It's been a long time.

There are many ways to increase the length of the sexual act that came to us from an ancient past. They can be taken to people ' s means or called old-fashioned, grandparents, who are more comfortable. That doesn't change the point.


Question of sexist reception

Eugenia, 25, Kiev.

♪ Hello, Professor. I've got a quick seed. The sexual act is no more than five minutes. I feel like sometimes my wife misses something. Sometimes I feel like it's not enough.

The use of them, of course, would cause a humiliating smile or be obstructed by modern medicine. But the fact remains that some of the men can help solve their own problem.

One of the important components of sexual prolongation is breathing.

In the course of the situation, it must not be delayed or breathed too often. It's hard to think of a lover in a passionate moment, to touch it and to remember breathing at the same time. However, it should be known that such an arrangement had been promoted in the eastern technicians, where, according to Dao teachers, breathing or exes was a vital force. They're suggesting rules that can help breathe correctly if they're done a few minutes a day, so deep and slow diaphragm breathing is natural at any time of the day.

  • 1. Keep the right shank and keep the chest naturally.
  • 2. Learn to breathe and breathe only with diaphragm and nose, don't use that mouth.
  • 3. First, exhale all of your lungs gradually and then completely devastate them by making the last effort to reduce the diaphragm. Now breathe carefully, expanding the diaphragm to the limit. Then breathe again slowly, repeating the whole process.

In sex, warning accelerated seeding, breathing must be controlled and breathed slowly and deeply through the introduction of a sexual member into the vagina. You can and should add erotic sounds in this process. This breath will make a partner feel better about her partner and wake up more.

The Tuntra-Loves were advised that if a man did not want to hold his orgasm, he should not restrain his breath and hedge his eggs. If he does, the orgasm gets faster than he wants. If he relaxes, deep breaths and relaxes the muscles of the berry, he will regain control of his orgasm. You can't listen to the opinions of those who have for centuries valued in the art of love. If a man remembers the right breath and learns to relax in time, then the time of his ejaculation will necessarily be delayed.

Training of pelvis muscles

Тренировка мышц таза
Training of pelvis muscles

This method is more complicated. The Tanzanian followers believe that " the sexual act must be long, which requires continuous physical effort and the use of muscles that modern men and women rarely train and develop " (N. A. Glaskov, 1991). That's how G. La Pera was promoted (1996). This exercise of yoga can be freely delayed and recycled urination, develop muscle strength, learn to control its actions, maintain a certain level of erection. The trained muscles around eggs, penis and anus will allow for a stronger erection and control of ejaculation. These muscles raise the penis to the inspired state and lower it.

This technique can be developed through regular exercises, the essence of which is to remove imaginary nails from a chair where you sit if the hat of such a nail is tightened between the yagodians. The regular repetition of such exercises, standing, lying or sitting, is a very common case for women who are taught in preparation for birth. It's familiar with the exercise and with men with radiculitis or prostate, who reconstruct the muscles of the pelvis.

Regular running or famous Russian baths can be used to improve the blood supply of small pelags, which are glossed by their male reinforcement. The ability to push muscles and, above all, to relax them in time before the orgasm is the most important thing in preventing accelerated ejaculation. It is interesting to examine and test in their practice the advice of the followers of Tantra. For example, they recommend that a man raise and lower his penis with muscles, showing that he holds his full bladder or deters the call for decontamination. The same muscles that control the ejaculation process are used. The man has been tightening these muscles so he's accelerating the approach of the orgasm he wants to control. Any pressure of these muscles creates a strong sense at the base of the penis, which is a reliable signal that the ejaculation is close and can be held only by disrupting the erotic stimulus. When this feeling appears, a man must stop all traffic, take a few deep breaths and try to deliberately weaken the muscles of the berry. If it's done in time, the feeling's gone. At that time, the controlled entry and withdrawal of the penis can continue until it is reappeared, followed by the rest of the procedure. And so many times as it takes. The more this is done, the easier it is to control the offensive.

Training of muscles used in a sexual act

" When they are performed, a man must try to raise his penis in front of a woman and squeeze his vagina muscles. This can be done by squeezing muscles together, as if you kept the urine bubble or blind guts.

Paja Movement

Be at the wall that touches the stains, eggs, back. Berry muscles are relaxed. Then squeeze the yagodians, pull the stomach so the pelvis can rise up and get out. Only the eggs lose contact with the wall. Count to 3, relax. In three days, make a difference in this exercise:

Face to the wall

Paja's movements are the same, but the walls only concern the forehead and the chest, the fingers of the legs are slightly off the wall, the legs are slightly stunned, the knees are slightly cranked. Try to raise the sexual organs as fast as you can on the wall, but don't go on your nose.

