Kunnilingus (cunnilingus, lat, cunnus, outside female genital organs, and lingo, lysary; synonyms lambitus, Kumbitmaca) means men ' s oral contact with women ' s genitals. As sheikh Nafzavi wrote in his famous tract of the Fall Garden: " God gave a vein of mouth, language, two lips, and its species reminds the trace of the pepper of the gas remaining in the desert sands " , with the following words: " O, the lack of numbers of men, the coys for the sake of clouds! Alas, how many brave men are among them! "

The Kamasutra Tractat claimed that having a technician kissing yoni was the art of kissing the lips. Not every man is psychologically prepared to do this lacquer-- there are those who believe that a blow is a decent sex service to men by women, and the Kunnilingus performance is below manhood. The sad thing is that there are not so few women who have been raised in a spirit of sexual subordination to men.

However, a woman may also be psychologically unprepared for Kunnilingus. In order to understand how to overcome this " obstacle " , it is necessary to first determine the cause of its intransigence or shyness, so to speak carefully of " fighting " .

Why is a woman against Kunnilingus?

1. A woman is convinced that a man can't be happy to do that. In that case, you need to convince her that you love her, how much you care about her body, how much you want to touch her lips and your tongue, how exciting you are. You need to not just compel a woman or, as some say, clone her kunnilingus, but to talk. Remember, a woman likes ears... And the best lover isn't who's stronger, and the one who can handle the woman's hearing, because that's how she's downloaded into an ecostatic induction where only a few of your movements will be sufficient to achieve her orgasm. But, you know, you'll be able to convince your lover to give you this loop, only if your desire is truly sincere, women feel very fake, while the real desire is staggering all the obstacles and doubts even in the most insolvent. But remember, if a woman lets you convince her, you'll just have to bring her to the orgasm in front of you to secure a stable association: her mouth is nice to both of you, to her and to you. Otherwise, if you break the climax on the other hand, it would cause a woman to resist such a glazing in the future, because once the termination of the stimulus at a time when a woman was already approaching orgasm but did not receive it, it was stressful not only for her psychosis, but also for the whole body. Women in such cases feel unsatisfactory and deeply unhappy, and psychologists " recall " negative experiences and resist repetition in the future.

2. Women do not allow such a loop, often fearing their lack, in their view, of purity, considering their genitals to be dirty. Such convictions may even have very clean and healthy women. In this case, you can come to the joint washing, ask you to let her wash it a few times and foam from her lan. Women's dreams are art too. If you learn, you'll never be a lover! When you wash it, you could be careful to have a finger or an lipstick on her clitoris, as if you were just washing it, but on the other hand, it could also be turned into a loophole that would plung water into a woman's bed. You can allow a woman to complete her own osmosis, so to say, a “controlwave” to make her feel clean and calm. And when a woman realizes that she's clean enough, and now she's completely clean, that's the reason for stunning as much as she's gonna lose herself. And when the first time you touch her lips is right here in the bathroom, or you're going to take a clean bed, you're gonna have to decide for yourself.

In lubrication and secret releases emitted by women ' s loin upon initiation (i.e., bartoline irons, vagina fertilization irons and propulsion transs, i.e. liquid blood, vaginal vegetation walls) have a pleasant temper, which the man must be more comfortable with his vagina. If a woman suffers from gynaecological problems, she must be persuaded to go to a doctor and take care of her, because gynaecological diseases cannot be caused. In the case of inflammatory diseases (e.g. vulvit, vulvaginate), the kunnilingus is not really the most appropriate loophole.

3. If the cause of the rejection is a religious or rigid ethical consideration, the case is complicated because it is difficult to fight with attitudes that are tied to education and peace. There's only one way through love, patience and conviction.

In the kunnilingus, as in the intimate intimacy as a whole, tactics are always important, not to be left to the crown, but first to prepare a woman of lazy others, at least inspired, places, for example, to try her breasts. At times, the introduction of other zones may cause a woman ' s desire to continue her loopholes in the most intimate areas, as the link, for example, between the breast and the loin, has long been identified. Don't ever start the proximity of the genitals, the people who know them are going to move gradually after the first foot of the whole body.

Oral sex stimulus zones

Body and hood of clitoris head

The body and hood of the head of the clitoris is stimulated either by a superficial language ( " ring " ) or by lips and rhythmic movements of the body of the penis with a closed head ( " squeezing-discharge " , even with light biting).

Stimulation of the body of the clitoris can be both transverse (leaf-right or right-hand) and along the sexual lips (downstream or upstream) - tactics need to be chosen depending on the reaction of your partner. That is, movements are carried out by the type of " keques milk " or " starring theta " .

Stimulation of the clitoris can be carried out by co-conuting movements, when the whole clitoris area with the hood is slightly in the mouth, and the male language is rolling the horny clitter to the circular motions.

