Possible methods for increasing membership

For years, anthropologists have opened ancient and less ancient cultures in which penis has been increased, but this is very rare for you to find a reference in scientific and popular literature. Fifty years ago, there was an open debate on the elongation of penis in medical aids. However, the Khane, Puerto Rican morality severely restricted any serious study as an increase in sex. Fortunately, the sex revolution has led us to reconsider the way to study the human body, and some progress has already been made in exploring and understanding the functioning of a male sexual member. While medical estblishment continues to stubbornly argue that the increase in penis is not possible, hundreds of men in their own experience can easily refute such statements.

Генетическое увеличение членаModalities for increasing membership have many options, from logical to estimated. We offer you the most popular methods of increasing the penis that has been used for centuries, including a few wonderful and very promising.

All these methods of increasing penis are given only to inform you no more.

Any advice, any recommendation should be received from a certified doctor licensed for private practice. If you want to test some of the ways in which this sex penetration can be increased, you mean you're doing this to your fear and risk. If you know other methods as increasing penis, please tell us about them.

The method of increasing the size of a male member is divided into four categories:

Genetic manipulation

The size of the penis, like the color of the eye, the figure, the bodywork, the shade of the skin, is inherited from us. If your father or granddad had a big penis, you've got every chance to get the same penis. The Kluchis to understand the heirlooms of a sexual member hide in the secrets of DNA molecules -- this double spiral that retains genetically encoded information.
Big DNA plots are identical to all people. We all have ears, legs, kidneys, etc. But there are DNA sites that are very different from different people.
There's short DNA on these sites. These areas, whose functions have not yet been fully clarified, are always repeated as an empty record. On these amazingly diverse sites, it is possible to identify the characteristics that distinguish one person from another, the colour of the hair, the eye, the shape of the nose, the blood type, the growth and, of course, the size and shape of a male sexual member. Each individual (with the exception of twins) has its own unique DNA, its own unique sample. Scientists working in forensic science use these DNAs (which can be distinguished from saliva, blood or sperm) as a reliable tool to identify the suspect.

Scientists will separate the gene from the DNA that determines the size of a male sexual member.

Researchers have recently launched one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by a man. As part of international cooperation, using powerful high-speed computers, scientists intend to create a map of genes or an encyclopedia of hundreds of thousands of genes that make DNA molecules.
When the programme is completed in the next century, scientists will be able to identify specific genes that cause hereditary diseases. After all, we'll find out what the genes are making our eyes blue, what the hair is, what the springs are. In addition, there will be a DNA gene that determines the size of a male member. Using genetic engineering, it would be possible to provide any sexually willing member he likes more.


The surgery to increase the penis of the general public became known in 1991, but it has a much longer history. In the 1970s, one American surgeon opened a clinic in Tijuana, New Mexico, offering a wide range of services to increase the size of a sexual member, including non-traditional and experimental methods, such as an increase in the head of a member, an anchor and silicon injections.

Although the increase in the size of the member occurred almost immediately and gave a strong impression. But the material of the filler somehow showed a tendency to scatter in the middle of the penis, causing unnecessary and unpleasant drowning. Men who were given such injections 10-20 years ago are now suffering from harmful effects. Many even got rid of silicone with surgery. Another disadvantage of such a method was that it only resulted in the thickening of the barrel, but did not elongate the penis and increase the head of the penis. As a result, the various parts of the penis seemed disproportionate.

Even earlier, in the 1960s, Dr. Bihari in Egypt developed his method of elongation. Hundreds of desperate men who tended to perpetuurism spent huge sums of money on flights to Cairo to test the method. The results were varied.

While some recognized that their member had extended by 5 cm, others had no growth at all. However, the initial enthusiasm was clearly lost because of the invisible results and the high cost of both the operation and the airline tickets. By the 1970s, men had begun to use more reliable, safer methods, such as a vacuum-discharged sex penis, now becoming a popular welcome increase with thousands of supporters around the world.


A manuscript is the same culture, but it is directed to a specific part of the body - a sexual member. When we want to form an athletic figure, we're going to the gym and working hard under the leadership of the coach. With respect to a sexual member, we can have a sense of stretching and minus penis, but will we achieve the result in this way?

1. The vacuum method is a non-surgery method consisting of the long-term gradual extension of the organ. This method is still called a vacuum pump method, hypermemorial.

Vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In the latter case, a penis shall be placed in the tube and a negative pressure shall be created. The extension programme by vacuum pump is one year. The first 16 weeks of sessions are held daily. Then one time in three days. The session lasts an average of 30 minutes.

The results showed that patients who fully implemented the instructions and recommendations achieved an average of 3 cm per year. The quality of the erection has not changed.

2. Traditional method is non-invasive, based on the principle of " growing " tissues.

If certain parts of the body (hands and legs, ears, lips, necks, etc.) are permanently stretched, the cells of the area start to share, thus increasing the volume of the tissue.

There are special devices - Extenders made of plastic and silicone, which support the traction of 900-1800 g. They're lights in use, not visible under clothing. To achieve maximum impact, a daily practice of 8 hours per day, 12-20 weeks must be carried out.

Negative moments of increase: there can be a sense of pain at the beginning of the use of ecturer, the use of ecender is limited to patients with diabetes sugar, liver diseases and blood systems.

The maximum increase in the membership that has been achieved to patients complying with all the rules is 2.5 to 3 cm. It should be borne in mind that the greatest and long-term effects of the extender occur after the surgical elongation of the penis, if applied in the post-operative period.


The safest and most importantly well-established method of increasing the sexual membership in achieving results. The increase is due to the growth of new penis tissues, reaching an increase in muscle mass, as in cultural activities. The growth of new tissues in a sex penis is taking place in the sex process, only slowly and slowly. As a result, the size of a male sexual member increases by 0.5 cm per year during life. But you can speed it up!

Experimentally, it has been shown that the sex-made bonds have a great potential for vegetation. They can be stretched by increasing the volume of erectile tissue filling. The best and bioaccumulations (Vig-Erix) expand penis blood vessels above physiological possibilities by providing super-high blood circulating in penis. The number and diameter are increasing. This leads to an even greater intersection of sex penis, etc. Ultimately, these bundles are the extra length and mass of penis, both alone and during the erection.

By accepting biodoctors (Vig-Erix) it is possible to be calm, as the preparations to increase the penetration produce results as soon as possible. The penetration will become more and larger in a erogenic state with a higher quality of erection and the ability to have longer sex.

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