Sitting on the floor

The legs are stretched, the palms on the floor behind the berries.

Down on the floor

Do this exercise with your legs stretched, with the folded, with arc down (hands, feet and upper torso only).

Left face down

It's nothing, kneeling, four.

Eggs on ankles

Get your hands in the chair seat where the body is at 45 degrees. Then back to the chair.

Stay on the side.

It is better when the exercise is done by partners taking different positions for communication but without sexual contact. At least in front of each other.


Most of the sexual movements are used, so we recommend it especially. Partners are tied behind their heads, legs are a little stunned and folded, rotating their hips in one direction. Hula-hup is a beautiful device.

Berry pressure

The slutty eggs prevent sexual joy. Get in front of each other, your legs together, the palms hug their partner's eggs. Burn the eggs. You can use the stunt used by the balletmasters: insert a flat disc (0.5 cm thick) between the cheeks of the berry. A tree, a polystry, a cardboard. Keep him to account 6 and then relax. Don't forget to raise your penis and push the vagina muscles.

Berry traffic

Good exercise to reduce the size of the femur and berry. Sit down, your feet stretch, your hands on your knees. Reversely push the muscles of the berries so they can drag you on the floor, first on the one hand, then on the other. When you're moving, you're going to get your knees down a little, but you're gonna have to straighten out before every voltage. You can kneel to your chest and exercise.


The feet are 26 cm. Body weight on the stains. Turn your feet in. Breathe backwards (6 times). Then the body's weight on the socks, turn the stains. Do the exercise on your back, on your stomach, sitting. When the hip is approached, the man concentrates on raising the penis and imagines he's putting it in the way of a communication. In this case, a woman imagines that she is seizing penis and doit with her tense vagina muscles.

Strengthening the poor

Sit on chairs across from each other so that the knees of one can take the other's knees. Stay behind your shoulders or behind the chair seat. The partner inside is trying to squeeze, and the outside, on the other hand, connect his legs. Count to 6 and change your legs. "

The proposed exercise system can be implemented when convenient. With clearance, 30 minutes a day in the first three months. Then 30 minutes a week, no effort (not until sweat) is better naked (when you use these muscles, you'll be completely naked). After 10 minutes of rest, lying on the back, hands along the body, hands up. Smartly weaken the muscles from the fingernails and upwards. Then a warm shower. The exercises should be done in the open air. Or in the room in front of the mirror.

Reversing of the rear gangway

Sex options can be as much as millions of couples do on Earth. They all differ only with nuances. When difficulties arise, each couple tries to solve their problem in its own way. Someone's been told by friends, someone's gonna find out how to stop the seed from the seniors.

For example, some men, having acquired the experience of prolonging sexual acts, are capable of arbitrarily compressing the muscles of the rear gangway to delay premature ejaculation. By controlling their feelings, especially during the increasing instigation, they are the sole or periodic tensile of the muscles that achieves due effect. With this compression, it is very important to relax them in time for the time before the orgasm.

This technique is part of the previous method. But when it's used, sexy games get their own shades of diversity, in no case, not a broken basic scenario in bed. And the ability to squeeze the shincter and relax it in time allows the seed to be delayed.

The most important thing is sometimes what some men forget in bed, the desire to see each other as a whole, and as long as possible, is much more important for many women than getting short-term orgasm.

Intermediate press

There's a pretty simple way of decomposing the seeds of eruption, which is a banal finger-pression. It's in the area between the anus and the mosh. When a man feels like he's about to have an orgasm, he's gonna need to be squeezed with the index and middle fingers of his left hand to this place.

Living must be 3 to 4 s, at the same time in deep breath. The essence of this reception is that during the orgasm, the presentation gland is reflexing and decreasing, preventing untimely discharge of the seed fluid. This line application covers the seed canal and prevents liquid release. At the right time, falling into the right place, getting your hands off the object of love isn't good for everyone, but training, skills and snorting can help someone to extend time, avoiding premature ejaculation.

The advantage of this method is that a man manipulates his hands without removing his sexual penis from the vagina (may be pressed to the intermediary and with an inverted member). He keeps talking to his partner and doesn't explain anything to her. Some men are cute, so they don't need to share their problems with a woman.

Recommendations with other points or places on the body are not always well founded. There are tips who suggest that, to delay the seeding, they try to click their hands on the urinating channel. Such regular practices often lead to stalemate in the presentation. As a result, there will be chronic residue, a violation of the work of the prostate superintendents and, in the end, a retrograde ejaculation.

