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Антон9 years, 2 months

The thing is, the orgasm is scattering. I don't understand why it's happening, but when I see that a woman no longer can end up fully satisfied, orgasm in this case is much brighter and more pleasant, and of course it's very healthy to stimulate a woman's desire and awakening when I see and feel like she wants me. Purely, to get a man to an orgasm, you need to activate the lower head of a penis, or whatever it is called a snitch, that if we have the most nerve endings, you can help your hand with oral sex, you can move upwards, but there's a need to feel a dick so that we don't push and squeeze too much, but that's how a man feels about the same. And the most important thing is the reaction of women. I'll give you an example, even if it's bad: When I was with a prostitute in bed, I asked her a question that you were so yelling what the whole hotel could hear. And she's back to me, so you can get out of here.

Women's desks and screams don't let their head distract. I think that's how we end our head. Now, when you need to keep the seeds on, you know what I'm doing, while you're moving, you're freaking out, remember how strange it is to you, the cemetery, the funeral, and I've got a momental moment that's going back on until I'm back on where I really am. Here. Well, I could have explained that. Don't judge strictly, but honestly.

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Male orgasmMale orgasm Male orgasmOrgasm of manOrgasm. orgao - dust passion, high degree of sweetness occurring at the end of the sexual act or other forms of sexual discharge (Nanism, Petting, sexual perversion, erotic fantasy, etc.). In sexology, orgasms are understood as a result of the complex interaction of a number of structural entities at different levels (basic, … More detailed...