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Questions about sex and health

The depth of the female vagina

Endy Ray1 year, 11 months

Is the length of the vagina important?

The long-standing problem of the size and other characteristics of primary genital organs seemed to have always concerned only men. But in fact, women are secretly concerned about the mixed question of parameters.

Is the length of the vagina important?

Although few people dare to start talking about the blood, many girls are concerned: whether they have a normal length (deep) of vagina and whether this indicator affects the receipt or lack of pleasure from sexual acts, especially after birth by natural means? Research in this area is very small, as women ' s sexuality consists of a large number of variables, and it is not entirely certain that the link between the length of the vagina and the intensity of sexual satisfaction exists at all.
Christopher Tarni, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Director of Women ' s Gynaecology and Urology at the UCLA Medical Centre, believes that there is no point in comparing the amount of sexual organs with sexuality. However, in the past 10 years, more scientists have been focusing on the field of sexology because of the large number of unresolved specific problems.
Size variations.
What is the length of the vagina considered normal? This question cannot be answered in a clear way, as the female vagina is a very elastic body. On the one hand, it is small enough to keep the hygienic tampon in place during the menstrual cycle. But at the same time, the vagina can spread so far that it is not a small newborn. This is due to the characteristics of the fabric: the vagina walls are very much like the stomach walls. They are reduced and collected in warehouses when the organism does not need a large volume and stretches as necessary.
How long is the vagina in inches? For every woman, this parameter will be different, because the organism of any person is inherently individual. In addition, even in the same woman, the vagina changes its size periodically. It's all up to what it takes to get inside or out.
However, many are interested in the average length of the vagina (there should be a statistical average?). Such information should be sought from Masters and Johnson ' s study in the 1960s. Two scholars described in detail the physical characteristics of hundreds of women who had never been pregnant and found that, in the absence of an incentive, the vagina length of girls was at least 6.9 cm, a maximum of 8.2 cm. When stimulus is extended to 10.8 cm and 12 cm respectively. The latter is the actual maximum length of the vagina within the norm. Regardless of the numerical characteristics, it should be borne in mind that the area allegedly responsible for women ' s orgasm is located in the first (external) third of the vagina.
According to Dr. Christopher Tarney, the main problem of the patient remains the sense of discomfort during the sexual act. It is caused by the insufficient length of female vaginas or excessive tension of walls. In some cases, discomfort arises because of the prolapse of uterus, urine bubble or other body into the vagina. This is often the case after the birth of the child.
However, Tarney believes that the prolapse is the only real problem. The length of the vagina, in his view, did not in any way affect sexual satisfaction, including because there were very large variations of the rule.

muscle tone.

What really matters is the size of the vagina's belief or the vaginal opening. Most of the patients in gynaecologists complain about problems following natural births.
Tariqi reports that visitors tend to describe changes in the sexual function and observe that the vagina feels too broad. As a result of this expansion, women have less sexual pleasure. In fact, recent deliveries have changed a great deal of sexual experience, so the sense of a broad vagina almost never has anything to do with the diameter of the vaginal opening.
Scientific testing.
The belief of vaginas is only slightly increased after delivery. In 1996, in the United States, doctors began to make special measurements, called the Small Casas Measuring System, which should have clearly shown medical successes in the fight against post-natal prolapses.
For the first time, the vagina length of women was measured fully before and after. The doctors used the system to study the sexual organs of several hundred patients and found that there was a slight increase in vaginal openings after natural births. It is likely that responsibility for this phenomenon lies not so much in the immediate process of kinship, but in the muscle weakness or consequences of trauma in this area.
Out of the situation.
Women who knowingly compress and squeeze the muscles of the pelvis can increase or decrease the vaginal opening. According to Dr. Tarney, raising the tonus of the muscles of the pelvis is helping to fight the sense of the broad vagina. To this end, it is very useful to carry out the exercises of Kegel, which, among other things, contribute to the overall improvement of the quality of sex.
As a result of a study published in the Australian version of the magazine Acoustics and Gynecology in 2008, women who regularly performed the Keguel exercise acknowledged that they were more sexually satisfied than those who in that sense did not. The only problem with this gymnastics is that most women do not understand how to do it properly.

Kegel's exercise: working without mistakes.

Dr. Tarney claims that any of his patients can show how to reduce and relax the biceps. But when most girls report that they regularly perform Kegel exercises, the doctor certifies that one half makes the intimacy wrong, and the other simply cannot maintain normal coordination between the brain and the muscles.
In order to capture the position of the muscles involved in world-famous exercises, the finger should either be placed in the vagina and the walls squeezed or deliberately stopped flow during urination. After the detection of the muscles, they should be reduced from five to ten seconds by compressing minutes with full relaxation. If you're concerned about the length of the vagina and yet you are unable to withstand such a long period of muscle voltage, start with shorter periods and gradually increase the load. The exercise should be repeated 10 to 20 consecutive times, three times a day. During the gymnastics, you need to watch your breath and try not to use the muscles of your legs, abdomen or pelvis.
Some women are traumatized by nervous tissues during delivery and do not feel the muscles of the pelvis. Others just don't do the gymnastics properly. It is interesting that there are special professionals in the United States of America -- therapists who are professionally helping patients to correctly perform the Keguel exercise.
Which really matters.
What is the length of the vagina considered perfect?

