Medical treatment of premature seeding

The treatment of diseases that have led to premature ejaculation is one of the main methods of prolonging male sexual acts and treating premature seedlings.

Treatment of diseases

Among the diseases most commonly referred to are sexually transmitted diseases, sugar diabetes, prostate, hyperplasia of progeny, systemic atherosclerosis, thyroid diseases, hormonal imbalances, depletion and inflammatory diseases of the horticultural system.

PEs cause head or spinal injury.

Among the men ' s diseases leading to PEs, the first place is most likely to be prostated. According to O.B. Laurent with the co-author (1996), 35 per cent of the 420 patients who were chronically prostated, coupled with diet and collikulit, had premature ejaculation.

Question of sexist reception

Michael, 27, Podmoskovier.

♪ Doctor, are you treating premature eruption?

♪ Sure.

♪ I heard that there's a surgical method, a sexual activity. Is this a complex operation? You can't do that?

Clinical observations and experience with patients indicate that medical care for premature sequencing of a sexist is most commonly sought by people at the very last moment when nothing else helps.

Sexually healthy men are able to control the ejaculation moment themselves. This ability is ejaculate control, whether from nature, or acquired with experience. A man with a high ejaculator control can continue sexual activity or friction as much as he wants. Until he wants an orgasm. Not all men are able to enjoy the rhythmic movement of a penis for a long time, staying on the platoon phase, near an orgasm, for a long time. Eyagulative control allows a man to enjoy himself without much stress, smashing his senses.

A man who builds premature ejaculation cannot choose whether to stay in a state of enticement or to speed up an orgasm.

The lack of ejaculation leads to the fact that the seeding of such men is faster than he or she would like. Almost immediately upon reaching its degree of instigation, it is derailed, and ejaculation is impermissible, regardless of its own desire.

When treating PE drugs and surgical means, it is important to establish control over the ejaculation process, reduce the sensitivity of the penis and normalize the central nervous system. In this section, we will consider those that are most successful in sexual practice. Before they are analysed, it should be recalled that there is a conditional separation between primary and secondary symptoms of premature seeding. Primary care is provided on its own, and secondary treatment is removed either in the treatment of the main cause disease or in addition by various methods of treatment of the primary or true secondary.

It is important to use techniques and tools to reduce the sensitivity of receptor structures of a sexual member, in addition to the use of psychological and psychotherapeutic methods and methods. In such cases, the extension of the sexual act for the purpose of full coitus requires the use of curative measures, which vary significantly from conservative biotechnology to micro-surgery (reversion of the head of a sexual member).

Most often, according to practitioners, patients with already existing self-sustained diseases, such as somatic, mental, urological, nervous, endocrine, etc., are admitted to sex therapy.

In such a case, premature seeding is a secondary disease and illness that has led to a reduction in the time of sexual act by premature extinguishment, requiring priority treatment, which greatly increases the time of recovery.

If such suspicion arises, efforts should be made to identify its cause. For which: (a) laboratory diagnostic techniques (sperm research, sexual infection detection, hormonal background study); (b) ultrasonic research - UZI (simplicity, moshon bodies); (b) endoscopic study of the urinary canal and especially the seed hill (uretroscopy); (g) other tests.

Because of the variety of reasons for premature seeding, the survey is not short-term, but rather long-term.

A doctor, a urologist, a cardiologist, anandrologist, a neurologist, an endocrinologist, finishing his job and making sure that the cause of the accelerated seed is removed, sending the patient to a sexologist.

Most importantly, the elimination of the identified cause allows for the removal of premature seedlings with greater probability of conservative or operational methods.

For example, premature ejaculation due to urological diseases is characterized by the emergence of nerve receptors and afferential paths, predominantly sexual, Prospect iron, seed bubbles, rear urethra, semen bulb. In these cases, the sensitivity of the receptor apparatus is compromised, and it will be difficult to normalize the situation without surgery.


Pharmacotherapy in a range of sexual extensions has been known since ancient times. Previously, today, medications are given in a very differentiated manner, depending on the individual current of the disease. New experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of a number of pharmacological products to selectively influence selected eyakuulation regulation mechanisms (R. Beleda, V. Taktaraov, 2004; B. Domoranski, 2002, 2003).

Those who allow a man to control the length of the sexual act up to a few dozen minutes are often referred to as Prolongatorwhich includes some both natural and synthetic psychotropic substances.