Head crushing

The infliction of pain in the course of the situation is a known means of prolonging the sexual act already mentioned. The practiced masturbation of men knows it by experimenting with their sexual member. By pulling him out of the vagina and sharpening his head, a man would feel a severe pain. He can squeeze it himself, or maybe ask the partner to do it.

This unexpected stimulus somehow shifts the brain to another mode, distracts it from the situation, thereby prolonging the sexual act. Of course, the power of compression and the time of the man determines himself and applies the procedure as necessary. A little later will be presented with special psychotherapeutic “compression” techniques, but this is a somewhat different way to combat premature ejaculation.

Egg tension

" Food " methods are often questionable in the reading or hearing of the stories of the veterans of the " Field Front " . However, there is also such a technique: there is a need to pull the testicles down when it feels like an orgasm approaching. In the course of the sexual act, the platoon in front of the orgasm of the mouse is clutching, the testicles are kind of tense and upwards. If they at least partially do not rise immediately before the ejaculation, the man will be unable to fully ejaculate, the supporters of the reception.

I'd like to believe that this kind of moshound attraction has, for some time, delayed the moment of ejaculation. It seems, however, that this is simply a psychological shift of attention, which has led to a delay in the seedling at this time.

Use of alcohol

Подавляющий эффект алкоголя на эрекцию члена
Erection of a member

Men suffering from premature seedlings are most aware that a glass of wine or beer, a little water or potato tends to sensualize and slow reactions, remove some psychological barriers and push for advances. Beer derived from the chmel sometimes contains bromine, and some alcohol disincentives a woman to increase her incisiveness. In the end, a man ' s induction is slower and a woman is more likely to grow up and reciprocate. The skill created by these conditions can facilitate the possibility of coitus, and the slow initiation under the influence of alcohol vapour will allow longer sexual activity.

Alcohol has an overwhelming effect on the member ' s erection, reducing its firmness, making it weaker.

However, this situation has led to a slowdown of the orgasm. In addition, many women prefer this condition. In the East, it is said that moderation in drinking weakens the prohibitions, but it is a bit of an orgasm reflex. That's what's required to extend the sexual act. But the excessive amount of alcohol will lead a man to the fact that he may not have an erection at all.

This path of prolongation will not help many because of individual characteristics of the organism, reactions to alcohol, attitude to alcohol, morality and other reasons. A certain category of men is planted on alcoholic dose, without which they no longer think of sexual intercourse, fearing to interview. Some have to gradually increase the amount of alcohol to achieve the desired result.

But the fact remains that alcohol contributes to the extension of sexual acts by many men.

Undoubtedly, with the excessive use of alcohol, sex life is a vulgar form of rape, treason, unplanned pregnancy, ceases to be the expression of love and true beautiful feelings. Partnerships are negative, women are unpleasant with a non-existent man, and alcoholism often leads to impotence. Therefore, when using alcoholic beverages, it is important to respect the measure and the mutual agreement.


At the beginning of the twentieth century, a rather popular tool from insomnia, non-renewal, overwhelming was a bromine, more specifically, not a bromine, but rather methyl bromide or potassium solutions. They were started in ten years after the opening of element No. 35. According to doctors, methyl bromide was effective when the normal relationship between the initiation and braking processes in the measles of the brain was broken. Such self-protection, the way in which the interconnected brain processes are managed, sometimes also helps with premature ejaculation in cases where slow growth is necessary.

Broadcasting is a " deda " method and is used very rarely because of the limited time spent prolonging the sexual act by removing the traffic.


The treatment of medicinal herbs and stuns has been adopted in old-fashioned times, but nowadays, phytotherapy as a cure for premature ejaculation is a fairly common phenomenon in our lives. Some herbs are taken comprehensively with other drugs, many of them on their own.

Of those who meet in our country, the following are the most known.


Mita is a greedy, spasmolite, anti-septic, anti-septic tool that reduces fermentation and rotting in the bowels. Mita is a general reinforcing, early-living, urinating, anti-flammatory and analgesive action in carices, desene inflammation, dentalizing, commencing burns, facilitating spasms and squids in the stomach and intestine, antivirus activism, eliminating pain, The abundance of the pharmacological properties of the mint in cases of premature ejaculation is valued by the re-establishment of power, the removal of nervous traffic, nerve due to sleep deficits, spamoletic effects on brain receptacles and the optimization of brain circulation.

