Woman's Anatomy

Human organs are a complex system. The dimensions of its constituents vary widely, ranging from spermatosis (the diameter of which 3 microns) to the fully developed fruit (about 3,500 cm3). But not only do their dimensions vary greatly, the same applies to speed and directions and stay in peace.

For example, spermatosis, because of its own mobility, has taken place at a considerable speed throughout the system, but with the interval between ejaculation and fertilization (which is approximately seventy minutes), the system also has an important role to play. The oxidation (women's sex cell) has a velocity of transport, vice versa, very slow, so it stays in the fallopy pipe for a few days before getting into the uterus. The accumulation of blood and tissue in cavum uteri (white-wheel) has been very undesirable for long periods, but the developing fruit remains in it for nine months and reaches, as already said, an average of about 3,500 cm3.

Other women ' s sexes

What's a vagina?

These lines are taken from the first paragraph of the most authoritative Dutch textbook on gynaecological diseases and conception issues. Perhaps there will be those who fear that by learning too much about the building of a female organism and the most secret corners of it (with which anyone has a lot of strong feelings), they are supposed to lose all their beauty and the mysteriousness of physical love. This quotation is an excellent example of the fact that no matter how deep a person has been immersed in the study of “women's secrets”, his cherished attitude and the sincere admiration of women has diminished. In other words, the more we learn about women, the more we break! ♪

We'll look at the different areas of women ' s external sex. The Holm of Venus, or the frontal lobe, and the big sexual lips are skinheads covered with sufficiently rigid, coloured hair. There is a dome structure that forms the layer of subcutaneous fat. The small lips can be very different. In general, the edges are slightly more pygmented than ordinary skin. There is a leather warehouse between the big and small lips, whose depth varies among women. The internal sides of the sexual lips form a transitional zone. The exterior skin (origated, dry surface) is gradually shifting to a sliding shell that is softer, wet, thiner, which means more exposed to injuries and more vulnerable. All this can be compared to the mouth area: when you move from the outer surface of the cheek inside, you see the skin, the red surface of the lip, and then the wet inner cheek. In medical literature, the internal side of the sexual lips is referred to as an entrance to the vagina, and the term " predominance " can still be found in less modern texts.

In the front, small lips move to the extreme flesh of the clitoris. The difference between her and the extreme flesh of the penis is that the head of the penis is completely closed by the extreme dam, while the head of the clitoris on the lower side remains open. This area of women ' s genitals is down, down to the vagina entrance, and between the sex lips. The head of the clitoris is always hidden in principle. As women under the extreme dam, between her and her head of the clitorimeteror, as with men, are blushioned (extension of white lubricants), adult women must be obligated to reveal the extreme flesh when laundering. The majority of women have a thin layer of slug, on both sides of the clitoris, which reverts to the small lips, a warehouse that reminds men of what is called a slurry, a connection between the extreme dam and the bottom of the clitoris head. The relationship between women ' s genital mutilations is so different that some women are moving and the clitoris, while others remain mobile.

Outside gender

♪ If small lips are removed, there is a small triangle area under the clitor that can be seen outside the urea opening. It's also possible to look at two other small holes, sometimes, that's the weekends of the two-fertilization. They're known as the Skin iron, by the name of the doctor who found them. The other common name of these irons is bartonium. Even below, the vagina hole surrounded by an area of irregular shape is the remnants of what doctors call " hymen " and we are more familiar with the name of the " feminine mould " . The second name would have to be decommissioned, because it is completely wrong to assume that a virgin can easily be distinguished from a virgin by the gray. It is only because of this simplified view of the role of the pleva until our time that highly feminist customs have prevailed.

External entry vagina (and therefore not only one mould) is not the same for women. The woman ' s age and hormonal maturity, and the level of sexual activity, and the possible absence of sexual life are also affected. In the form of an entrance to the vagina, for example, it can be concluded that a woman has already given birth. The feminine ring is severely damaged, and this is typical of birthed women.

Internal sexual organs are above the outside. The vagina (vagin) is located right behind the feminine floor. The front is surrounded by strong muscle layers on the bottom of the pelvis, and these muscles allow a woman with some power to compress her vagina. A few centimetres in the body, around the vagina, are located by other bodies of the pelvis, each having a more or less permanent seat in the abdomen, although they fill it very arbitrarily.

