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Questions about sex and health

Comparison of men, Europeans and Russians

ксения2 years

Why is comparison between European and Russian men always not in favour of the latter?

" What Spanish men think about - how to treat a woman - is said by a friend who has lived in Spain for years. - For them, the kunilingus is joy, they can be offended or upset if you refuse it. "
And here I am thinking about our Russian boys.

It's not that bad. Of course, more and less decent lovers. But, to be honest, in general, the concept is, " I've done a great favor already in my pants.

I'm a male, so everyone's fine just because I got up first, and secondly, I put it in. Thirdly, it is a woman ' s problem - how to give me pleasure, and my pleasure is her pleasure. "

And it's not just a man's position. Women act like they're sexy only for people with a dick. Women's orgasm is a wedding for which you can tolerate.
We admit that there's a sex culture in our country somewhere on zero.

It was a great time in the 1990s, when the Pro This program came out, where people were told on TV about the most different sex, but now it was replaced by "Let's talk" with family junks.
People can't even have the most common sex, they're worried about something, and they don't have to, they can't feel trust in a partner, and they're all delaying, moving sex from the tenth date to the forty-eighth.

For women, sex, even random, is a deal. She's in a relationship, though imaginary.
Women still see sex as a stage in a relationship like a bridge from dating to marriage. Did she think the relationship was serious? O'kay, there's gonna be sex. Didn't pass the test? Well, we'll disinfect the chastity belt.
And if it burns so much that without sex, it's just death, a real modern woman is willing to enter into this humiliating relationship like no obligation.

I once had sex with one man, a sex friend of mine. I didn't know he was her friend. There was no hint. But then she almost ripped my head off. It's clear that she stopped dealing with me and him instantly.

But at least he knew they had sex like every three months.

What did I do?
The truth is, for women, sex, even random, is a deal. She can't just have a sex partner, she's in a relationship, even imaginary.
Where are the beautiful times when a friend met someone, had sex with him without expectations, and she could have asked permission to sleep with that guy, and then talk to her about how he did it? Or if a friend suffered without sex, she could say, "Well, here's Andrei, don't you want a threesome?

Russian women have a short break-up period - years to twenty-two, and then they see their husband in every guy. And all sex ends.
If they want men not to have sex, they want the ring and the oath, they have low sex demands.

Molly, let him do what he wants to marry. I don't care.
That's what men do. How many stories are that he's been whispering for five minutes, and then he's asleep, and she's gone quietly. And no man like that kicked his leg and didn't say she didn't get the pleasure that he was bad. No one criticizes because a " decent " woman doesn't make a scandal because of bad sex. Maybe he's getting married, huh?

I had one Spanish guy-- we met at the bar and then we went to his house. At some point, he was out of the grass, and he wasn't in shape. From my point of view, everything was very good, but the next day he sent me a million apologies, regrets and promises. He was so ashamed that he didn't show himself in all the greatness that he probably didn't give me what I expected. We met again, and it was a very intense date, because he did everything he could to compensate for his fiasco.

A lot of Russian women, by the way, are falling madly in love with Spanish people at first, and then they're mad at them, and they can't take it that it's not about great love, it's just stunning sex. A Russian girl seems to think that if a man is trying so hard, then he's in love with her, and he's already making the names of their kids.

And he just loves sex and loves making a woman happy. And as soon as she puts her hands in the glasses and says, " Well, where are the words of love, where is the offer? " , the Spanish is very surprised and trying to explain that it is only sex.
Spanish women taught their men to be great lovers. They're powerful, demanding, they're not shy and they know exactly what they want. It's probably for a middle Russian man, it all sounds like a description of a terrible feminist freak. And it's sad that a man sees a normal woman as a monster.
Our men and women don't have this exchange of views - each of them wants something of its own, and no one decides to admit it.
Women want good husbands (but willing to accept bad lovers) and men dream of a good mistress, but willing to have sex and convenience with a bad wife.
The fact that men are still afraid of normal women is that they need a loop that feeds a mother's milk housewife, but that men would like hot sex and no commitment. Really?

And as long as they're all set up under each other's swings and complexes, you know, not until sex. Too complicated and exhausting. I did, I did, I fell asleep, everything I could do.

I don't know how people live like that. I don't understand how difficult it is to treat sex, why you can't just do it and enjoy it. Why should all these security barriers be between a Russian man and a woman, why they need to adhere to clear gender boundaries, why they do not simply wish to enjoy proximity for the very sake of proximity.

♪ Let's meet at four, in the morning, I have a sport, and from two to about half a third, sex, it's an Israeli girlfriend.
She has two friends she has sex with from time to time, and some random guys. And that's fine for her. Who wants a commitment if there are so many hot people who can give you amazing sex? You enjoy your life because that's the point. Men and women just want to make each other happy.

If we forget all the sad prejudices, boring stereotyping and moral guidance from the nineteenth century, nothing makes a man so happy, happy, easy and careless, as beautiful sex with a partner who is fully open, who can use and use his own, and someone else's body, and who gets from it a pure, hopeless, untold pleasure.
Sex for sex. Have fun. Doesn't that sound fascinating?

