Male orgasm

Оргазм мужчины
Orgasm of man

Orgasm. orgao - dust passion, high degree of sweetness occurring at the end of the sexual act or other forms of sexual discharge (Nanism, Petting, sexual perversion, erotic fantasy, etc.). In sexology, orgasms are understood as a result of the complex interaction of a number of structural entities at different levels (basic, spinal, diencephalic, crust). In "constructing" a sensual pleasure, men have a sexual penis, a progeny (particularly in anal act), seed bubbles and seeds.

The sensitivity of each of these bodies is essential, as they determine the individual characteristics, style and manner of human conduct during sexual acts, intensity and duration of the orgasm.

The effective orgasm is to achieve an orgastic feeling during emotional stress caused not only by positive but also by negative emotions - anger, disgust, fear, etc. External orgasms are subject to both temperament and general and sexual education.

The male orgasm precedes the stage of pre-argasm in the form of a particularly strong sexual member, a distinctive tickling in the area of the wind (some of which are perceived as a desire for urination) which occurs a few seconds before the seed is extinguished. If, at this point, the sexual stimulus (coitus, masturbation, etc.) ceases, the inducement is gradually dropping and the seeds are not coming.

Many men feel that a woman is under-prepared so that the length of sexual acts (through deliberate distraction from sexual acts and feelings) is significantly increased, although it is increasingly difficult and harder to contain themselves with each interruption. It should be borne in mind, however, that when the friction is slowed or terminated, a woman may have an orgasm in her hands. Finally, the prediction goes to an orgasm that is accompanied by ejaculation. There's a bright push of seeds and a rapid reduction of erection, a phase of erection.

Sometimes partners may experience re-argasms, but the refraction period of a man (no sexual stimulus) should be short for at least half the discharge phase. Both women and men may be accompanied by stons, screams, crying, non-voluntary body movements, bites, caps, pressures, pressures, pressures, often cynical expressions.

The highest height of the orgasm is achieved at the same time as it comes from partners. It would be preferable for a man to come later than a woman.

Male orgasm

  • What happens during the man's orgasm?
  • The body of a sexual member is filled with blood and increased in size.
  • The head of a sexual penis doesn't become as stubborn as the body, but it's also increasing and dark because of the blood flow.
  • The urea canal opening is moistulated by the secret of the super iron.
  • Eggs increase by 50 to 10 per cent, they rise upwards.
  • The pressure may be increased from 100-120 to 220 mm of the mercury cell.
  • The pulse is increased from 60-80 to 100-150 strikes per minute and in some cases to 180.
  • Increased respiratory frequency, sometimes 3 times.
  • Mouses are tense to the extent that often any touching may cause a ship.
  • Mimi muscle removed, face distorted by mushroom. The fingers of hands and legs are squeezing.
  • During the orgasm, the mindset is blocked.
  • 60 per cent of men have nipples growing, twisting and becoming scared.
  • 25 per cent of men have skin colouring. It begins in the field of juices and extends to the chest, the forearm and the pit.
  • The blood flow to the slimy nose can trigger a sneeze.
  • One-third of the men have a sweat that covers the whole body, or only the palms and feet.

The orgasm of a man takes two stages: emissions and ejaculation. They follow someone so fast that they often find it difficult to separate them. Young men have a clearer border between these stages, but if the orgasm is short, they cannot be distinguished. Both stages of the orgasm are dried up with men ' s age. This one-time orgasm lasts longer than a young man in two stages.

At the emitting stage, sperm is emitted from seed bubbles to seed flow; they form a sperm (male seed) that is ejaculated outside.

During the emission, the urinating canal is expanding and extended. There is a decline in the muscles of the genital organs, accompanied by a sense of pleasure. At the time of maximum sexual tension, an orgasm begins. The spinal reflexes are on. The more time it takes to reach this peak, the more spermatozoids leap in the urinating channel.

The pressure in the extended urinating channel contributes to the reflexoric closure of the urine bubble. Predatory iron and seed bubbles are reduced and, after spermatozoids, they are rhythmically disbursed. It all goes on 1-4 seconds. The sense of the approaching ejaculation is increasing. ♪ ♪

The second stage is ejaculation.

The nerves reflex the muscle surrounding the root of the penis. These muscles are reduced in tact with reduced urinating canal every 0.8 seconds, with the same frequency as female genital organs. During each urination, a secret of progeny is thrown into the urination channel. The body of a sexual member helps to push the sperm out of the urinary canal; typically, there are 3-10 points. The number of points depends on the age of the man, the state of health, the time elapsed since the last ejaculation, etc.

