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Questions about sex and health

early seed

Денис4 years, 5 months

Good afternoon. What is Santi's drug in this problem and is the drug compatible with alcohol?

Dishcomfort in urine bubble

Любовь Маричева4 years, 5 months

My husband (33 years old) is a discomfort in a urine bubble (sorry) from a young man. We've been through a lot of doctors and clinics, all possible tests and surveys have never revealed anything. Discomfort became a natural state. At times, there are worsenings mainly in the taking of acute or sour foods (socks, wines) practically always after the sexual act. There's a severe pain in the urine bubble that's going 15-20 minutes. Plus almost always interrupted urination. 4 days ago, the discomfort (as in the cystic) intensified and kept quiet... What can it be? How to remove the symptoms? It's very similar to the internity cystic, but there's absolutely no calls to the toilet, pelvic pains, and urination relief.

If the analyses (DNC-PCR, rather than a mere flora smear) after the pharmacological provocation, the sterile, no extended, steep and adenoms on the SLM- there is a hyperactive bladder. Also, these symptoms are observed in the aseptic, abacterial chronic prostate. We hope you didn't forget to examine yourself as a sex partner and no hidden sexual infections. Sustained, abacterial prostate can lead to seating, unregulated sexuality and the abuse of food in the rich extraactive substances. The hyperactive bladder occurs under chronic stress, underspending, lack of vitamins of group B.

At the BIONIS Medical Centre, New City 25, Moscow City, the patient ' s hospital is in the course of physiotherapy, which includes the effects of several physical factors. In the bathing suit, it creates a synergistic effect to restore normal inertia of the urine bubble walls and microcirculation of the small pelvis of a man.

The BIONIS Medical Center works without weekends and holidays, which is very convenient for working patients. You can sign up for the reception on 8 (499) 200 11 35; 8 (495) 222 67 03. 24 hours a day, 774 81 56. There's a home parking lot on 15 machines, which is very convenient for patients behind the wheel. Always happy to help you.


Павел4 years, 5 months

Three months ago, a member was injured. He said there was a bruise on the penis, but the doctor said he was subcutaneous. After the injury, the penis became dense in the non-regulated state, and the erection of the non-elementary erection became worse.
Answer Pavel, you're describing the painting of the corrosive fibrose. A half member in a white shell rupture is unethical and small from a large number of collagines in the location of the shirt. Unfortunately, you missed your time. You can try using CONTRACTBEX or FERMENCOL. The cream shall be applied to a sexual member for a period of not less than 3 months and shall contribute to the dispersal of a sex penetration. Good luck.

Über das Medikament "Santi"

Сергей Иванов4 years, 6 months

Hello, please tell me. What are the side effects of the drug "Santi"? How exactly they manifest themselves. What negative consequences can there be if you take "Santi", but do not perform sexual intercourse later? And after what time, after taking "Santi", can I take it again? Thank you.

Dear Sergei, Santi ' s drug is biologically active and does not contain artificial, chemical components. Unlike chemical analogues (the phosphodiasterasi-Viagra, sialis et al. inhibitors) contribute not only to a powerful erection, to a refractural phase (the possibility of repetition), but also to increased sexual abuse at a psychological level, the whole world is decorated into sexual paint.

At the same time, Santi's drug is not controlled. The erection occurs in the sexual stimulation and desire of a man. It takes 1 hour to pre-supposed sexual act from 1 to 3 capsules. If there was no sexual act (partner's stunning) there's nothing to worry about, but in any case, sexual initiation can always be removed by masturbation. Men suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertonic illnesses, who have a myokard infarction from Santi's drug, should rather refrain from sin. Although dying in a lover was always considered cool for a man.


Марат4 years, 11 months

Hello! Worried the question of how the clender affects the erection? A lot of doctors don't recommend the use of ex because he's negatively impacting the erection, and he doesn't have a major impact! There are many parts of the body under tensile, neck, goose, but not penis! I've been carrying around the 1st mice, and I've noticed that the erection is worse, and reading on the grace, there's a tae that happens! I had to quit. HR at ER 14.5cm, thickness 13cm. Rade 1-2s didn't risk it. ♪ ♪

Field Member

Аркадий5 years

In a few days, we'll have to go to the military station for a survey. I'm 15 years old. My cock's in good condition 10 cm. It looks like he's little. Do I have something to be shy or not?
Honourable Arkady, 10 cm in a state of peace with a very good point. In 5 per cent of men, this figure is achieved only in the condition of erection, the degree of extreme sexual initiation. In order to completely eliminate doubts about the length of your sexual penis, you are advised to visit the public bath and to make sure that your fears are unfounded. Go to the military station. All the more, no one's gonna take off your cowards, and your penis is going to be delicately examined only by a urologist in a separate office, without an eye. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Hand-held sexual penis

Василий5 years, 1 month

Hello, Doctor, after three weeks of jellyfish exercise, I've changed my erection angle to stand up, and I'm afraid that after all these stretches, the penis won't come up, even my girlfriend said that I'm more excited now, that I'm long gone. Maybe you know how long it's normal to build up, and the erection doesn't kill?