How vagina size influences

Виолета Ивановна Ермолаева2 years

How do vagina size affect intimate life?

Is the size important?

Too often, the size of the male sexual organ is linked to this issue, but this is not an issue exclusively for men, as the size of the vagina may have an impact on private life. And many women, like men, who are concerned about the length of their sexual penis, are burdened by their thoughts on the amount of their vagina. This problem is particularly relevant after birth - the vagina is stretched and adds several millimetres in diameter.

Paragraph 1: Average dimensions.
Examinations of the influence on the sexuality of the vagina were too low. According to medical data, it is known that the average amount of vagina is approximately 7 to 13 centimetres if the woman is not inaugurated. With the normal width of the vagina, 2-3 fingers can be inserted into it. Most often, the vagina of high women is deeper, but there are also low-growth women, whose vagina depths are approximately 12 to 14 centimetres, as are high women with a depth of 6 to 7 centimetres. The parameters of the depth and width of the vagina are genetic, they are individual characteristics, which are not dependent on the number of partners or the intimate life of a woman.

Parameter two: elastic organ.

Since the feminine sexual organ is slightly shifting upwards at the time of initiation, the vagina ' s width is increasing to about 5 centimetres, while the upper part of the vagina (approximately one third) is narrowing down due to a strong blood flow. As a result, when a woman is instigated, the vagina becomes more elastic and more susceptible, that when a member enters the vagina, the man ' s sexual organ can be sniffed with vagina tissues, and the penis thickness is not critical because the vagina can adapt to any thickness. On this basis, it can be assumed that regular sex with the same partner allows the vagina to take the form most appropriate for the male sexual organ.
It should also be noted that the vagina is a very elastic body with warehouses that can be compressed and expanded when necessary. This is the reason why the vagina normally retains both the tampon, reducing and expanding, allowing the child to be born.

What if the size doesn't work?

The birth or abortion may affect the vagina, and its depth may be reduced slightly, causing the most frequent loss of the uterus. In addition, after delivery, the smooth musculature of the vagina is relaxed, which may give the impression that the vagina is very enlarged. No special problems after delivery should arise in private life.

And yet, if you're not comfortable with the size of your vagina, you can try to fix the situation in ways such as:

♪ Squeeze the vagina muscles. This exercise should be carried out at least 10 times per day;
♪ You can look at Arnold Keguel's methodology, which provided a list of exercises to improve the tone of the bodies of the pelvis;
♪ Another solution could be private plastic, i.e. surgical intervention, which, through an operation, reduces a little of the vagina diameter, but consider it an extreme measure.

Remember, in the small size of the vagina, there's usually nothing good, because when a woman has a sexual act, she can experience severe pain, which will certainly not bring special pleasure. Similarly, many women who have a small vagina size may suffer from vaginaism, the muscles are shyly reduced, and any sexual contact becomes simply impossible. In such cases, you'll have to contact a specialist.

Are girls with a cock?

Александр Григорьевич Любимов2 years

Women ' s membership at birth

A woman has no male genitals in nature.

It's the sex of a person.
When a newborn has signs of both sexes, they say that a child is hermafrodite.

These people operate as a child, depending on the medical evidence, either male or female sex workers are left and hormonotherapy is appointed.
In rare cases, hermafrodite lives without surgery, and then its gender is determined by parents or by its own sense of peace. This membership will be social, not physiological.
Women ' s genital mutilation is very rare when women ' s clitoris, sex lips and other bodies have non-standard, large dimensions, a form of reference to penis and testicles.

Adaptation of the vagina:

Юлия Рлова2 years

Adaptation of the vagina: size matter?

The vagina is a very elastic and stringy body that can adapt to any size of a sexual member. Specialists have even come up with a specific term describing these vagina possibilities. Find out how the vagina size can affect the intimate existence of the couple.
What are the dimensions of the vagina?
When it comes to size, we usually mean the size of a male sexual member. What about the vagina size? The quality of sex is not only influenced by the size of the penis, but also by the vagina.
Turns out the average size of the vagina is only 7 to 12 centimeters. Thus, men with a small size of a sexual member can easily satisfy a woman in bed. High women have a vagina like the rule is deeper, although it's not always like that. This depends on the individual characteristics that are determined by genetic factors.

Adapting the vagina to a sexual member.

Many men believe that for women the more, the better. Actually, it's not that way. French sexologists determined the size of a sex penis that would be perfect for most women. It's between 13 and 15 centimeters in erection mode.
Women ' s vagina, however, can easily adapt to a longer sexual member. Like this is happening? The vagina is a very elastic organ whose tensile rate may be significant. When the vagina is born, the vagina is expanding as much as possible, allowing a woman to bring a child.
In the case of sexual initiation, women are shifting slightly upstairs and the vagina is increasing by several centimetres. The vagina is becoming more elastic and tense, which allows for adaptation to any sex member.
Specialists have even come up with a specific term that describes the possibility of vagina adjusting to the size of a sexual member. It's called a vaginal cocode.
Too small in the vagina.
Of course, if a woman has a vagina that is small and narrow, and a partner has a bigger and wide-ranging penis, such sex may not be pleasant. In such a case, a woman may suffer serious pain when she has sexual contact.
Some women with small vaginas may have vaginas, a condition in which the vaginal muscles are not arbitrarily reduced. In such situations, a gynaecologist must be treated.