The choice of drugs is wide enough, but it requires medical supervision because of a large number of side effects.

These include: sedatives, tonics, general tranquilizers, and sometimes hormonal.

Their influence reduces emotional incursion, effective neurotic saturation, vegetative dysfunctions, depressive disorders, irritability. These are factors that often lead to accelerated seedlings. Therefore, the doctors, depending on the patient ' s sexual health, appoint common tranquilizers: seducsen, phenazepam, relanium, nitrazepam (radedodorm, eunoctin), Oxazepam (tazapam, kesepam), sybazone, medazepam (ortel), morazepam (athibs)

For example, lorazepam, as a representative of the tranquilizers of the group of derivative benzodiazepines, performs anxiolytic (resistant) action, compromising fear, anxiety, tension in neurotic conditions. No antipsychotic action. As a rule, 1.25 mg 1-3 times per day, depending on the vector ' s velocity, where the main dose is taken before sleep. It is not recommended to use patients with myastenia, verb, increased drug sensitivity. Retention is recommended to refrain from high-profile and fast-moving exercises. The removal of the drug is carried out with a gradual reduction in dose, taking into account the development of accustomedium and drug addiction.

It is common knowledge that accelerated ejaculation is suppressed by tranquilizers but not by their impact. The impact on ejaculation is dose-dependent. According to some data, research has shown that only every tenth man is affected by these drugs by the braking of ejaculation. This low-efficiency and sedative action limit the use of these drugs in the treatment of ejaculative dysfunction.

Other drugs close to the tranquilizer mechanism may be appointed: tyoridazin, melleryl, sonapax, ignorant, or psychostimulants: sydnocarb, sydnophen; small neuropleptics (Frenolon, sonapax, terelene), antidepressants (amitriptylin, triptylolin and derolin). Noopropes are often used in practice: noopropyl, pirates, cerebrolectin. In order to reduce the sympathetic tonus of drugs, vegetotropic action is used primarily: grandaxin, peripheral cholinolithics (Belloid, Bellataminal, Bellaspon, ergotamine, ergotine, dihydrohergotamine) with both adrenotic effects. In order to increase the parasympathic effect, the strychnine, proserine, doppix, secureen were used extensively before.

Influencing the reversal of the serotonin is used to improve seed control at the central nervous system level. The novels of this group are peroxetine, fluocsetine (Prozak), silver (Zoloft). Their efficiency is 25 to 53 per cent.

Eyagulation is inhibited by neuropleptics by blocking dominance receptors at the central level. Fluoxetin, as the main representative of the group of electoral inhibitors of the reversal neuronal sequestration of serotonin, contributes to its accumulation in the CNS.

This drug helps to improve attitudes, reduces fear and tension, eliminates discontent. No sedative effect. Its steadfast clinical effect is developed in three weeks of continuous reception, with the average of therapeutic doses cxviiprozac having little impact on cardiovascular and other systems. But he has an anti-indict: a rescheduled myocard infarction, cardiac arrhythmia, glaucoma, and work that requires rapid mental and motor reactions. Appointed 10 to 20 mg per day for 3 weeks in the morning, 6 to 8 hours before the sexual act, not more than 2 to 3 times per week. It should be remembered that alcoholic beverages are prohibited during treatment.

To reduce the tongue of seed bubbles with 50 per cent efficiency, alf-adreneclockers such as terazozin, alfuzozin are used. The dosage, both permanent and immediately before the intended sex, is selected by a doctor on the basis of the individual characteristics and the sexual constitution of the patient.

For example, surtralin dosing options (Zoloft):

50 mg, once a day;

50 mg, once a day for two weeks, then 50 to 100 mg per day of sex (sxix17.00) or 4 to 6 hours before the planned sex.

Or the vapoursetin (Paxil) is dosed as follows:

10 mg, once a day;

10 mg, once a day for 2 weeks, then 20 mg for 3-4 hours before the planned sex.

This group of drugs is known as anti-psychotic drugs. Early seeding shall be prevented by centrally active dominance receptors. The experts estimate that the effectiveness of anthletes (the means used in depression treatment) in the treatment of premature seeds is about 19 per cent, but that they may have side effects. The following side effects are possible for inhibitors of the reversal of the serotonin: sleepiness, headache, anorexia, nausea, mouth dryness, anoeaculation. Maybe that's why they didn't get widespread in the therapy of premature ejaculation.