As a result, the vagina, which in a state of rest is simply a built-in, undiscovered bed, can rapidly expand in various sexual acts (and then air starts inwards) and the uterus can also move slightly upwards, forwards or rearwards, left or right in comparison with its normal location.

The wall of the vagina is a sliding casing with several transverse, reshaped warehouses (vaginal " ribs " rugae). Deep inside, however, usually not at the end of the vagina itself, but in the front wall of the vagina there is a uterine exit. Matka is a muscle cavity, she's got a pearly shape, slightly sealed in the front direction. The muscle fibers in the uterine wall are located in such a way that the uterus content of the uterus is removed from the outside when the menstruation and, of course, during the delivery process is reduced. The inner casing of the uterus is a slim surface with special properties. The most important purpose of the uterus is reflected in her Latin name, uterus, which also means " nedra " , which corresponds to the ancient notion that the first people were born from the cavities in the land. The fertilized egg may be attached to the wall of the inner endometric endometry (slimey casing) and the fruit shall be developed inside the parent body until it is able to exist independently of the mother, outside the uterus. Menstruation is the reaction of a sliding shell to changes of hormonal levels in blood. These hormones are created by women ' s eggs, where the cycle of change is run by biological clocks in the brain, as well as by hypophysics, the so-called petuitarian iron located at the base of the brain.

The outer surface of the uterus is covered by a sulphate body which, like all abdomen, develops from perimetry and is a direct extension of the urine bladder sulphide. Perimetry is smooth and wet, allowing all abdominal organs to move relative to each other. This is required not only for sex or for the planting and birth of descendants, but also for food resupply. If spikes occur after an operation or as a result of an appendicitis, this leads to the emergence of pains and the disruption of organism functions.

In the upper part of the uterus, from the inside, on the left and on the right side, there are openings of two pulp pipes. They have a really expanding, tuba-like form that they call them Latin. On each side, the openings are on the egg, small oval bodies freely attached to the abdomen wall by means of a ventral warehouse. Every month of the fertile life of a woman (unless she takes birth control pills), she has one egg. When the egg is ventilated, the egg is released and, fertilized or not, it falls into the pulp pipe. Eggs also make women's sex hormones.



Embriology, as a science industry, is studying the development of the embryo (natural) in the match, in particular examining the process of organ formation and management. It is striking that male and female genital mutilation has a common origin. And no matter how different they look out there, adults have some similarities between them. Medicines sometimes use this: when they lack information about one field, they borrow information about another field. In general, sexologists are much more aware of men than women: for example, some diseases or medicines have a negative impact on erection. With some reservations, the facts established in the area of male sexuality can also be used to predict how women ' s sexes will respond to factors.

Until the sixth week of the development of the embryos, it is not possible to detect any differences in terms of sexuality, but then the path of the two sexes begins to diffuse. Until then, the sex area of the embryo is generally similar to that of women: there is a sexual opening and a sexual booth over it, approximately in the area of clitoris. Without hormonal stimulation, any embryo automatically develops into a body with women ' s reproduction bodies, but when a male sex hormonal is emerging, the embryo begins to develop male genital organs. I mean, it's not that Eve was created from Adam's rib, but rather Adam was Eve at first. For many of the women ' s theaters, this is an important symbol of faith. In some cases, women ' s embryos are also synthesized by the variability of testosterones, which further develops on the path normally reserved for boys.

When the testosterone performs its function at the right moment, the bogoroc is rapidly evolving by becoming a long body, and the tissue surrounding the opening creates a pipe structure at its end. It's a urination channel surrounded by a separate cavelist body, which ends with a head. Several swelling sides of the genital openings are gradually increasing in size and growing into a mosh. She's always got a little stitch on the middle line. The sexual irons of both sexes are formed in abdominal cavities near kidneys, but the male embryo of the testicles passes through the arc and enters the mosh. The canal, which facilitates such migration, remains in the body and is therefore more likely for boys than for girls.

Boys ' testicles are reported to be dropping gradually, on a very large path, sometimes children have to operate to facilitate the movement of testicles into a mouse.

But very few are aware that the eggs are also falling down, but this is happening at the embryo stage of development, and that women may have complications if their sexual glands do not fall down. In such cases, eggs will be too far from uterus, fallopy tubes are often not sufficiently developed and, in any case, difficult to reach, resulting in infertility.

