Surrogacy of orgasm

Reliance on rapid ejaculation leads the partners to think about sex, as one of many ways of sexual interacting. Most couples, especially family ones, have revealed a simple truth that achieving an orgasm in a copulative cycle is not the only and essential condition for pleasure.

There are other ways to achieve orgasm.

The desire to obtain an orgasm is always surrogate (from the surrogarus latte to another) as a substitute. If the couples understand each other and know that there is a male disorder such as premature ejaculation, they can go another way by seeking mutual satisfaction, for example, through masturbation.


She performs many functions, some of them have already been mentioned a little higher. A non-material function is self-satisfactory with a view to harmonizing relations in a cohabitant. This process is carried out by vegetation, verbalization, squeezing, vibration of a sexual member or erogation zones. Masturbation is an autonomous form of sexuality as a component of normal sex life, which includes sexual activity with partners.

It is known that many sex partners have never spoken to each other about masturbation, but men ' s tendency to have an early seed can lead partners to lift the ban. Overcoming this communication barrier, the quality of sexual intercourse can be improved through joint (reciprocal) masturbation or masturbation in the performance of the partner.

It is interesting, however, that when U. Masters and V. Johnson conducted their sexuality studies, they found in laboratory surveys that a woman in masturbation averaged an orgasm for 3 minutes.

The sexual reality of the same women in customary sexual activity is lower than in masturbation. This is in line with the findings of the Z. Schneble that when masturbating, a woman is stimulant according to her senses, and when she has a sexual act, she should normally adjust to her partner.

Joint or independent masturbation in sexual games can result in an effective discharge of both partners and not inspired by a man to control seeds.

Client stimulation

It is known that erotic initiation often depends on the place of stimulus more than on the length of intra-ravaginal friction. It is possible to carry out mechanical movements of the same frequency and amplitude for hours and the partner ' s culmination will only be delayed. At the same time, a man with a PE can be confiscated through several body movements.

However, many women ' s frictions do not themselves act as a starting point for an orgasm. In addition to the vagina, there is a clitoral orgasm, so the indirect annoyance of the clitoris and the rhythmic planting of small lips in coital movements is often ineffective. In this case, it is better to provide a stronger incentive for the area of clitoris, thereby reducing the length of sexual acts. You can use anything for that purpose: kunnilingus, hands, fingers, falloimmite...

For example, a man may raise a woman ' s fingertips until the time before the orgasm, after which he may introduce a sexual member into the vagina and start rhythmic frictional movements to her orgasm, which will soon be followed by orgasm and his.

That's how the stimulus process of the clitoris in the eastern guidance manuals (N. A. Glazkov, 1991) is described, " ... a man drops his hand between her legs if she hasn't already moved them up, and moves his fingers upwards into the sexual lips. However, he has not yet introduced them into the vagina. His fingers should be searching for the clitoris, and importantly, the underhand of the index finger should touch the top of that little tense body. Be careful to keep your fingernails out of touch with this sensitive woman's tissue, so the next pain can scare and push a woman. Some women have clitoris closed so that the whole body is underneath the thin layer of tissue and only its head is accessible for direct touch. The client gives some erotic advantages in the peak of sexual activity.

The clitre game is a delicate but rewarding activity. A man must be convinced that he touches him with the greatest care, he must turn him between his big and point fingers, glowing him up and down, and gently inciting his end. He has to treat him like he would want a woman to treat his penis, and make sure the clitori is smack enough... Some women like the clitoris to be dry, but the majority prefers to have it in the socks sufficiently mature. " As a man starts to irritate the clitoris by erectioning him, a woman has a certain physical and mental satisfaction that prejudged a subsequent extraordinary pleasure. ”

Robert Street, in the Book of Modern Sex, (1966) describes modern:

Clinder inducements

(1) When the finger is fast, easily and continuously moving in contact with the clitoris tip. This is a way of creating an orgasm for women in a short time;

(2) When the finger is easily rebuilt, the entire clitorigination shall be inserted into the inlet of the vagina and then moved back, i.e. the movement of the penis shall be recalled. These movements are slow, deep, leading to the strongest instigation of the partner, and are particularly well applied in graduating techniques;

(3) When the finger does not apply to the clitor ' s tip but is moving backwardly at the base, partially flexing it along the trajectory, which is a reminder of the Latin letter U. The movement begins slightly below the clitorimetery, further up its side, the thumb shall be defrosting the base and moving down the other side of the clitor. In combination with the second method, this can create a variety of shades of women ' s instigation.