Sex species

Вавилина2 years

What should we try in sex? New types of sex

Before we buy a car, we could use a test drive. Whatever kind of sex you prefer, there's experience that would be good before you finally settle down. For example, it would be interesting to try before, with certainty, fully exploring the possibilities and preferences of " choosing your car " .
Sex with “them, the only”
You thought he was your only one, but he wasn't. He broke your heart, and you doubt whether you'll ever have such a great sex again.
When you meet your real half, you will realize that the relationship was the necessary experience that made you (and your orgasms) stronger.
A sex with a huge dick holder.
It's worth a while to find a guy with a very big penis. Otherwise, you'll be thinking about how big it might be. You're gonna die of admiration when you see him, and remember what it's like to be a virgin when he comes into you. After that, you can brag to your girlfriends. As a result, you can get rid of the fantasies of the great manhood and his magical power over a woman. It's just a penis, just like others. Moreover, the character of the holder of such a member may not be the best.
Bad sex.
It's a sex that I want to go to the shower immediately. He'll help you double the value of good sex and even medium sex when it happens.
A sex with a foreigner.
You can barely say his name, but it's interesting and unusual. Maybe you're traveling or he came to you. Anyway, don't miss your chance to satisfy your passion with a handsome foreigner.
Sex when you're both angry.
Whether you're angry about his policy, or you're completely mad at your young man's behavior and you want to break your relationship, anger is a very powerful African-disiac.
Anger can be a spark that will burn passion. That reminds me of the skill between two naked fighters that both win.
Sex with rock star.
Who ever dreamed of being someone's museum? When you're the muse of some really talented and famous guy, you feel luxury first, and after he finds a new muse, almost cheap. But this episode you'll remember for life! Try being someone's inspiration in bed.
Anal sex.
You should know if you like anal sex before you settle down. Try it with someone you can trust. It's best if your partner is a luxury guy who treats you very gently, and who you can easily stop if you don't like it. Because some guys should try a woman's ass, they're not gonna stop. Some people can't understand your refusal to have anal sex with them.
Sex with a girl.
You don't have to have lesbian sex, but at least try kissing another girl. And if you do it just to attract men's attention, it doesn't count. You have to try it in a private environment, just the two of us.
Even if you think you're a possessor of a perfectly normal orientation, you'll find something new about yourself and your sexuality.
Sex with a man who's much older or much younger.
Go through the age barrier and get a man older than you or a younger guy in bed. When it comes to men, you need to do your own comparative analysis. It could sound like a broken cliché here, for example, that a older man would buy you out of sight and expensive gifts, and with a younger guy you'd be having sex like rabbits, but in reality everything might be different. Try sex with men of different ages, and you can learn amazing things about men and people in general.
Sex dominance.
Try to dominate sex. A woman on top, that's all said. You completely control the process and get everything you want from sex. It's particularly interesting to try this when you're wearing skin!
Sex when he can't keep you company.
Maybe he's had too much to drink, and maybe he's just having fun on his own - whatever the reason it is, but you can't bring him up for sex tonight, and you're gonna have to deal with it. Don't be upset, instead, you need to find a way to satisfy your desire in a way that doesn't make him feel unnecessary. It happens to every guy. Be grateful that we, women, have enough to show up in front of a man, move our feet and start enjoying ourselves. It's harder for men.
Sex with itself.
Masturbation is very important to learn what you like and how easy it is for you to achieve an orgasm. If you don't know it yourself, your partners will be harder to figure out how to make you happy.
It's more interesting to masturbate if you try to play with the vibrator. You just have to test the feelings that modern technology can give.

Sexual dependence

Нелли2 years

Is there a connection to sex? How do you know if it is?

A lot of us have heard of alcohol or drug addiction. But "sitting" is not just for alcohol or psychostimulators. More people have recently become dependent on relationships with other people.

Specialists have no doubt that sex can be addicted, just as food, gambling or shopping, alcoholism or drug addiction. When a person becomes sexually dependent, intimate relationships are at the forefront. All life priorities are slowly on track, and then they disappear. The only thing that a man gives his energy and thought is to seek pleasure, again and again.
In doing so, he may fall in love, or vice versa, cynically use his partner only for short-term communication.

Sexual dependence, or addiction, leads a person to lose the ability to control his thoughts, feelings and actions. He's obeyed by his constant desire to enjoy himself.
Sex and love lead to the same chemicals in the brain as cocaine heroin. And sexually addicted people get the same thing that drug addicts get out of drugs, alcoholics out of alcohol: unusually pleasant, unlike anything else in their lives. Intimate relationships for them are the only way to raise spirit. Through it, they seek to suppress feelings such as sorrow, anger, anxiety or fear, and to rid themselves of the wrath of daily life. And this need is so great that sexually dependent people, like alcoholics, can hardly resist their dependence.