The muscles involved in the ejaculation are so powerful that the seed can be ejected into a very large distance. Recorded by science -- 30 cm. At the time of ejaculation, the feelings are caused by both sex cuts and direct seedlings.

The ejaculation may be slowed to achieve multiple orgasms. It requires skill. Some men may delay ejaculation by knowingly controlling their reactions, others need to press a certain place in the area.

Orgasm obeys his body and mind. No other activity of the organism results in such intensive initiation in the implementation of these activities and in such a complete relaxation upon reaching the target. The degree of pleasure that a person receives during an orgasm may vary. The strongest senses are usually the first orgasm during which the maximum number of sperms and senses are emitted longer.

How does an orgasm come and how to act in an orgasm?

как вести себя при оргазме
How to act in an orgasm
The scientific definition is: orgasm is a sense of sexual pleasure, sweetness at the time of the sexual act or other forms of sexual discharge. It is possible to describe the orgasm as a result of a high-quality, new state of sexual initiation, with a sense of physical and mental satisfaction with sexual acts, a sense of humiliation and sweetness, accompanied by a rapid decline in tension in the lower abdomen.

Orgasm in men is ejaculate and lasts as long as it lasts, from 5 to 10 seconds (big orgasm), which is a sense of sperm motion in the urinary. The brightness (force) of the orgasm of men depends largely on the volume of eruption sperm and may be reduced by frequent ejaculation.

The orgasm (and the seedling) of men is conditionally divided into two phases: the approximation (if distracted by either the will to delay the ejaculation) and the orgasm (when the seed cannot be kept in any way).

Some sexologists, in order to increase the brightness of the orgasm, recommend that the man, at the very moment of the ejaculation, stroke muscles of the intermediary and urethra, burn the urination channel for a second, and thus collect the entire sperm into a single layer, increasing it. However, such a good behaviour during the coitus may neuroticate a man by reducing his sweetness and his tendency. Therefore, such a technique cannot be recommended to all men, it is permissible only after its application.

After the ejaculation, the penis from the vagina should not be immediately extracted: many women complain about "vasive" in the genital organs if the penis has been successfully extracted. It is better, without interrupting contact by staying stationary or carrying out minimal movements, to continue to exchange lazy and soft words before the erection falls or the desire to repeat coitus emerges (although some men, after ejaculating the penis head, become extremely sensitive and contact with it may be painful).

Human behaviour during orgasm is highly socialized, dependent on education, prejudice, relationships, etc. Men are usually restrained, so a partner can't even be sure if a man's ejaculation took place. Women are experiencing an orgasm more intensely: they can shine, laugh, cry, shake a partner in arms, bite him, shout something. Electrical research has shown that during the orgasm, women have electrified brain activity (EEG) as a sign of epileptic seizure. It's losing power, because the brain is only occupied by an orgasm. This fact shows that the orgasm is the oldest reaction we have inherited from a time when the functional division of the brain was quite primitive.

Importance of orgasm

The biological value of the orgasm is that it is the reward of nature for actions aimed at the continuation of the species and thus encourages the recurrence of these actions. The word "orgasm" comes from the Greek "orgao," which means "flap, boil, boom." A sweet feeling occurs at the time of the sexual act (or its replacement forms of sexual activity). Although orgasm is very emotional for men and women, in terms of physical process, it compares with sneeze: irritation (build) - deep breath (pato) - sneeze (orgasm).


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It's the best way or the least.

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Anal male orgasm, who practice? Who gets an orgasm without stimulation? Learn experience:

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How do you get the guy to the orgasm?

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The thing is, the orgasm is scattering. I don't understand why it's happening, but when I see that a woman no longer can end up fully satisfied, orgasm in this case is much brighter and more pleasant, and of course it's very healthy to stimulate a woman's desire and awakening when I see and feel like she wants me. Purely, to get a man to an orgasm, you need to activate the lower head of a penis, or whatever it is called a snitch, that if we have the most nerve endings, you can help your hand with oral sex, you can move upwards, but there's a need to feel a dick so that we don't push and squeeze too much, but that's how a man feels about the same. And the most important thing is the reaction of women. I'll give you an example, even if it's bad: When I was with a prostitute in bed, I asked her a question that you were so yelling what the whole hotel could hear. And she's back to me, so you can get out of here.

Women's desks and screams don't let their head distract. I think that's how we end our head. Now, when you need to keep the seeds on, you know what I'm doing, while you're moving, you're freaking out, remember how strange it is to you, the cemetery, the funeral, and I've got a momental moment that's going back on until I'm back on where I really am. Here. Well, I could have explained that. Don't judge strictly, but honestly.

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