Bigest member

Самый большой членOn average, the size of the penis is about 16 cm, but if you don't reach the average size, don't worry, the size of the penis has a similar dimension to the ability to deliver pleasure.

The biggest member documented is a penis of 33.5 cm and 15 cm in the round, which was described at the beginning of the twentieth century by Dr. Robert L. Dickinson.

At present, John Falcon of the United Kingdom is the owner of the largest member, with a penis of 34.5 centimetres. The most erected member mentioned in the medical literature was 35 cm long. He was described by Dr. David Reuben in his book, "All you wanted to know about sex." Unfortunately, the doctor did not publish the source of her luxury and there is no independent evidence of his discovery, so it may be questioned as truth.

A dozen of the biggest sexual members.

1. Dr. Ruben claims that the biggest male sexual member of the head ends in the line, 35 cm. His proud owner lives somewhere in Indiana.

2. A few decades ago, a researcher named Dr. Charpi himself decided to find out which of the adult males had the highest sex members. As a result, the largest male penis has reached 35 cm.

3. Dr. Frederick Rossiter claims that there is a medical record (no more detailed details he does not provide) of one man whose penis reaches an incredibly large 45 cm.

4. For 50 years, the rumors of the legendary nature of the gangster John Dillinger have been silent. Even in his life, he became a romantic, popular hero surrounded by a mystical nut, and women were unable to take out their lipstick with his power and a member of an incredible size, who allegedly did not fall as far as his cut. The doctor who was present at the autopsy of his body found that Dillinger had the same well-developed sexual organs as many other men. However, a few reliable sources suggest otherwise. My friend film producer made a movie about him. Knowing about his sexual member of an incredible size, he sent his assistant to Washington, where the secret lab of the Smithsonian Research Institute stored a cut-off fan of the famous gangster. According to another source, someone saw this fallos in a whole foot (30.5 cm). The Smithsonian receives up to 100 letters per year from citizens requesting them to see this curious exhibit. I didn't check the truth of this story myself. I still have to do this. But it gives me serious suspicion. First of all, who could grant permission to amputate his penis, secondly, who would be presenting it to the Smithsonian Institute, in this respected scientific institution, even in a secret lab?

5. Anita Hill's law professor almost failed a candidate for a judge in the U.S. Supreme Court when she mentioned the name of Silver Lon Dong, a Jamaican nigger who took off several porn films in the 1970s, including a Sexy Spirit Sec. After the Thomas trial, these films were re-entered into a rental. I have to admit that Jamaican cock actually has some kind of fabulous nature game. You can tie him up, and there's still a lot left to play with him. Although cinema clerks say that his penis reaches 45 cm, a more real figure is 28 cm.

6. Another megaphallos was shown in the porno-film of the Long Texas Rouge. In it, the main hero takes over his savage 35-sentimeter stew, and his head reaches his knee, and it's very stunning around his neck with some welded megler that's not surprising at all, but she really doesn't know what to do in this situation.

A recent survey among 1,000 men revealed that " all male respondents, with the exception of the extremely large penis, questioned their own sexuality to some extent depending on the size of the penis. "

7. There's a picture of a German photograph of a Masai warrior. It was published in the Dumes magazine a few years ago. The warrior is showing his penis the size of a small piton connected to the knot. If it is untie, it reaches more than 40 cm long. And notice, in normal, uninitiated condition!

Bigest member8. A gay newspaper all about a man in the bowl once printed a picture of a New Guinean Tuze. There was nothing on it, he was posing what his mother was giving birth, and his huge penis was attached to the stomach with a winning cord. The head of the penis was located somewhere between the button and the socks on the chest.

9. In spring 1991, I received a letter from my reader, a respected urologist from the north-west Pacific coast. He told me that, as part of a six-professional medical team, he was involved in a study at a large university to determine the effectiveness of male vaccinated contraception. Volunteers from the university were invited for the experiment, and they received a purely symbolic fee for their work. Volunteers underwent a thorough medical examination, including blood, urine and sperm tests. One of them was an amazingly handsome young man. He was a student at the prep school and, as a child, from seven years of age, suffered from a failure to wear a testicle. Then their family doctor gave him a testosterone injection.