Who's more dependent?

Don't think sexy addicts are maniacs. It's often socially successful people, family. Of the sex addicts who seek medical care, most are men.

This is a typical portrait of sexual addict: a heterosexual man for about 40 years, married (or with a permanent partner), a professional who, in all other respects, is quite normal.
The situation with women is difficult.

According to specialists, because of the still existing double standard system, they often do not recognize any irregularities or seek medical assistance. But the fact that women are pretty sexually dependent is a fact.

Sexy Smoke.

With a man's help, secret fear leads. That's how the male addicts fear most of being in a funny situation, looking helpless and weak. They usually use sex to make themselves feel safe.
Dependent women need sex to escape from real relationships. They're suing for sex, saving from grief and loneliness, and to convince themselves that their women's spells are still strong. A woman's adjective conceals a desire to avoid feeling of its own insignificantness.
The problem of addicts is they don't know how to build relationships outside of intimacy. In their minds there is a substitution of concepts: any proximity between people seems possible only when they have sex. While sex is a source of great satisfaction and pleasure for them for the first time, there is a growing need for sex over time.
There may be a situation where sex stops to be happy and enjoyable, but the sex worker keeps doing it so that he doesn't break. Sexual addicts don't have the obvious puncture or hungover like addicts or alcoholics. But they can suffer very severe emotional suffering, sometimes impossible to overcome even with antidepressants.

Who's at risk.

According to psychologists, some people are more predisposed to relationships than others. Some of the characteristics of nature can indicate that a person can sit for sex.
♪ Humbility and tolerance;
♪ Torturing, constantly looking for new feelings;
♪ Risk worship, adventure;
- Panic fear of loneliness.

According to specialists, sex addicts often have difficult relationships with the opposite sex. Often, their dependence triggers a crisis situation where, for example, a loved one is betrayed, and a deceptive partner seeks to end pain through sex.
But it should be borne in mind that all of this is simply " risk factories " , they should not necessarily be sexually addicted.

Sexual dependence confessions.

Sex addiction or addiction has several characteristics. This is:
Inability to control their sexual impulses;
- The harmful effects of this behaviour, although usually the sexual addict itself denies it;
- Inadequacy in other areas of life in this regard;
Increasing the frequency of sexual impulses over time;
- Abstinence symptoms with abstention.

Besides, there are questions that make it clear if you have a tendency to have sexual dependence.
1. Are you in intimate relationships with people you think you shouldn't be with?
2. Do you think you should cut the amount of sex?
3. Do you need a sexual relationship to make life brighter?
4. Do you experience anxiety and annoyance when your partner's not around?
5. Are you in intimate relationships that bring discomfort and pain?
6. Will your life be complete without sex?
7. In your opinion, don't you think about sex too often?
8. Do you have many sexual partners?
There are no ready answers to these questions. But if they make them think about it and turn to a psychologist, there may be a problem.

Sexual problems

Анна2 years

Difficulties in sexual life, potion, burning and pain in the field of sexual organs, ambiguous and obscuous releases from vagina with unpleasant smell

In particular, the quality of sexual life undermines psychological trauma and inappropriate sexual education (or absence). The true frigidity and pain in intimate proximity is a medical question to be answered by doctors. Most of the problem is the inconsistency between expectations and reality arising from ignorance of physiology and incompetence in sex.
For example, in the root, the impressions of intimacy may be caused by the banal dryness of the vagina, most often due to insufficient inducement.

The use of strawberries is an artificial solution to the problem, a long foreplay is a natural way to overcome dryness.
Absence of orgasms - usually the result of his ignorance of nature and the belief that " a real woman " is obliged to experience vaginal orgasms. In fact, 18 per cent of women can enjoy the greatest pleasure only from vaginal infiltration, while others need clitoris and that's normal.

Total: For good sex, psychological attitudes and knowledge of women ' s physiology are important.

Intimacy issues.

The vagina has a robust protective mechanism. The foundation of this mechanism is the Lactobacteria, or Dederlain's dairy sticks, which tightly cover the vagina wall and are permanent residents. Among all the colonizing micro-organisms, lactobacteria is the majority of microbiotes, up to 90 per cent. By providing protective bacteriocins, they deter other micro-organisms, prevent them from multiplying and help organisms with infections. In total, about 20 types of vagina are identified.
Frequent vagina souls, ghosts, use of tampons, use of non-intimate hygiene and vaginal methods of contraception may alter acid balance, disbiosis of the vagina flora and inflammation of slim external genital organs, as well as direct vaginas. This is because conditions are created in which the viability of Dederlain's sticks is lost, making it much worse for them to survive in the environment.
The first signs of dysbiosis are vagina, pond, genital mutilation, especially when urine, pain and dryness occurs in sexual contact.
In the event of discomfort, measures to restore the environment must be taken immediately.