Generally reinforcing drugs are used in treatment: zinc, selenium, magic, phytin, glycerofat, lepocebrin, carnitin, insulin, glucose, and especially giragine vitamins of A and E groups acting as synergists (aevite, aerovit, stimulators and synate)

Some experts believe that ejaculation is suppressed by tricyclic anti-depressants, which have rapid, clear and dose-dependent effects. However, tricyclic agents of less " clean " are less selective in their effects on specific receptors. They also have a large number of side effects.

It is possible that many men can benefit from advanced oral preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions, which are designed to restore a natural response to sexual initiation and the treatment of violations of the erection of the different genes.

These are: Yohimbin, Laveron and 5 type phosphodiasterase, such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Sialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Podenafil), Laveron.

In recent years, in order to improve the treatment of premature seedlings, greater impact has been achieved through their use together with anthletes.

There is no doubt that this therapy guarantees long-term erection, whether or not the man overthrows the seed. At the same time, men ' s sexual tensions are diminishing, as they no longer need enhanced surveillance of ejaculation. A man is able to afford to be completely " dissolved " in sexual feelings, and he has confidence in his own power, which is necessary for the management of the seeds. This treatment further prevents some patients from using medication. For some of them, it takes weeks and for others, months.

The prospect of new drugs for PE treatment is welcome. For example, information on the availability of drugs (e.g. Ecados) has been provided on the Internet, based on modern innovative nanotechnology. The authors claim that these drugs normalize the duration of the sexual act and are effective in premature sequencing, but reliable information on its high effectiveness has not yet been made known to the general public.

It has been found that most of the modern Viagra analogs are effective, have dose-dependent effects and few side reactions. This group ' s preparates are considered to be the most promising for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature seeding. Work is under way to fully assess these drugs in the treatment of this sexual dysfunction.

Noting the pharmacological outlook for the fight against accelerated seedlings, S. T. Agarkov, President of the Interregional Movement for Sexual Culture, at a recent conference, announced a new Dapoxetin tool (with no prescription in pharmacies). His clinical trials were conducted by John Prair, head of the urological surgery department of Minnesota University (Department of Urologic Surgery at the University of Minnesota), on 2,614 heterosexual patients between 18 and 77 years of age, receiving between 30 and 60 mg dapoxetin for 12 weeks. The increase in sexual intercourse was recorded in 50 per cent at 30 mg and 55 per cent at 60 mg dose. Doses were received between 1 and 3 hours prior to the alleged sexual act, with spinal effects in the form of headaches and nausea being more than moderate.

However, almost a quarter of the testees noted the increase in sexual pleasure. Similar studies have been carried out in a number of countries and have already led to a lively panel discussion on the appropriateness of pharmacological prosthetic sexual functions, the impact of such drugs on the sexual adaptation of partners, the possibility of establishing universal therapeutic complexes, combined with Viagra, and the possible mass influx of men into pharmacy networks to change their sexual status.


The existence of different sexual disorders that reduce erections or lead to rapid sequestration implies other treatment measures. For example, VAP is the injection of vasoactive drugs (2 per cent solution of Papaverina hydrochloride, vazaprostan, prostasis, etc.) that are introduced intracarnally. Without directly affecting the time of the seeding, such injections allow for the retention of an erection to continue the sexual act.

It is possible that one of the mechanisms for increasing the duration of the friction phase in intracorrosive therapy is to reduce the sensitivity of the nervous structures of the sexual member by suppressing them with adequate rehydration of the carpet bodies. Men ' s sense of confidence in the successful implementation of coitus after intracorrosive injection is equally important.

For example, PEs are used for intra-corresorption lemons E1 (GE 1) (Edex) of Schwartz Farma. Edex contains al-Groudyl, the current beginning of the simpleland E1. He improves microcirculation and peripheral hemorrhaging, angioprotation. By relaxing smooth fibres in a systemic setting, dispensives, reduces the arterial pressure.

Intra-corresponsive Eddex injections, the prevention of premature ejaculation is linked to a reduction in the sensitivity of the nerve structures of a sexual member by reducing their corrosive bodies. The effectiveness of this technique in the PE is also determined by the persistence of erections and the ability to perform frictions after ejaculation. Edex is placed in a carpet body in a dose between 5 and 20 ug. Each patient is selected with an adequate dose of the drug individually, but the optimum is considered to be the one with an adequate erection of up to 1 hour after the introduction of the drug. The average effective single dose is approximately 10 to 20 ug. The sick are instructed on the regulations and equipment of the auto injection, the first introduction is always performed under the supervision of the doctor. The anti-indications for the therapy are numerous limitations, particularly the ischemic heart disease, chronic cardiovascular insufficiency, and other severe somatic diseases.