There is no precise indicator. Moreover, sexual desire, sexual initiation, inducement, orgasm, pain and satisfaction are not linked to the parameters of sexual organs. If you have noticed that your sexual activity has declined, it is likely that the cause is the old age, the increase in the body weight index or the absence of a deep emotional connection with your partner. The situation may help to correct the special helium smears, longer prelude to sexual acts or the spiritual convergence of the couple.
During sexual intercourse, only close contact between the sexual organs of both partners is a source of real pleasure. Many men therefore want to know whether the length of the penis and vagina is comparable. How many centimetres to the uterine can be found from the anatomy, but official sources are directed towards a mid-statistical woman. Each representative of the fine sex has its individual characteristics.

How do you know how many centimeters to the uterus?

How many centimetres from external genital organs to uterus can be found from anatomy. There's a dilute muscle between the outside STI and the cervix. On average, it has a length of 7 to 12 cm, but each woman has its individual parameters. Some of the vaginas have a length of 6 to 7 cm, others have a longer length and reaches 15 cm.
The canal is capable of compressing and stretching according to the situation. For example, its width becomes smaller when hygienic tampon is required to be retained. During the birth, there is an increase in the sex tracks to 10 to 12 cm in diameter. This is necessary to ensure that the child ' s head and body are able to travel without hindrance.
There is a cervical cervical (lowest), body and day in the tunnel depth. Shake reminds me of a round drive with a little hole in the middle. It has a narrow channel (which is referred to as church) and closed with a slim trial. The cervical length is 3-4 cm, the body of the uterus itself has a length of 4 to 7 cm and weighs 40 to 50 grams.
Based on the anatomical structure of a woman, the distance from the vulva to the uterine is an average of 13 to 14 cm.
If a girl really needs to know the length of the vagina, she can be measured in a medical institution. This is done by using a special tool that has a dividing scale.

Can I get your fingers to the uterus?

I don't think it's possible to feel the body itself, because it's very deep. Can I get your fingers to the cervix? Some women may regularly determine the status of their own cervix in order to know whether ovulation has taken place. Use instructions for the procedure:
Wash your hands with soap and brush your long nails so you don't scratch your slim vagina. Take a comfortable position. Some women prefer to study the cervix in a seating position. Put the average finger in the depth of the vagina until it jumps into something tight. That's the cervix of the uterus. She can't move her finger any further.
If the ovulation is in place, the humidity and the consistance of the sheik change. It becomes soft and subtle, because of increased iron work inside the vagina, there is a large amount of slide.
The length of the vagina changes according to the monthly cycle. All right, before the month comes, it's tightened, and with the ovulation going longer.

Can a penis get to the uterus?

It is interesting that the vagina can adjust to the breadth and length of a male sexual member. If you have sex with a permanent partner, her sex organs are adapted to your masculine dignity over time. The muscle canal accepts the length and width necessary for close contact.
In the inspired state, penis can penetrate very deeply, but it depends on the size of the genital organs. For example, a long member is trapped in a cervical cervix during sexual intercourse quite frequently. If the vagina is stretched and the short penis is short, this cannot be achieved.
A lot of women don't always enjoy getting too deep. Some have feelings and pain. If, at the time of sexual contact, a woman has not attained the status quo, her vagina remains tense and has little change of shape. The member is cloaked into a uterus, so the partner complains about the pain downstairs and inside the body.
Can vagina length change with age and sex?
There has been a slight change in the parameter to increase immediately after delivery, but some time later the vagina length returns to the reference values. Men often note a change in their feelings during the beating with their wife after the birth of the child, but this is due to the fact that warehouses are being removed inside the vagina.
During sex, the sex pipe shall be extended by about 5 cm, in the inspired state, to 13 to 19 cm. However, according to the Western study, the average length of the vagina during sex is 15 to 16 cm. This is the same size as the male sex body.
Once the reproductive function has been removed, the parameter is small, with the age of the vagina stretched by 1-2 cm, no more.
However, without a special need to carry out an independent measurement, it is not worthwhile to infect. It doesn't make sense to know the dimensions of curiosity. Men and women usually have the length necessary for their close contact.
The vagina is a women ' s sexual organ and a part of the so-called delivery path. As in the case of breast, hand or leg size, the size and depth of the vagina are different for women.
According to one study, the mean depth of the vagina is 9.6 centimetres (see). Another study showed that this size could be between 7.6 cm and 17.7 cm.
The depth of the vagina of one woman may change, but this change usually does not notice either the woman or her sex partner.

Dimensions and types of vagina.