Vasiliya, in your case, there has been a gross violation of the safety equipment, with the independent performance of the manuscript of the hand-held penis. A male penis has a complex anatomical structure that includes both a vascular and spongeitic body and a connective (white shell and skin of a sexual member). These tissues of a sexual member are easily traumatized in the incorrect performance of the dowry machine. The bruises, sieves, petehy haemorrhage-- these superficial injuries are cured and do not leave visible damage to the penis in the future.

Special stray comrades who seek to obtain an instant visible result in order to increase the length and thickness of a sexual member shall bring it to the fracture of a member ' s stem (white of a sexual member) followed by anatomy (crimination, deformation of the penis) and the function of a sexual member (destruct and cover of a man) These consequences of the incorrect technician of a sex penis can remain for life. From your question, Vasili, it is clear that you are at the initial stage of magnum technology to increase the length of the penis. You're still a student. At the BIONIS medical center on New City 25th Street in Moscow, you'll be able to get a qualified urologist consultation. He will select your optimum program, which will not only yield visible cosmetic results (length and thickness of a sex member), but also increase your sexual elevation (libido, sexual intercourse, orgasm force, sex frequency, erection). There's no way you can ever jump from the primary level of sexual penetration to advanced. Pharmacological support should be used in the implementation of the sex promotion programme.

Preparates VIG-RX and VIG-RX plus, with the manuum method of increasing the penetration of the penis and carrying out a vacuum increase in the sexual penetration at the BIONIS Medical Centre, are applied according to a special scheme, thus achieving the best result. You can be consulted on a program for the promotion of a sexual member, by telephone 8 495 774 81 56, 8 985 774 81 56 at your convenient time.

Sex has recently started

Елена5 years, 4 months

Tell me if you don't give birth to a spiral, if it's harmful than it threatens. Sex became a little late, and he put it right away.

The spiral increases the probability of vagina infection and endometric inflammation.

Prior to the planned pregnancy, it would be better to avoid creating endometers and to use spiral only if other means of protection were not proven and appropriate.

Sexual blood

Аня5 years, 6 months

Hey, my boyfriend didn't have seven months of sex. The first act with him when he ended up and left me, there was a lot of blood. What could be the reason... ?

Just a triller!

Whose blood?

Where did the blood come from? The vagina or the sexual penis leaked blood? Different sources of hemorrhage, men and women may be caused by very different reasons. Clearly, information on your question is very little to correctly diagnose and correctly make recommendations. You and your boyfriend's urologist need to be examined. Any haemorrhage, even minimal, is an excuse to contact a doctor. Come to the BIONIS medical center on the New City House 25 in Moscow City. You'll be given qualified medical care.

Removal of sexual member

Азат5 years, 7 months

I'd like you to move your penis with your hands at home.

Hello. There's Jalk's equipment, Keguel. In time, such a method of increasing membership will appear on our website. Dear Azat, without the use of VigRx, Vig Rx plus, as well as the vacuum massage of a sexual member on the Matrix-Urologist machine at the BIONIS health centre on New City 25 in Moscow, you will need a lot of time, perseverance in achieving the intended goal of increasing the length and thickness of a sexual member.

If you live far from Moscow and there is no material possibility of ordering VigRx, VigRx plus delivery, you will have to change your way of life and spend a few years a day (depending on the targets set) on jelkin. First, you'll learn 1 level of jelking, you don't want to pry, or you can hurt a penis. Then move to more advanced levels. Jalking (the dose technology) is not very complex, but requires skills and skills. It's always necessary to remember that a sexual member during exercises must be capable of semi-referencing by half.

When there's a steady erection of the exercise, we need to stop and give the penis time to calm down. The jelking machine is described in detail on 28cm sites, and consists of an elastic bowl of a penis on the ground with two fingers (both big and pointing, like in a OC gesture) near the frontal bone, and a slow blood drain on the cave bodies towards the head. For more detailed information, it is possible to consult with the urologist of the BIONIS medical centre by telephone 8,985,774 81 56, or to attend a reception at the Novgorodsky House 25. Moscow City, near Altoufjevo Metro, BIONIS Medical Centre.