Change of hormonal background.

Lactobacteria are directly dependent on hormones, estrogens and progesterones, which are produced by eggs.
Estrogens make cells of the bleached vagina to accumulate glycogen (this complex carbs feed with milk-oxid sticks). The Progesterone helps to prepare from the glycogene of the " dishes " that the lab can eat. If the level of these hormones decreases, as is the case when the ovaries work in the menopause, the balance between the lactobacteria and the other flora is broken, which, with excessive multiplication, manifests itself as an inflammatory process.
Logic conclusion: to restore normal microflor, hormonal violations must be addressed.
If this is not possible, the clan should be filled from the outside and help new recruits settle in a new location. Either locally use combined hormonal drugs that can restore the vagina wall after micro-damaging, remove the inflammation and inhabit the vagina with the right labs.

Infections and antibiotics.

Sexual infectors often enter the system during sexual contact. They're in the first place stronger than the labs, easy to live in the vagina, the match, its additives, and can only be defeated by antibiotics. The problem is that antibiotics kill not only enemies but also useful microflor. That is why milk and bacterial vaginas often occur after treatment.
In fact, any anti-bacterial therapy, no matter how a doctor appointed her, could lead to disbacteriosis, a breach of the vaginal microflora. That is why the use of intra-vaginal prodiots is very often the second stage of treatment of intimate diseases.

Silence or candy.

Many women have experienced this very unpleasant disease at least once in their lives. 40 per cent of the candidose returns once or twice, and 5 per cent passes into a chronic form (more than 6 episodes per year).
In 90 per cent of cases, the Vaginal Candidoza Greb Candida albicans, who coexist peacefully with the vagina in 20 per cent of healthy women. Anti-bacterial therapy, general or local erosion of immunity (e.g. long journey, climate change, stress) are the cause of sudden aggression. White creativity and corn of sexual organs appear before menstruation, after sex, changes in the nutrients or the aquatic environment, after visiting public sauna or pool. Only anti-frequency drugs are insufficient to treat the candidose.
As soon as the treatment ends, mushrooms can begin to multiply quickly without allowing a healthy microflor, labcobacteria, to restore their domination.
The recidivism occurs in almost every second woman. It is therefore important, after the end of the first phase of the treatment, to think about a normal vagina to prevent the repetition of bacteria.

Bacterial vaginas.

Every sixth woman who treats a gynaecologist about vagina allocations suffers from bacterial vaginas. It does not relate to inflammatory diseases.
Bacterial vaginosis is a state of persistent violation of the vagina microflora, where the number of lactobacteria decreases sharply and other microbes, such as Gardnerella.
Bacterial vagina drivers are ordinary microbes that live in the vagina of healthy women. The number of lactobacteria decreases.
The risk of vagina is that he prejudged the inflammatory diseases of the sexual organs, which could lead to infertility, miscarriage, intrauterine infections of the fruit and post-natal complications.
Vaginos symptoms are heavy vaginal serovato-white extractions from the vagina, with the smell of raw fish, sex potion, causing inconvenience and affecting women ' s sexual life.
Bacterial vaginal vaginals of antibiotics of a wide range of activities are being used, and after they are used, they are usually designed to reconstruct microbiot (or biocensos) of vaginas.
In order to restore vaginal flora, many doctors prefer vaginal forms of testiots, for example, based on Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus 35 (LCR 35). When they enter the vagina, their active metabolites can increase antimicrobial action, contribute to the normalization of pH of vaginas, the lactobacteria create special films that are a protective barrier to pathogens. Specialists stress the importance of the presence of a certain strain of vaginal lactobacteria, as some strains, such as Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus (LCR35), have the most pronounced and proven effect, unlike some other types of laboratory.
The French Laktoginal drug can help sustain a healthy microflor, which consists of a Probiotic culture LCR35 that contributes to the restoration of natural microflora and supports local immunity. Lactogenal has non-hormonal composition, allowed in pregnancy and lacation.

Types of members

Е.а. Лайша2 years

What kinds of penis exist?

There are five types of male members.
In the east, a man's penis is much more beautiful: a non-fried rod, for example.
According to Dao, the appearance of the member and the quality of the sperm determine the verse: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood

If the Metal dominates.

A member of this man is long and muscular, a head is big, butcher, bright.
For sex with a man whose member is under the patronage of Metall, there is no need for any lubrication: the head of such a member makes a transparent secret like saliva.
This saliva is very useful to a woman ' s body: it strengthens her immune system.
The sperm of “metal” men treats the kidneys of a woman and removes her from urine bubble disease.
A man with a " metal " member during sex never speaks, even if he doesn't.

Under the patronage of the Water

If a man under the patronage of the water is prepared for oral sex, it's the favorite entertainment of a man's water.
A man with a " water member " can be distinguished by his head: he has a flat, wide, barely visible ring at the base.
The lubrication made during the sexual act is sperm and very desirable for women with endocrine disorders.
Men with a water member love sex in nature and in the light of the day. They really like role-playing, especially if a girl is actively seducing an intrusive hero.