Robert Street notes: " If there has not been enough attention to the pre-marital faculty technique, and a woman is in a spirit that favours an act, sufficient fluid is always available, focused on the clitoris and their fields. The weakly inspired woman will not feel a rise in the level of inciting within 1-2 minutes. It doesn't mean she won't get excited at all. At times, a technician should be used for 5 minutes, and if a woman has not experienced an orgasm at all, she should be instigated within 25 to 45 minutes, until she has a sense of an orgasm approaching.

It is clear that, for such a long time, it is almost impossible to reach the necessary degree of initiation only with the assistance of a member.

Petting and non-King

All known loopholes, which in recent years have been referred to as " petting " , " non-King " , have been used by young people in the sexualization of psychosexual development. With sexual contact, it is possible to apply this knowledge and skills fully to address the problem of the extension of coitus.

Kissing is a natural form of erotic stimulus, an art that deals with ancient and modern Amandi arts. The Kamasutra describes many varieties of this mode of pleasure (only 19 major species), where couples are burying in passionate, with the participation of language. The lipsticks and the language have nerve endings, the annoying effect of which is not comparable. This effect should be used both as a prelude and as an alternative orgasm.

Kiss in the forehead, locoons, cheeks, chests, nipples, lips, inner mouths, in the femur compound, underwear, low stomach. Among the many kissing types, ancient Hindus are referred to as " dead " , " drilling " , " equilibrium " , " pushing " , " compressing " , " safe " , " inciting " , " pushing " Each of them has its meaning, for example: " When the force is inclined, the partner touches the mouth of a man, but it does not move, it's a " dead " kiss. When she wants to keep his lower lip in her mouth, her lower lip trembles, and she doesn't weigh on more, it's a trembling. When, by slightly covering his lower lips, closing his eyes and burying his eyes, she ends his tongue with his lips, it's "smoking"

Kissing as a pleasant time and an alternative way of achieving an orgasm can push the climax of a man's discharge, at the same time they help the sensual expression of his love. Excessive kissing may lead partners to inappropriate incentives that accelerate sexual activity. However, if desired or necessary, partners may be stopped " slow " as in previous methods of prolonging sexual acts. The time-bound deep breathing pauses are one of the highest secrets of long sexual intercourse.

A man who is concerned about the problem of fast-track sequestration, a woman ' s lazy body, is better off getting away with her so that his penis doesn't touch his partner, and continue to touch his partner around the way that he describes this process by the Eastern Art of Love (N. A. Glaskov, 1991):

" After kissing to the lips, a man must move his kisses very cautiously and gradually on her neck, spoons between the breasts, their upper part, and the bottom, side. At times, he spends his lips over his nipples, warming their breaths and kissing other parts of his chest, but not touching the lips of the nipples. If these kisses are carried out easily, gently, with love, the nipples will soon be lifted and stiff in anticipation of more, and the woman will move so that they touch the man's lips. The latter should not kiss those filled, thirsty beers until both partners are able to hold back. Then a man must warm them up again with his breath and then lick them gently with his tongue. When he licks both nipples and so prepare them for his lips, only then can he firmly and gently put his lips around each of them in turn, in short suffocation. "

Advertisements, loops, touching is part of alternative satisfaction that causes erotic desire and sexual initiation and at times discharge without frictional movements. If they play a facilitative role in the sexual game, the ejaculation of a man may be removed from the way and where the gesture is directed. In fact, a man may not think about his or her orgasm at the moment, encouraging the elegal areas of the partner.

Their touches can comfort each other by providing a small pause of erotic stimulus and allowing both bodies to get used to this level of sexual pressure. You can swallow the forehead, ears, eyes, cheeks, lips and throats of the gentle hands, the last touch to the head and neck before you start again. Plus, every touch of a hand can be followed by a gentle and long kiss of a touching place.

According to various erotic exercises, sensitive women ' s zones change their place by responding to loopholes. Many of them prefer one zone today and tomorrow another. The greetings and subsequent kisses enable a man to know what part of his partner is most sensitive and naturally will stimulate these places. It may be possible that the initiation of erogenous zones by women of these touches will have a much greater effect than the mechanical frictional movement of a man, intimidated by fear due to her imminent sequestration.

