Time of initiation

Two pieces of female orgasm:

  • Changes in the genital organs are considered physiological: the expansion of the inner part of the vagina, its moisture, the retraction upstream of the uterus, the tighter penetration of the vagina muscle, the rhythmic cuts of the vagina (from 2-3 to 20-30 cuts with a frequency of approximately 0.75 (c) and intermediation. These cuts are the main and perhaps the only objective sign that makes it clear: "Yeah, it's an orgasm." At times, an instant discardment of consciousness is described, followed by an extremely pleasant feeling in the clitoris and spreading to the bottom of the stomach, and skin colouring may be observed. All these phenomena are attributed to the smooth work of all organs and systems of the body, including the nervous system, especially the division responsible for the independent work of the internal organs, iron, receptacles, the vegetative nervous system, and the smooth development of hormones, the good work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Emotional feelings accompanying women ' s orgasms range from unusually strong, bright reactions called "flights," "bang," "bang," "cstatic lavin," to softer, less tense and bright feelings, to very pale, emotionally insignificant, and sometimes even painful. Sensitization and reliance may vary not only among women but also between women in different life periods and even in different stages of menstrual cycles, with different partners, etc. Often, their expression depends on psychological factors such as mood, relationship with partner, emotional anticipation of pleasure, sexual attitude, the environment in which it occurs.

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How to use Vigorell is the time of initiation

Take a small amount of cream in a slime membrane of the lower clitoris. The clitoris are absorbed by active ingredients of the clitoris much slower than their inner lower side. When you're washed, you're gonna feel a silk silk sausage of Vigorelle, like a natural female lubricant.

Vigorelle stimulus cream, 100 per cent of vegetative extracts of the highest quality and natural ingredients.

The unique feature of Vigorell is its innovative transdermal system.

A successful combination of vegetative extracts and therapeutic nutrients with transdermal agents, the Vigorelle formula allows active ingredients to quickly overcome the lipid barrier of epidermis and to generate strong sexual reactions in women ' s body.

Inspired consumers know that many drugs and “natural" additives in the market contain components that may pose health risks. Vigorelle ' s safety is provided for years of thorough laboratory research by the producers of this product. 100% natural, Vigorelle does not contain chemicals, artificial aromatizers, painters or synthetic canteens.

"Is there any more advantages?"

Yes! A certified production base in accordance with all industry standards specially designed for women Vigorelle is the result of joint efforts by Western tourism researchers, Chinese traditional doctors and acupunctures, pharmacists and dermatologists. The Vigorelle formula for women has been developed by highly qualified professionals over the years to help women achieve ideal sexual and reproductive health.

Building on both their own research and the published work of scientists and naurologists around the world, they have clearly identified the best natural components needed to instigate and enhance their sensitivity.

These components have been identified in the exact proportions women need to increase sexual initiation and orgasm.

The revolutionary breakthrough in technology was the inclusion of L-Arginine HCL in the Vigorelle formula. It is a natural transdermal agent and ensures the rapid, effective infiltration of the main grass-based active ingredients of Vigorelle into the women ' s lymphatic system. And the addition of powerful antioxidants, such as vitamin A and C to optimize cell nutrition and health, made Vigorelle the first fully natural sexual stimulant, without side effects. With the help of leading organically active producers, all major ingredients of the formula have been converted into a soft cream, which has been converted into a convenient vacuum package with a dose. The preparat was introduced into production by an approved American pharmaceutical committee meeting all industry quality standards. Vigorelle for women is safe, natural, does not require a doctor ' s prescription, and does not contain any synthetic chemical additives of the type of propyleneglicol or metaparabana.

  • Women ' s Viagra
  • For women with increased allergic reaction or health care.
  • No chemical additives, temporal paints, tastes or aromatic additives.
  • There's no propilenglycol or metaparaban.
  • The natural formula supports health and natural balance.
  • We prefer women more than all the other famous brands.
  • Could be used with a condom.
  • Established on a water basis.
  • pH Balanced.
  • Edened, intoxicated, with a pleasant scent.
  • Protects and silences the delicate skin tissue.
  • Contains Organic Travailers that reinforce and encourage women ' s sexual feelings.
  • Fully meets all women ' s needs.
  • He humidizes and humiliates his skin and gives him a long time.
  • Suitable to use the pump.
  • Naturally soft consistence without a sense of lipstick.
  • Water or natural lubricants are easily reactive.
  • Easy to wash.

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Dry in the vagina is a problem for many women, especially during menopause.

