Primary programme of the newcomer

You have already learned the basic principles of exercise for the member and the exercise itself. It's time to combine your knowledge and develop a training program. According to the basic principles, you should start with a small and gradual increase in the workload and intensity of the exercise, so the first five weeks you'll only use the exercise for starters.

And then you can gradually add more advanced exercises to your training.

You can come up with countless programmes to train your dick. You can combine different exercises, change the number of approaches and repetitions, change the number of days you train.

Primary programme of the newcomer - This is the most popular training programme that includes all major exercises to increase membership. The programme is very effective and well suited to all starters. However, if you have a weak or short-term erection or if you masturbate or have sex less than once a week, you will start with one of the alternative programmes described in the next chapter. These programmes are a little less intense.

Novice Major Programme - 5 weeks

Do the following three times a week:

Main exercise:

  • 10-minute mine
  • 5 minutes of main stretch
  • 10 minutes jelking

Any time on the day of charge:

  • 20 to 60 Jai-string
  • 3 Keguel exercises (approximately one minute of kegeling)

Every day:

  • Do Keguel's exercise start/stop every time you go to the bathroom.

Increase your intensity. In 5 weeks, increase the intensity of up to 20 minutes of jelking and 10 minutes of basic duration. It's just the intended targets, it's okay if you don't reach them. It's important to keep an eye on the healthy signs of the body and to draw attention to whether you add size or not.

Increase the number of kegs.

For five weeks, bring kegeling to three minutes for training, but don't do kegeling for more than five minutes. Start doing 10 kegel slams as soon as you feel the strength of 5 muscles of the pelagic pelvis allows you.

When to train. In the first week, rest for two days between practice. From the second week, you'll be in a day if you feel confident. Since the third week, you can study four times a week, if you have a healthy physical appearance.

The primary programme of the newcomer is just general guidance, it usually lasts about five weeks, but you might need more time. It is not necessarily scrupulous to follow this programme. I want you to draw up your own program on the basis of your template. Nobody knows your body, your dick and your daily schedule better than you. If after five weeks, you're ready to further increase your intensity.

Alternative programmes for starters

Question: " I sceptically take exercises for a member, and I am therefore not in a hurry. Can we start with more light training programmes than a newcomer's main programme? ”

Yeah, that's possible. There are no boundaries that determine how much or how little you practice. Some men wrote that they were unable to add in size by practising the basic programme, and when they switched to lighter programmes, they started showing results. This has to do with the fact that, at first, even a few minutes of exercise, if carried out correctly and consistently, the growth of your penis will be triggered. In fact, for many men, the primary programme of the newcomer is too intensive.

In this chapter, you will learn about two other popular programmes for newcomers. They're both easier than a newcomer's traditional program, and they can potentially be too simple to cause your dick to grow. At the same time, it's possible that you have more growth than the main program. Both programmes last longer than the standard five weeks.

Alternative programme 1: progressive programme

The programme begins with a small and progressive increase in intensity. It is effective to familiarize itself with the exercises for the member, and time is also designed to produce results with a minimum effort.

Key points of the progressive programme:

  • Less work than the original program.
  • Lower probability of refringinging and undesirable side effects than the original program.
  • The exercise can be done quickly, like in the shower.
  • It takes eight weeks instead of five.
  • The growth and strengthening of the member is not as fast as the newcomer ' s basic programme.

Progressive programme - 8 weeks

Three days a week, do the following:

Basic training:

  • 5-minute mine (drying)
  • 2.5 minutes of main distance
  • 3 minutes of jelking (75 jelks)

Do the jai stretch and keel in accordance with the recommendations of the rookie basic programme.

Increase your intensity. Every week, add one minute to the jelking and the stretch.

When to train. First week, make a minimum two-day break between practice. From the second week, practice in a day. From the third week, you can start four days a week, but only with healthy signs of a body.

After eight weeks of classes, gradually turn on more advanced exercises in your training.

Alternative programme 2: lowest number of work/maximum result

This is an optimum programme for those who have limited time or desire to exercise in the expansion of their membership. The program was created by a man with a Babbis nom.

According to this program, classes continue for six consecutive days, followed by a month break. The reason for such a long break is simple: your member becomes " prepared " for exercises sufficiently quickly, during a long break, you make your member " unprepared " and ready for further growth (you will learn more about training, lack of preparation and breaks in part five).

Many men say that this training regime allows them not to lose their motivation, and newcomers praise the program for actually producing good results at first.

Key points of the programme

  • Maximum increase with minimal effort.
  • Minimal opportunity to retrieve.
  • Most men see results after the first two to three trainings. So if you try this program, you'll quickly understand if it suits you or not.
  • At least eight weeks.
  • It's not as constant as the original program.
  • It may not increase firmness as efficiently as the rest of the programmes, but you can fight it while you're doing Kegel's exercises.

