Composition of Santi

Santi's capsules are a recipe for high-quality erection. Their special ingredients have a tonibal effect on blood vessels, which improves the work of the internal human organs (general effect), has a catalytic effect on the sexual organs, increases tendencies and increases the frequency of erection, increases the firmness of the member, gives pleasure to love and increases sexual desire and orgasm. Santi ' s capsules can therefore be used in the treatment of impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature seeding, sexual insufficiency, lumbar pain and knee weakness.


Genesiside (ginsenoside), the key component of the femur, normalizes the blood flow in the direction of the brain and in the penis area, and has blood and sperm properties. The feminine stimulates both physical and mental activity, enhances sports performance and has beneficial effects on the sexes. The wife used to treat the sexual weakness of non-medical origin and premature ejaculation, normalizes blood pressure, default and raises his tonus.

Cistanches salsa (Saline Cistanche)

Multi-year plant, more or less hairy, 10-40 cm high. Distributed in the Lower Volge region of the European part of Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. It spreads on solons, glinist, smaller, limestone soils, in stages, half-seaters. Corresponds to the species of the Marvel families (Chenopodiaceae Vent.) The curative purpose is to use the overland part of the plant. The plant contains carbon dioxide, egg acid, iridos, steroids, phenols, legnans. In Mid-Asian, we're using syphilis.

(ACANTHOPANAX) seed. Araliev

distributed in the Far East (Primorje, Priamurje). General distribution: China, Korean peninsula. It spreads along the forest shores of rivers, in opium, forest progalins, islands, high places, tidals, onions, single or small groups. Botanically close to the eleutherocca.

Medicine. In South-East Asian traditional medicine, acantoanaxis are used in simple diseases, arthritis and as a generic tool. The ability of the liquid extract of the roots of the plant and the sum of the glycosis derived from it to act as a catalyst for the central nervous system is experimental. They weaken sleeping tools, increase the mental and physical capacity of healthy people. The use of these drugs creates a so-called state of non-specially high resistance of the organism, thus increasing its resilience to a large number of diverse adverse effects. The experiment detected a stimulus from the akantopanax leaf and its measles.

The plant contains carbon, fat butter, a triglyceride of acid - palmitenic, palmiolein, stearinov, olein, lenole, lenole, petrosene. The roots are carbs, crachmals, camedumes, air oil 0.2 per cent, pulmonary, taucesterin, stymsterine, sytosterine, campesterine, cardonolides, legnanes, (-) savinnine, 1.5%, (-)-seminar, The crust of the branches contains tri toleroids. The branches contain carbs, crachmals, camedumes, air oil, tricenoids, cardonolides (0.23%), alcaloids, fruits - Kumarines (0.2 per cent).

The Cora of the branches and the Cora of Plants has a tone, stimulus and is a possible substitute for the wife. Akantopanax drugs are close to preparations from the crops of the Aralist family.

The roots are used in Chinese and Korean medicine as a tonic, stimulus and painkiller for impotence, neurogenic dispensary, pregnancy-related illnesses, childhood paralysis, hemiplegia.

Epimedium sagittatum horny strelist (Berberidaceae)

Other names Epimedium, Yin Yang Ho, Inyokaku, Sian Ling P, Barrenwort. It grows in the forests of China and Korea. It has traditionally been used to normalize sexual activity, normalize bleeding, increase immunity, reduce blood pressure, remove fatigue, improve sperm production, increase libido even for chronic patients.

The active ingredient of Epimedium is the fluvonoid glizoid Ikariin. In addition, Epimedium contains an element that stimulates the production of nitrous oxide, which leads to the cyclical education of the MTF (cGMP) which has resulted in relaxation of smooth muscles and increased blood flow to a sexual member (cavernosum corpus).

The potassium also acts as a moderate inhibitor and PDE-5. The PDE5 Ferment causes the fragmentation of the MTF and the end of the erection, like Viagra, the horny has reduced the FDE-5 level, but not so much as to produce side effects. As a result, Epimedium through MCHF and PDE-5 provides normalization of the erectile function.

Euphoria longana - the eyes of the dragon

Loang is growing in Southern China, Guandun, Guanji, Sichuan and Fukien Province, contains a rich set of antioxidants (vitamin C), valuable organic acids, vitamins of group B, minerals and a natural source of polysaharids.