The depth of the vagina is the distance from the entrance to the vagina to the end of the cervix.
According to the report of the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the average depth of the vagina of women is 9.6 centimetres, but this parameter can vary widely.
In fact, the depth of the vagina, i.e. the distance from the entrance into the vagina to the end of the cervical cervix, may be 17.7 centimetres.
The vagina is a channel leading to the cervix of the uterus that separates the uterus from the vagina itself.
The inner part of the vagina wipes out several types of tissue, including a sliding shell. The sliding casing consists of special cells that produce smacking fluid. This liquid helps the vagina walls stretch.
The outer part of the female genital organs is called the voluminous. These include small and large sex lips - structures that have been named because they have lips.
The appearance of the vulva differs between women. The skin of external genital organs may be the same as the rest of the body or darker. Large lips may be 7 to 12 centimetres long.
The size of the clitorimeter may be between 5 and 35 millimetres, but it may increase if the woman is encouraged or for some other reason. Details of the factors affecting the increase in the clitoris can be read here.
What's the effect on the vagina size?
The width and depth of the vagina may change in certain situations. This body is capable of expanding to include a tampon, a finger or a sexual member.
At the time of the injecting, the vagina is increasing. It causes an increase in the vagina length and a slight rise in the end of the cervix. This reaction allows the vagina to adjust to the size of a sexual penis, finger or sexual toy.
However, even though the vagina can expand during sexual initiation, a large sexual member or a huge sex toy can deliver discomfort to a woman.
How does the vagina change with age?
Studies did not confirm the difference between the depth of the vagina of birthed women and those who did not have births.
The vagina sizes do not change over time. The matter was studied by scientists, but research had not found a link between the depth of the body and the age of the woman.
And the lips can change their appearance. This is because, over time, women are declining to develop estrogens, which reduces fat and collagine levels.
Women can change their colours, become darker or less during menopause when critical hormonal changes occur.
Some women may find that their vagina changes its characteristics after delivery. The body ' s tissues during this life period are indeed subject to changes in relation to the overall preparation of the woman ' s body for a child. But later, the vagina reappears the size and shape it had before the birth.
Scientists found no difference in the length of the vagina of women born in comparison with those who had not yet moved.
If a woman thinks that her vagina has changed after delivery, a doctor can recommend Keguel's exercise. This type of physical activity involves the tension and relaxation of the muscles responsible for urinating. The exercise can strengthen the pelvis bottom.

The size of the vagina and the length of the penis.

The average size of an erected sexual member is 33% higher than the average vagina. While the size and the size of the penis and the vaginas may vary, these two bodies are usually fast adjusting to each other.
In 2015, the results of the study were published, which showed that the average length of an erected sexual member was 13.12 centimetres. Some women experience discomfort if their sex partner has a penis that is above the average.
The impact of a sexual member or other cervical objects is often unpleasant. A sufficient lubrication of the vagina, as well as discussion with the partner on intimate proximity issues, can provide greater sexual pleasure to both women and their partner.

Vagina care councils.

Frequent change of pads and tampons will help ensure the health of the vagina.
The following are several councils that will help women maintain the health of the vagina.
Avoid prancing or using high-yromatized body-care products, tampons or female hygiene products. As often as you can change wet clothes or bathing suits to reduce the risk of infection. Frequently change the cabinets or tampons. Practice protected sex. Stay away from wearing too tightly accommodating clothes that can cause skin irritation and excess flow. Go to the bathroom after sex to reduce the risk of urea infections.

The vagina size and appearance of the vulva may vary among women. In most cases, the depth of the vagina is between 7.6 and 17.7 centimetres.
The vagina is a body that is designed to adapt to the birth and sexual activity. However, if a woman feels pain during sex and thinks that the cause of discomfort is too narrow, she should go to a doctor.
The doctor will examine the patient and find the reason behind the pain. It is also capable of recommending a woman to a highly specialized expert. The latter will prescribe the therapy of the pelagic bottom or advise a woman on how to improve sex, regardless of the depth of the vagina.


Иван2 years

What are the consequences of prolonged abstention?

1. Probability of disease.

A scientifically confirmed fact: a person who regularly has sex is seven times less likely than someone who is forced or consciously staying away from intimate proximity. It's connected to the health of the urine system. The point is, during sex, blood pours into small pelvis, which stimulates the work of its organs. And in the case of a long absence of sex, the blood starts to stir up, which leads to the development of women ' s diseases such as meoma or uterus. However, if there has been no intimate intimacy for several years, there may be changes at the hormonal level that make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. And in their lives, such women have to suffer a lot of suffering, because in the absence of sex, ICPs are more severe and painful.
In addition, if a woman does not have regular sexual contact, the work of breasts is disrupted, resulting in increased risk of knot or diffuse mastopathy and increased probability of breast cancer.
Long-term abstinence also concerns representatives of a strong half of humanity. They also have a stalemate in small pelvis, which, over time, can reduce the mobility of spermatodes and the inability to conceive. It is safe to say that the absence of sex harms the whole body, including immunity. The latter is scientifically confirmed, because people who have regular intimate proximity have 30 per cent more antibodies than those who have sex on an occasional basis. There is also evidence that men who have regular sexual activity are less likely to suffer from heart, stroke and heart attacks. These people live by about 10 per cent longer than those who do not enjoy regular sex.

