Meaning of Kegel's exercise

For years, some women and even men have told me that a firm member is much more important than a large member.

One woman said, " The most important member is his firmness. Nobody cares about the size! Show me a member who's been hard as a stone for a long time, and I'll come back to him again and again.”

Another said, " A true, firm member is the most exciting sign of all available, simply because it shows how much a man wants me " .

And that's true: solid penis is the foundation of healthy sexual life, so it's a little weirder focus on size than hardness. You may be as firm as you are comfortable as you are, and you always have enough to meet your partner's sexual needs. If that's not true, Keguel's exercise will help you to increase the firmness of your member, but it's not the only thing they can give you.

Positive effects of Kegle exercise:

  • Longer erections;
  • Multiple orgasms;
  • Abolition of erectile dysfunction;
  • Avoidance of premature ejaculation;
  • Healthier sheets;
  • Improving the circulation;
  • Increased intensity of orgasms;
  • Extended duration of eyakuulation;
  • Increased control of ejaculation, leading to greater sexual extinction;
  • The increased erection angle is when your cock in the erections is even higher than usual (e.g. upwards, not straight as usual);
  • Increase in membership (linked to improved bleeding);
  • Exemption from flow after urination;

Some men also said that the Kegel exercise had helped them to increase the size of the head of the sexual member. A member's head is believed to be the part that needs to be increased most, because it's the first part of your member that your partner feels. Based on the above, the keguel is the first and most important exercise you'll learn. If you want to do one exercise, it'll be Keguel's exercise. Kegel's exercises are very simple, they don't take much time, and it's the only exercise that doesn't include the cock's training, instead you're training your skeletal muscles.

No hands!

Kegel's exercise reinforces the pelvis diaphragm muscles that are associated with skeletal muscles, as are your biceps, triceps and your press. These muscles are at the base of your penis, about half of your penis is inside your body, this part of the penis and surrounded by the pelvis diaphragm muscles.

The only way to train these muscles is to use your mind, not your hands. That's why Keguel's exercises can be carried out anywhere, whenever you want and under anyone, without fear of what you'll notice.

The pelagic muscles are the key to a healthy dick. A lot of doctors and sex experts call these muscles the sexy muscles because of their influence on the penis and, consequently, on the sex itself. The strong muscles of the pelvis give you the advantages described above, while the weak muscles of the pelvis may cause premature ejaculations and weaker erections.

The Keguel exercises were created by the Arnold Kegele Gynecologist in the 1940s for women. Dr. Keguel found that women ' s lenno-copic (LC) muscles were improving their senses in orgasms, a vaginal canal was being strengthened and sexual injection was increasing.

Men later learned that these exercises could also be useful to them.

When men do Kegel's exercises, they don't use their LC-mashes alone, it's a common myth. Steve Beal, a graduated nurse and an online tournament to increase the penis writing under the alias westla 90069, disbanded this myth in his essay of the LC Men: " Men and women are different in their physical structure. Women have sexual organs inside their body and men outside. The LC-mothers in your body are a little above and behind the penis, and they're stuck in the pelvis area.

Although these muscles are associated with a straight bowel, which may have a slight influence on the cock, they are not the main muscles that are trained when you perform the Kegel exercise. "

When men do Kegel's exercises, they train a whole group of muscles, which is mainly a bulwarous lipstick (LG) muscle, and a sedative cavelist (SP) of the Kegel Museum reinforcement muscle, which improves the circulation of your member, which in turn, according to Dr. Stephen Lammusi's firm body and its book.

Stronger than Viagra?

How effective is Kegel's exercise? Recently, a study was carried out in which 55 male impotents trained pelvis muscles in Kegel exercises.

Prior to training, none of the men had erections lasted more than 30 seconds, and at the end of the study, 40 per cent of men were completely free of erectile dysfunction, while another 35 per cent showed significant improvements.

Legels stimulate prostate

In the " Prostate Health Program " , its authors Daniel Nixon and Max Gomez indicate that a prostate is being stimulated when training the pelvis muscles.