Japanese girci fruit

The Japanese girci fruits are used in Chinese medicine as a general reinforcing and tonicant means of impotence, as well as as as a means of sexual initiation. In Korea, he's considered to be a generic tool. In fruits up to 3 per cent of the air oil containing pinen, camphen, isoborneol, up to 0.6 per cent of lactons, Kumarinas.

Mushmula German (medlar)

Mushmula (tour. muşmula), (1) the birth of frost plants (Mespilus) of a family of rose-coloured, of one type, M. German or M. ordinary (M. germanica). The fruits contain up to 10 per cent of sugar, 1.1 per cent of apple acid, 1.6 to 15.8 per cent of vitamin C; they eat raw and salt food, and they produce pastiles and wine.

Wild births of cultural plants

Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. - Chinese magnolia wine.

Systematic situation.

Schisandraceae Blume ance Schisandra Michx.


Kadsura chinensis Turcz.

Ecology. Mesophite. Expands in soft-walled and mixed liquor forests, prefers welled soils along rivers and streams. Up to 600 to 1000 metres above sea level

Use and economic significance.

A valuable food and medicine plant. The fruits and leaves are used to produce tonibal, fatigue medications. The fruit contains substances that increase the elasticity of the receptacles.

(Indian mulberry) Morinda citrifolia

Synonyms: Maureinda lemonolist, " Cheese tree " , Boswellia viridiflora, Great morinda, Indian silk (Indian mulberry) , Beach mulberry, Tahitian Noni, recently also: Noni (Hawai name), Nono (Taitan), Mengkudu (Muliasis).

Family: Marenov

Description: Noni is a handicraft, but thanks to a powerful root system, this plant is more like a tree and reaches a height of 9 metres. Unlike apples, oranges or other fruits that have certain production seasons, Noni ' s fruits are collected every month from the same plant. Noni reaches maturity on average in 90 days. On one branch, trees can be fruit of different degrees of maturity. The fruits have unpleasant aromat and bitter taste, so they have been labelled cheese fruit or even vomit fruit.


The composition of the preparation SantiminAll parts of the plant are used for curative purposes. Traditionally, they were treated with tumours, respiratory and urinating paths, blood diseases, premensional pains (such as analgetic), skin diseases, stomach-kid infections, including parasitic glystical invasia. The leaves and roots have a heating and antibiotics anti-flammatory properties.

Animal experiments found that the extraction of the root of Morinda citrifolia had a central analgetic effect. The fruits and leaves have an anti-bacterial effect, and the fruits of which the following pathogenic microorganisms, Shigella and Salmonella, have a great influence. The roots and leaves have anti-coagulative action in hemorrhoids, venous stacks, peanuts. Cornes and leaves help with menstruation disorders. This should be taken into account in pregnancy (may cause self-discharge). In addition, Morinda citrifolia has well established itself in the treatment of some oncosis of lungs.

The Morinda Fruit contains all vitamins, minerals in fenomenically high concentrations. He's very rich with antioxidants, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese and iodine, but also with magic, calcium, potium, sodium and phosphorus. Fruit contains between 1 and 5 per cent of acids, ether vegetable oils and approximately 3 to 10 per cent of fruit sugar, depending on the stage of ripening. Fruit sugar is converted into glucose and ready for use. What makes the fruit particularly valuable is the joint action of 140 vitally active substances, which are enzymes, flavonoids, saponins, aminolic acid and carbonates. The most important constituent parts that in other fruits cannot be found in this concentration are still proxeronin and damanacantal cancer.

Many authors point to the possible existence of hundreds of biocalators that are not yet open. Therefore, there are likely to be many more therapeutic biological components. So Noni's fruit on the anti-aircraft list is very high.

Noni improves the exchange of substances, subverts nerves and brains, acts like an antidepressant. The beta-carothin in Morinda strengthens immunity and prevents cardiovascular diseases, excitates digestation and acts in a tone.

Antioxidants keep us safe from degenerating cells and diseases like cancer. Flavonoids regulate the permeability of blood cells. It has already been shown that the minerals contained in the fruit are much more readily absorbed by the organism than by dairy products. Since fruit is rich in potassium, magic and calcium, it is especially recommended for osteoporosis prevention. The content of the village is very high, and it's very important, because in all vegetables and fruit of our latitude, it's almost missing.

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