  • In this regard, scientists suggest that such couples have a common source of origin:
  • Egg - Egg.
  • Big lips - Moshonka
  • Clitor - Head of Member
  • Small lips are the lower side of the penis, the urination channel and the surrounding muscle layer

Such analogies have been the subject of intense debate over the past 10 years, in which the position of American psychologist Josephine Launds-Seveli has played a major role. She strongly objects to such comparisons by calling them primitive. She is particularly disturbed by the comparison of the clitoris with the member. According to Launds Seveli, the clitori, including two of its legs, or the " root " that the body attached to the pelvic bone, is similar to the two upper divisions of corrosive (cavery) tissue. In other words, the clitoris can be compared to what would be left of the male organ after his head was removed. Professor Launds-Seveli is also concerned about where to find a male clitori? She thinks he's right under the edge of his head, where there's a sludge of the extreme flesh. Men know that this area is highly erotic. Launds Seveli suggested that this area should be referred to by men and women as Corona Launds. (In the brackets, she noticed that this would be the first time in the history of the anatomy when the organ would be named the name of a female scientist.) Well, she's right: in the field of sexual organs, for example, there are ferrets of Bartolin and Skin scientists; the uterus pipes are called fallopy pipes, by the name of Gabriela Fallopia, and the follicculus called graaf follicula. Professor Launds-Séveli ' s claims are therefore well founded, but they have not yet been answered: the term " Corona Launds " exists only on the pages of her book.

If the clitoris had nothing to do with the cock, then where did they come from? Professor Launds-Seveli believes that the head of the clitoridis (Glans clitoridis) and the dead body (Corpus spongiosum) were the result of the development of a small area under the clitorator, a tiny triangle, which ends with women ' s urea and two small irons. Launds Seveli calls this area a woman's head and assumes that it is also an area of special sexual sensitivity.

Plastic gene

Nature has created one species of animals that has become a clear illustration of the process of embryo development: it is a stained hyena. Before their appearance, women ' s specialities in this type of animal are exposed to exceptionally large numbers of Androstendion hormones, and as a result, they are all born with external sexual organs that are very similar to men. Yeah, yeah, the male has a stained hyena with a penis of about the same size as the male, and the urea canal opening is at the end of that penis, where a fully developed head can be seen.

The small lips are growing up with something like a urine, even without a testicle. (In zoology textbooks, this is commonly referred to as the clitor of stained hyenas, but in view of the views expressed by Professor Launds-Seveli, it would be better to call this organ a penis. In fact, if the body has two cave bodies on the upper side and at the end has a fully developed lipstick with a urea channel that passes up to the head, it's not much like a clitori in its habit.

Accordingly, the male hyena penis is capable of erection and has a social function. When we meet, males and females show each other their penises and sniffs, the erection is a compulsory part of this ceremony. It is believed that such behaviour prevents aggression, because these animals, which feed pasta, have very strong jaws, and they could easily inflict fatal injuries on each other if there was no such distraction in the meeting. However, during the sexual act, the male penis is not tense, and the small muscles capable of dragging it inside are so strong that access to the urinating hole for the purposes of reproduction remains relatively stable. This method seems to be highly effective, as the inability to conception occurs relatively rarely in hyena. It is true that the birth of the first child is usually accompanied by great difficulties, since the urination channel is subject to huge demands, as the hyena woman ' s genie is twice as long as others have less " soft " animals. Therefore, when the fruit is out of the system, it will have to go through an unbelievably cool bending section. It's true that the placenta produces a special hormon that's called relaxin, it helps to improve tissue elasticity. During childbirth, relaxin in large quantities is present in tissues of stained hyena. (Rlaxin appears to be playing a role for people. In the case of a woman ' s birth, many usually permanent pelvis compounds become much more flexible; the best known, for example, symphysis is a cartilage between two frontal bones. In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to symphysis in the post-natal period: this has been due to complaints from parents about the continuing pain in this area, which has not been long gone.)

In any case where stained hyenas are born, relaxin helps to sufficiently expand the urination channel so that the fruit can come out, although there are often serious gaps. It is surprising that this very painful process does not seem to be accompanied by extremely severe pains, as the female child hyenas in childbirth are more or less calm. Relaxin is also considered to have a dehydration effect in the central nervous system. Despite this, the first deliveries of stained hyenas are very painful, and this affects children very much: almost half of the puppies in the first-born are either born dead or die soon after they come to light. Only when remarriage occurs, the fruit increases the chances of survival in childbirth.

