Anatomy of oral loops

Roth (voice)

Анатомия оральных ласк
Anatomy of oral loops
The mouth is divided into the so-called verb of mouth and the mouth itself. The term " or " is also marked by a company opening, i.e. the entrance to the mouth, which is covered outside by the lips, and from the inside, if the jaws of the seals are teeth. The prediction of the mouth is the space between the inner side of the lips and the cheek and the outer face of the teeth and alveolar jaws, that is, the space you can see if you try to squeeze your lips in your mouths.

Since the mouth is a " substitute " , which, when carrying a mine, is a vagina that receives a male sexual member, we will elaborate on its " construction " and " construction " . The " Ring " of the mouth is a solid nube, and its " double " consists of a language and a number of muscles: a vocabulary, tongue, chin-language and under-speaking muscles. On the side, the mouth is limited to cheeks. The rear edge of the mouth is represented by a soft-blooded nebum, with the reduction of the muscles of which the vein is formed, which is also limited to the root of the language and to the front neighbour-gloss, where the mouth is sifled with a sip. In many ways, the mouth is a walk-in ward with two entrances, outside and deep.

The mouth is bleached with a sliding shell, which has a large number of small salivas. The sliding of the mouth is covered by a multi-layer flat epithel which is located on a composite basis. This layer, without a sharp border, goes to a slimy layer. There is no slimy layer in dess, language, hard-to-neck side divisions, and no fucking shoe area. Blood, lymphote and inertia of the walls of the mouth are closely linked to the vascular and nervous systems of jaws. Sulphur irons open into the mouth. Since the mouth is the primary digestive tract and the food is mechanically and partially treated, a number of receptors are installed in the sliding casing that determines taste, tactile and painful sensitivity. The pain and temperature sensitivity of the sliding of the mouth is slightly lower than the skin and varies across different sections.

The mouth contains a variety of microbial flora: other than permanent, so-called adapted microbes, microorganisms from outside may be present for a long time. In this regard, there is a permanent and accidental microfloor of the mouth, the permanent microflora being a biological barrier for microbes entering the mouth from outside. In reducing the resistance of the organism, the pathogenic properties of some microbes, usually in the mouth, may be demonstrated. Long-term use of antibiotics may also disrupt the biological barrier and contribute to the emergence of " leasing " attacks. Candida mushrooms, interoccupations and literate bacteria are the most common causes of lysis. That's what we're talking about when we write in Gigien Oral Lask that we need to seriously monitor the state of the mouth.

The most important thing is that we are attracted to the mouths, and that it is a cozy and welcoming space, is that it contains active participants in the lips, language and teeth.


The lipsticks of the mouth, these gentle and sensible lovers from the anatomy point of view, are two movable wet stores that form the edges of the mouth. People usually have two lips - the upper and the lower. When they're soaked, they're shutting down the mouth hole and limiting the cross-sectional latch. The visible surface of the lip is covered by the skin that passes into the sliding cover of their rear (inside, usually hidden from the eye in a closed mouth) surface. The thickness of the lips consists mainly of the vocal muscle of the mouth, the vomiting connective tissue, the skin and the sliding shell.

The surface of the lips to the teeth, smooth, wet, and moves to the slime of the ulcers to the surface of the desen.

Each lip has three parts:
  • skin covering the front (external) surface of the lip;
  • Intermediate part, pink section on the outer and inner surface of the lip, which also has skin cover but without the horn;
  • sliding part covering the rear (internal) surface of the lip.
  • When the slim lip sheath passes into the springs, there are two warehouses known as the lips and the lower lips. In the sliding tissue, the lips lie in a large number of sliding lips reaching the peas of the peas: the resulting streams of these irons open on the surface of both lips.


    The cheeks outside are covered with skin, inside is a sliding mouth between which the brush muscle, cage, and limited fat accumulation in the central cheek divisions known as the cheek fat body is located. The inside side of the cheek, along with the language and the nub, is one of the " catching " surfaces during the mine.


