Feedback on the enlargement programme

"The exercises changed my life. I don't feel insecure during sex anymore, I completely control my life. Just after two months of schooling, I increased my dick by 2 cm in length and 2 cm in rounds. This is amazing! If I can do this, I can do everything!

Martin, 23 years

"This program is really worth a place on the shelf in your life. If you're seriously thinking about increasing your penis, you're gonna have this program!

David Owen from Florida.

" There are many more important things in life and sex than the size of the penis. But manpower can create or destroy any relationship. This programme will help to improve both: health and the size of your penis. "

Dr. Charles Ranells

" Men who wish to continue their sexual life after 70 to 80 years, or those who are used in the event of an erection of viagra, Aaron Kemmer ' s program will help change and revive sex life. When you're doing the simple exercise from this program, you'll be able to extend your sexual life. Thousands of men have achieved impressive results. Now it's your turn! ”

Dr. Carl Anderson.

" This program has all the information on how to make your dick healthy, strong and, yes, big. I've been far from new, a combination of literate exercises and understandable illustrations has helped me correct some of the training mistakes. After that, I was able to make great progress! Thank you.”

J.R.N. from New York

“If you're interested in this subject, Aaron Kemmer's program will help you avoid the loss of time, money, frustration that I have encountered in finding the right methodology. Fortunately, I am once again enthusiasm and optimism! "

Thomas Sey of Palo Alto

" I added a few cm in length and width for just a year and now reached the normal size of the penis. These exercises will help you not only increase the size of the penis, but always be in shape. I feel better when I'm training or running, it's about penis exercise. And it's only one of the many advantages!

Gary, Pennsylvania, 32

" This programme is written in a very understandable and fascinating language. I managed to read it from crust to crust in two days. I was very interested in these exercises, and now they're part of my life. Great read!

The man from Texas

" What did I most enjoy in this methodology? The whole program! It is easily read, instructed and illustrated, understandable, accurate and concise. "

Men from New York

" One more step has been taken towards an inoperative increase in membership! Praise the author!

Ben from Alabama

“Everyone who has not yet had this program, I strongly recommend! I've had a simple and understandable language, detailed descriptions of exercises accompanied by illustrations. Everything provided to begin effective training.”

The man from Washington.

“In addition to the size of the programme, I have been able to improve physical health. I am now always able to bring my wife to orgasm and to keep the erection longer than ever.”

Chuck from New York, 65

"This is a cool program! She's above all on this subject. Take verified qualitative and complete information, add excellent illustrations, tables and feedback, put in a convenient structure, describe all the understandable language and for starters and experienced boys, and voila in your hands! "

Alex Lam of Nebraska

"Because of diabetes, I've been struggling with erections for 36 years. Penis exercises helped me recover. In just a few months, I've got rid of all the men's problems. In addition, I added a few cm to the length and skill of the member. " Frederick Poleking from California.

"The myth is ruined: the expansion of the penis is indeed possible! Aaron Kemmer, with his literary talent and humor, provides in his book all necessary for effective penis practice. I think it's a mast-have programme for every man!

Jason Anderson from Illios.

The program you read is not a routine program. There are many rumors and myths around the cock these days. The popularity of the Internet is growing, and you've probably been faced with advertising for an increase in membership, and you've probably heard that such an ad is a deception. What remains to be done by a man who wants to increase his penis and improve his “indicators”? He's definitely in a difficult position.

But don't be upset!

This programme will change your perception of exercises aimed at increasing membership once and for all, and will help to change your mind to your own body. She'll help you change your penis.

The information is based on the experience and results of thousands of men and is aimed at healthy men over 18 years of age. Information is purely educational and is not a medical advice or opinion. The editor, the author and any other person who has contributed to the writing of this programme has no responsibility for what you will do to your member.

Before you start any exercise, you should go to a doctor for a medical examination. Don't use information for health diagnosis and/or treatment of any illness.

Member exercises are a lengthy and labour-intensive process. Every man who wishes to perform exercise data in an attempt to make his penis more, more and better must understand that without the proper persistence and sufficient time spent on exercise, there can be no result of speech.