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Does that work? Is that really safe?

Yeah, it works and it's perfectly safe!

It will not think of any side effects because Vigorelle contains only the natural components of the highest quality. With the help of an experienced naturalopath, we have chosen these key active ingredients for their enabling action. These components have been identified in the exact proportions women need to increase sexual initiation and orgasm. We suggest you try Vigorelle and let your woman test the feelings she's never experienced before.

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Description of the orgasm of the woman

That's how young Germans describe their experiences: "Orgasm begins with a sense of heat coming from my feet. It's going to be strong, to shiver, torment, then completely disconnected. It feels like it's all gone. Everything is concentrated on a sexual organ, from where the unwritten feeling moves from the stomach to the whole body and ends with great weakness."

"I suddenly get so hot, I want to scream (most part I do), then I want to hold my partner tight and never let him go again. For a moment, everything becomes unreal, but somehow happy."

"I can't describe it, it's impossible to give words. Just freedom and happiness."

However, emotional reactions and psychophysiological localization of erotic feelings among women are more diverse than men. A woman is much more clearly than a man, distinguishing the orgasms achieved in masturbation and sexual activity. They know their body better and can express their emotional distress in words.

Unlike men who are most in need of a refractory period, women are able to achieve multiple orgasms: they can reach another after one orgasm. This is either a condition where several orgasms follow each other by cutting off the platoon phase, almost continuously, at intervals of one to two minutes, or even a few seconds, without additional sexual incentives, or a series of consistent orgasm reactions as a result of an additional sexual incentive every few minutes. According to Kinsey, 14 per cent of women experienced multiple orgasms. According to Friedrich and Strak, this is common to more than 30 per cent of young women; two or more of the age group was 55 per cent (including 36 per cent three or more), 48 per cent of the 18-year-olds, 41 per cent of the 19-year-olds, etc. However, some young men are also treated without a refractory period and may have two or three consecutive orgasms with or without ejaculation.

What exactly leads a woman to an orgasm?

Many women receive the majority, or all of their erotic feelings, from the annoyance of the clitoris. For others, incentives for vaginas are more important. On this basis, Freud has scattered clithary and vaginal orgasm, presupposing that women whose erotic sensitivity is exclusively in the clitoris are sexy. Master and Johnson, based on physiological measurements, concluded that there was no separate vaginal orgasm. However, all studies measuring women ' s psychological responses show that there are large individual differences. Among the young women interviewed by Friedrich and Starca, 30 per cent consider the stimulus of clitoris, 17 per cent vaginas and 4 per cent other body sites to be essential; however, the most common answer is 45 per cent, which is different. Men also think about the same: 38 per cent of respondents believe that women are more important than clitoris, 24 per cent refer to vagina, 4 per cent to other parts of the body, and 32 per cent say that this is different. I mean, the principle is individuality.

It must be recognized that the physiology of the orgasm of women is still under investigation, we don't know much.

Also, Aristotle wrote that at the time of the orgasm, women like men push a certain amount of fluid. However, many scientists did not believe that. Contemporary sex technology allows for the existence of a female prostate, a sort of analog of male progeny, which carries out this distinctive ejaculation, reinforcing an orgasm feeling.


6 years, 10 months


We're older, my wife, and I've begun to take into account changes in our organisms. You could call it in other words, but I don't want to. Last year, I used Vig-Erix to increase the sexual power, better support it at the level that brought me back 10 years ago. That's right. There is much to be said about the size of the penis and how the drug affects it, but what it contributes to manpower is difficult to disagree. My wife was also affected by age, and natural smashing declined. That's why I bought Vigorelle for her, and I'll tell you, she's been buzzing again. After 30 years of marriage, I'm excited! And I'm glad to inform younger men that you have a late life in which you will feel the same way I do! Successes!

9 years, 3 months

Елена Бородина

Married is early, almost immediately after school graduation. A year later, there was a double birth and a hit. We need an apartment, a car, then a garden, a school, a sea trip... So much money was needed and I saw my husband more at night.

Well, it's clear that sex was a big holiday. My husband loved her very much, and I love her, so I didn't even think about it, and I couldn't help myself. That's how sex slowly became less and less and sexual life became dead. Financial issues have gradually been resolved and sexual problems remain. My husband's lounge, I didn't want sex even, but just to hug and stay close. Well, the process stopped bringing joy. Smoke your lubes, all your laundry, toys. That's not it. I thought I was frigid. Well, my husband did. I want to try Vigorell, who's gonna say something?

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