2. Depression.

Sex is a great anti-depressant that is simply necessary for all those who are regularly under stress. It's all about endorphins, the ones that are still called the Happiness Gormons. These hormones improve the psycho-emotional background of each of the sex partners, making good moods and protecting against depression.
For both partners, sex is natural. If it is not available, the man becomes irritable and flashy. This is particularly true for the representatives of the beautiful half of mankind. Women in this state, over time, are beginning to see the surrounding world as critical and rigid. This goes far beyond intimate relationships and affects communication with individuals, including professional activities.
Aggression and irritance are also common to men who are not happy with sex. Such high-sex representatives are increasingly subject to stress, which has the most negative impact on their ability to make progress in their careers and pursue their goals. The self-assessment of men who suffer from lack of sex is gradually declining, and they lose interest in development, the continuation and, in general, life.

3. Lower libido.

It must be said that the lack of sexual contact also affects the trigger mechanism itself, both men and women. The lower the sexual activity of both sexes, the harder it becomes.
In the first months, if there is no intimacy, the desire increases. However, if there is no and no sex, the organism is gradually beginning to " forget " these feelings and simply " erase " them from its list of needs. A person simply loses the sex traction, because his libido (sexual treatment) decreases significantly.
What's interesting is, if a woman resumes sexual contact, she can experience discomfort, unpleasant feelings and even pain during sex. Such women may have problems of induction, which will be much slower than usual, and may experience orgasm. Charity, practice shows that in the event of a return to an active sexual life, sexual health is normalized, as it comes to normal and the whole body.

4. Relationship problems.

We have already mentioned that the long absence of sex makes men and women aggressive and annoying. Psychologically, however, abstinence is even more harmful than it may appear. Especially women. For low-sex women, sex is not just an opportunity to enjoy. It's emotional contact, the moment of true proximity and unlimited trust to your loved man. At the moment of proximity, a woman is as relaxed as she feels safe and comfortable with her partner. And it strengthens the emotional attachment we usually call love.
If the intem leaves a couple's life, trust goes away. Partners stop feeling each other and lose their motivation to take care of relationships, protect them. It is this factor, with a high probability, that leads to a division of relations and, therefore, to divorce and separation.

5. skin problems.

Back to physical health. There's only one who knows that sex is an inexplicable source of youth and beauty. Turns out, in the intimacy of the intimacy, the organism is starting to actively develop collagine. This nitevid squirrel is necessary for our skin to remain turbulent and elastic, and it does not have wrinkles. Collagen production is declining in the process of organism, which has led to the emergence of old wrinkles. But if you have regular sex, the youth of the skin will last for as long as possible.
On the other hand, long abstinence reduces the synthesis of this necessary squirrel skin, which makes young and healthy women notice the first old wrinkles, only crossing the 30-year-old. Moreover, it has been shown that women ' s form of breasts has long been maintained in regular sexual contact. That's why if you want to keep your exterior beauty and youth of your skin, forget about scrubs, pilings and masks. Better spend this time with love!

6. Vision problems.

It has already been stated that long-term lack of sex has the most negative impact on sexual entry. But if you're 20 to 30 years old, and your system is still strong and healthy, sexual health can be avoided. Frequent sexual contact at that age only leads to night Pollusions and a return to sexual pleasures quickly rectifies the situation.
Men have had a different situation in 40 years. Retention from sex is beginning to trigger stalemates that, over time, lead to various diseases, the most common of which is considered prostate. Moreover, by the age of 40, the lack of regular sex threatens to weaken and even lose sexual abilities. In this case, one resumption of intimate relations will not be possible to remedy the situation. I'll need some help from a sex worker. As for men aged 50 and over, they have a sexual abstinence and can become impotent at all.
Medicines speak of a problem such as the widower ' s syndrome. An older man who lost his loved one remains morally loyal to her for the rest of his life, and deliberately refuses to be intimate with other women. Given that each organ needs oxygen, and the penis here is no exception, the absence of regular erections leads to a gradual development of impotence.
It is worth noting that this problem is mainly " men " , while women with sexual abstention are more exposed to psychological shocks.

7. Extra weight.

Lastly, it must be said that the absence of regular sex contributes to the recruitment of unnecessary weight. It's no secret that sexual contact is a labour-intensive process where partners are actively burning calories. There were even experiments that showed that a man for one sexual contact lost up to 100 kilocalories and a woman was 69 kcals. This number of burnt calories can be compared to 10 minutes running.
If a man puts a cross on the intimacy, the fat deposits in his body are lighted less actively, and if he does not engage in sports, it will certainly be possible to recruit extra pounds. It's the way to obesity.
Psychology has a significant impact on women. Rain sex encourages a woman to follow her health and maintain a strong figure, while lack of proximity leads to indifference among women of the fine sex. There's a loss of shape and obesity.
Now you know that regular sex is the key to strong, harmonious relations, and to maintaining your own health, youth and beauty. Tell me about it with your second half, and better, have a romantic evening for her, which will definitely end with sensual and incredibly passionate sex.