    The upper side of the mouth is the nebo, divided into a solid and soft neo. The forehead of the Neck has a bone base. It's a solid nebo, the bone base of which is formed by the fucking cuttings of the upper bones and horizontal parts of the fucking bones. The back portion of the Neck, the soft Neck, mainly formed by the muscles and apoonevrose of the Dry Pumps. A sliding shell, closely attached to a hard nebo, smoothie, crosses from the front and from the side to the deck, the goat to the soft nebo, his tongue and his dogs. In the middle of the line, the sliding nickel has a narrow white strip - the stitches, the front on the stitch, near the median cartridges, a small warehouse, the slice of the slice, which corresponds to the rubber canal.

    There is one or more more or less pronounced cross-channel faire depots in the cross direction. In the field of the skirt, the nub is thiner than the edges. There's a thin layer of slimy nub iron between her and her pancreas. By establishing two long form of accumulation, it has an in-depth space between a solid nub and a nucleus of the upper bone.

    The layer of iron in the front ends and ends up in the direction of the rear, where it moves without a visible border into the layer of gland.

    The soft nebo is predominantly muscle. It distinguishes the front horizontal part, which is the continuation of the solid Neck, and the rear, heading backwards and downwards, with the name of the fucking curtain, which, along with the root of the language, limits the hole of the potion. The inner low curtain is stretched in a small, conical form of paganism, and its front surface is marked by the continuation of the mid-point of the Neck.

    On each side, the fucking curtain goes into two doors. One is headed to the root of the language, a fucking tongue, and the other goes to a sluggish side wall of the throat - a fucking sip. There is a space between the fucking daughters, the soft nub and the root of the language, through which the mouth is spanned with a halve of the throat, it is called the ziva.

    There's a thin triangle of slusty shell from the rear surface of a Negro-speaking girl. Difficult upstairs, she has a broad base attached to the side edge of the language. Between her back edge and her fucking little girl, there's a hole on the bottom of a fucking almond carrying out all the spiders from adults.

    Mouses playing an important role in the act of swallowing:
  • The muscle of the pagan, which wraps and raises it;
  • A muscle retracting a soft nigger that stretches the front section of the soft nub and the sip of the hearing pipe;
  • A muscle raising a soft nebo that lifts a soft nebo and narrows the gloss of the hearing tube.
  • The nubic-language muscle that narrows the potions, closes the front doors to the root of the language.
  • The fucking muscle that closes the fucking bottoms and pulls the bottom of the throat and throat up.
  • Language

    The human language (lingua) is formed by a blizzard (transversely half-wheeled) muscle tissue covered by a slime. The language has many diverse functions: it is involved in the process of chewing, swallowing, articulation of speech; it is a body of taste, as well as an excellent and indispensable instrument of oral lax.

    The language has a long oval shape, right and left, it is limited to the edges that move forward to the top and the kzadi to the root. There is a body of language between the top and the root. The upper surface is called the back of the language, it is swell and far longer than the bottom.

    The sliding tongue is smooth in the area of the root, the lower surface of the body and the tip, and the back of the tongue. This is due to the large number of minor elevations, the nipples of the language, which are divided into four groups: nitheus, mushrooms, bladders (or valicos, i.e., surrounded by glass) and frost. Mostly on the back of the tongue of nitevid nipples, they give the language a velvet. It's tall, narrow, about 0, 3 mm long. Covering their multi-layer flat epiths is partially threshold. The nitews have specialized nerve ends that perceive touch.

    The mushrooms on the back of the language are smaller, mainly on the upper surface, on the tip and on the edge of the language. They are rounded, lengths of 0, 7 to 1, 8 mm, diameter 0, 4 to 1 mm, base narrowed, the nipples are reminded in their form of mushrooms. Covering their epists is cutting.

    Iron eyebrows have a diameter of 2 to 3 mm, the number of them most likely varies between 7 and 12. They lie on the border between the back and the root of the language, where they form a figure that resembles the English letter " V " (victory!) or our Russian letter " L " , no different from the fact that language is a winning body of love. In the shape of the bladders, the gribovid points resemble the mushrooms, but their upper surface is sealed, and there is a narrow deep blade surrounding the junction, and iron flow is opened. The wander outside is calibrated with a slime skin.

