Basics of oral sex

What do you mean by oral sex? They are bound by the Latin word “or”, which means companies. So these mouth-based loopholes, and in a broad sense they are based on several basic actions: kissing, sucking, biting, licking and slipping (this is meant to be an act when women's lips slip through a man's penis, putting him in his mouth, recalling the sense of penetration in the lot). It is clear that these actions can be directed to all parts of the loved body, but under the oral glazing, they are understood by those loopholes that are directed to the genitals and that are capable of causing orgasms without having committed sexual acts, i.e. without contacting the genitals.

Main ways of intimidating heterosexual oral loops:

Minet or felony is the oral loop of a man's genitalia.

Kunnilingus is a man of women's genitals.

"69 " is a two-way ore-genital contact, i.e. the simultaneous implementation of the mine and the kunnilingus.

Annification is the oral loops of anus and the surrounding area.

It's possible to bring the partner to an orgasm with the help of one or two. That is why they are classified as special sex, oral sex, capable of substituting a sexual act (under which we understand the penetration of a man ' s flesh into a woman ' s lono).

Oral sex is a reflection of the depth of relations and trust between sexual partners.

Many perceive the touching of the lips and language of a loved person to their genitals to be more intimate and exciting than the sexual act itself. This has to do with the fact that our genitalia, apart from the reproductive function, performs a distinctive function and, therefore, the overthrowing of their perception, as a dirty one, causes a man who's touched, a feeling of special gratitude, admiration and excitement. Of course, hygienic is important in the sea latches, but the realization that a partner considers all your body without exception " clean " and a decent mouth is one of the strongest psychological incentives that increase sexual initiation. The senses of the sea lace have a variety of shades, which cannot be captured during the normal sexual act. It can be said that oral loops are not just the art of tempted but also the most exquisite way to achieve love.

Основы орального секса
Basics of oral sex

Oral sex is known from ancient history, although their attitude was far from clear. Kamasutra ' s famous tract refers to oral loops called " evapotaka " to men ' s eunuchs, as well as to the actions of women, women, men and massagers who are distracted and uncontained. Condemning these actions as an exercise which is " contrary to law and low " because the " mind and the most unpleasant touch of their mouths " , the author of the tractor nevertheless seeks to preserve objectivity and describes the different treatment of the oral loopholes in different locations, and negative and condescending, concluding:

" There are, some men, there are places of this kind, and there are times for which these methods are worthless. Therefore, by taking into account the place and time, custom and guidance, as well as their own properties, they resort to or do not resort to these methods. It's a secret thing, and it's unstable. Who knows when and for what reason will anyone act? ”

At the time of the Camastra writing, India ' s attitude to the oral loopholes was about the same as we do now. So there was a so-called " double standard " when, in terms of the " high " morality, the attitude towards them was negative, and in ordinary life, the oral loopholes were not only accepted, but also seem to have been used extensively, as the names and the variety of follow-ups that had already evolved.

Japan ' s and Chinese tracts on telex love, focusing on oral loops, not only did they not underestimate them, but, on the contrary, they were given credit in the art of " internal peace " , although there were also restrictions. In China, for example, a mine was allowed only as a pre-basic to proximity or an additional measure in the soya process. However, these loopholes should never have been completed with a complete seedling. A man ' s easy loss of semen and fermentation of iron was compensated by the pneumo yin, which he received through a woman ' s saliva. According to this system, a man was supposed to lead women to orgasm without distracting his seeds in vain, making it out of time and mainly to start a healthy child. In the remainder of the time, sexual intercourse was a way to give pleasure to a woman, where she developed a live pneumonia that feeds a man with energy and life force. That is why the ancient China welcomed the Kunnilingus as the best way to prepare a woman for the situation and concurrently to give a man her pneumonia. The most frequent reference is made to this in the Danish versions.

