Santi - instant and qualitative erection

Santi's capsules or Big Penis is a great product of a new generation.

The formulation consists of the extraction of large cattle in the Chinese province of Anjoy, Meng Cheng (national livestock base), mixed with rare components only grown in China, based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, using modern medical science technologies.

Product exports to the United States, Japan and South-East Asia, etc. The work of the mechanism: Santi stimulates the erection of a sexual member, and also provides the necessary food, micronutrients and active components, improves e filtration and kidney sedition, increases the number of blood testosterones, promotes the exchange of substances, reduces the number of free radials of protein metabolism.

With regard to traditional Chinese medicine, the improved kidney function increases Cy (internal energy) of blood, sperm and brain. Santi's capsules are suitable for the treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, sex disorders of men and women, fatigue in the lap and legs. In particular, the drug has a unique treatment effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions and the length of sexual activity. The product also has a secondary treatment effect in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and sugar diabetes when carefully used.

Take three capsules in 1 hour before the sexual act for a better effect. Patients with heart or sugar diabetes must receive 1 capsule, once a day, with boiled water before sleep or morning.
Santi's a sex erection stimulant. By its properties, it compares to Viagra, but it's safe, without side effects. Product quality is much better than viagra. It's guaranteed. Check on yourself, then you'll know for sure that this is the best erection. This product is better than any other product. Prove it yourself and... you'll be impressed!

It's the equivalent of the viagra, but it's best in all respects. Deschevile and safer like a good tonic. Take it every day. It'll help balance the body. Santi's 100% safe.

_ - Don't use brain disease patients (cerebular) - Don't use it for the kids.

To balance your system, it's recommended to take every day. Your body will be like a teenager. However, only the use of one drug cannot be effective; physical exercises, adequate rest and fresh air are necessary. This will not only lead to significant sexual power, but also to a strong man's health. It'll lead to better health.

The Santi Capsules (Santi) are a traditional means to strengthen the male sexual function and to strengthen the erection from the Chinese province of Mencheng.

The substance is based on valuable medical materials used in traditional Chinese medicine, such as jellyfish, reindeer Rog (Panta), Chinese magnol, akantopanax, Musmula German, Povilic, horny, Solenierchachai, cystanhashellic and languy,

Collagen, active peptides, micropolisaharides, vitamins, amin acid, and calcium, iron, zinc and small quantities: phosphorus, strontium, manganese, copper, chromium. This valuable tonic product is not a cure, there is no ”chemistry”, and all its components are derived from plant and animal components in accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Application of Santi for erection:

Santi's capsules are a recipe for high-quality erection. Their special ingredients have a tonibal effect on blood vessels, which improves the work of the internal human organs (general effect), has a catalytic effect on the sexual organs, increases tendencies and increases the frequency of erection, increases the firmness of the member, gives pleasure to love and increases sexual desire and orgasm.

Santi ' s capsules can therefore be used in the treatment of impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature seeding, sexual insufficiency, lumbar pain and knee weakness.


However, as we have said, Santi is not a cure in the direct sense of the word. Rather, it is a means to make the sexual life of a healthy person even more bright and saturated. Santi's capsules have an effective impact on psychology and psychology during love. They allow a man to be full of pain and energy in a very short time, significantly increase the firmness of a member, support your induction and initiation and maintain your sexual power all night. Santi is helping to extend the sexuality and improve the quality of your sexual life quickly and efficiently.

Use and dosing:

Take an oral, 1-3 capsules at the same time. For men over 50 years, 1 capsules are sufficient. Please take this product 1-2 hours before sexual activity.

Packaging and storage:

9 pods at 0.3 grams in each bladder. Store at room temperature for not more than 24 months.


This product is not intended for people under 18.

Hypertonic and heart disease patients should use this product with caution (not more than 1 capsules lump). It is possible that the drug is less effective for a weakened organism or an active phase of any disease.

The dosing of the drug must be correct to avoid being transported.

Never use this product with nitroglycerin row preparations to avoid the risk of hypertension (low artery pressure).

Feedback from people who tried Santi capsules

капсулы СантиHere, we'd like to send a few letters from the ones that come every day to our mailbox. We don't edit them. I therefore apologize for some of the errors made by the authors.

Maxim (23, Moscow)

"I never complained about erection. It's working, thank you... but there's some friends here who offered to try, they say you'll like it. Well, I swallowed a couple of pills for Santi. I didn't feel anything at first, like usual. But in about an hour, it's like that. It's good that I came to that party with my girlfriend or I don't know what to do. In fact, she and I were in the free room and we weren't seen until morning. I've been six times since I've never done more than four before and then Mashka just prayed, I can't. Anyway, I don't know how Viagra works, but it's Santi that's easy. Thank you guys. I asked them a few more pills.)

Petr Ivanovich (54, Omsk)

"Thank you for Santi. Magic pods! I'm sorry I didn't know about them before. I'm a radio engineer myself. My whole life worked in military plants, defense. We've developed an MHF, and it's interesting, and as long as we're young and we don't think about safety, it's right under the vents. And then, when she bleed by 40 years, she started thinking, it was bad. The first sexual problems began. In short, it's been shorter and less likely. I didn't go to the doctor, I guess I was embarrassed. My wife and I have been together for 32 years. We have two kids and three grandchildren. Okay. But I don't want a cross on myself. And here, my son and my mother had the Internet at last, and I ran into your website six months ago. First Vigarix ordered, and recently Santi. Well, that's amazingly simple. The first time I drank two capsules, I just scared my wife. She says I've been so hot for 20 years. Feeling young. Now I drink one thing, save one. I'll order a banner soon. Can you give me a discount?

Andrei S. (38 years old)

“Your Santi has made very unusual feelings. My girlfriend and I have been married for three years. I've had sex with her, once very strong, gradually becoming weaker and weaker. Even at first thought, not breaking up. I've tried different means from Viagra and Levitra to different BADs. Something helped me not. I'm drinking Santi's second jar and you know, I don't think about leaving Marina anymore. Looking at her like three years ago when we met. And she was having fun, feeling my attitude too. I've always had a lot of PCs, but for feeling, for attracting, new feelings, thank you for your pills. ”


2 years, 5 months

Богдан Юмашев

I don't think this drug is available. I'd like to try in practice. I solve my problem with the help of Tadalafil-SZ. I'm always happy.

9 years, 2 months


What should I say? It works real, even with alcohol.

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