeat paragraphs 1 and 2 until the desired number of repetitions is reached.

Jai-extension boards:

Put that breathing exercise together.

Jai stretch

The perfect way to get rid of the increments of seconds is to combine this exercise with your breath. As long as you breathe, stretch your dick while you're breathing, weaken the stretch, slide the other way around.

Pull gently. Your target is a light and fast stretch that lasts about two seconds. Avoid longer vegetation, in addition to this, pull a little weaker than you do in the main stretch. The jay stretch won't be effective if you pull too much and too long. The drawing shows what it means to pull too much.

Look at how the bonds on the basis of the penis are stretched and stretched much stronger than at the weak distances on the pictures above.

General conclusions

Kegel's exercises, unlike all the others, reinforce your skeleton muscles.

Keguel's exercises are carried out without hands, only with the help of your mind.

Kegelings offer a lot of opportunities to increase membership and improve its health.

Imminating the exercise will help you improve the results and minimize the injuries.

The heat improves flexibility and increases blood flow.

Start practicing right after you're warmed up.

Don't ever pull a dick behind your head in the exercise.

Don't do jelking and stretching with full erection.

First, use a lubricant for jelking.

Jalking doesn't require brute force, use a light and soft vain.

Make it easy, don't do it like you're pulling the canate.

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