External: thin, with not a bright head and soft rim.
The secret is like sweat and very useful to women with blood system diseases. It's just anaemia.
A man with a " wooden " member does not like sex with a long prelude, prefers to move quickly to the point of fact. But it's not for him to have sex in a dirty drive. " Everything must be beautiful " , the main plant of the " male tree " and its member.
A man with a wooden member rarely agrees to sex to relieve stress, intuitively feeling that his sperm at this point is not a good quality. But the mood can change quickly if we offer the Trevous aromatic oils and sorrows.
The " ancient " member defines and the gastronomical preferences of men: such guys love citrus fruit.

If a member is under fire protection.

Oh, men with " rotten " members can be proud of their friendship. The head of an " wounded " member is sharp and looks very intriguing. The secret of the " wounded " member looks like a viscosity and is very useful to the women ' s digestive system.
The sperm of the fire also has a characteristic species and taste - it's hot, rose-coloured, bitter.
But this sperm can't be used as a face mask (a very popular cosmetological procedure, by the way, pure protein) - because of its extinguishing qualities, such sperm can cause allergy.
A man with a " wounded " member is very fond of the initiative in bed, dominating sex. Especially an intimidated cock if the candles are burning next to the bed!
The love of a fireman is the race.


Earth's poem gave men a cock with a strong, fat head and a fat ring at the base. The penis body is relayed often with well-marked veins.
A man with a member like Earth is a shameless man. He practically has no restrictions. Your sperm Earth can be proud: it has sweet taste and a pleasant aromat.
But to preserve the quality of sperm, a man needs to pay a lot of attention to physical exercises. And make rice, green tea and red wine.

Types of initiation

Елена2 years

What kinds of excitement are there?

An old, normal sexual act is more than enough for most of us.

However, there is an incredibly diverse variety of different fetishes and strange species of obsession. Everyone has their hidden sexual preferences, and they rarely say it out loud. But we'll try, here's a list of 15 weird sexual preferences you hardly heard.


Simply speaking, it's a sexual scream.

People with this fetish are building their sex life around their ticklish, they can tickle each other during sex or even connect a partner to feed him. This fetish is from childhood: children often brush, and sometimes they just get excited. Time goes, kids grow up, and cheek gradually becomes a sweet torture that helps to awaken the sense. Now that you know about the book, maybe you'll turn away from your best friend's cheek. Or, on the other hand, give him a good kick.


Xilopilia (chylophilia) - sexual intercourse to wood, wood. In a way, sexual intercourse to a tree is a common fetish for billions of people around the world, whether anyone hugs the bait. The thing is, we're talking here about being involved in a tree as such is an uprising of contact with wood, and it's not euphemism. Don't confuse the ylophilia that means getting into the woods! Xilophiles are divided into different types of sexual preferences; some are douba fans, others are basic purists.

Regardless of the kind of tree they choose, we would advise them to take some precautionary measures to prevent the emergence of cheeks and cuttings. Well, it would be logical if the cylophilia automatically listed its opts in a green league, for example. Sometimes, by the way, another term is dendrophilia. That's who loves trees for real!

One day, a Scottish dendrofil was even forbidden to attend a city park after he tried to make a sex act with a tree there.


Sex treatment of fog is available to the people of Montreal, Quebec, for example, a year round. The fog lover must be early birds, because most of the time, you can catch him in the morning. I think it's the most romantic fetish on the list to bow in the fog and be excited, it's like a magic dream when you get into your dreams. It's beautiful, and it's always a little sad when the fog scatters. There's another minute and we'll start sounding like nebulophiles.

There's, of course, as with the wooden, a lot of ambiguity - how exactly do they ride from the fog?

Is it enough for them to meet a loved one in the fog, or is it the fog that triggers them? It's kind of weird! Anyway, if you like this sort of thing, we want you to have a lot of fog days and nights.


Autopychephiles are getting sexual induction, depicting huge, multal animals. Don't be confused with ploughs that better hide the soft toys you love! Autopychephiles are changed to the characters of the Disney Cards, and sometimes they buy or sew expensive suits - pussy and naughty, usually. They stand in front of the mirror until their dreams come true.

And we're happy for them. Actually, we heard about furry, people who have sex in animal suits. But it's about maulty beasts, I guess you can say that auto-plosephile is a furry. If you're autoposephile underground, we call on you to go into the world in the suit of your favorite imaginary creature. If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for us!

Agalmatophilia (Pigmalionism)

If you're in Lisbon, you'll notice how many statues you can see around the city. They're everywhere: some of them rise above us in huge positions; others sometimes stand right on the street and can suddenly live to shake hands.

The statues were our beloved part of Lisbon, but if they were subject to pigmalyonism, we'd be fascinating! Pygmalyonism is an obsession with a special characteristic, it's a sexual attraction to statues (as well as other objects such as dolls and dummies) more common among men. The role of the fetish is images of the human body - statues, figures, dummy, etc. The Fetishist enjoys touching and possessing them. This phenomenon was called by the legendary sculptor Pigmalion, who fell in love with his own sculpture. Sometimes this weird sexual tendency is called agalmatophilia. Well, we can only make sure that the guys in there are planning a trip to Lisbon. Or watch the Love Formula.