Lower workload/maximum result programme, 1 to 6 months

Take the training, then take a two-day break. Make six such trainings (18 days). Then do light exercises within a week.

Then take a month's break.

Basic training:

  • 10-minute mine (deep)
  • 5 minutes of main stretch
  • 7 minutes of jelking (about 150 jelks)

Do jai stretches and keguels according to the original program.

After 18 days, secure, rest and repeat.

Go on. If you've added this program, and you want to start the next cycle, go through a week of lung exercises, and then take a break. If you didn't add up and you don't have any unhealthy bodily signs, go to the original program.

1 week of lung exercise. One day after your basic training, do the following every day within a week:

  • 2.5 minutes of main length (30-second stretch in each direction)
  • 2 minutes of jelking (50 jelks)

A month break. During the break, don't do any exercise except for Keguel's exercise. Raise their intensity under the rookie basic program.

Repeat. After interruption, repeat the cycle of six days of training (18 days, including breaks), one week of lung exercises and one month of rest for as many times as you consider necessary and until you reach the desired result. Every new time, add five minutes of jelking and five minutes of exercise. After 3-4 cycles, or after the programme has ceased to produce results, progressively include more advanced exercises.

Measuring a member after every second day of rest. If you're still adding up in size after your sixth training, keep going until the growth stops. After this, you will consolidate the result with lung exercises for one week. This will allow you to keep your growth and make it more or less permanent.

Your personal objectives.

All players have one common goal: to increase membership. But more specific goals are for everyone. Some people need a longer member, some more fat. Thirds want a stronger and healthy member, they don't care about size. Each of these specific objectives can be achieved in a more specific programme. Follow the following recommendations to specify your training programme.

If you want to increase the length and thickness.

Follow the basic programme of the newcomer or one of the alternative programmes described in the previous chapter. All these programmes have key elements to increase the length, thickness and firmness of the member. Jalking helps increase length, thickness and hardness. The lengths increase length and hardness. Keguel's exercises are good to improve the firmness of a member, but they also increase its size by increasing blood flow.

If you want to increase only the length

Focus on the jelking and the stretch. Do the jelking at low erection level, about 50 percent. After the first five weeks, add advanced long exercises to the training, while missing exercises to increase thickness. Instead of performing exercises to increase the thickness of a member, do more exercises to increase its length.

If you want to increase only the thickness

First, focus on the jelking. Do a high-level jelking, about 75%. Spread four to five minutes before the jelking, which will allow you to prepare tissues inside your penis for more effective jelking. After the first five weeks, go to more advanced exercises to increase the thickness of your penis.

If you want to increase your strength only

Follow the rookie basic program. Both the jelking and the lengths help to increase the firmness of your penis. Do more kegs. Kegel's exercises are basic exercises that help to increase the firmness of a sexual member.

Your unique penis.

The newcomer ' s main programme has all the necessary elements for a successful training plan. However, this programme may not go far enough. There's no universal program that would make it possible to add in size to every single person who would follow it strictly. For this reason, the main programme of the newcomer is just a general guide. Programmes like this have helped thousands of men, but that doesn't mean they'll help you. Every male member is unique in his anatomy and in his physical form.

A good example of how members are anatomically different is the existence of subtle cover in a member. The subcutaneous cover is a multilayer, similar to the dried tissue, which is responsible for the size of the penis. Most men have two layers of this cover, some of them have only one layer, and they also have three layers. The number of these sections is assumed to be responsible for the rapid increase in the membership of the training. The unique anatomy of your dick and your genes play a critical role in how your dick responds to different exercises and how fast and ready to grow in size.

Equally important, besides anatomy, is the physical training of your member, how well prepared it is physically and how it can effectively carry loads.

A man who masturbates or has sex less than twice a week has a physically less prepared member than a person who has sex every day. Similarly, a man who has 10 minutes of sexual intercourse is physically much less prepared than a man who has one sexual act about an hour. Simply put, the man who uses his dick more and has a more physically trained member.

These two factors, anatomy and physical preparedness, may cause problems with standard exercise programmes. Someone's basic newcomer's program may seem too intense, and someone's vice versa is too light.

It's easy to compare what's right for you when you're in the gym. You raise the maximum you can raise and base your training on that weight.

In the case of exercises for a member, you have no way of knowing your limits, so you can turn around or get lost, thereby protecting yourself from achieving results without suspicion.

Let's say you're doing the squeeze and your maximum is 100 kg. Let's pretend that you don't know your limit, you're starting with a 25 kg rise, doing it for a few weeks, and you notice that this weight is not enough to grow your muscles. So you decide to move immediately to a weight of 150 kg. Not only do you not stimulate the growth of your muscles, but you also end up framing your ribs with your pants on your chest.

