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Виктор8 years, 9 months
MINUSCA - (1) Some girls are afraid. Some people are afraid in absentia and don't want to make relationships with me. Some people get scared when they see him. A couple of times, it was like, after the prelude, I got naked and... the girl's eyes were rounded up like a dish. One girl just went to another room, and she got dressed and left the apartment for nothing. Another girl somehow started to justify that she had a dog at her house alone and if she didn't come home, the dog would come out and the neighbors would complain, so we have to go. I still don't understand why you needed such ridiculous excuses, but I wrote it on stress. (2) A lot of girls hurt. Yeah, imagine they don't have a crappy hole. Problems begin with entry. "Slow down, let's do it again, let's try it again. In my stomach, a woman's arm that controls the process. It's almost impossible to get in and out. Then you have to control the frictions so you don't go too deep. There are special rings in the sexshops, but I don't like them, they're too tight. When you burn and get up too much, a girl can smell her feet in her stomach or chest. I left the bed a few times back. One time, the girl charged me with a fifth in my jaw. It hurts. (3) Half of the girls who have sex with me do not want to have sex again. (4) Everybody wants to see. This was particularly the case at the Institute. I slept with one of the girls in the flow, and there were rumors. At first, I was humbly whispering behind my back, and then I started asking for an open question. The sober head isn't very tense, but someone should talk about it in a drunken company... I remember most of the median celebrations at the university. Alcohol erased everything in memory, leaving one single memory-- I'm standing with my pants down in the middle of a curtain, and a single group worshipping my penis (not very close) with my body. At this point, I felt like an exhibition exponent. The boys were disgruntled and fircled there. For a month now, I've been talking through a peanut well, I guess I didn't like the attention of all the girls in the company, or the complexes started to suffer. But I've never bragged about it, so then the communication started. (5) I got gay. I'm a normal orientation, so I don't like that. In social media, they've got all the anonymous messages. A few times, fat uncles came to me (why always on Lexus SUVs, BMW H5, Kruzak) and with their eyeballs offered me a "to discuss the business proposal, "to go for a snack," "to roll." I just wanted to send them to... but I've always feared that two more ambals would come out of such a jeep and take me to the woods, so I had to answer "no, not interested" neutrally. (6) My growth is 177 cm. And I like girls a little less. That's right, and they're all small. I have to meet the girls higher in the hope that they have more. I don't look at them very much, especially if she's on the spikes. And they often have them like regular girls. (7) Minets are rare. Because of anatomy, girls' jaws are not spreading widely. That's why I want to meet Julia Roberts. : If it's a blowjob, it's a lot of toothbrushing. Sometimes girls get jaw. One couldn't close her mouth, had to take her to the trauma lab. You lied about trying to insert a lamp in your mouth. 8) Anal sex is rare, too. Scared of pain. In a porn, I saw a road cone on my ass. I didn't get that in reality. One girl admitted that after me, she had anal cracks that she couldn't cure for three years. : 9) Consumption to me. They try to sleep with me for a necklace, for the sake of interest, for the sake of innovation. And half of the time it's been. Over time, it's tense, especially when you want real feelings. I'd like to say that you're more patient with big penis. You don't have to accuse a man of a lie, that's what happens sometimes. Penis brings me a lot of trouble and I don't brag about his size. Aye, size: 18.5-19.5 cm (depending on blood filling and extortion). Diameter 6 cm.

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