The difficulty is also that due to the high level of the testosterone in this species of animals, puppies become lighter than other mammals. That's what makes them poor mother again. Pupils are born with a full set of teeth, including fangs, and their behaviour is clearly marked by masculinity (mustody). On average, two puppies are born in one mark, so as soon as the second baby comes to light, the first one is furiously placed on it. Accordingly, a large percentage of these young pupils are killed in the first place, or the stronger puppies do not let the second to the mother ' s nipples, resulting in the weaker starvation. You'll ask: "Who's the mother watching?" But the thing is, a female usually chooses to be a " birthplace " , an unoccupied nour of an ants, whose passages are so narrow that the mother herself cannot get inside. In order to start sucking up the mother, the children have to get out of this shelter, and it is at this point that the stronger puppy can block the exit and not let the weaker outside...

Surprisingly, in such circumstances, the twins will survive and become adults. Typically, it's about different sex twins. The ratio of survival to the combinations of " Samka " , " Samka male " and " male-male " is statistically determined at 1:2:1. And if we look at the known proportion of identical twins, it would be that the same-sex twins would be much more. The withdrawal is inevitable: if two sisters or two brothers were born, one of them would probably die because of another ' s attacks. If a brother and sister were born, then there's a chance that both of us will survive. However, none of the twins can grow up without getting their own, a fairly large portion of the wounds and shirts.

The stained hyena is the only species of animals that have so much masculinization. Indeed, hormones contained in the environment, especially contaminated, can still influence animals. For example, in 1998, the biologists, to their complete dementia, found that the polar bears on the island of Spitzbergen had... small penises. In this case, the truth suggested that the cause was probably exogenous. The waters around Spitzbergen contain an increased number of polychlorinated biphenyls - PCBs, a chemical that fell at sea as a result of industrial discharges into the rivers in Russia. The answer to the question is why the hyenas are so different from the biological norm so far. Some predators are also involved in fratricidal and sestroubial killing, but these species suffer from food shortages, and the decline is due to the need. However, in the case of stained hyenas, it is not. Survival of the most adapted species is a recognized principle of evolution, but why is it this species of animals that has become extreme? Did a gyena woman seduce her male in some way more forbidden fruit than apple?


The backbone is a special structural part of the body: it is a closed space in which several vulnerable bodies can perform their functions in relative safety, and at the same time it is part of the human propulsion system, as the body produces muscle energy.

The shade of the abdomen ensures the required strength. It contains a distinct " mouse football " (downstream it is limited to pelvic bones), and the pressure ( " dera " ) may vary considerably. If you look at a heavy machine raising gravity, you can understand why it covers its abdominal muscles with a wide leather belt. But a sharp increase in the abdomen pressure occurs not only when the braces rise, but also when there is a banal activity such as cough, sneezing or cutting a bowel. Men are at a higher risk than women, because they are more predisposed to arable ginger due to the displacement of female genitals.

Women, however, also have low levels of sexual activity, even though their abdomen is in direct contact with the environment, through vagina, uterus and pulp pipes. In general, women have abdominal infections more often than men. During the menstruation of the uterus spasm, it is known to be directed towards the cervix of the uterus, but most women have a certain amount of blood and clothed tissue also into the abdomen through the pulp pipes. (This process is called retrograde menstruation.) In most cases, leukocytes in the abdomen are able to handle a small amount of menstrual blood, but some women have a small number of tissues in the abdomen creating whole cells colonies that start to grow. Medics call this endomosis process. It occurs when the need to remove unnecessary material exceeds the capacity of leukocites, and small blood vessels need to rise into these colonies. As a result, the whole abdomen can be covered with red stains causing severe stomach pains, which are exacerbated by menstruation. The existence of endomosis with great probability can cause infertility.

Air in the abdomen is another undesirable phenomenon. Patients with abdominal syndrome always take X-rays in standing, without counter-vailing, so it is easy to see air presence. Gases rise upwards, and in the abdomen, they become visible in the form of a thin sulphur layer under diaphragm and above the liver. The presence of air in this field usually results in human suffering from pain in the shoulder. When women perform laparoscopy (abdominal survey using optical instrument), the abdomen specially introduces gas so that its wall rises above domestic bodies like dome, and it would be easier to carry out the necessary procedures. Before the instruments are removed, it is necessary to remove the gas from the inside. However, it is not always possible to remove it completely, so many women have complained about shoulder pains for days after laparoscopy or sterilization.

