The most powerful sex stimulant.

Stamina-Rx - самый мощный стимулятор

A completely new principle:

Stamina-Rx is a revolutionary sex stimulant, created to increase the number of libidos, tendencies, sexual obsolescence and erections. Stamina-Rx has a patented formula containing highly high-quality extracts and neutritics that are inoperable. The drug was revolutionary five years ago in the United States and Canada and is now rapidly gaining popularity in Europe.

Stamina-Rx contains an element that stimulates the production of nitrous oxide, which leads to cyclical education of GMP (cGMP). It is the cGMP that ultimately affects the smooth musculature by filling the penis with blood. In turn, PDE-5 is an enzyme connecting and processing GMP. If the cGMP is being processed too fast, its operation of "dissolving" by a smooth penis muscle appears to be the opposite, reducing the erection (in many cases it occurs so fast that it seems that there was no erection). The PDE-5 inhibitor is therefore included, which is responsible for the second task and guarantees the emergence and long-term maintenance of a full-fledged erection. Stimulation of dominance zones + the most powerful in high concentrations makes Stamina-Rx an undeniable and absolute leader in his field of application!

Contains a DVA patented component not available in any other drug!

(1) Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa - inducing a relaxing function of smooth muscle, which, in turn, maximizes arteries and venous tissue, increases blood flow. Natural source Pyrazolo pyrimidinone (lead component of essential drugs against impotence forms).

(2) Cnidium Monnier - increases the release of nitrogen oxides and inhibits PDE-5 by extending the erection times.
These two components are used only in the production of Stamina-Rx

Also included in Stamina-Rx are four other key components that reinforce and extend orgasms, one of which is the extradition of Johimbe:

(1) Yohimbe 8% Extract - contains 4 mg Yohimbine HCL, which is the only approved FDA (Federation Drug Association) micronutrient recommended for reduced sexual activity and libido. An active component that increases blood flow to penis and female genital organs. So it's increasing libido.

(2) L-Arginine- Increased natural synthesis of nitrogen oxides, resulting in more persistent erections.

(3) Gamma Amino Butyric Acid- Increases the dopamine level by euphoria and increasing pleasure from orgasm.

(4) Epimedium / Horney Goat Weed- Raising sexual desire as much as any other science-famous means! Stamina-Rx(PRO) contains 20:1 extract (five times more than the other formulae) to achieve the Machimal Stimulation!

Stamina-Rx contains the highest concentration yohimbine hcl in the world! No comparison with other drugs! Products with less yochembin are often ineffective.

General information on drugs based on Yohimbe!

Among the many drugs to increase penetration and increase sexual penetration, Yohimbe is an important place. Yohimbe is a cure extracted from the crust of the African tree growing in Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon and some other African countries. Looks like a plant meets in South America and is called Quebracho.

Traditional use

The centuries of ethnic groups in these regions have used different forms of means derived from Yohimba to enhance their sexual opportunities. The spread was a powerful stimulant of the senses of healthy men and women. It's usually used in the form of a bitter tea made out of the cortex of Yohimbe. This tea was used by tribe warriors to fight against fear and power. Africans used Yohimbe selectively for war and love. Men of some tribes were supposed to accept Yohimbe as part of the wedding ceremony and the compassion procedure. It was also used during a week ' s fertile event when sexual relations were encouraged. The smoke of the burning cow was breathing as hallucinogen. Cora was used in some tribes to treat angina, cough, fever and high blood pressure.

Modern use

Modern research on the application of Johimbe has been carried out since the 30s of the twentieth century. Currently, doctors recommend the use of Yochembe-based drugs to treat organic impotence.
The current beginning of Yohimbe drugs is the alkaloid yohimbin (methyl ether, 17-hydroxyyohimbin-16-carboxic acid).

Cora Johimbe contains about 6 per cent of Yohimbin. Yohimbin was the subject of approximately two dozen serious scientific research. Most of them confirmed that Johimbe was motivating penis blood and causing an erectile stimulus. It was found that he was blocking adrenergic receptors. This leads to the expansion of blood vessels and the reduction of blood pressure. The expansion of blood vessels, especially in the area of sexual organs of both men and women, is due to the physiological effects of Yohimbe.

Yohimbe stimulates nerve knots in the pelagic area and is thus capable of helping men with erection problems. In addition, by increasing chemical reactions in the system, Yohimbe can help when impotence is caused by exhaustion, stress and stress. As a blocker of alpha-adreceptors, Yohimbe is capable of reducing the negative impact of hormones on the narrowing of blood vessels, the extent of which increases with ageing. Jochembe also increases the adrenaline neural recharge, which stimulates male initiation.