As previously noted, the ejaculative component has been defeated with chronic stagnation, depletion and other inflammatory diseases of the horticultural system. In such cases, 25% sulphate magnesium solution (5-10 ml) may be treated in combination with 1-2 per cent Newcaine solution (5 ml), intravenous or intramuscular.

A drug like a carpet is also introduced by a syringe into " men ' s dignity " . At one time, this medicine was barely the strongest fighter with erectile dysfunction. The Preparate really ignited the manpower and kept it for hours.

They are more likely to be used by those who are no longer assisted with pills and simpler means. Analogous to psychogenic impotence, which has arisen in the face of mental problems, can also be treated with premature psychogenic ejaculation. Since a strong erection is a kind of psychogenic stimulant: " If I have such a great erection, I will be able to withstand some sexual acts! "

For those who fear the injections into a sexual member, Americans have created a muse (al excusedyl, often referred to as mews) that is introduced into the front of a man's urination channel. The end of the hole, the button of the appliator, and the music of the alspadale capsule, is in the wind!

Physical therapy

Life, in this case, sex life sometimes requires a combination of different treatment methods. In addition, the treatment of chemicals (analysts, tranquilizers, sedatives) is not sufficiently effective, clinically, accustomed or allergic. Some of them have many differences. In clinical practice, therefore, physiotherapy treatment methods are increasingly important: laser, magnetic, ultrasonic, bioenergy and others.

For example, to correct the erectile dysfunction Sexologists use baromassage - Local negative pressure exposure (LOD-Terpia), local decompression, baromassage combined with point massage, laserotherapy and laseroleflectrapy ( laser radiation exposure to points of acupuncture), ultrasound with intra-coupling of nurses. Ultratonotherapy treatment for the reflexor-vegetative reaction to electrical discharges and currents, as well as direct action, expands capillars and arteryols, increases the tonus of vein, improves blood and lymphobia. The heat and endogenous warmth in tissues initiated by the electric field, mechanical oscillations of the supertonal frequencies and annoyance of the coronary discharge improves the exchange processes and tissue paths, reduces temporal phenomena, pains, zoods, accelerates the disintegration of the functional infiltration. The sensitivity of ultratonotherapy tissues decreases regularly, and the time of exposure to nerve fibers.

It would appear that these methods are not intended directly to extend the sexual act and prevent the seedling. But psychology from the type of self-executed penis becomes so powerful as to encourage sexual activity that a number of patients dominate the extension of the sexual act.

It must be borne in mind that most of the drugs offered have to be used for life to achieve the desired effect. It is important to know the special precautions and to remember that the best use of these means is under the supervision of a doctor, i.e., the restrictions and opposition of many modern drugs are sufficient. Without proper doses and reception time, it is possible to injure a negative conclusion in the future: " Recovery is not subject to repair " .

Chemical blockades

Chlorethyl blockades are a specific method of treating premature eruption. As a method of reflexotherapy, the treatment of the evacuator does not produce side-effects, but can bring tangible relief to the patient.

This way is also called the Mikhailis rumb blockade on Vasilchenko. The man is treated with chloroethyl lumber rum until a typical white crust occurs, after which the place of the blockade is warmed up by hand before reactive paint. The procedure is approximately 2 to 3 times per week and the whole course requires 5 to 14 procedures.

Combustion of seed

At the beginning of the book, in the foreword, it has already been pointed out that one of the reasons for premature ejaculation is the inflammatory process in the semen bulb. In the process of sexual intercourse in the seed hill, where the inflammatory process has arisen, the colliculitis are increasing. He's being burned in hypertrophy and inflammation. Sulphur or chlorogexidine bicarbonate solutions are used as incinerators.

Prospective iron mass

Inflammatory iron processes can be an organic cause of premature ejaculation. The mass of progeny, which is known to any urologist, anandrologist and medical sexologist, is used in the treatment of patients with an ejaculator component of the copulative cycle.

In cases of prostates that could lead to accelerated seedlings, the treatment method yields very tangible results after several sessions.


