Level of your erection

When you do jelking, you need to take into account the level of your erection. You don't have to do jelking to make a member of the naboo completely (upgraded) - that might be unsafe. On the other hand, you shouldn't do jelking when the penis is too weak, because it's not gonna be effective.

A detailed description of five different levels of erection is provided here to help you understand how your member should be erected in the implementation of the jelking and a number of other exercises. Each level of erection is measured as a percentage. Full erection is 100 percent.

An absolute soft (low) member has a level of erection equal to 0 per cent.

Определение уровня эрекции
Determination of the level of erection

We invite you to use the following criteria to assess the emigration of a member to further assist in the exercise.

The Penis 0% erection level is fully lenient.

At an erection level equal to 0 per cent, the member is in his lowest state. Some men have mild membership always oriented by 0 per cent, while others have 0 per cent of erections only in rare cases, such as cold water.

25 % erection level

Уровень эрекции 0 %
Erection level 0 per cent

Penis is in a soft state.

At an erection level of 25 per cent, the member is still in soft (low) condition, but it has more blood than 0 per cent erection. In this state, the member is more flexible than in the absence of an erection. Most of the exercises at length are carried out at this level of erection.

50 % erection level

Уровень эрекции 25 %
Level of erection 25 per cent

The member is in a fully fledged state (inhales).

At this level of erection, the member is still soft, but it already has much more blood than in the absence of an erection.

At 50 per cent erections, the size of the member is almost identical to that of a fully erected member, but there is no firmness and sustainability. In this state, a member can move, bend and squeeze without special effort. Some simulation exercises are carried out precisely at this level of erection.

75% erection level Member is semi-energized.

Уровень эрекции 75 %
Level of erection 75 per cent

At this level of erection, the member is almost completely filled with blood, it can still be moved, kicked and squeezed, but it's not as easy as 50 per cent erection level. A semi-energized member has little firmness and sustainability, which is usually insufficient to commit a sexual act. Different exercises of praise are carried out at this level of erection.

100 per cent erection level

Уровень эрекции 100 %
Erection level 100 per cent

The member is fully erected.

At 100 per cent erection level, the member is fully filled with blood and can be easily used to commit a sexual act. In this state, it is much more difficult for a member to move, flex and c

chewing. Avoid exercises at this level of erection until you've taken at least three months. Exercises for a member with full erection can be dangerous if your dick is not sufficiently trained. And even if your member is well prepared for exercise with a full erection, it should be avoided on a large scale.


6 years, 9 months


I'm sorry my dick when I'm finished is still on the inch. I mean, 100% is more than that. Or am I confusing the size of a penis, not an erection? But the fact remains, the dick is bigger during the seedling.

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