    On the surfaces of the mushrooms and lateral surfaces of the pulmonary vents, there are delicious kidneys of specialized receptor taste cells. A small number of tasteful kidneys are located on frost juices and in the field of soft nubs.

    The eyebrows lie at the edges of the language in the form of transverse-vertical warehouses or leaflets. The number of socks on each side varies from 4 to 8, length from 2 to 5 mm. There is no root of the nipple tongue on the sliding shell, its surface is uneven due to the accumulation of lymphoid tissue in its own plastics forming a paganism.

    The sluggish shell, moving from the root of the tongue to the hornet, forms three warehouses. One of them, a non-parent, is central and is known as a medium-language store, and a steam warehouse that goes to the side edge of the hull, a side-carrying pad. Between the mid-point and the lateral warehouses, there are overburdened deepenings on each side.

    Slum irons. Three of them are large vapour bodies:
  • The per capita iron;
  • Straight iron;
  • I'm sorry.
  • Their impact contributes to the development of saliva. It's important to know, because in the performance of the oral saliva, the saliva plays as a lover who moists language and lips. In order to obtain a " new layer " of saliva, it is sufficient to tickle itself under the tongue, to find the end of the language on the bottom of the mouth, the so-called " sub-language meat " , a small, rounded form, a bogoroc that opens the flow of submarine and sub-language sal iron.

    In the sub-slimey language, a large number of vocal tissues and dry-sized beacons of their own language muscles, which together form the dry language. There are vessels and nerves in the language.

      The Mouse of Language is divided into two groups:
    • External or skeleton muscles starting on the bones and then entering the body language. They are responsible for the implementation of language movements and retain their tone.
    • The muscles of the language are not tied to the bones. Responsible for changing language.

    External (skeletal) Silophone muscle. Here we go: a silo-witness of the temporal bone. Auxiliary: Intrusion into the language (both side and lower parts of the language). Function: He touches his tongue, especially his root, up and back.

    The tongue muscle. The beginning is the upper edge of the body and the large rose of the underweight bone. Addition: Same (in the thick side of the language). Function: pulls the tongue back and down. The tongue muscle. Starting: chinderness of lower jaw. Addition: Same (upstream and downstream) Function: pulls the tongue forward and the bottom Purple muscle. Starting: a small piping of the underweight bone. Addition: Same (in the back of the language). Function: pulls the tongue back and down.

    Language muscles

    Long lower muscle. Location: comes from a slim core of the language forward to the top of the language, which ends on its lower surface. Function: He's making a mouth shut. Long upper muscle. Location: Begins three beams, medium of the front surface of the pancake and two extremes, from the small fruits of the underweight bone. All three beams then come together and go directly under a sliding shell, along the entire back of the language to its end, and they cross their path. Function: Flexes the tongue, corroborating it and raising the end of the language The transverse muscle of the language. Position: lies throughout the language and consists of separate transverse muscle carcases starting from the partition of the language throughout the language, partly proving it, and ends in the sliding of the edges and the back of the language. Function: reduces the cross-sectional diameter of the language and makes it cross-sectional. Vertical muscle of language. Position: Its short muscle beams are in the free part of the language between its back and the lower surface. Function: embodies the language.


    The teeth are small, white, hard-core, elastic and reinforced in the dental cells of the upper and lower jaws. They're all Homo Sapiens.

      Each tooth consists of three parts:
    • crowns are parts above the deck;
    • Cervicals are parts covered by the eye;
    • The root is the part in the dental cell of jaw.

    In the form of crowns, teeth are divided into rubbers, fangs, small indigenous teeth (double) and large indigenous teeth (or multiboas). From the point of view of the oral loopholes, teeth on the one hand may be a major obstacle when an unsuccessful partner, while carrying a mine, does not know how to cling to the soft skin of a penis and can seriously damage it. On the other hand, teeth, that is, rubbers, a skilled partner, can be a remarkable tool for the execution of very thin virtois paws.

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