Men do the most pre-working work in the course of their hands, and they can generate an orgasm for women. At the expense of a delicate, lax touch, a man may become more desirable for a woman than someone who is capable of long-term friction movements. In fact, the lazy body of a woman in her breasts, thighs and genital organs, even covered by tissues or clothing, is a man ' s own body, but the orgasm does not occur in most cases. An exception can only be the adolescence when young people are motivated by a certain type of singing and are ready to complete sexual intercourse. Or a man who has been deprived of a woman ' s society for a long time, if a woman also acts to encourage orgasm. Those who are sick will be described in chapter two.

Women ' s locus and permeation of external sexual organs increase their instigation, reducing the time to ejaculate men. This response is not only physical, but also mental, i.e., a woman understands that her partner is cautious and is unusually inclined to touch her intimate body clean. Plus, there is a significant incentive for the most active ERs that lead to rapid culmination.

When a man is allowed to control himself and weaken his senses, but the senses of a partner must only grow. In order to help a man move his or her normally fast-track orgasm, a woman should not be touched by the special erogation zones of a man: the lower abdomen, the inner femur surfaces, etc.

It's better if she touches his face, head or upper body, but not a half dick, like a man doesn't want it. Of course, it's only if the couple wants to extend sexual contact as long as possible. An accidental touch on an erogenated sexual member may lead to an orgasm, and then all efforts to control ejaculation will be futile.

Kunnilingus and Fellia

The premature ejaculation is a man ' s disorder that he can deal with as hard as he can, or he can be indifferent to his particulars (braces, dysfunctions; until he has reached a doctor, it can be called anything! But if a woman insists or seeks to achieve an orgasm, a man may resort to alternative fictions of conduct such as kuniligus, an oral partner. It's part of a sexual game, on the one hand, and it's a woman's pleasure. In doing so, many men are given true pleasure by making a partner kuniligus, regardless of their time of ejaculation.

The use of kuniligus by a man with premature seeds is an option for a perfectly normal sexual behaviour of a man and his woman who endorses such behaviour. To put in the first place: getting an orgasm by a woman in a uniligus or a man's ejaculation, each couple decides on their own. At the same time, the man does not think about his inevitable ejaculation, and the woman reaches the discharge.

By encouraging women ' s genitals in mouth, language, lips, men resort to varying degrees of pressure. The extreme sensitivity of most women to such attachments, kissing, biting, licking leads to the highest inflammation of the clitoris and the sexual lips, increased love of the vagina and the approximation of an orgasm in a woman far faster than in the frictional movement of a sexual member into the vagina. This kind of oral stimulus is so rapid for women ' s discharge that the introduction of a sex member in the last few seconds of the kuniligus allows many couples to end the sexual act at the same time.

As an exception, men ' s units, responding to the felony, can be more likely than the traditional way to achieve discharge. By using these kinds of loopholes, they can extend their sexual act. But more often, a woman has to refrain from tempting to seize a sexual member and instigate him, she must only ease a man's fallos. The glazing shall be light, i.e. simple thickness on the solid and warm surface of the body. Flexible and easily relativated the upper surface of the fallos from the head to the base, and vice versa does not increase the sexual instigation of a man but significantly facilitates the continuation of the love game without premature ejaculation.

Sometimes, after the first failure with the premature eruption, a man tries to avoid sexual contact. It is beginning to pay more attention to the oral and manuscript stimulus of the partner by extending the sexual act. A woman may well be satisfied with this alternative quality of sex, and for a man it is often a deadlock to solve the problem. The fact is, occasionally, allowing such communication is a rule, and a regular avoidance of intramission may cause some men to be stressed. As a result, every new unsuccessful sexual intercourse inevitably leads him to psycho-emotional problems, and ultimately addresses a sexologist about sexual disorders. In addition, men are losing their self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is therefore much more important to learn how to shift your attention in sexual games by shifting attention from oral sex to sexuality, then to mutual oral sex, some other form of alternative sex, another situ, etc. This use of corniligus in sexual games can lead to ejaculative control, help to define the " tension " , and ultimately a man will learn to concentrate on certain feelings and extend his own eyakuation.