Air in the abdomen is easily distinct from gas in the digestive tract (where they are normally present), but they may also be of concern. Gas usually occurs in the digestive tract, indicating that there is a leak. In addition, bacteria producing gas is entering, and they are not welcome guests. However, air may be injected by hornetic sex, which occasionally has to deal with exceptionally strange cases. It appears that some men, at the time of their special invocation, are so much in the vagina of their sexual partner that they are able to overcome several resistance lines. As far as I know, this is the only example of unstandard sexual behaviour that has been detected by caregivers.

Anatomy and age change of women

Valid portion of cervical cervical

This review of the anatomy of women ' s reproduction bodies will be incomplete if it does not describe the age changes in women ' s organisms. When a child is born, sometimes you can see how much the mother's hormones affect him. Some babies - and boys and girls - are born with very skinny nipples, sometimes even a few drops of liquid called witch milk. The sex organs of the newborn are also sometimes very impressive. However, the influence of the mother ' s hormones is short-term, and in the next approximately 10 years the sex area is not evolving. All its necessary ingredients are available (except for pubic hair), so even primary school students are able to obtain sexual pleasure through them, although their reproductive functions remain known as " hormonal sex " . Sexual maturity, which is triggered by changes in biological hours, affects all organs.

Let us begin with the fact that the soft, insignificant hair covering the whole body (in any case the white race) suddenly adds the hair of a totally different class - in the armpits and in the groin. In the folliculas of these hairs there are special glands different from the rest; moreover, there are sweaty irons in the anal-pole area, which are slightly resembling the construction of dairy irons. As a result, the lipstick from the area where pubic hair grows, a special, individual aromat emerges in the years of puberty. As subcutaneous fat cells develop around the lobe and in large lips, the whole area becomes more rounded and more elastic. Small lips of leather fat are small, but they're growing together with the growth of leather beds. Their edges are becoming more pygmental, from the light-brain to the red. The changes in the clitorimeter and the extreme dams are minor, but they are also developing and increasing. In the area between sexual lips, slimy irons are also actively developing, so the whole area constantly covers a very delicate layer of moisture. It is necessary not only to carry out a sexual act, but also to protect skin against potential damage to acids from vaginas to which this area is exposed, starting with sexual maturity.

The wall of the vagina is also subject to change. The sheeping shell, formerly smooth, is becoming increasingly wrinkled (clothed) and actively distinguishes liquid. The length of the vagina increases and the acidity within it increases. The normal value of pH in the vagina is 4.0, with the degree of protection against infections caused by bacteria maximum. The vagina itself is capable of carrying such a high degree of acidity, but there is a possibility of annoying the area outside the chimney. Spermatosis is also vulnerable in the acid environment: with a pH equal to 4.0, they die instantly. If the sperm itself had no blade, which means it would not be possible to temporarily neutralize acidity, multiplication would be simply impossible. There were clearly competing interests in this regard, as a woman has been exposed to the greatest risk of vaginal infection for several hours after the sperm in the vagina.

The match is also growing and developing. The muscle layer is drowned, but the strongest changes occur in the internal salmon. The reproductive function of the body is now clearly expressed: the thickness of the sliding shell increases markedly every month. As soon as the fertilized egg becomes available, it can begin to be introduced into the uterus wall. If the implantation does not occur, biological clocks are re-established: hormonal stimulus is increasing, the entire functional layer of the uterus slider is cut off, the uterus itself carries spasmatic cuts in order to avoid more unnecessary cage material. The cervix develops a special form slime, the most productive during the vulture, and provides a slime that creates optimum conditions for spermatodes to move to the eggplant.