Situations where oral loops are used where full sexual activity is difficult or impossible:

in menstruation, Since most people consider sex in menstruation to be unacceptable, unethical and non-hygienic. Quite often, women feel " dirty " , sexually " unfit " during menstruation, and feel guilty about his husband being forced to " catch " these days and sometimes feared that he would " go side-by-side " to satisfy his sexual hunger, which cannot " adopt " at home; ;

during pregnancy, The threat of miscarriage. Pregnancy is not in itself an anti-poverty for sexual life, but if it is accompanied by a complex period of time and especially a risk of miscarriage, sexual activity with penetration into the vagina may pose a risk of pregnancy. Since the placement of a child is a lengthy process, depriving each other of the sexual satisfaction of nine months is a fairly serious test for both spouses, not only for men but also for women. The hormonal restructuring of the future mother is most likely to increase her sexual activity and increase her senses. In the event that a normal sexual act is not possible, oral loopholes are a great way to remove sexual tension and maintain a high level of intimate relations between spouses. In the case of a woman, the sexual instigation and pleasure she experience in the sea latches can hardly harm her. If the doctor recommends that a woman refrain not only from having sex, but also from an orgasm with an alternative inducement to her, then it will either be necessary to limit herself to the oral glazing directed at her husband;

after delivery. It is known that after childbirth, a woman is not recommended to have a sexual life for two to three months while the body is recovering from this rather serious test. We need time to make it happen. However, during this period, women may, on the other hand, increase their sexual activity because of the hormonal storm that restructured her body. Traditionally, it cannot remove sexual tension and traditional breast loops become difficult, as breasts tend to reflect milk when touching the nipple and chest. ;

at vagina.The vagina is a fairly serious psychological problem for women, manifested in the melting and painful non-voluntary cuts in the muscles of the femur and the femur, making it impossible to enter the vagina not only by a sexual member but sometimes even a finger. The causes of vaginalism may vary, but they always have a psychological nature. According to experts, about 3 per cent of young women suffer from vaginam. Education can be blamed by sensitivities, fear of sexual proximity, fear of pregnancy, past sexual violence or excessive pain, etc. The disease itself is treated, of course, by a specialist, by a doctor-sexologist, but the husband (or partner) can also help a loved woman. In order to overcome women ' s fear of proximity, which most often leads to the spasm of vaginas, we must try to convince her that she is safe. You can offer her an alternative way of intimacy. Oral loops (kunnilingus) together with the certainty that, without her consent, a man will not go further, will allow a woman to relax in a while and to start responding to the loop adequately. A woman ' s achievement of orgasm through the kunnilingus in the clitoris and petty lips is the first step. At the second stage, clitoris and petty lips can be supplemented with cautious infiltration of the tongue in the vagina. If these infiltrations do not cause a negative response from a woman, they can be reinforced by friction, i.e. by simulating the future movement of a sexual member. Building on new perceptions of women as an orgasm or sustained admiration, oral loopholes build trust between partners and gradually reduce fear of proximity. Further, deeper penetration (not in the language but in the finger) should be added, thus marking a path where the woman ' s finger first followed by a man ' s finger, then the man ' s finger, and then his penis could go further. The whole cycle of vaginalization may last several weeks. The detailed treatment of freeing him can be found in the special literature and consulted with a sexist, but one can be said to be the most successful beginning of ridding vaginaism.

In the absence of genitalia from a man or his incapacity. The generations that have experienced the war in Afghanistan, the two Chechen campaigns and other so-called “local conflicts” have left a terrible legacy, ranging from 1 to 2 per cent of all other injuries to the genitalia area. No such injuries have been reported, but they have no less severe psychological effects than amputation of limbs, especially given that some of these men are married and the problem of their families is largely rooted in the problem of sexual relations between spouses.

The same problems are also faced by persons with disabilities who, for various reasons, have lost or suffered genitalia (e.g. paralysis affecting the lower body, etc.). A man who managed to psychologically manage his injury wants his wife not to be sexually abused. In this sense, oral loopholes, together with other aids, will help him to give his wife full sexual pleasure. If they unite love, and in the family, peace and peace prevail, the man, the lazy wife of his own, will be able to receive a great deal of satisfaction, sometimes not falling into the power of an orgasm, because orgasm is not so much connected to the genitals, but mainly the human brain. When a woman comes to the top of her pleasure, a man continues to be a man, despite the absence or paralysis of sexual organs. Many people with disabilities have a cross on themselves, considering that their sexual life is over, that they are not sexy.