Cause of pain (customs, blows and scratches)

The prevention of sexual initiation can be achieved not only by the means described above, but also by others, sufficiently radical for those who are extremely sensitive to pain.

In a moment of relaxation and sensual pleasure, an unexpected blow or bite may instantly stop the erotic rise. The situation reminds the driver who falls behind the driver's steering wheel: he's staggering himself, including loud music, that's what he's doing to keep him awake. The same is true: either alone or with the help of a partner, a man receives a swamp. It is desirable that this signal be addressed to him before reaching the very point of tension when the orgasm is inevitable.

If a woman hurts her partner at the time before the orgasm, the negative reaction will not make herself wait long. Most of those who do not consider themselves masochists are aware of their own experience: such exposure reduces inducement. The key here is to point out the partner in time for the moment when you need to bite, scratch, hit. It is desirable to agree in advance with each other, explaining where and how best to effect and apply for training. And in the future, use this technique in sex games in family and marriage.

Some men use this method on their own, delivering pain at the moment they need, thereby extending the time of sexual act. Someone's pinching themselves, someone's squeezing the base of a sexual member, someone's swinging fingernails or a print.

This type of sexual game in the ancient East has received considerable attention. Indus, for example, had eight types of scratches: " speaking " , " county " , " line " , " tiger " , " cap " , " borrower " , " blue lotus " . The scratching places are armpits, chests, necks, backs, bottom and hip, sometimes unknown. They believed that there was no other, more appropriate way to increase the intrusion as an act of nails and teeth.

The hidden, " hot " , " point " , " coral and jewelry " , " jewelry chain " , " ripped clouds " , " bucket bucket " , they called different kinds of bite.

Strikes are also part of sexual games.

Places of impact are shoulders, heads, falls between saddles, backs, lower part, side. Acrossed with a sense of pain, these strikes were subdivided into four kinds: the left arm, the cordon, the fist and the stubborn palm.

There is no strict sequence for scratches, strikes and bites, because they are used as the belligerent. All of them are applicable at all times, for the treatment of nothing, he wrote to Kamasutra Watsyan. But, knowing the characteristics of the response to sexual stimulus, our moderns have successfully applied these species to both strengthen the delivery and reduce the instigation. They've already forgotten the Russian saying, "Byet is a lover."

Regular sexuality and frequency of ejaculation

The most reliable method is regular sex. On the one hand, because he's the most known person who has sex from year to year.

Men who suffer premature ejaculation sometimes find that they can deter seeds if they regularly and fairly often experience orgasm with the same partner.

They are calmer, can " slow " in the sexual act, change their sexual behaviour, learn to distract, practice re-consciousness and alternative ways to achieve orgasm.

The regular sexuality of men is a guarantee of their sexual longevity.

It's not a hypothesis, it's an established fact.

If he doesn't operate for long, he's rustling, the details are losing his fabulous qualities, the corrosion eats the car and the tech, if and when he moves away, he'll give a lot of trouble to his owner. And the intimate life of a man. For a long time to have sex, they have to do it regularly.

People with regular sex life live longer!

Nine of the 10 men, according to research (Snabl, 1990), confirm that the less communication, the faster ejaculation occurs.

In regular sexual acts with a permanent partner, tensions and fear of accelerated seedlings are declining. It may not be a coincidence that the accelerated seedlings are often complained of long-term travel of officials, from the sailor ' s long-distance approach, from the polygon exercises by military personnel who have left their " field " geologists.

Only when you get into normal rhythm, men start to act like they used to make love to their partner. Every sexually healthy man who lives on a regular sex life can learn to control his orgasm and reduce the sensitivity of a sexual member. It is true, unless it is transported and lost its head. But such cases are unique.

The sex technicians say that regular sex with your comprehensible partner is the best prevention and extension of sexual activity. The constant change of partner is, of course, every time a man's obsessive doubts, will it? So fast, like last time, or not? Will it be okay this time? Of course, in that case, misses will be possible.

At the same time, each man has his own frequency of ejaculation, which is primarily due to sex. People are different by weight, growth, age, strength and obsolescence, which are important factors for determining the individual frequency of love.

However, the dancers, for example, offer their method of determining the correct frequency of ejaculation for each man:

If a man feels very tired in ejaculation every three days, he must reduce the frequency to one per week;

If he even finds it tedious and he needs some time to rebuild his forces after the last week, he should stretch the distance between the ejaculations even longer.