In the end, the most active phase of the eggs is coming. They send signals from hypophys to match with hormones, and they also prepare one cage every month for fertilization. The eggs are formed by an ogenesis long before they're born, inside the follikulls of a girl's feather. Most of them are then killed, but during the fertility period, a woman, when she is able to start a child, every month one of the eggs is in principle able to respond to changes in the hormonal cycle: she starts to develop, she is suspected of forming an surrounding follicula (secret shell) that produces hormones and provides a label with nutrients. The Wall of Follicula begins to act with eggs: at this point, some women take the vegetation of the wall as pain during the egg egg out of the ovulation. After the ovulation, the balance of the folliccules is producing a progesteron hormon. If the egg doesn't survive (i.e. it won't be fertilized and implanted into the uterus wall), the eggs stop producing progesterone, and only a tiny shirt from the follicula.

The beginning of a woman ' s physical maturity may differ for several years from a woman of great sex. In the twentieth century, there was a clear indication that menarches (this Greek word called the beginning of the first menstrual bleeding) are coming from girls before and before. Too early or too late for regular menstruations, each in its own way, may be very unpleasant and even painful for young teenage girls. If a girl has hair on a frontal lobe at age eight, she may have some psychological problems with her peers, like a 16-year-old girl who still has no breasts. In any case, this phase is a very memorable period in the life of a 12-year-old teenager. Anna Frank left us with a beautiful description of her feelings, so we can be very comfortable with this stage of women ' s development. In fact, it's a huge change to realize that a girl is now basically capable of having a child.

Changes related to menopause (climax) also affect all women.

They are mainly manifested in the fact that the production of female genital hormones has ceased, which means that a number of processes that took place during the age of puberty are now moving backwards. The hair on the frontal lobe is not usually reduced during this period; its continued growth is managed by the male hormonal, which is also produced in women ' s body (to a lesser extent than that of men, although it produces a similar result). In addition, a fairly large number of women are starting to grow hair when they don't need it - for example, on the upper lip. This is due to the fact that, due to the decline in the number of estrogen in the system, it no longer compensates for the effects of the testosterone. Living cells under the hill of Venus and in large genital lips are declining in volume, and skin is generally untouched, slightly more dummy. The small lips and the forehead are not subject to specific changes, but the sliding sheath of the vagina is repeated as before sex. The vagina is a little tight, and the warehouses inside it are spreading. If you give a very precise and tangible description of the changes inside the vagina at this stage of a woman ' s life, it can be said that during the fertility period, the vagina wall is made of barhat, and after the climax, it becomes a silk stitch... In the unintentionally state, the vagina is not so humid at older ages, although some lubricant is still available at optimal induction. The truth is, if a man expects a woman to be able to have a quick willingness to be accompanied by the old memory, he may face the fact that the slug has become much more vulnerable. The acidity of the environment is declining, which means that the protective mechanism capable of protecting a woman from domestic infections is not working so well. The uterus is reduced in size, and the lyscular casing of its inner wall is reduced again to the same value as in the half-weighted period. Finally, perhaps the most important thing is that the eggs no longer have eggs, and they now produce a small number of hormones. Hypophysics is still trying to force eggs to function more intensively for some time, but as a result, it only results in the hormones of hypophysics becoming incredibly high (which often leads to headaches and blood spills).

Biologists and anatoms should study their studies from objective positions, i.e. without unnecessary emotions, but doctors know that their patients do not want to be perceived as unused objects... Doctors must, of course, as everyone believes, know the human body as well as the diseases that threaten him, but on the other hand, the doctor must also be able to share his knowledge with the patient, so that he can be more reasonable and better able to monitor his own health.

Women ' s hair tends to grow in a triangle, and only a few women have a small haircut (and this path is sometimes dark during pregnancy).

If the hair shape on the frontal lobe is rumboid, it can indicate that the male hormones are too high in the woman's blood. Maybe you can look in the mirror with your clitoris, and underneath the big sex lips can be a little small. If you put your hand on the hill of Venus, under the elastic layer of fat tissue, you can feel the pubic bone.


5 years, 4 months


Recently, there has been a trend in the network: various bloggers recommend the use of cucumbers for female genital mutilation. The cucumber is good, but don't do that! The doctors drew attention to the trend and strongly discouraged girls from taking such a cleaning procedure. The cucumber procedure, in the opinion of the experts, cleans and reduces the risk of disease. Doctors say no! Dr. Jen Gunther, who runs a popular health blog, warns, "If you have a vagina, you should never do that. For someone to be amazing, but you don't have to clean it somehow, it's cleaned naturally."

Network specialists advise that a purified cucumber be placed in the intimate part of the body for a certain time. The procedure allegedly cleans, removes unpleasant smells and reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

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