This method is used in cases where the cause of early seeding has been detected due to congenital or acquired paracentral syndrome affecting sexual organ and urine bubble violations. In this mode of treatment, aggressive solutions such as proserin (0.05%) or calcium chloride (10.0%) are subtle. The essence of the method is that biologically active substances are beginning to be produced at the point of introduction by non-clothing of tissues, which, influencing paracentral doses, have a braking effect on eyagulation.


These are substances that are considered to increase sexual opportunities for both men and women, with sexual desire. Their use is well known from the authors. On the rumour of anyone who has suffered sexual problems, vegetation or animal medicine: a wife, a Chinese lemon, a pantocrine, a gold root, a lull. In addition, good results are eleuteroccock, sterk, apilac, glazing body, fibs, aralia, leusea. It is no secret that, in some cases, the use of medicines can be more effective than the use of synthetic medicines. That's why our grandparents approached their grandparents for stunning, collecting herbals and following the weird prescriptions that went from mouth to mouth for centuries. To date, China has a very popular asthrate, one of the herbalous plants, whose seeds treat premature ejaculation.

In Russia, 20 to 30 drops of dispute are also used to treat premature ejaculation 3 times a day. Polish sexologist M. Wislocca recommended another 50 years ago the powder of vegetation origin, a bulb, which is based on a chmel in pharmacology. It can be accepted both on a day of soythium and for months. One patient has a minimum dose to extend the sexual act for a few minutes, and someone should take it three or four times more.

Preparates or means to improve the sexual function of men and women in recent years are referred to as sex workers. Contemporary research by scientists gives the hope that they will soon be among those who will become effective Afro-desians. Yet, unfortunately, the effectiveness of each of the known substances used to extend sexual acts or treat premature ejaculation is not high.

The use of aphrodisiacs allows a man to believe in his own power and to feel like a full partner in sex. His fear and nervousness, which, over time, allows for the abandonment of regular medication. It is not by accident that traditional medicine is dominated by modern medical interventions. According to WHO data in some African countries, up to 80 per cent of medical care is provided by traditional methods, up to 65 per cent in India.

Vegetable drugs and developed countries are popular: in Australia, up to 48 per cent of cases of medical care are traditional, in Belgium 40 per cent, in Canada 70 per cent, in France 75 per cent and in the United States 42 per cent.

How popular these drugs in Russia are the fact that there is no family in our State where there is no stunting in their hands, and every refrigerator or subpole has a cure: a wife or pantocrine, a polys and aloe, purely, a calina, a tarbine, calandula, rums, douba, dess and tins.

Medicines of vegetation origin are used to treat different types of sexual dysfunction. Preservation of sexual intercourse, particularly in the fight against accelerated seedlings, was particularly effective. When licit and skilled, vegetation products produce good results in combined use.

Many of today ' s funds already include a number of components and many of those that influence the rate of seedling. For example, the Golden Gate consists of women, sea horses, killing leaves, leaves of stale, renal tea. Although seabeds in China are themselves used with no less efficiency to treat a number of diseases.

The composition of Steman Forte, Tentex Forte is even more impressive. For example, in the latter: Extraction of the seeds of a boy of muskat, powder of the sydium of heart, root of the pit, root of the masculine, anarchy of beauty, seeds of barhat beans of the deaf, chilibuhi (neutralized), poles with the fountains of the foil. This non-hormonal sex stimulant of vegetative origin for men is appointed with insufficient sexual regeneration and premature ejaculation.

Modern pharmacology offers many vegetation products that take courses of 1 to 2 other than 3 to 6 months. But treatment for someone is worth the time.

Among the expected effects of Afro-disiacs are often referred to as the one with the expected qualities. For example, amphitamines attributed the ability to increase sexual opportunities; barbiturates allegedly stimulate sexual activity; amal nitrite knop-ki increased orgasm intensity. In fact, these means have the ability to slow down or obstruct the ejaculation, to weaken the initiation. At the same time, their negative properties overlap with all the positive: erection disorders, sexual desire weakening, headaches and dizziness. Regular consumption of some of them is dependence, depression and alarm.

It is important to understand on the pages of this book that there is no need to advertise medicines, that the pharmacological treatment arsenal is sufficiently large and that the treatment of a sexist can irreversibly lead to the appointment of any of them for treatment. In our case, to extend the time of sexual acts.