The right frequencies he'll learn from the mood and fortunately after the ejaculation: he'll feel stronger, not weaker, and he'll be like a steamer, not a canary in a cage.

However, regardless of the frequency of ejaculation, a man must try to make love every day and, if possible, two to three times a day and more.

Today, it is well known that regular sexuality is well-trained, physiological processes are improving, men and women are receiving a huge emotional charge of positive psychological effects.

As a result, there is a small massage of the internal organs of the partners, there are healing tidals and blood spills to the organs of the small pelagic pelvis (the people say that the bad blood is being extinguished), the concentration of the hormones in the blood is declining, there is a pleasant physical charge of the entire body, and blood circulation is improving.

Love is improving blood circulation, getting rid of headaches, sleepless, spasm, good mood, stress.

Just as old age cannot be allowed to overcome the Marathon distance with the Olympic youth indicators and the sexual activity of older persons is incompatible with the many excessaries of 20-year-old lovers.

Teachers of Dao-Lovi highlighted the frequency of eyakuulation as a long-term path, which was considered important not to damage excessive seeds.

In many ancient Dahos texts, they have somewhat exaggerated and poeticized the problem. In ancient China, there was no expectation that someone would take it literally, but by exaggeration, they were hoping to convey to the addressee the idea that a man should keep his seed by controlling ejaculation.

For example, in the book Zhang Zhang Zhang Longevity Princess, written in VII, the test for the regulation of ejaculation proposed by Dao-Lovi Liu Jin teacher is:

“The spring man may be able to ejaculate once every 3 days;

In summer and autumn, twice a month;

Cold winter, we must keep the seed and not ejaculate at all.

The path of heaven is to accumulate the Jan nature during the winter.

In line with this criterion, a man has a long life. Cold winter ejaculation is a thousand times more harmful than spring. Maintaining the essence of Jan increases the Jan power in a man and brings him closer to heaven. The more we make love, the more we get from the harmony of Yin and Yang, and the less we ejaculate, the less we lose our benefits from this harmony. "

There's an explanation for the value of Su Ny's love in the secrets of the non-fritish camera:

“When a man loves without losing his seed, he reinforces his body.

When he loves him twice without losing him, his vision and hearing will become more acute;

If three times, all illnesses will disappear;

If 4 times, the world is in his soul;

If 5 times, his heart and bleed will be updated;

If six times, his lumbar will become stronger;

If seven times, his thighs and venom will become stronger;

If 8 times, skin becomes smooth;

If 9 times, it reaches longevity;

If 10 times, he'll become so immortal."

Sexual longevity involves a long life with the ability to have sex.

It is based on sexual health, as defined by WHO specialists (World Health Organization) in 1974, a set of somatic, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of the sexual existence of a person that positively enriches the individual, enhances the communicacy of the human person and its ability to love. There are three main points: the human ability to enjoy and control their sexual activity, freedom from various kinds of psychological factors that deteriorate sexual intercourse and the absence of diseases and deficiencies that harm sexuality.

V. Perpetrolicina " Records and Achievements in Sex " (V. V. Perepeniciin, 2003) describes a curious fact.

American scholars throughout the year observed the health of 20 young couples who had been ordered to have regular sex, at least three times a week.

It's been two months in every family. The number of fights has declined sharply. In another month of conflict, women ' s headaches stopped, sick men almost got rid of prostatitis in half a year, and diabetic diabetes had a sharp decline in blood sugar, and hypertensified blood pressure.

Two men even said goodbye to the ulcers of the stomach, which have unbearably tortured them in recent years. No wonder out of the 20 couples, three have changed their minds to divorce, and seven have decided to have another child.

Sex is particularly beneficial to the nervous system, relieves stress, fatigue and annoyance.

In such a " relaxed " state, the human organism itself is capable of handling many of its inconveniences: it regulates the distribution of stomach juice at the nursery, controls diabetic sugar, hypertension pressure and even lowers the blood cholesterol. Agree that for those who love and love sex, sexual health is a very important subject.

What if we take into account the fact that sexual activity throughout the life course is being subjected to different kinds of shocks, problems, lifts and disasters? That my wish for men: regular sexuality and long-term sexuality would be very nice.

by means of a book entitled " 65 means of prolonging sexual acts " by Evgeny Augustovich Caschenko

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