How do you delay the seed during sex?

Алишер2 years, 1 month

How do you delay the seed during sex?

In fact, men are so concerned about the size of their child-bearing body, and because of their desire to make the pleasure of a woman in bed as much as possible. Practice shows that much depends not on the size, but on the length of sexual acts and man ' s abductions.

From here on, the important question is how to delay the seed?
To keep the ejaculation process under each man ' s power, there is only a choice of methodology and technology. Besides, premature ejaculation is not pathology, not disease, which means it can be eliminated by conservative methods. These may be exercise equipment, breathing gymnastics, drugs and people's means.
Why delay the seed?
The question for which purpose a man needs to delay orgasm seems rhetorical. Because a lot of strong-sex people are trying to be sexy giants, giving women a tremendous pleasure. But is there a point in the effort if, in fact, many men and so of nature have good data?
Normally, the average length of the sexual act is between 3 and 20 minutes if the man holds the time when he performs the friction, which means he's fully operational. If the sexual act lasts less than 3 minutes, it is therefore sexual dysfunction due to certain reasons. In this case, any equipment and method of containment will be appropriate.
Effective orgasm management.
In order to restore the normal quality of erections and sexual acts, a man can resort to certain practices and training. The purpose of these exercises is to control erection and ejaculation. This result can be achieved if the following actions are carried out:
Once a man feels like an orgasm approaching, he needs to stop the friction. Ideally, we need to get the fallos out of the vagina of a woman for half a minute to lower the plug. You can pull off the orgasm if you cut down the area of the fallos, where the head goes to the rig. Such action can also be performed by a woman herself, helping her partner to extend the sexual act.

People's ways.

People's medicine is a worthy alternative to synthetic drugs with massive side effects. There are many prescriptions that can delay orgasm without losing the quality and pleasure of sexual acts.
Most often, the following tools are used:
Cora duba. To deal with the problem of early memorial eruption, a cube can be used. He's being prepared on a standard recipe, followed by a fallos gun just before the sexual act. It's also possible to take a few pieces inside, which will help to speed up the transmission of nerve impulses. The lamb leave and the snot. The leaflet contains a feliaminine substance that controls the normal rate of transmission of nerve impulses, which reduces hypersolubliness. Use leaves can be fresh, adding to salads and tea, making them in the boiler. Mita and Melissa. These grasses can be squeezed out of juice, after which they put a fallos on the skin shortly before the sexual act. Mita and melysses act like anaesthetics, cooling penis, which reduces the sensitivity and inspiration. plants can also be used in the form of tea because they have sedatives.
People ' s medicine involves soft and gradual effects, but without risks of spillover effects. In addition, the prescriptions proposed can be combined with different other methods for treating premature ejaculation.
The pills that hold seeds.
In the extreme case, when training and conservative methods have proved to be ineffective, the doctors have appointed medications that delay seed. It is dangerous to accept them without consulting the doctor, as most of them have serious opposition and side actions, and for some patients they may be completely useless (psychogenic sexual disorders).
The erection and ejaculation can be controlled by the influencing pills of the reversal of the serotonin. The brightest representative of this group is the Dapoxetin pills that increase the production of serotonin in the system. In the same way, erection stimulants, such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis et al., operate. They are generally accepted immediately before the sexual act.

The problem of premature ejaculation occurs in about 40 per cent of the male population, which is facilitated by inappropriate lifestyles, pathologies and diseases, injuries, psychological disturbances, etc. Only by eliminating negative influences, a man can choose the best ways of keeping seeds, thereby prolonging sexuality. These may be people ' s or medicines, equipment and special exercises.

Women don't like sex.

Артем2 years, 1 month

Why don't women like sex?

Thousands of men must be confused when they write another half-greed beauty on the dating website: 'Hi, I'm inviting you to the sauna!' - and they're getting an answer: 'Get down!'

Thousands of men don't get smart when you write a sympathetic screaming from the picture: 'Hi, bunny! Let's meet now, we'll have a great time. Thousands of men don't get smart when they write another cute, sober up against the back of the carpet: 'Hi, let me come to you now!' - get in the direction where men should go, and that's not the address of the apartment.
Men don't understand why if she's throwing a tit and a scissor, if she's staring at the camera, if she's lying in a tomb on the sand, why the hell doesn't she agree to fuck?

Right away. And what the hell was it to make those legs?
The trouble is, when you want a woman, you go to her with your man's vision of the world, believing that she thinks the same thing, and you'll get the denial. It's because you've never been told the truth.

Women don't like sex. Yeah. Women don't look at sex like men do.