When it comes to premature sequencing, treatment often refers to the braking methods of excitement. Anaphrodisiacs can perform this function, substances that contain sexual desire and behaviour. Some of them, tranquilizer and anti-depressant medicals, have been mentioned earlier, which are slowing off orgasm but limiting sexual motivation and erection.

Experiments have shown that most modern drugs designed to reduce pressure have a negative impact on sexual activity, reducing libido and erection. And the by-product of their effects is the containment of eyakutation. Therefore, men with hypertension automatically receive a cure for sexual prolongation with the use of heart medication. But this is how to be with a weak erection in this case? Again, what doesn't fit most might be acceptable to units.

The ejaculation and use of opiates (heroin, morphine, methadone) will be slowed, but much stronger in their impact on reducing sexual activity, worsening erection and suppressing interest in the intimate side of life. The time of ejaculation provides anti-psychotropic substances, but they also pose a potential threat: erection disorder, orgasm problems, and yet sexual desire.

Application of various kinds of amateurs, gels, lubricants

Today ' s sex industry has brought many new and well forgotten old partners into the sex life and modern technologies. Even in ancient Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Chinese used different oils in sexual life, both to increase the sense of introduction and to moisture the vagina. Medicines that slow and increase the time of sexual intercourse were also known, supporting high erection and stimulus. Today, this function is performed by different creams, masks and heliums.

In our case, it is much more important to know those that allow for an extension of the time of sexual acts.

They're called the second group proponents.

They have been most prevalent in the home, i.e., providing men with harmless and simple intimacy tools: cream, oil, helium, spray, which contain a small number of substances that reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings and increase the length of sexual acts. Through these means, a man is able to control the time of his orgasm by allowing the partner to enjoy a sensual pleasure and to achieve an orgasm.

When rectifying premature ejaculation by these means It is important to reduce the sensitivity of the receptor structures of the sexual member, for which local-naestation equipment is used, containing new caine, lidocaine, mint, anaesthezine. For example, ethylaminobenzotate, anesthetic and lidocaine masks, ledocain-prilocain gel (e.g. " EMLA " ) sexual tonication of " Korridge " (the latter are also produced in the form of a draoze to remove and extend the sexual act, by its tone and compulmous act).

Intimate hygiene proponents: Harmony Prolong Cream, Harmony-Lux-Prolong, Persian Shah, Long play, cxliiCROM M1, Gharmonia Prolong.

The current beginning of this series is the Lidocaine, which reduces the inclination of sensitive nerve ends and hinders the initiation of nerve fibers.

For example, Harmonium-Lux-Prolong is a men ' s cream prolongator, composed of ledocaine, emulsion, aromatizer. This is an original patented tool, which is an easily absorbed emulsion cream of good consistance and aromat. Along with a good prolonging effect, nutritious and regenerative action is particularly important in intense sexual activity. Contains vegetable oil. Light injection allows a member to be placed at the head of a member for 20 to 30 minutes prior to the act. The use of cream is compatible with any rubber and contraceptive products. There are no indications of use. Individual heightened sensitivity to local anaesthetic may be possible.

The dose of lidocaine-based drugs is selected individually and depends on the response threshold of each man, who can increase doses, if necessary, before the desired effect. Such creams and heliums shall be applied to sensitive areas of the sexual member in a given time (from 5 to 10 to 40 to 50 minutes) prior to the initiation of the sexual act and shall wait for their full injection. Objections are most commonly the individual intransigence of or allergic reaction to lidocaine.

Non-Hormonal sexual stimulants have a wide range of applications and strength.

For example, Himkolin ' s intimidation consists of: nail oils, cinnamon crusts, brushion of limestone, negundo pistachines of real, Indian, muscular worm, carhorius sharks of squalus, masmutilities of Western dots. The drug stimulates sensitive asphenate ends, trims tissues and improves their ability to perceive, contributes to the disintegration of blood vessels, increases blood flow, supports sexual initiation and increases the length of sexual acts. The cream should not be fured, the head of a sexual member and slimy. Himkolin should not be replaced immediately after skin application. Simultaneous use with Tentex Forte results in a more rapid treatment effect.

The method of application is simple enough: a cream of 1 to 2 times a day is applied to a sexual member or to a pubic area and washed by light massing.

Often, these drugs with local anesthetic are used with simultaneous condom use.