It's a “dadow” tool. People ' s smarts are offering to lubricate a puberty of mints, which contains a number of sedatives: mementol, betapinen, cineon. They are gradually absorbed into the skin of a sexual member, so the nerve cells do not react so quickly to the stimulus. As a result, a man has better control of his behaviour and can therefore last longer.

Vassilka stalemate

It's also a people's tool that's pushing off an orgasm from men. Vassilka holds centauri, a substance with a man ' s orgasm braking properties. Sufficiently, before being sexually contacted, drink a stint of vassilka, and a man will be capable of being sexy.

Leaf or snot

Our fathers and grandparents, unfamiliar with modern pharmaceutical means of prolonging sexual acts, added malin leaves or snotines to food. They contain feliminine, which reconstructs the work of the nervous ends of the genital organs. The rise is slower and the sexual act is extended.

Cora duba

People's cure for many diseases is a cow of oak. Grandpa's niche used it to solve sexual dysfunction problems. The beating from the cow is necessary within a week. It contains a large number of Tiaminas. Tiamine slows the work of the nervous ends of sexual organs (through, sometimes local use). It's not as fast as it's not as fast as it's done without a cook. Which means that sexual discharge will happen later.

Wheat oil

This method of prolonging the sexual act has also come to us from the depths of centuries. They say that in the old days, some men on Rusie were carrying a flank with wheat butter. At the right moment, they took out the probe, breathed the butter of the wheat and... were ready to move on the " floor " .

The fact is that one of the components of wheat oil is entemorphine, which directly affects hypophysics, whose involvement in sexual initiation and regulation of sexual processes is indisputable. Entemoorphine appreciates the ability not only to prolong sex, but also to increase pleasure. For this, it's enough to take one flask of fresh wheat oil.


The collections of various plants that have been popularized since ancient times and are now available on the Internet include:

1. Puncture (mouth of root) - 1 bed; mummy - 0.2 g; copper bee - 1 bed; grenades (sock) - 1 bed; flush (saw) - 1 bed; wine - 100 ml; water (kills) - 1 glass.

Production of collection No. 1: 1 glass of boiler is filled with 1 stack of powdered kernels and long vomited until a thick slide. Hot vineyards add mummy, copper, grenade and plum juice. The composition obtained shall be connected to the vent strap and smash to the homogeneous mass. They take half-staff twice a day, with a general weakness.

2. The capovnic is brown (fertility) - 3 parts; the softness of the medicinal (inferior) - 2 parts; the dryer is ordinary (trave) - 1 part; the love is two-leaf (orneculum) - 2 parts.

3. Five-hazardous (trava)-two parts; 1,000-litre is common (trave)-two; pepper (steel) meta is one; shower is normal (trave) is one part.

4. The capovnic is brown (fertility) 2 parts; the watch of the three-leaf (leaf) - 1 part; the curtain (colour) - 1 part; the deserter of the five-frequency (trave) - 2 parts.

Preparation of charges Nos. 2, 3, 4: 2 beds of pre-fixed (coffin or meat cut) to fill 1 litre of boiling, to boil, to slowly fire 10 mines in closed dishes, to pour with the grass into thermos, to insist on the night. Take 100-150 ml in 30 minutes to eat. Med, sugar, cookies can be added to improve taste.

Treatment is three to four months. After which they take a 10 to 14-day break, they change the collection and continue the treatment. Despite the improvements that have been made, physical therapy needs to continue for at least 12 months. Follow up on the prevention of spring and autumn charges (2 months).

A slight improvement in phytotherapy occurs in 2 to 3 weeks of regular herbal reception. However, persistent effects can only be achieved in the case of long and regular use of grass (for 8-12 months or longer). Before taking a collection, it is advisable to learn about the anti-indication of herbs in herbs.

Finding these tools and making chefs, stuns and other things not just modern men. They were assisted by specialists, creating biologically active additives in which many useful substances had an impact on increasing the length of sexual acts, significantly improving the scope. BAD is well suited for frequent use, does not contain artificially synthesized, chemical components, safe and verified by people of different ages, and their effectiveness is proven clinically.

The effectiveness of these drugs is, of course, insufficient to call them panacea from premature ejaculation. However, one of the men can provide invaluable assistance.

Special food

In different parts of the world and in every region of our country, our old-fashioned secrets of prolonging sexual acts through the use of products that activate men ' s sexuality.

There's some hot peanuts (approximately 1 kg 12 hours before sex), some shrimp, but there's no reliable evidence of the effects of specific dishes on the rate of seeding. More often, prescriptions for a man ' s intensification are offered, and such food allows for several consecutive sexual acts, thereby prolonging the time of each subsequent ejaculation.

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