It goes without saying that the hormonal drug introduced into his system not only stimulated his testicle and forced him to go down, but also contributed to the too intense development of his masculinity. At the age of 23, it was already 190.5 cm, weighed 113 kg and had a member of a very monstrous value. This doctor says that he never had to see a man with such a big hair cover, his cumbersome, clearly ill-developed, his body was covered with hair everywhere, on his back, on his berries, on his arms, his legs, his chest, his stomach and his lobe. But most of all, of course, hit him with a huge dick. My friend noted that his penis in a calm, unintentionally state was 32 cm long and 18.5 cm circumference. Don't forget it's about the measurements made on an uninitiated member! Sam (this is his name) agreed to let the doctor measure his cock in a state of erection. As a result, it became apparent that the length of it increased to 35 cm and in the circumference to 22 cm!

Knowing that there was a unique phenomenon in front of him, he decided to send a report on it to the urological journal for study, and the pencil itself gave me a picture of this giant penny for a magazine artist. In order to put his egg penis on the paper, he needed a 53 x 53 cm waltz. He added that when he gave his pencil sketch to an artist in a magazine, he fell off a chair. This funny story doesn't end, and my friend's detailed account may be read in the book "The Art of Self-Fellation." Gary Griffin.

10. Another patient of the above-mentioned doctor appeared in such a well-known journal as National Inquirer, but not because of his world-class sexual penis. This gentleman has a huge... tongue. It's some kind of fabulous nature game, too, because in a photo shoot, his tongue is in the middle of his chest.

This is surprising in itself, but in the signatures of the photograph, the authors forgot to mention that he had an incredible size of a penis that had reached a calm, unintentionally length of 35 cm. There's this confidential image in my archives. Someone who's interested in this story, I'm referring to the magazine "The Men's Club."

11. In 1983, I met a computer repair master named Dave, who's always trying to stay in the shadows, away from people, avoiding crowds of curiosity hearing about the incredible size of his sexual organ. They don't give him a passage anywhere. This tall, slightly overwhelmed man for about 50 years has a huge, uncut member, like a mula, size 38x20 cm. What else should I call him? To believe that, you need to see everything with your own eyes. Let me get my head down a little bit to suck my dick.

All the underwear and trousers are sewn on a special order by the tailor to fit this truly grand rascal that resembles the chobot of the elephant. Several photographs stored in my archive confirm this.

In 1928, Germany made the first volume of the Erotic Dictionary in the pictures. It provides descriptions of any thought sexual act with relevant illustrations. Its late publications can now be purchased at a price of not less than $1,000. 12. A few years ago, when I was on vacation in the Mediterranean Sea, one of my mates, who we met a few years earlier, advised me to look at a Turkish gentleman. I issued a letter of recommendation stating that I am a doctor, a researcher interested in the development of extraordinarily male sexual members. I asked him to meet for a cup of coffee to ask him some questions. He was happy to respond to my invitation. When we met in some street bistro and swallowed a cup of coffee, we went to my hotel to continue our personal conversation. It was a big man, about two metres tall and about 125 kg. Outside, he looked like an incredible Jack Ripper and had an appropriate cop. He was a godly Muslim, explained in the English lamb. According to him, he had four wives, but no one could sexually satisfy him.

When I asked what length his dick was, he, pulling his white pants off, showed me a giant specimen that might have envied Gargantua himself. Before, I never had to see his equal manhood. Dearly astonishing and shocking by my hands, I barely opened the briefcase and pulled the wrong ribbon out of there. He managed to get his dick to erection, and I measured it in that state. I was impressed. It was 36 cm long!

Yeah, he was proud of his dick. If anyone's interested in it, let them read the end of this story in Gary Griffin's Magazine "The Men's Club."

Despite the striking examples cited above, the fact remains that fewer than one person per million men have a sexual member longer than 30 cm if measured above. From such statistics, it is clear that there are not more than 1,000 people around the world, whose penis is actually longer than 30 cm.

What peoples have big members?

