Mine is important!

Unlike Keguel's exercise, other exercises for a sex member will need to be carried out in a seating position, and these exercises will require you to carry out the mine. If you've ever been active in sports, you certainly know how important it is to conduct mine clearance before training. In the case of exercises for a member, mine clearance is very different from what you might have done earlier, but the idea remains the same: the removal of a member before exercise stimulates growth and reduces the chances of injury.

Demining ( literally) involves heating a member, it helps avoid some side effects, such as warming and staining a member.

Bad mine, or her absence, could lead you to stop getting results. Given all the above, mine clearance is a very important and integral part of all exercises for a member.

The importance of heat

Temperature has a strong influence on your penis, most likely you've even experienced temperatures on your cock when, for example, swimming in a cold pool. When in cold water, the penis falls sharply in size, it is because your organism, trying to keep vital organs in the heat (such as heart and lungs), reduces the flow of blood to less vital organs, such as your dick.

The heat works on your penis in the opposite of the cold: it increases the blood flow to the penis, makes it more flexible and suitable for plants.


The heat makes the cock more flexible, relaxed and less rigid. The mines are necessary to ensure that you do not pull the rigid and unsolved tissues and muscles inside your dick while performing exercises, and instead perform exercises with relaxed and softer muscles and tissues. The more flexible your dick, the better it stretches, and the more it can grow.

Heat = increased bleeding

The heat affects your blood vessels by expanding them, as a result you will improve the circulation of your penis. With improved bleeding, your erection will be stronger, your penis is better, and your training will be more effective.

Get your hands off me.

Many men for some reason are missing the mine. It's probably connected to the lazy. I wouldn't advise you to do that. Clearance is needed to increase the effectiveness of exercises.

Every time a man asks me if he can skip the mine, I answer the following: " If you train your cock to do it more and more, there is nothing to miss what leads to higher growth, minimization of injuries and increased hardness. Besides, it won't take a lot of effort from you - you can clear up the TV or sit behind the computer. "

Mine is easy.

The clearance includes the heating of a member within 5 to 10 minutes prior to exercise. Museum warming can be done in different ways.

Three of the most commonly used methods: wet pantry, rice socks and heat towels.

Let's see every way in more detail before I explain how to warm up.

Wet pane

These linings are used to alleviate pain and muscle spasm. They work from the general feeding network and are being warmed up in a few minutes, and the pillows are cheap enough and sold in almost every house shop.

Rice sock

The risk sock is a convenient and low-cost way to get the necessary heat. It can be made out of handcuffs at your house.

All you need is:

  • A sock will fit any sock that can be wrapped around your dick, but it's best to use cotton socks.
  • Rice: Any type of rice will fit, the main thing is that it's raw.
  • Microwave.

Take your sock and put some two cheese rice in it.

Tie the socks, make sure there's enough space left in the sock so that the socks can be comfortable around your dick with the rice. Put your foot in the microwave and heat 30 to 90 seconds before you reach the desired temperature.

Put your nose in the microwave with a glass of water, rice will evaporate the water when heated, because it is good to absorb the moisture. So the rice will be warmer and wet.

Thermal towel

It's the easy way. You just need to wash a towel in hot water. Although it's the simplest way, it's also the time and the most inefficient, the towel is getting cold, so use it only when you can't use the other two.

Other heating methods

  • Sex towel;
  • Heating helmet package;
  • A lane penis in a thermally resistant glass with warm water;
  • (sawn);
  • Hot shower or bath;
  • use of infrared lamp or masseger to heat a member.

Step by step

  • Prepare to warm up.
  • Check your hand's temperature, the heat must not be cool, but it's not too hot. He's supposed to be a warm shower.
  • Give the heater back to your cock and keep it in that position for ten minutes. If you use a sock with rice, turn it around.

Homework is warm.

Your homework will choose the heating method. The type of heat depends on your personal preferences.

around the cock, don't put a dick in the sock. If the heater gets cold, heat it up again and repeat the procedure. As soon as you're warmed up, you'll go to the exercise.

Additional heating advice

  • Start the exercise immediately after heating, otherwise the heat will quickly disappear. The sooner you start, the more moving and the more flexible your penis will be.
  • Use heat during exercise. It can be done in many ways - exercises can be done in the shower, the bath or the sauna. Many of the trainees during exercises put themselves on a hot sock with rice.
  • Try to disguise your cock carefully during the heat. Massage increases blood circulation and relaxes tissue and muscles. These advantages, in addition to what gives you the warmth, make your dick as flexible and ready for exercise. A member can be massed with a heating instrument, it's very convenient to do if you use a hot towel, for example. If you're warming up in the shower, give the massage your hands.
  • Warn your line. The inside of your body, right above the intersection, is the inside of your penis. This part of the member shall also become more flexible and ready for exercise when heated. Also, you should warm up the area of the past, which will make it easier to stretch the links. For a better understanding that such an inner part of your member, intermediary and connections, see Annex A, Member ' s Anatomy.
  • Avoid contact with the eggs. The heat kills spermatosis, so keep the heat out of your moron. Try to hide your eggs with a fat nose or wear your underwear and shove your dick out through the front hole.
  • Take care. Carefully warm up all parts of your dick, not just his skin. Put the heat on the base, the middle and the head of the penis. Don't forget to warm him up on both sides (both stop heat from falling into the mouse area). If you're warming up in the shower, get warm water on your cock.


The first two exercises you'll learn are jelking and the main length. These are the main exercises you will use to improve your dick. All other exercises are based on these two. But before we move directly to the exercise itself, I will introduce you to certain precautions that will allow you to practice correctly and avoid damage.

Never pull, don't squeeze and turn your dick's head off, it's the most delicate and sensitive part of your penis, so treat it accordingly.

Rest. Do breaks before every exercise within 2 to 3 minutes. A member must rest not only after training, but also during exercises.

First, avoid exercises if there is an erection. Don't do jelking or stretching.

Be consistent. If you've somehow missed your ears what I've been telling you without tired in previous chapters, let me repeat this again: the biggest mistake of starters is the desire to speed up the process. It never works and often leads to retrains and erectile dysfunctions.

As long as you study the next two exercises, pay special attention to their performance, this will give you a good idea of the exercises for a member as a whole. Each exercise is accompanied by explanations and implementation instructions. Take a good look at the instructions and make sure you do every exercise right.

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