Magic Stuff is a cure to reinforce erection.

Prepara gives a powerful erection for more than 72 hours. During this time, the drug only takes action in cases of sexual intimacy. It doesn't make sense. It has an effect of increasing the penis even after only two capsules.

100% натуральное, тибетское средство для увеличения потенции и улучшения качества.In the case of sexual dysfunction, an intensive treatment course is recommended, with two capsules, every 3 days, for one month.

Intensive treatment of Magic Stuff has several times improved the rates of erection, libido, sperms, psychological condition, self-esteem, quality of life and general condition.

Intensive therapy is based on a report on scientific clinical research conducted in 2008. The Novosibir branch of the Institute of Urology RAOM based on the Biower IC. The results of the report are available in the scientific article, Professor. E.V. Kulchaven, E.V. Brijatuk, V.T. Homakov, Breusov A.A., who participated in the study.

The scientific article " New treatment opportunities for men with sexual dysfunctions " was successfully presented in many urological forums in Russia and abroad, published in the Andrology and Genetic Surgery magazine, and other scientific journals.

The duration of the drug, more than 72 hours, is the longest for all similar means of propagation, the increasing erection of the market, including synthetic medicines - Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others.

A powerful erection is based solely on men ' s desire for intimate proximity or sexual stimulation.

This does not mean that for 72 hours, the penis of a man is in an eregrated state.

Magic Stuff is manufactured by an ancient Tibetan recipe. For more than four thousand years, Tibetan wise men have considered and believe, to this day, that true recovery can occur if treatment at 2 levels is physical and spiritual. Magic Stuff is the first means offered in the Russian pharmaceutical market with such action.

It's not necessary to have an erection disorder to use Magic Stuff. Prepara greatly improves the quality and severity of intimate relationships, and is therefore recommended by the widest range of consumers.

Advantages of Magic Staff

1. In contrast to other intensifications (incibators of phosphodiasterasia type 5), such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which are synthetic drugs, Majik Stuff is based only on natural components, making its application perfectly safe.

2. These synthetic preparations (Front type phosphodiasterasics) operate in a similar manner - encourage blood flow to sexually transmitted organs, causing so-called " doping effect " and providing only " mechanical " erection. It has been clinically demonstrated that, unlike them, Magic Staff, in addition to a powerful erection, has an impact on the psychogenic component and creates a strong sexual instigation that is controlled by men ' s willingness to have sexual intercourse.

3. It is well known that all synthetic means to increase penetration and increase erections cause side effects (see table), including fatalities. Magic Stuff, being a natural drug, does not cause any side-effects.

ActionViagraCialisMagic Stuff
Starts to act through... ♪Hours25-75 mines30 minutes
It only works for a hungry stomach.Yeah.No.No.
The effect is long4 hoursUp to 36 hoursMore than 72 hours
Side action
Sealed noseYeah.Yeah.No.
Disguise in the eyesYeah.No.No.
Boli in the backNo.Yeah.No.
Total suppressionNo.Yeah.No.

* The information shown in the table is provided by Men’sHealth No2 2004.

4. Magic Stuff, through its constituent components, reinforces and promotes an orgasm feeling, making it unusually deep in strength, effect and diversity.

5. Magic Stuff prevents premature ejaculation by allowing sexual prolongation.

6. Magic Stuff is compatible with even a large dose of alcohol without losing effect.

7. Magic Stuff is the first drug with an effect of increasing penis. Even after the admission of the two capsules, the penis is markedly " flooding " , increasing in length and volume.

8. Magic Stuff is an active testosterone. Recommended for Fitness and Bodibilding. He's going to increase his passion, increase his desire for sports, increase his strength.

9. Magic Stuff stimulates and increases the quantity of ejaculat (semi- fluid).

10. Magic Stuff is effective as an auxiliary to treat all forms of prostate.

11. Magic Staffre has successfully completed clinical trials, approved and recommended by the Russian Association of Andrologs, the first natural alternative to synthetic inhibitors of type 5 phosphodiasterase. Tests were conducted in March 2006.

Excerpt from the report on the open clinical study by Magic Staff: " The results of the study showed that Magic Staff is an active and effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions comparable in efficiency with type 5 phosphodiasterasian inhibitors. This results in a significant improvement in the quality of life of this group of patients. Magic Stuff is highly competent and does not produce side effects.

Magic Stuff in therapy for erectile dysfunctions

12. Magic Stuff is the best price. One drug dose has been operated for over 72 hours. In order to achieve the same effect from receiving another means, it is necessary to purchase up to 18 similar drugs. By comparison, the value of the equivalent dose of Viagra (100 mg) is 600 roubles. Viagra time is 2-4 hours. If we divide 72 hours of our drug by 4 hours of Viagra, one dose of Majik Staff is equivalent to 18 pills (100 mg) of Viagra, with a package of Magic Stuff (4 capsules) containing at least 2 doses (two capsules).

Prepara is registered in the RF Users. The entry into and trafficking in the Russian Federation is based on the certificate of State registration No. of 21.10.2005.

Преимущества свойств препарата Маджик Стафф по сравнению с аналогамиSex disorders, erection, impotence, premature sequestration in men.

Individual inability of components, disruption of cardiovascular rhythm, insomnia, high artery pressure, expressed atherosclerosis.

There's no such thing.

Inside application: 1 capsule in 60 minutes before activism. It's not a full stomach recommended. In this case, the action is moving faster.

Attention: If the substance is accepted for the first time, the first reception in the number of the 2nd capsule is recommended. In the future, you will choose your own individual dose, depending on the impact.

For more pronounced results, it is also recommended that 2 capsules be accepted 30 to 60 minutes before activism. For curative purposes, the treatment of erectile dysfunction recommended a course of medicine. Acceptance of 2nd capsule every 5 days per month (3 packages). Repeat treatment in 1 month.

Storage in a dry chilled place at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C. It's 2 years.

4 capsules package for 400 mg.

1 KAPSULA, the Chinese coordinates 140 mg; the reindeer panels 120 mg; the extra fruit of the Tibetan cut-off 60 mg; the extra seed of the ordinary buffet 60 mg; the match milk 20 mg.

Manufacturer: Nanjen-wife Health Company, Nanjin, NCPD. By order of the GSG, Herbie Technolojis Inc.


2 years, 4 months

Павел Юльев

On personal experience, I bet Viagra helps in an hour and maintains an impact within four hours. In my case, it's not. I do accept Sildenafil-ZZ, the budget analog of Viagra, but with the same active substance, sildenafil. So, the full effect comes in 30 to 40 minutes and lasts to 8 to 9 hours.

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