But women don't talk about it. They don't talk like partisans. 'Cause they've been the victims of sexuality propaganda in your man's world. If a woman suddenly decides to say out loud that having sex for her in the fifth place after her partner's mental intimacy, emotional satisfaction, communication, and pleasure from new clothes, she'll be considered frigid. That's why we're not talking about it. Because you don't care.

Women will be outraged.

One says, 'This is bullshit! I love sex! Men, don't be mad, that's not true.

She says it to keep you from looking frigid. 'Cause sex propaganda's coming from everywhere, and even admitting to yourself that sex doesn't give pleasure on its own, but only to a man who's emotionally close to is uncomfortable even to himself, and everybody is stupid. Because it's a man's world.
The second will say, 'It's not true! I like to fuck more than buy a new bra. Men, don't get mad is bullshit. If you come to her and offer her a choice, or sex or shopping, she'll choose the second. Of course, provided she doesn't love you. Maybe even if he does.
The third says, "What the hell is Kat writing? Women need sex like that! Yeah, women get an orgasm. But men, don't give a shit about getting it. Because a woman gets an orgasm from your shit and her own relationship to you.

Women often do you a favor by agreeing to a third date to bed with you.

Sometimes they do it just because for the third time, it's time.

That's what they write in all the magazines.

Yeah. Otherwise, a man can evaporate, searching for more frightening charitable ladies.
And if you say, "Hey, beautiful! Come here. I'm smart. It'll be great. Just because I don't know him yet. Just because my brain hasn't gotten up on it yet. And she's really not gonna be okay with you. Until she's emotionally close to you. Even if you're very clever. Because the whole orgasm is in her head. And I need the stars to come along. She won't get an orgasm from the clean mechanics of retaliation. Unlike you. By masturbating, he'll get to fuck you with little knowledge.
If women liked sex the same way, there'd be a bunch of magazines in the newspapers for women, filled with males on cover. And women, too, insignificant, would take them to the bathroom and shower. But somehow, even on a lady's reader, they print pictures of beautifully painted fashions. And women are not offended by this seemingly injustice. They don't give a shit about inflated painters and their sex opportunities. They're not interested in sex on their own - where it's more interesting to know the price of a new Pudrey from Dior.

If women loved sex the same way, there would be a mass opening of pick-up schools for women, and the main theme of the training would be, "how to get ten men into bed in a week." Hey, where are these schools? They're not. And the only pathetic things that have been created on the wave of fashion, and called "Friends of the pickup for women" are teaching how to enter the only loyal male in their networks. Then what's the pickup?
Not that I... There wouldn't be any schools.

Because even male pickup schools would have to close.

Women would have given it so easily and simple. It's important to be nice, and with the same legs.
If women look at sex as easy and easy as you, on dating sites, there would be a full-grandfat lady who agrees to fuck with almost anyone who's gonna offer, if he's a little bit cute. I emphasize, almost anyone that men do, sending out dozens of cute girls: 'Hi, let's have sex!'

Any ladies like that?

Who are willing to just come here doesn't matter to whom, just fuck and just leave?

I'll tell you, without sucking a bottle of red-lebla in front of this one face, and 'on the ass, adventures', like, sober?

Come and go.

You got one?


Two or three for a hundred.
If women looked at sex the same way, the number of prostitutes and male prostitutes would be the same.

Where are these men prostitutes?

A lot of them?

Yeah, they're somewhere.

But they're hundreds less than women's prostitutes.

It's just because they don't use a special demand.

Women don't care about sex at "sleep" level.

There's nothing we can do. No-one.
Women need sex. But you don't need him like you do. Women love orgasm, but this need and love is somewhere in the fifth place after...
Yeah, she might want you because you have a beautiful ass and a sexy look.

Hypothetically. But if you tell her at this point, "Hey, beautiful, fuck you"?

'Cause she wants me to be theoretical, 'cause if that handsome man was after me, that's if that handsome man had conquered me, that's if... then I...'
Yeah, we're looking at porn, and even masturbating.

Yeah, yeah, almost everything. But if a hungry man offers a cute long-distance beauty at this moment, he'll be happy.

A woman, if at this point a blue-eyed stranger calls the door and offers sex, she'll start reflexing, "What next, and I don't know him at all."

And the boobs that a minute ago were a little bit of a show on the screen, they're gonna be instant.

Women don't care about that sex if there's more fun.

Yeah, she showed her legs. Yeah, she's watching the ton. But it's not to drag the first one to his bed. The first match is a stranger. She's just showing how she can be with you if she likes you. I stress for the stupid and the ugliest, not just the appearance and the figure, but emotionally and mentally, you take her charm, or unexpectedly collapsing biochemists.
And as long as you're as oppressed ditches, you're gonna start dating the phrase "proposing sex with no obligation" - you're gonna be denied.
And not because we need commitments from either of you-- God forgo. Yeah, well, women ideally want the only snowman, but if she's screwing a man, it doesn't mean she's sleeping and she sees how to get him into the sun.

Not every single one of you, if you're even a thousand times beautiful lovers, we want to be around for a long time.

Break it, sweethearts, it's not.

Not all of you are drawn to be a husband.

