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There's a lot of substances affecting men. Studies in this area focus on a large number of publications. We are, in response to this question, summarizing the negative effects of substances that almost all have heard, and many of us have even contacted them.

These are common drugs and so-called psychotropic substances, i.e. substances affecting psychology. First of all, it's alcohol, nicotin and drugs.

The effect of alcohol on the plant.

Small doses have a stimulant effect on the central nervous system of the human being, but in Russia, it is known that alcohol in small doses is harmless in all quantities. In this regard, alcohol abuse is a major risk factor in the development of erectile dysfunction among our fellow citizens. The main reason for the failure of erections against the background of alcohol is the violation of the function of liver and, as a consequence, the violation of the exchange of male hormones on which the normal sexual function depends. In addition, the state of the intoxication is stunning, and as a result there are problems with ejaculation (semi-deployment) up to its total absence.

Nicotine's influence on the plant.

Влияние никотина на потенцию
Nicotine ' s influence on the plant

The most harmful substance we contain in our breathing tobacco smoke. The main pathological effects of nikotina are persistent spasm (i.e. narrowing) of small-calibre receptacles, including those that bleed a penis. In addition, nikotin has been found to contribute to the emergence of atherosclerosis, a dangerous disease that causes increased debris and the sealing of receptacles. Most of the atherosclerosis affects heart and brain receptacles. As a result, a person may have a heart attack of myocard or stroke that in itself makes normal sexual life impossible. But there is often a narrowing or complete sealing of the receptacles of a sexual member, and in this case the patient develops a persistent impotence.

The effects of narcotic drugs on the plant.

Today, this is the main health problem for the industrialized countries of the world. It didn't pass, unfortunately, by Russia. The problem is that the number of drugs used is very high and it is not possible to report the effects of each. So let's talk about the effects of some of them. The specificity of the effects of drugs on the trend is that they do not operate directly on erection mechanisms. Their impact is being developed with regular reception against the backdrop of drug addiction. The general mechanism for impotence in drug use is the development of depression, which occurs when a person has already developed a drug addiction.

Often, doctors are exposed to the use of non-injecting drugs (i.e. drugs that are not absorbed by injection, but by inhalation, company or smoking). This group is concentrated in Marijuana (Gashish), Cocaine, amphetamines, LSD (Lisergic acid diethylamide). The adoption of these drugs leads to toxic polyneuropia, a dangerous disease of the nervous system, which is likely to cause the nerve fibers of the human body to die. This, apart from other dangerous disorders, leads to a breakdown of erections due to a violation of the inertia of a sexual member.

Injecting drugs (Geroin, Morfia, etc.) are also characterized by the development of toxic polyneuropathy, but there is also a threat to the development of specific complications associated with the enormous risk of infection to which drug addicts are exposed. The most frequent infection that every injecting drug runs the risk of capturing is not AIDS, as many people think (although it is the most dangerous infection) and viral hepatitis. As a result, the viral hepatitis has developed very severe liver defections that lead to impotence.

The effects of drugs on the plant.

What does it have to do with the content?The development of erectile dysfunctions is, of course, a very rare side effect in the taking of medicines and, in general, erections occur after the abolition of the drug. However, there is a need to know about the drugs that may cause such a complications.

As is well known, the problem of number one for global health remains the problem of the treatment of heart disease and the vascular system. Much progress has been made in addressing this issue through the introduction of new, high-impact drugs that successfully address such issues as arterial hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc. However, for a number of cardiovascular drugs, there is a pattern of negative effects on the population. Due to the fact that these drugs are used by a large number of men in Russia, who have problems with heightened arterial pressure and increased cholesterol, we will stop them further.

First of all, a drug like Obzidan. It refers to so-called non-selective beta-blockers who are effective in arterial hypertension, rhythm disorders and heart disease. The drug has been used in our country since the 1960s, but there has been recent evidence that, with the long adoption of the drug (and most patients to whom the drug must be permanently accepted), men are developing a spinal effect such as the fibrosis of corrosive bodies.

This condition is characterized by a decrease in the elasticity of the walls of the carpet bodies of the sexual member, which makes the filling of the carpet bodies and the erection difficult. Surgical surgery is shown in severe forms of purposing of carpet bodies of a sexual member. Fortunately, to date, a large number of drugs, similar (and even superior) to their Obzidan effectiveness, are known, without such side effects. These are so-called selective beta-blockers. Therefore, male patients who are constantly using Obzidan, we strongly suggest that we consult with the cardiologist on the prospects for the transition to its modern analogs.

Another means, Lovastatin, can also lead to the development of the fibrosis of the sex penis. The lavastatin refers to drugs that effectively reduce blood cholesterol. However, with his long admission, the same thing as Obzidan is developing a corrosive fibrosis. In this case, it also makes sense to consult with his cardiologist about the possibility of switching to modern drugs of this type.

Very often, erections occur against the backdrop of neuropleptics, the drugs used in psychiatric practice. Amazingly, in our crazy age, these drugs use a lot of normal people to overcome stress. Long-term neuropleptics can cause changes in the propulsion centers of the brain and lead to the development of parkinsonism, a condition which in turn leads to erection violations.

There are also some ways to treat hypertonic disease, such as Clofeline, Adelfan and Crystyne. These substances act on nerve ends and may result in erections. Fortunately, today these drugs are hardly used.

And another category of medicine is the ulcer disease treatment medication from the H2-receptor group. Those who take these drugs will know what it is. First of all, attention should be paid to Cymetidin. This is an antique device which, in a long-term reception, results in a change in the exchange of male hormones in the system and, as a result, impotence. If this drug helps you, you better use his modern analogs, such as Ranitisan or Famothidin, who do not have this serious deficiency of your predecessor.

Anyway, if you're taking any medication, you're gonna have to tell the doctor what side effects he's causing. If the doctor makes it clear that, along with other unpleasant moments, there may be an erectile dysfunction, please cautiously ask for an adequate replacement. No one will refuse.


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What's an erectile dysfunction and what's it caused? Erections may also be caused by the reception of certain medicines. Consistent electile inability can be developed due to such harmful habits, alcohol consumption, smoking and drug abuse.

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