Heliophilia (actirastics)

Of course, without the sun, it's impossible to be healthy, it's one of the most important natural drugs known to man. His beams on Earth make life. The sunlight needs a man, his influence on our organism is huge, and it contributes to the development of a hormonal of joy, a serotonin responsible for good mood. Solar tanning increases men's sexual activity. Vitamin D, which is developed under ultraviolet rays, raises the level of male hormone, testosterone. We knew all that before. But it turns out there are people who get sexy awakening from sunlight. Dangerous passion, as we think.

The desire to be permanently in the sun (and also in the state of ecstasy) can lead to the most serious consequences, at best, overheating. Such passion is likely to cause cancer and other problems. Heliophiles of all countries, protect! There must always be a sunscreen with a SPF at least 50.


As much as everyone loves the sun, they don't usually wear insects. Thousands of people hate them and never touch the goodwill puppet puppets, but the uniforms just love them when the ants crawl. Especially in the field of genitalia. I don't want to even think about it.

This fetish is one of the species of zoophilia. Formicophilia is the sexual intrusion to the ants and the initiation of everything that's related to them. Formicophilia is related to peanuts (sex initiation from spiders), zoophilia (involvement to animals), melissofel (caif from bees and bee bites) and entomophilia (sexual treatment to all insects).

At the end of the 1980s, the Australian television broadcasted an advertisement of women's laundry: on the foot of the beauty, the ants crawled, and she gave an order to her dissented ants: "Let them, Rex! At one of their conferences, Australian psychologists discussed the impact of this advertisement on the erotic fantasies of their patients. Yeah, advertisers need to think about it a hundred times before they publish their addictions.


Most people from around the world are going to get away from the picture of natural disasters. Whether it's a fire, a hurricane or a terrorist act, it's always pain and horror, and it's usually necessary to avoid such images at any cost. However, some people don't think of a disaster as a disaster.

Symphorophilia is a sexual instigation from everything that is related to death and catastrophes (Symphora Greek means “unfortunate”. Simforophyla makes the idea of danger, destruction and possible loss of life. In addition to fires, symphorophiles attract explosions, crashes, natural disasters and other similar phenomena. It was noted that, for reasons not understandable, they enjoyed the greatest pleasure from the suffering of innocent people. We don't say that all symphorophiles are bad people; we don't know much about the nature of sexuality, but we know enough about subconsciousness that can't always be controlled. As long as the symphorophile doesn't act like a sadist to real people, we have nothing against his not too cute obsession.


Some people love clowns, the vast majority never think of them, and others fear and hate them. Fear of clowns (coulrophobia) is not such a rare thing, and she's quite clear. But it'll be harder to understand who's coming from clowns. If you're uncontrollably sexually aroused by the species of clown, and you're being dragged to him and squeezed by genitals, you're probably a representative of a rare coulrophiles clan. You're probably a frequent guest of the local circus and amateurs to order animation of a certain stylist. We hope there's a kind of obsession among clowns that correlates with clown-cloning. If that doesn't exist, clowns, hold on! We're sorry.


We all know the old story about Pinocchio, a wooden boy who, on a certain turn of his travels, was caught in a huge whale. The character of the folklore is like a little fish-kit, too, probably known. A strong desire to be swallowed is the fetish of unique people called warrephiles.

Warrephilia (vorarephilia from lat. vorare - "live" et al. Greek - “love”) is a kind of fetishism in which a person enjoys the fantasy of being eaten or eating another person. Apparently, for people like this, Red Scape is a erotic story. It's not about eating, it's cannibalism, it doesn't smell! Normally, the thief does not go beyond fantasy at all and is never meant to kill the victim or to get any damage. The practice is usually confined to imagination; for example, in micro-ware dreams, a reduction is used to read characters.

Sneakness (paraphilia)

Sex obsession with cheeky is probably the most harmless and even sweetest on this list of frightening fetishes. It must be a fetishist-chihun mass of anxiety, and it's impossible to predict who and where sneezes next to him, what the situation is, and he's already awake and ready to scream. Each fetishist has its own version of the type of cheeky that some have reached a peak when they sneeze themselves (and that is especially spectacular and melody); others love to sneeze on them. May help you all Buddha, you weird people.


Okulolinctus is licking eye apples, this fetish often practice love couples in Japan. Mode for the frontal eye began in the mid-2000s, and youTube can find hundreds of rollers whose authors want to share their strange ties. Our occululinctus seems to be almost the most dangerous fetish, because such tenderness can lead to infection or mechanical damage to our eyes. Doctors advise not to take advantage of the lobbying of other people's eyes.