In order to reduce the sensitivity of sexual receptors, the various aesthetic masks and heliums of a man is able to put the penis on his own, mainly in the field of cutting. It should be remembered that excessive use of creams and mazes renders the penetration of the penis unreciprocal and distorts its sensitivity, sometimes triggering anaeagulation. Depending on the type of anaesthetic contained in the mask, it is determined by the time of sexual intercourse. Mazi and helium have been widely distributed in clinical practice through good clinical effects (the effectiveness of these local means is sometimes about 80 per cent) and a small number of side reactions (such as erection weakening). However, by staying on the surface of a member with liquid, creams fall into the vagina and act on it at times even stronger than a male member, making a woman almost completely insensitive.

And the presence on the floor of the cream prevents the transition to oral sex, i.e., the partner's tongue is just heating.

Harmony in soyitu is also achieved by reducing the time of women ' s orgasm, and a number of means have been created to increase their sensitivity. Today ' s drugs include the " Lucky woman " , a cream that is directly attached to the situation; Alura is a cream that sharply increases the sensitivity of women ' s clitoris; Roska is an erotic cream; " Fire " is an exciting cream; " W8-crime " for women to incinerate the period of initiation (W8-crime for men).

To control the time of proximity, creams such as Orgasmus-stopper, Retardin, Men stop may be used. The principle of their operation, characteristics and price is the same: the difference is only in packages and manufacturers.

The means to extend the coitus are used by manufacturers to position the " RT-Factor " to control the length of the sexual act. RRT-Factor does not have analogs among other prolongators because it is an aerosol which is attached to the head of a sexual member, instantly absorbed and mildly regulated her sensitivity in such a way that a man who fully feels his partner does not have an insurmountable desire for orgasm. The RT-Factor sprays are used directly before the sexual act, fully absorbed between 15 and 20 s and started operating 2 to 5 minutes depending on individual sensitivity.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment in sexual medicine is used in practice most often when other treatment methods have been exhausted. And sometimes this is the only way to deal with the accelerated seedling problem. This extreme case may come from every man suffering from PEs, but it may not be possible to bring himself to such a situation. Every man's sexual life is individual. Surgical treatment is an alternative to traditional methods, but the evidence for such operations is rather limited. For example, there are a number of surgical methods for treating premature extinguishing.


Circumcio (cutting) is the removal of the extreme flesh of a sexual member (sometimes with a flat plate) is a radical method of treating extreme dams.

Normally, the head of a sexual member is covered by a leather warehouse. When surgery, the surgeon removes it, and the head becomes naked, both in the calm state of the penis and in the erection. This procedure is also carried out with a preventive or hygienic aim, for aesthetic or religious reasons. The operation can be conducted under both local and general anesthetic conditions. Hospitalization is most often not required. Adult circumcision is shown in phymosis (several flesh). If phymosis is the problem that reduces the time of sexual acts, such surgery is simply necessary.

Surveillance of male circumcised men showed that the sooner it had been done, the harsher the skin of the head and the weaker response to external irritants. But when you're older, the cutting operation won't have that quick effect. Researchers were unable to compare the same man who had been circumcised as a child with the same but not subjected to surgical intervention.

The influence of circumcision on a sexual function has different opinions, but the opinion of U. Masters and V. Johnson is considered to be the strongest, which in the course of the research found that the penis sensitivity before and after circumcision is virtually unchanged. Explanation of the conflicting influence of circumcio on the long-term friction stage of coitus can be explained by data on the characteristics of the dorsal rupture of a sexual member. There is considerable variation in the types of inertia of the dorsal nerve of the head, the bodies of the sexual member and the urethra (the number of branches of the dorsal sky and their location are significantly different from the individual entities). Thus, one man will benefit from such interference, and other times will not change much.


Frankotomy is a surgical excavation of the extraction of the extreme flesh. Frennulotomy is used when a man's sex penis is born short. Her frequent breakthroughs and bleedings have caused difficulties and pain in sexual acts. A short harvest can cause pain in masturbation. During the intense sex, the sludge can be stretched pretty much. But sometimes she vomits, causing severe bleeding. There's a rubber in the rupture where the ends of the skin nerves are involved. They form a pathological impulse area, leading to premature seedlings (after 2-3 frictions).

Therefore, short-distance males should be operated as early as possible, as a small rubber is formed after a plastic exercise that does not encourage premature ejaculation. With surgical interference, the brush shall be intersected in the middle in a transverse direction at a depth of 0.5 cm and the edge of the wound shall be combined along the penis of 2-3 knots. As a result, after the operation of the frenotomy, there has been an increase in the length of the slurry, a moderate decrease in the slurry response, which also increases the response threshold of the relevant nervous structures.