  • Bigest member ( England): 26.67 cm
  • Bigest member (Germany): 21.59 cm
  • Largest member (Denmark): 20.32 cm
  • Largest member (America): 19.68 cm
  • Bigest member (Sweden): 19.6 cm
  • Bigest member (France ): 19.6 centimetres
  • Bigest member (Africa): 19.05 cm

Afrika ' s representatives are believed to have large members than representatives of other peoples. But in fact, as Dr. Jacob X's studies have shown, Africans have not been able to brag about anything extraordinary in the size of the penis by devoting the palm of the pervence to a group of other nations. Let's get a table of maximum penis sizes in the hands of the researcher:

Readers may be questioned about results collected and researched outside the scientific and clean experiment. But there are no other studies on the definition of the largest member, but are they possible on such a sensitive issue as the size of the penis?


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MINUSCA - (1) Some girls are afraid. Some people are afraid in absentia and don't want to make relationships with me. Some people get scared when they see him. A couple of times, it was like, after the prelude, I got naked and... the girl's eyes were rounded up like a dish. One girl just went to another room, and she got dressed and left the apartment for nothing. Another girl somehow started to justify that she had a dog at her house alone and if she didn't come home, the dog would come out and the neighbors would complain, so we have to go. I still don't understand why you needed such ridiculous excuses, but I wrote it on stress.

(2) A lot of girls hurt. Yeah, imagine they don't have a crappy hole. Problems begin with entry. "Slow down, let's do it again, let's try it again. In my stomach, a woman's arm that controls the process. It's almost impossible to get in and out. Then you have to control the frictions so you don't go too deep. There are special rings in the sexshops, but I don't like them, they're too tight. When you burn and get up too much, a girl can smell her feet in her stomach or chest. I left the bed a few times back. One time, the girl charged me with a fifth in my jaw. It hurts.

(3) Half of the girls who have sex with me do not want to have sex again.

(4) Everybody wants to see. This was particularly the case at the Institute. I slept with one of the girls in the flow, and there were rumors. At first, I was humbly whispering behind my back, and then I started asking for an open question. The sober head isn't very tense, but someone should talk about it in a drunken company... I remember most of the median celebrations at the university. Alcohol erased everything in memory, leaving one single memory-- I'm standing with my pants down in the middle of a curtain, and a single group worshipping my penis (not very close) with my body. At this point, I felt like an exhibition exponent. The boys were disgruntled and fircled there. For a month now, I've been talking through a peanut well, I guess I didn't like the attention of all the girls in the company, or the complexes started to suffer. But I've never bragged about it, so then the communication started.

(5) I got gay. I'm a normal orientation, so I don't like that. In social media, they've got all the anonymous messages. A few times, fat uncles came to me (why always on Lexus SUVs, BMW H5, Kruzak) and with their eyeballs offered me a "to discuss the business proposal, "to go for a snack," "to roll." I just wanted to send them to... but I've always feared that two more ambals would come out of such a jeep and take me to the woods, so I had to answer "no, not interested" neutrally. (6) My growth is 177 cm. And I like girls a little less. That's right, and they're all small. I have to meet the girls higher in the hope that they have more. I don't look at them very much, especially if she's on the spikes. And they often have them like regular girls.

(7) Minets are rare. Because of anatomy, girls' jaws are not spreading widely. That's why I want to meet Julia Roberts. : If it's a blowjob, it's a lot of toothbrushing. Sometimes girls get jaw. One couldn't close her mouth, had to take her to the trauma lab. You lied about trying to insert a lamp in your mouth.

8) Anal sex is rare, too. Scared of pain. In a porn, I saw a road cone on my ass. I didn't get that in reality. One girl admitted that after me, she had anal cracks that she couldn't cure for three years. :

9) Consumption to me. They try to sleep with me for a necklace, for the sake of interest, for the sake of innovation. And half of the time it's been. Over time, it's tense, especially when you want real feelings. I'd like to say that you're more patient with big penis. You don't have to accuse a man of a lie, that's what happens sometimes. Penis brings me a lot of trouble and I don't brag about his size. Aye, size: 18.5-19.5 cm (depending on blood filling and extortion). Diameter 6 cm.

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