" When the Kegel exercises correctly, the blood has become more active in the groin and the penis, thereby encouraging both prostate and urea. In addition to this exercise, Kegel produces indirect massage of the prostate itself " , by Gomez and Nixon. “Kaguel ' s exercises also improve the profile, increase ejaculation and sexual initiation, all of which have a good impact on the prostate, as often healthy sexual life is equivalent to a healthy prostate”.

These exercises reduce the risk of prostate cancer, the second most common cancer among men after lung cancer. On average, 1 out of 10 men is prostate cancer. Worse than that, with the age of prostate problems, men are only getting worse, whether cancer, or an increased sheet or infection, all of which affect your penis, sex and life.

" The results of the study were striking: the increase in the muscles of the pelvis had an impact not only on strength but also on obsolescence " , written by Dr. Grace Doray, the author of the book, Longer and stronger. “If a man has a normal sexual life, he should be engaged in these exercises to extend it, that is, if a man is well shown in bed, he can show himself in bed even better.”

A German urologist, Professor of the University of Hamburg for Men ' s Health, Dr. Frank Zommer conducted another study involving 124 men. Men were divided into three groups. The first group carried out exercises to strengthen the pelvis diaphragm muscles, the second group received erection preparations, and the third group received a platebo. 80 per cent of the men in the first group had experienced stronger and stronger erections at the end of the study. In the second group, this figure was 74 per cent and in the third group it was only 18 per cent.

Keguel exercises

I'm sure all these conversations about the advantages of stimulating the muscles of the pelagic pelvis were really intriguing you! Don't worry, Kegel's exercise is very easy to perform, the hard part is to find the right muscles, but it's not too hard to do as long as there's a place to pee.

How to find the muscles of the pelvis

  • Go to the bathroom and start writing.
  • Stop in the middle of the urination process. The muscles that allow you to stop and there are muscles of the pelvis diaphragm. You feel how they shake every time you stop writing. If you didn't feel it, try to put your fingers on your line (between your mouse and anus) and repeat the procedure. You'll have to feel how the diaphragm muscles of your fingers cut.
  • Abbreviations of these muscles are Kegel's exercise.

Kegel 1: Keguel Start/Stop

The urine stop is the first exercise. From now on, every time you go to the bathroom, stay in the middle of the process for a few seconds and then go on.

Repeat this procedure at least three times for one urination. Don't be shy, if you have time and enough urine, you can do it seven and eight and nine times. This exercise not only strengthens your pelvic muscles, but also reminds you of their location.

The Keguel Start/Stop exercise is the only exercise you have to do every day because it's not intensive enough to cause overload. It's like a daily walk: the exercise, like a walk, doesn't strengthen your muscles while you do it, but it allows them to stay healthy.

Training your pelvic muscles

In addition to the exercise of Keguel Start/Stop, you will train the pelvis 3-4 times a week. First, take a one-day break between exercises. Like any other muscles, the pelvis muscles become stronger while resting, not during loading.

In the first week, you'll only have one minute left for Keguel's exercise. Gradually, this time will reach five minutes. Kegel's exercises are easy because they can be done in parallel with something else. You can do it while you watch TV, drive the car, wash the dishes, sit on the Internet and even while you're at work anywhere, at any time. Staying at a boring meeting? Please, no one will find out...

The next two exercises are good for newcomers. After the first five weeks, you can go to the more advanced exercise of Keguel.

Kegel 2: Keguel

It's an exercise-- the usual muscle reduction of your pelvis. It can be performed both naked and dressed.

Cut the muscles of your pelvis for one or two seconds, then relax. One reduction is one approach.

Some men do Kegel's exercise while driving. For example, it is possible to combine the cut-off cycles with a light-off signal: green - tense, red - relax.

The performance of the Keguel Start/Stop exercise every time you write, and only one minute of the Keguel exercise every day, is all you need to improve the health and integrity of your penis.

Kegel 3: Keguel Slam

Men with strong pelvis muscles will be able to perform this exercise after two to three days of normal pelags, men with weaker pelvis muscles may need a month of training to successfully perform this exercise.

For five seconds, slowly cut your pelvis muscles as fast as you can, then keep them in that state for another five seconds, further relax them for five seconds as slow as you squeezed. One time, about 15 seconds.