Introduction of shells

Among modern methods, mention should be made of the introduction into the head of a sex penis of hyalulonic acid-based preparations in the field of sexual penetration. The creation of a distinct " pillow " between the skin and the nervous ends reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis and, as a consequence, increases the length of the sexual act.

Biological helium has been used for many years in plastic surgery and cosmetology, i.e. the capacity to produce volumes at the place of introduction is the basis for its application. Some time ago, biological helium based on hyalulonic acid became used in urology, as their introduction into the head of a sexual member increases both the head and the sex.

After the introduction of the cutting of the floor member, the gel forms a distinct grid structure that increases the volume in the required area.

This procedure is simple, small invasive. The method does not require special patient training. The outpatient procedure (without hospitalization) ranges from 30 to 50 minutes. Implemented on the day the local anaesthetics are used as modern anaesthetics. After this intervention, a man can return to sexual life in two weeks. The introduction of a gel in the field of sexual penetration increases the length of sexual acts and is used in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Sexual penetration

At present, a number of modern clinics are carrying out de-inertia (neurothomia) operational interventions on a member of the sex with a view to increasing the length of coitus (in Russia, the operation is still referred to as Operation M. Socolker).

The intent of the operation is to cross the nervous stems that are nervously impulsive from the sexual penetration receptors to the centre of eyakuculation and orgasm in the CNS, which reduces the sensitivity of the head of a sexual member and significantly extend the time before the seedling.

After the intersection of the nerves, the stitch shall be reversed to restore the sensitivity of the head of the penis. Given the low growth rate of nervous stems, the response rate is between six months and two years. During this period, a new, longer-term reflex nerve arc is being formed, thus avoiding the relapse of premature seeding. The operation is also worthy of almost complete absence of cosmetic defects after the operation, rapid recovery after the operation (the hospitalization rate is 1 day). After the operation, the period of sexual abstention is up to 7 days. As a result of surgical treatment for all patients, the length of the sexual act increases to normal.

The main advantage of this method of surgical treatment of premature ejaculation is the speedy achievement of the desired result, the lack of side effects that characterize therapeutic treatment and the inconveniences associated with behavioural therapy (continuing treatment with a mandatory partner).

At the same time, when using this method, the head depression is temporary, and within a certain time sufficient to form a normal electrical reflex, the head and skin sensitivity of the sexual member shall be restored.

Among others Surgical treatment deficiencies premature seedlings of normal or micro-syrural selective neurotomy call the possibility of irreversibly losing the sensitivity of the head and skin of a sexual member and, as a consequence, worsening the quality of erections and weakening the orgasm.

Description of methodology:

All patients before the operation are asked to process the skin of the head and bodies of a sexual member of the lidocaine in the home, and then wear a condom and have sex. If the length of the sexual act is longer than normal, it is safe to say that for the patient, prompt intervention will be effective. This test reflects the nature of the operation, which makes it possible to judge with certainty the persistence of erection and ejaculation in patients ' post-operative period prior to recovery of sensitivity.

Leather cuts are made on the eternal sorrow of the sexual member, and the skin is then removed to the root of the penis. At a distance of 2 to 3 cm from the edge of the cut, the main nervous guns (4 to 5) are displayed on the dorsal surface of the penis inertial head. Then the nerves cross. The micro-surgeon is then re-established by the intrafascicular stitch of the shelvii10-0 end.

There is a full anaesthetic of the head of a sexual member in the next two to three months, followed by a partial recovery depending on the rate of growth of a nervous stem (the " mosaic " sensitivity). On a gradual basis, as the patient ' s response is restored, he is accustomed to new feelings, but he has already developed a normal electrical reflex, and the patient can then control the length of the sexual act. In 6 to 8 months, the sensitivity of the head and skin of a sexual member is fully restored.

by means of a book entitled " 65 means of prolonging sexual acts " by Evgeny Augustovich Caschenko


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Trying a way with Sildenafil SZ. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was great.

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It is possible that many men can benefit from modern oral preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions, which are designed to restore a natural response to sexual initiation and the treatment of violations of the erection of the different genes.

I've been advised, after not very effective use of prolongers. Syldenafil-SZ was appointed so he could do it many times. The first time is a little short, but then it's longer.

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