Japanese ophthalmologists are alarmed: an increasing number of young people complain about communicable diseases of their eyes, rusty injuries and anxiety in their eyes, reported La Vanguardia. The reason is a new kind of erotic fun - ocullinctus. According to those who tried it, it's as good as a French kiss. The first concerns were for teachers, finding that many students come in sun glasses or with a plastic in one eye. The Association of Japanese Ofthalmologists cautions: occululinctus can even be blinded because bacteria and sarin are handed over to the saliva.


Katoptronophilia is a sexual desire to have sex in front of the mirror. It's kind of narcissistic, but you don't have to confuse him with autopsy. Honestly, it's even hard to call a fetish. But it's him, because catatophilia's optics aren't about to get high, looking at their cumulative reflection, they can't, in principle, achieve excitement and satisfaction unless they look at themselves in the mirror.

Beat your balls.

Most men don't like them much when they're hitting the smelly area. Getting a stroke is like a little death, after which you're suffocating, you're barely getting yourself. In fact, this pain can be compared to the births, although, of course, it lasts less and less than the consequences. In any case, a normal man would prefer to run a marathon or wash the floors, not to get hit in his most sensitive area. But there's a category of people who want to feel pain in the genitalia, and they'll be happy if the suffering lasts as long as it's born. These guys want to get their balls literally, and no compromises.


No such list will be complete without macrophilia, which is usually a male fantasy involving a dominant giant. Sometimes dominance (the most extreme fantasies) means eating alive. A giant can be a little higher than a man, or it can be a size with a skyscraper.

Fortunately for macrophiles, if he's a man below average height, he's not so hard to find his own giant, which will be 7 to 10 cm above him, and a couple who can live happily ever after.


Аня2 years, 1 month

How to solve problems affecting sexual relations

Many of the problems affecting sexual relations can be addressed through some therapy and proper nutrition, but first of all, a specialist needs to be addressed. It will help in time to start treatment and avoid complications.
Sex is one of the most important needs of human beings, and in normal, it is accompanied by very pleasant feelings and feelings. To enjoy sex is one of the foundations of marriage (whether official or not). Sexual relations strengthen emotional relationships between partners, increase confidence and improve communication between them.
Unfortunately, many factors adversely affect intimate relationships, reduce libido and prevent emotions in their entirety.
Certain specific women ' s problems may cause unpleasant feelings and sexual pain. There are also other symptoms that prevent full sex.
These problems are often not so serious and easy to resolve, but it is important to note them in time and take action.

1. Vaginal dryness.

One of the women ' s frequent problems is the violation of normal acidity in the vaginal area, which causes vaginal dryness.
Such a violation is usually associated with a decrease in the level of estrogen called " women ' s hormon " .
This leads to a lack of moisture of the vagina, a lack of lubrication ♪ This makes sexual acts painful, a woman has a sense of skin burning and annoying.
How do we solve this problem?
We need to go through hormonatherapy if the doctor recommended it. It is also important to ensure the right food and use of deluricants on a water basis.

2. skin problems.

Violation of the acid-alkali balance of vaginal microflora increases the likelihood of dermatitis and allergic reactions. Leather problems may result in ulva ulva ulva, often accompanied by irritation, pain and burning.
How do we solve this problem?
Check the soap and the female hygiene items you use. Perhaps the problem arose from the components of their composition. Try to use natural intimacy.

3. Vaginite also prevents sex.

Vaginite is the inflammation of a slime of vagina caused by disease-induced microorganisms.
This disease not only prevents normal sexual relations, but also is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as heavy allocations, burning, urination difficulties.
How do we solve this problem?
Of course, we need to go to a doctor who will make the necessary treatment. But it's important to take care of the right diet. It should include prosthetics and antibiotics, which will help to combat infection. It is also important to observe hygienic and wear underwear from cotton.

4. Allergies.

Many women experience unpleasant feelings and pain when their partner uses a condom. The reason for this is simple: allergic to latex.
As a result, not only can they not enjoy sex, they have symptoms such as skin irritation, rash, unpleasant smell in the private domain.
How do we solve this problem?
First, we need to identify the causes of allergies. A gynaecologist should then be consulted. He's recommending alternative means of protection.

5. Vaginam.

If the vagina is involuntarily clutching and the sexual act becomes virtually impossible, it is called vagina.
This problem is not common. It is related to the non-voluntary reduction of vagina muscles. As a result, the penis simply cannot enter the vagina.
There may be injuries (including psychological, for example, rape) or scars in the vagina. Vaginalism may also be associated with hormonal organism restructuring.
What's the solution?
The experts recommend physiotherapy with exercises to reduce and relax the muscles of the pelvis.

6. Cist.

The urine bubble, or the cystic, is a disease known to many women. The pain and the sense of burning that characterizes her makes sex uncomfortable.
It's a bacterial infection. One of her symptoms is a constant desire to urinate. It doesn't back off even when there's little urine in the urine bubble.
How do we solve this problem?
In order to combat the bacteria causing the disease, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. It is also important to ensure proper nutrition and to drink many waters. It's very useful in the cystity of the stasis and juice with the diarrhoea.
If you've noticed the symptoms of these problems, don't waste time and turn to the gynaecologist.

It will help avoid complications and enjoy sex again.