If the female clitoris are large enough, they can be punctured by a small penis, when the carpet ring lips squeezes the head of the clitoris and makes the " rolling " re-entry " , releasing the clitor from the concealing hood. In addition, the language can be added to the league movements of the clitori head itself.

The oral stimulus of the clitoris may be accompanied by manuscripts when the man ' s finger either penetrates the anus or the vagina of the woman, influencing the sensitive points A, B and G inside, or influencing the lobby to the body area and the clitoris with the vibrating motions of the thums.

It must be borne in mind that some women have an open clitre stimulus, up to a painful feeling, although increased sensitivity may change, women ' s response needs to be monitored.

Pulp lips

The lips are stimulated either by the edge of small lips:
  • downwards or downwards
  • the cross, from the side to the side.
  • or " in the disintegration " between big and small lips - a broad language with pressure. "
  • It can be done in both language-blind and male-beared sex lips, slightly compressed, and already spurred by fast-blowing language movements.

    Slight biting, which may be accompanied by " shattering " , may also be used in the simulation of lips, especially large. "Board" (i.e. your teeth) kind of pulls the sexual lip and slightly trimms it, with a head on the side. Meanwhile, the Gray Worm Force is also working here, when large sex lips are exposed in different places, sometimes even sex lips on Venus hill. If you use your fingertips and squeeze the lips in one piece, then a loving mouth can capture not one sponge but all four.

    Volochi, growing on the frontal lobe and large sex lips, may also be involved in the latrine. They can be easily absorbed by lips of the mouth, stretched up or pushed out of the side, causing not only the skin to be worried on the genital lips but also the surrounding areas.

    Oral lipsticks can interfere with both the unnecessary russeting of the lips and their razor, when sharp cutting edges of razor hair can wipe the man ' s tongue and lips, and sometimes the end of his nose (with particularly deep, " ruptured " caps). Therefore, women who choose to shave their genitals should smoothly shave them before each oral proximity. Valuation

    Оральным ласкам половых губ
    Sexy lips
    The stimulation of the vagina ' s prediction may take the entrance into the vagina, the opening of the retrieval and the lower part of the clitoris. It is possible to apply roundabouts or downstream movements that can be carried out by the body or the end of the language, to monitor the reaction of the partner and to vary the tactics as appropriate. The language in the vagina may be insulated motions taking part of the vagina wall, rotating movements, or a rhythmic movement simulating the penis movement in the vagina (clocks with the bush, tagging).

    One of the most effective ways for a woman to achieve an orgasm at the kunnilingus is to combine a loop of vagina and clitoris with rapid uprising to the clitoris, sliding with small lipsticks and, by their end, in the vagina, the opening of the tar and the lower part of the clitre.

    Sometimes the tongue can be scattered downwards - in the area of intermediary (including the anal zone) - which is also stimulated by the body or end of the language. Simulation of the anal zone in the language is best left to the end, as it is not recommended to return after the anus to the genitalia in order not to insert a bowel microflour.

    Oral loops can be matched with their hands. For example, at the time of stimulation, a finger can be inserted either in the vagina and/or in the anus. While additional manuscripts may not be limited to the promotion of genitalia, but may include the stomach and the inner surface of the femur, and sometimes the whole body surface.

    Indications that a man is on the right path:
  • Breathing or it becomes superficial;
  • Broadening of the body ' s stress is " , as a pneumon " ;
  • Painting of body, neck, face, chest;
  • The blood of the clitoris head and the small floor lips are filled and the clitoris body grows in diameter.
  • Pine voltage;
  • In the event of increased excitement, her breath is increasing and deepening;
  • There are matching movements of bodies
  • Despite the fact that the traditional provisions of a woman in the course of her Kunnilingus are the " Less on the Back " or " Side " positions with divorced legs and sprayed for loin, there may be many options. The only condition is for both partners to be comfortable, or the loopholes will be in jeopardy. One of the most common features of the body in the kunnilingus is the "face-sitting " position when a woman falls on the face of a man above ( " incoming lono " ). On the one hand, this provision is perceived by some men as a sense of self-reliance and subordination of the partner, and significantly limits the ability to move in the mouth and language. On the other hand, for many men, such a position is a frequent erotic fantasy with a masochistic component, which is why it is very exciting. In addition, this situation enables a woman to regulate the intensities of touching her sexual organs and even to carry out sex-smart counter movements.

    If you feel that your actions cause the partner to have a rapid and intensive rise in the instigation, it is not recommended to change the tactic of stimulus, as this may result in a failure of initiation and require the partner to re-establish.

    If a high-promotion partner doesn't lead to decommissioning for a long time, then you're doing something wrong, and there may be a need for additional incentives to other erogas against the back of the main stimulus.

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