What is the size of the penis?

"Hell, even Boeing 747 looks small, he landed in Grand Canyon." Tom Arnold's pointing out his wife Rosenna about his little dick.

Before starting exercises to increase penis, you should know that, in most cases, men do not know the average size of the penis and many of them mistakenly consider their penis to be small. Most often, it's because they were told by their sexy partner, but they saw a man with a big dick in the locker room.

Pornography plays an important role in this misleading exercise. In the porno-industry, men are often recruited because of their non-standard sizes, while others begin to compare their sizes precisely to the size of pornacters, thus obtaining inaccurate information on what is actually a statistical average.

In order to better understand what the size of a sexual member is really normal, let us examine the following two studies on the size of a sexual member.

Kinsey study

Alfred Kinsey is very often referred to modern sexists. His famous Kinsey reports, published in the 1940s and 1950s, played an important role in the emergence of a sexual revolution. The following is a summary of the Kinsey study on the size of the sexual member carried out in 1948. Sixty years later, the study remains one of the most popular subjects.

Method: cards were sent to a group of 3,500 college students by mail, which included instructions on the measurement of their own sex. In order to measure the length, each man was required to attach a card to the frontal bone and to note the place where the end of the penis was at the most card.

Average results:

Member length: 15.7 cm

Enclosure: 12.3 cm.

Flexible Member length: 9.8 cm.

Flexibility: 9.5 cm.


Kinsey ' s method was not entirely scientific (when a fool would not add a few centimeters for his own pride?) which led to different debates on the credibility of the results.

Let us therefore consider a study that is likely to be more precise. It was carried out by Lifestyle condom company in 2001.

Method: The size of the penis was measured for 300 men in Kankan, Mexico. The measurements were carried out by a doctor and a team of nurses, so the study is considered to be the most reliable.

Average results:

Member length: 14.9 cm

Enclosure: 12.6 cm.

The two studies show that the average length of an erected sexual member is about 15 centimeters. The average occupancy of an erected sexual member is about 12 centimeters. In some other studies, the average size is even smaller.

However, these average dimensions are just mathematical averages, but there is no precise indication as to which sex penetration is ideal.

Only your confidence in yourself and in your body determines how important the size of your penis is. If you think your dick is small, it's actually small. And vice versa, if you think your dick is normal, then it is.

Take into account the following: If the size of your penis matches the average size shown above, you don't have a small dick. Your middle-aged member. If you're going to take care of the idea that you have a little sexual penis, you'll first harm your self-esteem. Besides, you're probably gonna try to speed up the training process, trying to achieve the desired result as soon as possible. So you will put yourself and your member at risk of unforeseen, far from always healthy and pleasant consequences.

But if you want to increase the size of your sexual penis, it's natural and normal, regardless of your current size. Most of the men who are involved in increasing exercises are actually starting from medium size. In my study of 1,000 men, the average size of the penis prior to the training almost exactly coincided with the average sizes identified in other countless studies of this kind.

Does it matter?

"Love is a deep feeling, for sex, it's just a few centimeters." Stacy Nelkin

Is the size really important?

I had a lot of controversy about the importance of sex membership. Many of the arguments were about the stories that the best lovers always had an impressive size. Others argued, on the contrary, that " the size of the stick is irrelevant, it is only a magician ' s mastery " . These debates have led me to the following conclusion: for some people, the size of the penis is irrelevant, while for others it is a very important factor.

No doubt, size is important for men. Men like to compete. We always want to be the fastest, strong, tall and best in everything. This congenital feeling of rivalry is naturally predicted by the size of a sexual member.

Every man wants his cock to be the biggest. One of my test subjects was the best: “I think most men want to be more. Take me, for example: I have an average size of a penis, but it's not good to have an average size, especially in the case of an organ that symbolizes courage, sex and life. "

Another man said, " For me, the size matters only because I know I can change it. If I couldn't do that, I wouldn't have thought of it. " Like many other men, he trains his cock for the best reason, for himself.

Although the size of a sex member is important for most men, it is generally not important for women. Of course, many women like what a large member looks and feels like during sex (also many men like, how big breasts look and feel). However, many men have a misperception about the importance of the sex membership: they are convinced that a large member is simply necessary to give women pleasure.

According to the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, David Zinchenko, three quarters of women claim to be satisfied with the size of their sexual partners. Women, unlike men, do not give much weight to the size of the penis, as most women do not need a large penis for sexual satisfaction. As one of my interlocutors said, “experienced hands and language in bed can be very far removed”.

In addition, the main nerve ends within the vagina are not more than five centimetres from the entrance to the vagina, which is why the size does not matter to most women. Almost any member, whether large or small, is capable of bringing a woman to an orgasm, as long as attention is paid to the pre-screen, clitoris and vaginal penetrations.

Does that mean better?

Although the size of a sexual member is not so important for most women, it does not give us an answer to another question: does it really mean better? Most women are surely recognized that a loving, caring and careful man is a better lover than a selfish jerk with a large member. But it doesn't necessarily give us the answer to the fundamental question: what if a loving and caring man has a big dick? In this case, is that better? Depending on some factors, this may be the case.

More important: length or thickness?

According to Cosmopolitan, " the length of the penis is not as important as its thickness. The thicker the cock, the better you feel it is the sensitive walls of your vagina. "

The results of studies conducted at Texas University coincide with the assessment of Cosmopolitan. In a study published in the Woman's Health Navy Journal, 50 women participated. They had to answer the question that they had a more important role to play: the length or thickness of a sexual member? “45 of the 50 women replied that the thickness for them was more important than the length of time”, by Dr. Russell Eisenmann, the author of the study. Dr. Eisenmann also notes that no woman has claimed to have felt the difference.

In a study to increase the size of a sexual member carried out in 1975 by Dr. Brian Richardson, 30 men were performing exercises for a sex member for 3 months. Before the study, the doctor questioned the wives and girls of the subjects on what they think about the size of their men's genital organs. Richardson notes that " they have largely expressed their interest in the size of their partners " .

However, after Richardson and his team interviewed women after the exercise cycle, after which men were able to extend their membership by an average of 4 m thickness per round of 2.5 cm, many women changed their attitude to the size of the penis. " After the exercises have been completed, the number of women who have benefited from the new size of their partners has increased dramatically. Many reported that they were satisfied and affected by the new sizes that gave rise to unexpected feelings " , written by Richardson. " At that time, I had doubts about the significance of the size of a sexual member, the study was more than anything else, dispelling my misperception on this issue. "

Men are constantly sharing their experiences online, talking about the new size of their sexual penis, how their wives change their behaviour, the obsession of their partners with their new sizes, the best sexual experience they now have, and many others. Does that mean better? Maybe. But to be honest, you're the only one who can answer that question. After all, you might well face an even more complex question: what is too big a dick?

Main findings

  • In a study involving more than 1,000 men in three or more months ' training, the average length increase was 2.5 cm, and the round-up was around 1.2 cm.
  • The healthy smooth muscles inside your dick are as important as the healthy cardiacs.
  • Most men experience a healthy and strong erection after exercises for a sexual member.
  • The exercise for a member is not a matter of one day, you may have a few months to a few years to achieve the desired results.
  • The increase in the size that you will achieve will be constant, especially if you carry out the reservoir exercise after you reach your goal.
  • The average size of the penis is about 15 cm long and 12 cm by round.
  • According to the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, David Zinchenko, three quarters of women claim to be satisfied with the size of their sex partners.

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