Questions and responses on NEXUS Feromon

What's pheromones?

про НЕКСУС ФеромонFeromones are chemical compounds that bring natural signals into the subconscious of people of the opposite sex that lead, awakening and ready to have sex. When a woman receives a hormonal-chemical signal, she automatically responds instinctively to him without even knowing she's attracted to you.

How do the pheromones recognize?

Signals delivered by pheromones are identified by the so-called Jacobson (sunnikov-nos) body located in the depth of the nose. When this organ recognises the pheromone, it sends a sexual reaction signal to the brain. So, despite the fact that pheromone research is often about vermin, it is actually a chemical reaction than a recognized smell. In other words, you attract a woman at the subconscious level with interest, attention and encouragement.

Why didn't I hear anything about this interesting sense organ and about human felons before?

Because this discovery was made relatively recently. And soon, this fast-track information, about the pheromones and the sixth sense, will become quite common and familiar.

Are we making pheromones naturally?

Sure. We always communicate with each other at the chemical level. A lot of people just don't understand that.

We've got our own pheromones, why do we have extra ones in NEXUse Feromon?

The reason is at our level of culture and related habits. As a rule, the morning we start with the shower, then we put on the body a variety of deodorants, lotions, or maybe helium after the razor that also masks our own pheromones left behind. Then we wear clothes that close us from our head to five, leaving no more than 10 per cent of the skin surface, which actually separates the pheromones. Some studies also prove that, in the evolution, the production of their own pheromones in humans has declined significantly because of the dominant role of social factors in the choice of partner.

When you put NEXUS Feromon on, you replace the pheromones that you cleaned in the shower, covered the clothes, or lost in evolution!

By filling, and even with the surplus, lost pheromones with NEXUS Feromon, we are actually getting back to being " close to nature " and reconnecting with people around us at the chemical level. Women pay attention to you, without knowing why, they just know they like you!

How long does NEXUS Feromon last?

When applied to certain points, the operation lasts between 8 and 10 hours.

Why is it NEXUS Feromon?

Because it contains a double concentration of a real pheromone, a bottle of 30 ml (inside standard 10 ml) and it really works! The action of the pheromones is open to science, and the action is well proven by scientific research.

What's NEXUS Feromon gonna give me?

More interest on the part of the opposite sex, more smiles and stakeholder views, more sexual attraction. Renewal of your existing relationships of more passionate sex.

NEXUS Feromon is packed in non-marked boxes without specifying the nature of the contents. We use our mailbox as a back address to ensure confidentiality. Orders made through Internet dealers are delivered with payment parcels or valuable thugs.

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