A lover, yes, no husband.
It's just, saying out loud, it's your "dry with no obligation," you're letting her down to a free-lamp level, which only requires that you move your legs.

Right away.
And you don't realize no one's canceled "marriage games" and a beautiful anturage to sex. And if you really think that nobody owes anyone anything. But don't say it out loud with her. It must be beautiful. Even if you and her always have stupid sex. No commitments.
Otherwise, your only partner will be a hand. Or like me. It's just because a woman wants to feel like she's a good and beloved woman for a minute! Like books and movies. Even if you always have stupid sex. No commitments.
Women don't treat sex as easy as you do. Just because we're different. And we look at sex differently. He's in our head, not where you're going.
Whatever we say out loud.


Евгений4 years, 6 months

Hello! He read all the descriptions on Stamin's drug and found a rather strange inconsistency: at the beginning, it is advertised as "women's Viagra" (i.e., speaking of a great inflammatory effect for women) and in the Medical Statement, "Stamina-RX is not for women." How do you know that? Also. If the men ' s and female genital mutilation (penisa and clitoris in particular) is the same, it follows that all inhibitors FDE-5 (viagra, Syldenafil, Tadalafil) should also influence women. What can you say about that? ? With respect.
Answer Hello Evgeny, the fact is that Stamina RH is available in two versions, for men and for women. The composition of the drug is naturally different. With respect

I don't know.

Голец4 years, 7 months

What can I not know about my dick?

He has his own mind.

You must have noticed that sometimes a member is very independent. Well, not in the sense that he lives on his own life and has a separate page on Connect. He's not running around town on a mouse, as he was in the blessed South Park. But you probably remember cases where the erection was completely inappropriate when the iPhone barely fell out of his pants pocket, so he was driven out of his pants.
Alas, it's true! You can't control your dick as you run your feet and your hands. It's just a few more teams for a member than for a tongue or fingers of hands. The member is controlled by that part of the nervous system that is not always under conscious control, so it is called an autonomous nervous system. It also regulates cardiovascular norms, blood pressure levels and breathing muscles.
So, we confirmed on our own experience that sexual initiation is usually not voluntary. It replaces the distraction: in many cases, the instigation takes place in a sympathetic nervous system without your fantasy. In addition, an erection can lead to brain impulses during a fast sleep phase, whether you think about sex or forget to do something at work, you raise gravity or you want to do something big, all of which can cause erection.
As a non-responsive member sometimes grows, he sometimes squeezes by his own desire, much. This may happen, for example, because of cold water or air, again the function of a sympathetic nervous system. Psychological stress also affects her with a cold shower effect. You must have noticed that when you're relaxed and feeling well, a dick looks more than you're tense and thinking about the world economic crisis.
Penis is sort of a barometer of a sympathetic nervous system. But remember, sympathic! I mean, it's not a reason to put him outside the window to measure atmospheric pressure.

"Nos is a potato member with a garmoshka, a nose with a horbin, a member of a bat.”

or attempt to equate for many members.
There is no fixed ratio between the size of a relaxed and erected member.
The study showed that the erection of a member alters its length from inch to more than nine centimetres.
But whatever clinical research, the openings made in the locker room can be even bigger. A large member of that handsome can become even more when he gets up and a guy who looks tiny may be a real " vigilante " .
For example, an analysis of more than 1,000 measurements by Alfred Kinsey, a researcher, showed that short penis could double, like larger penises. The Kizi data also show that about 12 per cent of penis increases by one third during the erection, and about 7 per cent double.

Boomerang in his pants.

Your dick really looks like a boomerang! As Prince Bolkonski has not seen, the whole oak, and only his terrestrial part, is not visible and the " root " penis hidden in the pelvis attached to the frontal bone.
One of the French researchers who studied men and women who have sex inside a magnetic resonant scanner.
By the way, there is a method of surgical expansion of the penis, which consists of the narrowing of the connection, which is the root of the member inside the pelvis. This operation can give some men a little longer than the extra length if a portion of the penis is removed from the patient's very flesh. But this, unfortunately, has side effects. The so-called supporting link makes the erection very strong, and the cock is firm. Since this link has been tightened, an erected member loses the " upstream " and is being made unsustainable in its very foundations. And losing resilience can cause trauma...

You can break it!

There is no black bone, but you can really break your dick. And it's not from the lungs. When it happens, you can hear cotton or even crack. Then the penis is covered by dark stains and bruises, and the man suffers terrible pain...
However, such fractures are rare and take advantage of young men because they have a very strong erection.
To avoid the danger of a fracture, don't use the cock too rude!
And when you're old-fashioned, you'll be hunted by Peyroni. It occurs indirectly and most often in older men. Their erection may not be strong, but still good enough for sex. Now, if a member of the older sponsor is sparking in a special way during sex, small tissue wounds can shape scars, and all together they can give a member an unnaturally inverted form.
But not all the curved penis has problems with their owners. There are, as in sex, different " versions of the rules " .

