Increase in membership as sports

What's the difference between the increase in sex and sports?

1. Strangulation to physical beauty

Being a sport makes a man more beautiful, especially telematic. It's nice to see a proportional figure, a spicy ass. Training the cock, we're doing the same thing. Sportsman is beautiful and during rest and during the competition. Nice to see a big dick when he relaxes and relaxes. It's a pleasure to love them when a half member is tense and ready to fight.

This question can be considered from three points of view: "she," "he" and "I."

"She": Seldom what woman prefers to love a little member. Consequently, by increasing the membership, a man (like athlete) seeks to be more attractive in the eyes of a sexual partner.

"He's in the locker room, in the sauna, that's where men see each other's cock, it's nice to feel that your "bolt" is as good as others. This can be compared with the satisfaction of the athletes of respect for the men around.

"I": rarely athlete looks at himself in a mirror, assessing his appearance, his muscle. And a man with a large member has a pleasant feeling when looking at his wealth.

2. Increase in sex membership.

Mouse mass is very important in sports. The volume is power. So the athletes practice special exercises that pump muscles. In the process of increasing the penis, there are also actions that lead a penis.

3. Perfect body ownership

Every athlete wants to have a great body in a variety of situations. Quality, such as elevation, long-term activity on limit loads, numerical response, flexibility and many others, are key to winning competitions. Adapts to increase a member also develop similar qualities - increasing erections, increasing tendencies. It's not enough to have a big dick-- it's necessary for him to be strong, stunning and standing when his master needs it.

  • Causes of the desire to increase sex membership:
  • Strangulation to physical beauty
  • Increase
  • Perfect body ownership
  • Confidence.
  • Development

4. Confidence.

Confidence in itself is one of the most important factors in the way of sporting victory. Whoever has not developed this quality is not worthy of being an athlete. Confidence in itself, faith in its ability increases with every new victory. It's very familiar to those who practice an increase. With every conquest on the Nature of a centimetre of the length and thickness of a member, with every admirable view of a new sexual partner, confidence in itself increases, which inevitably affects all areas of life.

5. Development

As you work on yourself, your body, the athlete is working on its nature. He doesn't want to miss training even when he's very lazy. He learns to manage his time properly so that urgent cases do not break the schedule for the competition. He develops his will to win and his ability to manoeuvre temporary difficulties. It's very important not to fall into pride and fail to be arrogant. The objective is precisely to increase the membership. Because it's not easy. Many of the qualities of their nature must be developed to succeed.

The penis is a very important part of the male organism.

Psychologists say that a man subconsciously associates himself with his sexual member. If a woman exteriorly admires a man, and in bed disrespects his cock, she is likely to be rejected. Conversely, how many heats and incompetences a man is willing to forgive the man who worships his penis! So why are thousands and thousands of men engaged in sports, training and developing their body three times a week, with 1.5 to 2 hours of training and, at the same time, unable to devote 10 to 20 minutes per day of training and the development of their sexual member?

Perhaps because sport is actively promoted, and knowledge of the expansion of membership is shyly silenced by modern society. Maybe it's time to change that situation.

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