The same is the case in the exercise for a member. You're in the dark. But fortunately, we have ways to combat this kind of training.

The most important thing you can do in this case is to draw attention to the physical signs. They'll help you determine when the loads should be increased and, on the contrary, when they're better off.

As you progress, use the following recommendations:

  • If you're showing signs of healthy bodily signs and an increase, you're on the right path.
  • If you're showing signs of healthy bodily harm, there's no healthy physical signs, and you don't add sizes, you're probably not doing enough. gradually increase the workload until the increase begins.
  • If you have unhealthy bodily signs and you don't add up in size, that means you should reduce the burdens and rest more.

Use of growth diagrams in practice

Now that you're already engaged in exercises for a member, let's remember three basic principles from the growth diagram: give a member sufficient rest, monitor the signs of the body, gradually increase the intensity, and show how easily they are applicable to your training program. To that end, let's look at a typical man who's doing exercises for a member. Let's call him Billy.

First scenario

Billy's starting with a rookie program. He rests at least two days between practice. After the first week, Billy notices that he's had a rise in erection and the number of night erections, two healthy signs.

Billy's still on the program. After two days of training, Billie's erection is still stronger and frequent, in addition to the fact that he added a length and a thickness of 0.3 cm.

Billy knows what's on the right path because she's got healthy signs of bodily harm and she's watching her membership increase. Since then, Billy has two options for further action: he can continue to pursue the programme as long as his growth does not stop, or he can start increasing intensity in an attempt to make the growth permanent.

Billy decides to gradually increase the length of his training. In the next two weeks, he adds an additional minute to the jelking class.

By the end of the second week, the total jelking time is 6 minutes. Billy's program looks like it.

End of week three:

  • 10-minute mine
  • 5 minutes of main stretch
  • 16 minutes of jelking

The increase in Billy's intensity is good, and it adds an extra 0.3 cm in length. But remember that Billy didn't just add six minutes to his jelking class: he gradually increased time for one minute per training until he reached 16 minutes of jelking after the sixth day of training. It's a gradual increase, instead of a surge of 10 minutes to 16 minutes, and it separates the increase from the refresher.

Second scenario

After four weeks of training, Billy's been working four times a week. He's still trying to take a one-day break between practice. In addition, he's doing Kegel's exercises for three minutes each day, one minute in the morning, one day and one night. Billy's doing great, he sees a constant increase in size and, in the light of his success, decides that his dick can do much more. In an attempt to accelerate Billy's increase in jelking and ten minutes each. Its programme is now as follows:

End of week 5:

  • 10-minute mine
  • 15 minutes of main stretch
  • 26 minutes of jelking

After a week of exercises in the new regime, Billy begins to notice the negative consequences: he suffers from a permissive membership after training, weakens the erection and reduces his non-regulated membership to three unhealthy signs. Besides, Billy didn't add anything in size this week.

Unhealthy bodily signs suggest that Billy's probably getting rebranded. BRIAN: BILLY jumped over the limit he could afford. 40-minute training is too much for him.

All men are different, and therefore corporal signs are a critical element in exercises for a member. They help you effectively conduct and change your training program.

In this case, Billy ' s bodily signs indicated that he should be slowed down and rested a little bit from too much pressure.

Third scenario

In order to recover from the alternation, Billy's taking a little break-- he's patiently waiting for his erection to return to normal levels before going back to practice. When Billy resumes his training, he goes back to the last program, where he's been experiencing an increase and healthy bodily signs:

6th week:

  • 10-minute mine
  • 5 minutes of main stretch
  • 16 minutes of jelking

Billy's first five weeks are coming to an end, so he's supposed to go to more advanced exercises. But Billy knows he's not ready yet, because he's just... he's just recovered from recent retrievals. For this reason, Billy has been following the current regime for several further trainings.

It's fast enough Billy's starting to experience healthy bodily signs again, but he doesn't add up in size and therefore decides to increase intensity. For two weeks, it completes the recommendations from the primary programme of the newcomer, and now its programme is as follows:

8th week:

  • 10-minute mine
  • 10 minutes of main stretch
  • 20 minutes jelking

This training regime is perfect for Billy, and it adds an extra 0.6 cm in length and 0.3 cm in thickness. Now Billy's ready to move on what his healthy bodily signs tell him.

It therefore moves to the main advanced programme (the main advanced programme is described in part five).

In summary,

Maybe Billy didn't add so much to the size of the training. However, its minor results in sum resulted in an increase of about 1 cm in length and an increase of about 0.5 cm in rounds. For a medium-sized member, this is a 15 per cent increase. In practice, the exercises for a member are exactly the same: you add sizes in small parts, which eventually form a significant increase in the size of your member.

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