For many men, training to increase a member is much safer, cheaper and more useful pills and medicines of different origins. However, different types of injuries may be caused if the exercise complex is not being carried out correctly (the standards may be varying degrees of seriousness, from the warming of a member to full erectile dysfunction).

If you've decided to start the exercises described here, you're doing it entirely on your own will and initiative.

You should not rush to practice in an attempt to speed up the process, otherwise the exercise data could become potentially dangerous. In the case of such specific occupations no longer necessarily means better and better. Don't put yourself up hard, with too much exercise, there's a risk of an erectile dysfunction. This situation arises from the fact that a member has too much pressure and needs rest. If you have any injuries related to the exercise of a sexual member, you should immediately contact a doctor.

This knowledge is the result of the work of many men who performed exercises for a sexual member in an attempt to make it more, more and better. Many of these men sit on the Internet in forums such as Thunder's Place and The RGYM, where they share their own experiences. Without these men, the programme would not be as precise and meaningful as it is now.

A man's dick is a man's continuation, almost like his child. Penis symbolizes manpower, sexuality and life. Most guys want their dick to be bigger than other guys. Well, you know, everyone's had experience in sharing a soul after gym class. The same feeling goes to men and in proximity to a sexual partner. The sense of uncertainty about the size of a sexual member, whether it's fictional or real, never works.

♪ I understand that women treat their breasts as well. I have a good friend who calls his chest "force modules." When she needs attention, she shows a spoon between the sads. My chest is definitely not a " force module " , but women with small breasts have socially acceptable solutions to this problem, such as breasts and braces with pillows, which you don't say about men, gangs with a pillow are definitely not in fashion these days.

♪ That's what I'm talking about. My program is a guide for men who want to control the size, strength and health of their most valuable body.

This program is the first to define a standard for discussion of a sex member in America.

Information will not only be an excellent guide to the health of your member, but will also be a good source of knowledge for the people of science.

Deby L. Cassil is a PhD candidate, a biology professor, an animal, sociology and sex specialist in the modern world, University of South Florida.

25 July 2007

The programme contains concepts that some may seem unusual, others are a real breakthrough in an area that is so interesting for many men to improve their own membership.

From the time of the ancient Olympic Games, and to this day, universal consciousness flows give impetus to the development of ideas and concepts of physical form, perfect muscle and athletic results. Over the past 100 years, special development has been achieved in sports-related areas, such as Fitnesses, aerobics and bodibilding, which have led to the creation of a modern giant Fitness industry and physical health.

The modern scientific community follows a classical scheme in which it uses controlled experiments with statistically significant results to confirm the theory.

For example, a bodibilding that began to gain popularity in the early nineteenth century. Men and women have come to notice that their muscles grow up constantly rising. Over time, pioneers in this area have begun to systematize their experiences and observations. The use of loads to increase muscle mass was empirically proven by the fact long before scientists decided to test it through experiments. Fitness is now almost universal. Highly late scientific evidence of the usefulness of physical pressures shows how the scientific community can be very behind in the development of a given area. The same can be said of the development of the Fitness industry, which includes various kinds of medicines, healthy food trading networks and many others. The scientific community, too, is late with evidence of the usefulness and necessity of the foregoing.

The health science of a sexual member is developing in the same way. Human beings have historically had a predisposition to restraint in matters related to human sexuality and its significance in modern society. Millions of dollars in the field of medical aids to improve erections make it clear to us that the subject of human sexuality, however, plays an enormous role in modern society.

Today, when human sexuality can be spoken in public, it is time to formulate the basic principles of sexual health, power and determination. The format of this program will enable you to learn quickly the basic principles for improving the health and size of your sexy member and to begin to apply these principles effectively in practice.


5 years, 4 months


What cream?

7 years, 3 months


For 2-3 centimeters, there's enough hands, a few months and a little patience. Long, free. It's important to do the right thing, not to jerk off and use a good cream.

8 years, 1 month


At least the baby cream will fit.

9 years, 3 months


And I practiced according to your method, I reached 45, and he crunches, and does not get up anymore. Is that what to do now, sensei? - And now do whatever you want, for example, I'm picking my nose.

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