Kegel mission

  • Determine the pelvis diaphragm muscles by stopping the urine flow during urination.
  • Since then, every time you go to the toilet, make 3-4 such stops.
  • Take 3 approaches to 20 Kegueli, equivalent to one or two minutes of Keguel. You can distribute time-frame approaches within the day-- make the first morning, the second day and the third night, if that makes it easier for you.

Coegel underwater stones

Let us deal with the most frequent underwater stones upon which newcomers are being recruited in the exercise of Kegel.

Incorrect implementation of Keguel exercises

Approximately one of the four to five men performs Kegel ' s exercises incorrectly, with this approach of Kegel ' s exercise, they cease to be effective. " It is important that your stomach, the upper parts of your thighs and your yagodians be completely relaxed while you're doing Keguel exercises, these parts of your body should remain permanent " , is written by Dr. Barbara Kisling in his book, " How to make love the night pass " .

For this reason, you should learn how to do Kegel's exercise in a seating position. Any movement and use of other muscles in your body, especially your legs, makes the process of strengthening your pelvis muscles more complex. It's because you're getting harder to isolate and feel the muscles of your pelvis when other muscles work in parallel.

In carrying out the exercise, for the first few days, I advise you to hold your fingers on the intersection, which will allow you to feel the work of your pelvis and understand whether you're doing the kegs effectively or not.

If you're still unable to isolate the muscles of your pelvis, try to do what Dr. Kissling says: "Take other muscles before Kegel's exercises so they don't interfere with your exercise. For example, if you keep pushing your press during the kegling exercise, make a few seats before the exercise, it's going to ease your press and not let him down effectively while you're making kegs.

You don't have to do this before every kegling exercise, you can stop pushing the other muscles when you can isolate the muscles of your pelvis. "


The overloading of the pelvis diaphragm muscles may result in temporary erectile dysfunction, as well as temporary premature ejaculation. It's not the most pleasant side effects. So start with a little and a lot of rest, you'll be able to reach 10 to 15 minutes of Kegle class every day.

Increased sensitivity

Keguel ' s exercises increase the sensitivity of a sexual member, which certainly has a great impact on sexual pleasure. However, heightened sensitivity is often a temporary side effect - premature ejaculation. If this happened to you, don't get upset, your dick will get used to new sensitivity in two or three weeks. A premature ejaculation may also arise if you are unconsciously kegeling during sex. So if you've noticed that you're pushing your pelvis muscles while you're having sex, I suggest you just try to relax them completely.

Too much kegling.

That's what a man wrote about his primary kegling problems: "I did Kegel exercises 20 minutes a day, every day. I've done it for three months and finally turned up because I didn't notice any changes. I was beginning to think that all the men who believe in Kegel's exercise are psychos, because this thing doesn't work! But most recently, I learned that pelvis muscles need to be rested from kegeling. Since then, I've been doing kegling three times a week, and I've made excellent results. Now I know these muscles are just like your biceps - they need to rest! "

Advanced Kegel exercises

Kegel's on his way.

Recommended number of repetitions: 3 Operation:

Do the corn and keep your muscles as short as possible. Your goal is to squeeze the muscles of the pelvis for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Don't do this exercise if you do less than 1 month.

Member ' s height

Erection level: 100 per cent

Recommended number of repetitions: 30

Упражнения Кегеля
Keguel exercises
Упражнения Кегеля
Keguel exercises

1. Make a keguel with a full erection, your dick must rise.

2. Lower your dick down, hold your muscles short, make a keguel.

Council! The intensity of this exercise can be increased by reducing the muscles in the performance of the heel for a few seconds or more.

Don't do this exercise if you do less than 1 month.

Towel raising

Erection level: 100 per cent

Recommended number of repetitions: 30

Упражнения Кегеля
Keguel exercises
Упражнения Кегеля
Keguel exercises

1. Put a little towel on your erect cock.

2. Do the kegs to raise the towel.

Council 1! When your erection begins to fall, put two fingers under your cock. This will help you make a few more approaches.

Council 2! First, start with dry towels, as the skills increase, weaving the towel.

Don't do this exercise if you do less than 1 month.

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