Problems of sex in Russia

Проблемы секса
Early ejaculation is the main problem of sex
And the most successful work in the field of sexology has been the issue of " 1001 questions about this " by Vladimir Shahijanan on the newspaper " Moscow Soldiers " . Since his first edition of his book was published, it's been almost twenty years.

The situation in the country, in Russian medicine and education, in the minds and actions of citizens has changed dramatically. Most people only have a constant interest in intimate relationships, and problems of medical sexology and sexuality remain relevant. So far, everyone is concerned about the eternal issues of love, jealousy, treason and the fact that there is always a harmonious sexual relationship.

On the one hand, all the information described here reflects the modern sex culture of the Rossian, gathered with the spirit and casting the " hotline " . On the other hand, it characterizes the cut that is characteristic of men and women in need of help.

The first thing that goes into the eye is the broad geography of people who seek help from a sexist. Called from the Far North and the South.

Revolved from abroad and from Moscow, from small settlements and large cities. Some people are embarrassed to go to a doctor's appointment in a clinic. Others fear the publicity and splash of their villages or villages. Three people are just hoping to solve their phone problems. A quarter cheaper to get a consult, paying only for international negotiations, than to get to a doctor somewhere in America or Germany, someone has difficulties in communicating in a non-national language abroad...

Over 2,000 people have sought assistance from the hotline. Of these, 53 per cent are men and 47 per cent are women. The age is 16 to 84 years.

The majority of applicants for advice and assistance are mature age, i.e. the average age of male callers is about 34 years, and women are 31 years old.

Most men are interested in:

1. Each fourth has an accelerated term in their view. There are so many problems with erections (24 per cent).

2. Every fifth of us care about the size of their sexual organs (I wanted to do a sexual extension surgery, and a friend told me that it was possible without surgery to pull it manually).

A large number of women are concerned about:

1. Every fifth is a lack of orgasm or dissatisfaction in their partnership. We're still young enough, 40 for me, 42 for him. Or, "How am I and my husband to build a private life? I kind of do everything, and he doesn't show any interest. I think there might be a husband to change.”

2. About the same women ask for their men. Sometimes the snatch goes off, the drop of blood comes out. A few years ago. He had a broken penis, I broke...“).

The remaining questions and answers were distributed:


  • 8 per cent - Vision problems;
  • 6% Sex Spheres;
  • 5.5% Psychological problems in sexual relations with other women;
  • 5% STI;
  • 6.5 per cent are the remaining problems (wife ' s sexual health (girls), inappropriate sexual orientation or sexual initiation, sex technology, education, masturbation intensity, child care, lack of sex excesses, violence by superiors).


  • 9.5% are concerned about children (2 of whom are concerned about the fate of future children during pregnancy: drugs and husband alcoholism);
  • 7.5% have psychological problems (love, treason, jealousy);
  • 6.5 per cent sexual dissatisfaction in marriage;
  • 5 per cent is pain during sexual acts and sexual illness;
  • 5% - STI
  • 29.5 per cent other problems (sex education, sexual inappropriate sexual orientation, non-existent sexual abuse, psychological problems of skill, shyness)

The results of his treatment are only favourable. These inspired journalists form secrets, tell the most intimate details of sexual life, treat him as last resort, hoping that the most qualified doctor listens, advises, helps. Often, they call with gratitude, after a while, they say sincere thanks for the support, advice, recommendations.

Although the situation with medical sex treatment has not improved in recent years.

The level of sexual culture of Rossian remains low and sexual awareness, including. The pool of narrow professionals (andrologists, urologists, sex workers...) remains more frequent in male scholars ' speeches in scientific and practical forums.

The quality of assistance in the field leaves much to be desired, and in a number of human settlements there is simply no one to seek basic assistance. People still don't know who to deal with their misery because there's no good advertisement in the regions or very little performance.

Sexual behavioural stereotyping, promoted in the media, the Internet, video cassettes and press publications, has led the population to the ranks.

Sex bombs, stars and models disappoint.

The TV show and the TV show are upset and misleading... Based on premeditated standards of conduct, people compare their actions to those seen or read. Suddenly they believe and... they get not only misinformation, but they also break family relations, they get caught in their problems, suffer, become patients of psychiatrists.

With all the individuality of the sexuality of the individual, the sexual behaviour of Russian citizens differs from the variability of the stereotypes of sexual culture and the standardization of its contemporary manifestations.

Men are therefore most often asked about the increase in the size of sexual organs and the increase in the percentage.

Those who suffer from premature death are more often silent, and only 1 to 12 per cent are treated for health care.

And women care about their own orgasm and the condition of their sexual partner, who must provide it.

Both individuals and others have misrepresentations of their genitalia and sexual opportunities. But if this situation could be predicted, a very unexpected and worthy feather is the desire of the majority to obtain a pill (the hypnosis, a resolute one-time psychologist installation) that would help rid itself of jealousy, to determine the choice of an elected member, to increase the sexual membership.

The everlasting problems of love and hatred are of concern to the Rosians at least 100 or 10 years ago. But this mass desire to solve its personal intimate problem in a simplified manner has emerged in our computer, technological age and reflects the sociocultural situation of the beginning of the new millennium.

Virtual sex dependence

On the one hand, this is the same problem of technical progress. On the other hand, a higher level of sexual dependence on external irritants. The situation is different from the fact that the vast number of applicants is partners.

Their sexual partners do not see their dependence, which has become painful, or they are well suited.

By masturbating alone, they are free from the environment and forget about their marital duties, family responsibilities, etc.

Virtuals have become increasingly and more frequent in sexual practice, and society responds fairly passively to this group of patients. This is a multiplicity (up to a million people) of its growth over a decade. The naive belief of our fellow citizens in media advertisements, which promotes various forms of sexual medicine, is of paramount importance. The mass promotion of sex and drugs in Russia was observed 100 years ago.

Over the years of Soviet power, the credibility of print and television has increased so that today ' s advertising has blindly pushed our fellow citizens into unjustified experiments. Free sale on the viagra pharma network, syalis ix et al. facilitates their acquisition.

But the lack of a doctor ' s recipe leads to sad consequences for those against whom they are shown.

The poorness of some media allows for ineffective or inefficient drugs to be delivered to the stores. Charlatans of all the masks hang on a sex show, filling their wallets. In this context, there has been a desire to provide real assistance to men who suffer from the inability to perform a full sexual act and to specialists from a large range of treatments, counselling, psychological support to whom assistance is sought, but for various reasons cannot be fully received.

Early ejaculation is the most common sexual problem Russian men.

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