It is also capable of raising moods to some extent, reducing depression and exhaustion.

According to the Interfax Information Agency, Canada will soon be selling a new love drink to enhance sexual activity. It's called the Women's Viagra. The "Go-Go Passion" drink doesn't contain alcohol, it's made up of an extra genie and yochembe. This drink can already be bought in British and American bars, and its promotional campaign focuses on young people aged 15 to 25.

Despite the company's targeting the Go-Go Passion for both young people and girls, in Great Britain this drink was encroached by the Women's Viagra. In December of last year, when an advertising campaign was launched in Scotland, a representative of the Catholic Church opposed the promotion of this product, as she calls for erratic sexual intercourse and " prevents any social event in potential sexual experience for a girl " .

Animal experience has shown that Johimbe is indeed increasing sexuality and sexual intercourse. Double blind research on humans using plastics without Johimbe and actual preparations has shown that drugs using it effectively improve libido and energy during sexual acts.

American FDA (Food and Drug Administration - Food and Drug Control Committee) approved yochembin as a means of treating impotence caused by problems with the vascular system, diabetes or psychogenetic factors.

There has also been a trend in veterinarians to use Yohimbe-based drugs for breeding, for example, horses. Studies have shown that yochembin can be useful if animals (including horses, salmons, cats and dogs) are to be instigated and quickly rebuilt with anesthetic and sedatives.

Several studies have been undertaken to justify the effectiveness of the use of Yohimbe as a means of eliminating drug blindness (uncontrolled solarity) and the purchase of heart vessels.

The increasing use of Yohimbe-based drugs is being produced in a bodibilding and weight reduction programmes. Recently, scientists have found that Yohimbe is capable of helping to fight overweight because he is capable of suppressing the organism ' s ability to accumulate fat. Some researchers have found that Johimbe is increasing thermogenesis (fat combustion), although other studies do not confirm that Yohimbe is in any way capable of affecting body weight, fat sediments and fat distribution in the organism.
Some people take Yohimbe to improve the mood and make sense. Yohimbe can help prevent exhaustion and easy depression.


Jochembe is not free from side effects and anti-indications. The drug must therefore be used strictly in accordance with the Instruction on Application.

Pharmacological properties

Preparate stimulates spinal lumbars of the spinal cord, managing the erection while increasing blood flow into the caveal bodies of a penis. Preparate is a tone of the central nervous system neurons, neutralizes the sleeping and braking effects of certain substances, including barbiturates and alcohol. Preparat has a hornapotropic effect, increases the oxycorticosteroid content in the blood plasma and serotine in the brain, significantly increasing the organism ' s overall resistance and anti-stroke readiness. Preparat increases positive emotional feelings, including sexuality.


Increased enrolment of young and older men and increased opportunities for prolonged sexual activity. Increased sexual intercourse among women and increased emotions at the time of orgasm. Chronic fatigue and astentic condition syndrome (including during recalculation - post-removal recovery period).

L-Arginine- Increased natural synthesis of nitrogen oxides, resulting in more persistent erections.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid- Increases the dopamine level by euphoria and increasing pleasure from orgasm.

Epimedium / Horney Goat Weed- Raising sexual desire as much as any other science-famous means! Stamina-Rx contains 20:1 extract (five times more than the other formulae) to achieve the Machimal Stimulation!

Comparison with the recent world leader

Studies have shown that Enzyte ' s popular full natural supplement, which is specifically designed to improve men ' s sexual activity, is a safe and effective means of increasing sexual activity by increasing penis. There have been more relentless erections and increased libido. Most participants in the Enzyte-Programme noted an increase of 12 to 31 per cent of penis, or an average of 24 per cent.

Stamina-Rx is a new improved Enzyte formula with a number of additional components for optimal sexual activity of MAC, TOK and WOMEN. Stamina for women is a separate drug.

Damam is helping to overcome the problems in achieving vaginal orgasm, as well as the problematic surface orgasm, is making deep and complete. Significantly enrichs orgasm reliance, links to a partner. The best choice is for those who are still dreaming of multi-legality.

What does Stamina-Rx give?

Stamina-Rx not only improves the quality of the erection, but it can restore spontaneity and the effectiveness of sexual relations in real life. Stamina-Rx A reliable means of revitalizing sexual life for those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).
Most men have a clinical effect 30 minutes after the use of medicine and continue until 24 (36) hours after application.