Most members in the world are uncut.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in the world only 30 per cent of men aged 15 and over are cut.
Country assessments vary according to the religion and nationality of the researchers. Almost all Jews and Muslims have " processed " members and together account for about 70 per cent of all male circumcisions.
According to WHO data for 2007, Russia has less than 20 per cent of male circumcisions. Although it should be noted that this is the practice of circumcision of newborns, that is, boys - these 20 per cent do not include men who have circumcised in mature age (for medical, religious or other reasons).
In fact, the practice of circumcision raises many professional disputes. One of the reasons for this is that of WHO and UNAIDS is to reduce the risk of HIV infection among adult men.
Well, now, hopefully, you'll be more careful not to just send a cock. Even if someone really hurt you. Your Ivanovich is not just a member but a very important member of your body.

The glans penis

Алексей4 years, 7 months

Hello, Doctor! I ran into a sexual problem two days ago! I've noticed I can't roll my dick to my head because of the leather pulling. Can you tell me what this is and how to cure it?

Hello, the narrowing of the extreme flesh of a sexual member meets uncut men.

The end flesh is an excess skin covering the head of a penis and protecting it against mechanical damage. There are a large number of nerve ends on the skin of the extreme flesh, creating an extra erogenous area for the man. The extremary flesh produces an ad hoc fat lubricant smear which further protects the soft, thin slim skin of a penis. Therefore, uncut men are elegantly sensitive to the naked head of a penis. This mixture can provide a nutritious breeding ground for bacteria and trigger the inflammation of the extreme flesh of the penis at the uncut male Balanopost. This may happen when the personal hygiene of an outside male genitalia is not respected. Every day, a man needs to pull the extreme flesh of a penis, put his head on and wash it with soap.

This serves as a good prophylactic prophylaxis and even prevention of the cancer of a male sexual member. Arab nations and Jews show total removal of extreme dams (an operation called circumcio) in children ' s age, avoiding inflammatory complications in total water shortages and the inability of a man ' s daily hygienic toilet. Cyrkumzio is also performed by medical evidence, with the narrowing of the extreme flesh of the penis, which prevents the head of a sexual member from being exposed. Circumcio is also used to extend the time of sexual intercourse to men with premature ejaculation, as the erogenic zone is reduced and the head of a sexual member is reduced after the cutting of the extreme flesh. The outbreak of the extreme flesh of a sexual member may also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), for which the BIONIS Medical Centre at Novgorod House 25 in Moscow has a programme to survey the PCD (DNC) of sexual infections.

The value of the Maximum program includes 12 infections, its cost is 1950 roubles. Regrettably, one description cannot accurately diagnose and identify the true cause of the phymosis. It is therefore necessary to visit the urologist of the BIONIS medical centre of ALFA-Clinic, located near the Altoufjevo Metro in Moscow, for examination and examination. When sexually transmitted diseases are detected in a fixed day-care facility, BIONIS, a man is in the course of anti-inflammatory therapy.

If the phymosis, the narrowing of the extreme dam requires a circumcision operation, the BIONIS Medical Centre in Moscow conducts this operation with experienced urologists with excellent cosmetics. The admission to the BIONIS Medical Centre can be accessed by telephones 8 (499) 200 11 35; 8 (495) 222 67 03 the Registrar works from 10 to 20 hours without a weekend. For consultations with a doctor, please call 8 (495) 478 26 70; 8 (985) 478 26 70 24 hours a day, no rest and holidays. The BIONIS medical center has its own parking space of 15 machines, which is very convenient for drivers. Always happy to help you!


Алексей4 years, 8 months

The frequency of the triper's appearance affects health? If, for example, I've been overwhelmed by a triper five times, it's the same thing that's ever worse and worse every time, like a brain concussion. 'Cause we know more than five concussions don't even get into the army.

Dear Alexey! Nothing goes unnoticed in our world. After each inflammatory reaction of the genital sphere, scarring changes remain on the mucous membranes, which are summed up with each new case. Take care of your health, stick to monogamous sexual relations with one, healthy partner.

Barrier methods of contraception (condom) do not provide a 100% guarantee against infection with gonorrhea.


Настя Фролова4 years, 9 months

My husband and I are going to have a baby. Four years ago, I was spiraled. Tell me, please, how many months after the spiral's extraction, do you have a better conception?
Answer As soon as I can.

Initiated by the normal condition of the member

Андрей4 years, 11 months

In the inspired state, the member will be inverted not to the top but to the bottom, as may affect the sexual act, for both partners. And if it can deliver the disco to the first sex act with a virgin. Member size 17 cm.

Andrei, there are no perfect members. There's always a, maybe a little visible eye, a spark. A full member in the inflated condition may be blurred up, down, on the side. The main point is that the heating angle is not more than 30 degrees.

Otherwise, there might be a sexual problem. As for virgins, the discomfort in the first sexual act will in any case be felt. During the first sexual act, defloration occurs (the rupture of the feminine diarrhoea) so there will be pain, blood and discomfort.