Oral loopholes can also be an indispensable tool for men ' s erection, especially for older persons. On the one hand, a man who feels that fatigue or other reasons prevents him from having a sexual act and enjoying his wife or partner can help her to achieve an orgasm by means of an orgasm. On the other hand, when, during the sexual act, an older or weakened miscarriaged lover grows and loses an erection, oral loopholes already committed by a woman will help restore erection.

In the old age, the oral loops, together with the manuscripts, become the only reward of the couple. I don't want to shock the readers, but old people sometimes take oral laces and not human partners... A certain percentage of single women bring cats or dogs to find themselves sexual comfort in their luxury language, because they have left without a man and lost their physical attractiveness, they have lost hope of finding the person who will share their sexual proximity. Sexual treatment sometimes leaves a person only with life, causing him to suffer as a result of the inability to meet sexual needs in a traditional way.

In the case of injuries (emergency fractures, thighs, lobes, etc.) or limited mobility (radiculitis and other spinal problems), oral lacs also play an important role. Imagine that a healthy person, apart from his injury or local illness, has to be sexually abused because he must avoid movements without which a normal sexual act is unthinkable. And then only the oral loops can give a couple of pleasures in the way of the extra movements. The claws may be doubled, i.e. not only torch, but also to be performed by himself when the desired organ (penis or vagina) simply comes to his mouth.

K Oral paws It is often used on days of possible conception, i.e. when the sexual act is " formal " but " fossil " because of the probability of unwanted pregnancies, and having anal sex or using condoms and other contraceptives, the couple does not want to. In this situation, oral loins can be used both in lieu of sexual acts and in the final part of the sexual act, i.e. when the sexual act is interrupted to the orgasm of the man, and in the course of the mine, the man reaches an orgasm, making his seed not in the woman ' s lono, but in her mouth or outside, on her body, towel, etc. However, with regard to the interrupted act, it must be noted that it is not 100% conservatively successful, as the secret liquid emitted from men by the Cooperic irons during the instigation and in the situation process sometimes contains mature spermatosis, and for the conception, it is known to be one, especially juridical spermatosis...

Oral paws.the use of condoms, without risking or using condoms, is a remarkable way to remove sexual tension, enjoy and not feel marginalized in these so-called " dangerous " days. Especially if such loopholes are of a mutual nature, i.e., a minit and a kunnilingus (who starts first, chooses lovers themselves) or locusts occur at the same time in " 69 " .

Sexologists have the notion of creating an orgastic function in a woman who understands that, after having started sexual life, women with every proximity are gradually gaining emotional experience, which, in a " positive state of affairs " , leads to a sustained response, an orgasm. However, if the period is negative, i.e. when proximity does not give rise to positive emotions and sometimes ends with sexual dissatisfaction, a woman may have a vice versa that does not only prevent her from reaching orgasm, but also compels her to avoid sexual intimacy at all. In this regard, " accumulating " positive emotions through oral loopholes, especially when they are embedded in an orgasm, creates a remarkable background for achieving sexual harmony.

Oral sex also plays the role of an ideal " programmer " when a woman who is unsensitive or unhappy earlier in sexual terms can learn from another partner how to feel and enjoy and enjoy. And the most perfect way to build a bridge between the unsuccessful " equilibrium " and the emotional " plumbing " in every woman, a tool that sprays sexual coldness and sensitivities of a woman, is oral loopholes.

The advantages of the sea lasks are that they do not require much space, full exposure, acrobatic poles (unless taking into account the " 69 standing " position) and can be performed virtually anywhere.

Most importantly, the advantage of the oral loop is that the art to give through their pleasure to a partner not only does not require erection and any special physical effort, but it also does not depend entirely on age, as it stays with a man until his Ouod is from this life. And proven joy and pleasure are invisible and tender, but the strongest bonds that can only connect a man and a woman to each other.

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