If Stamina-RxApplying the need - once a day, it improves the erectile function of most men with EDs in varying degrees of severity.

  • EDP aspects that are markedly improving when applied Stamina-Rx
  • Total erection,
  • The ability to achieve an erection sufficient for penetration,
  • The ability to preserve the erection for a successful sexual act,
  • satisfaction with sexual acts,
  • General satisfaction,
  • satisfactory erection force
  • confidence in the ability to achieve and maintain erection,
  • partner satisfaction with sexual acts.

Freedom of choice

The wide range of opportunities provided by Stamina-Rx allows men to enjoy normal sexual life without the need to plan a period of drug effectiveness. A man with a partner has the opportunity to choose the right moment to be intimate.

How does Stamina-Rx work?

Stamina-Rx is a strong secular reversal inhibitor of cycling guanozinphosphate of specific phosphodyesturasis type 5 (PDE5).

The main stage in the erection of a sexual member is the relativation of cells by a smooth body vercanosum, which is localized by acetylcholine and nitrogen oxide, as well as other physiological agents.

Acetylcholine is distributing neurons of parasympathic nervous system. Nitrogen oxides produce non-agricultural, non-cholinergic neurons and endotile cells as a result of hormonal stimulus. The net effect is to eliminate the tonus of a sympathetic nervous system or alpha-stimulation, which reduces cells with a smooth muscle and retains a sexual member in an unintentioned state.

Cycle guanozinmonofat (cGMF) and PDE5 play an important role in a normal erectile fuque. CGMF is increasing the arteries and increasing the flow of blood to corpus cavernosum.
As a result of the interruption of the vein, the penis becomes solid. When the electile tissues increase enough, the veins of cavernosum change.

This reduces the blood flow from a sexual member, and the blood remains in the corpus cavernosum by keeping a sexual member in a state of erection. The PDE5 fertiliation of cGMF and the end of the erection.
Stamina-Rx Removes the PDE5 activities, thus splintering the GMF. As a result, cGMF in the corpus cavernosum of a sexual member gives men with EDD the opportunity to perform sexual acts.

Medical evidence

Treatment of erectile dysfunction by men.
In order for Stamina-Rx to be effective, sexual stimulation is necessary.
Stamina-Rx for men are blue pills; for women, pink.

Adult male use
A recommended dose of 10 mg before a planned sexual activity not related to food. For patients whose dose Stamina-RX 10 mg is not sufficiently effective, a dose of 20 mg may be recommended. It should be taken 30 minutes to 12 hours before sexual activity. The effectiveness of Stamina-RX can last up to 24 (36) hours from the moment of receipt of medicines.

Maximum recommended frequency of reception once a day. Medical treatment, however, is not recommended for adoption every day because the impact of its long-term daily reception has not yet been examined.
With sexual stimulation, one dose of Stamina-RX satisfies a patient and a partner with a wide range of sexual activity opportunities.

Application for older men
For older men, dose correction is not required.

Use of kidney abused males
10 mg recommended before planned sexual activity, regardless of food. No data on dose use is available for more than 10 mg Stamina-Rx patients with kidney damage.

Use for men with broken liver function
10 mg recommended before planned sexual activity, regardless of food. There is no data on the impact of the greater dose of Stamina-Rx on patients with liver damage.

Use for men with sugar diabetes
No dose correction is required for diabetes sugar patients.

Application for children and adolescents
Stamina-Rx Persons under 18 may not be used.

Side action

By-product action is similar to that of other stimulants. This may be anxiety, anxiety, inconsistency, nerve, dizziness, headaches and insomnia. However, such side effects are rare and reversible when applied in accordance with the Instruction. More serious side effects are possible when the drug is overdose.

If you notice any side-effects, you will seek assistance and advice from your doctor.


Unlike other PDE5 inhibitors, the intake of Stamina-Rx is not disturbed if fat foods are used. The use of alcohol and food products was not restricted in efficiency studies, and these agents did not affect the efficiency of Stamina-Rx.
Stamina-Rx studies also conclude that the time of the day does not affect the results of clinical differences and the effectiveness of intake. There are no other sex stimulants on the market today, close to exposure to Stamina-Rx!


Due to the large number of negative appeals and the risk of side effects, the drug is prohibited in the United States.

We also removed the drug from the sale because of the side effects. All those who want to try it should seriously think, and if you still decide, you'll start with the minimum number of pills.


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