Sex formation

Half member (penis synonyms, falloss), external sexual organ of a man who performs sexual acts, ejaculat (sperms) in the vagina of a woman, and urine extraction.

Строение полового члена
Sex formation

At the initial stage of the embryonic development, a penis and a mouse look like an open niche. The lower edges form the jellyfish, then they are blurred and developed at an early stage of embryo development. The footprints of this jelly remain on the lower surface of the penis as a stitch, stretching further through the mosh. The seams can be very visible or, on the contrary, hardly visible. It's not healthy. Sometimes a man only notices this chov at a mature age. This discovery is often a cause for concern, some men even turn to a doctor.

There's nothing to be afraid of. It's okay.

The root(s), the body(s) and the head of the penis are different. The penis bar is formed by two caveal and lipstick bodies containing a large number of lacunas (deep) that are easily filled with blood. The cave bodies are located at the edges of the penis, lipstick at the bottom, in the borehole between them, together with the urinating urination channel (retroy).

The body at the end of the sexual penis ends with concussable drowning, the head of a penis. The edge of the head, covering the ends of the caveal bodies, shaves with them, forming the circumference (daughter) of the circumference, followed by an eternal sorceration.

The head of the penis is covered by a thin tender skin (know flesh) with a large amount of twigs.

The head, like the body of a member, contains many lacunas, with the sexual initiation of filled with blood. It also has a large number of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive when touching. A sexual member ' s gun is also highly sensitive, especially its lower area in 2-3 cm from the head. Stimulation of a sexual member, especially his head, leads to an erection.

There is an opening on the top of the penis head - a urinating urination channel or a urethra - a flow through which both urination and seed releases occur. The hole of the urethra is a vertical cheek engulfed by so-called lips.

Numerous canals, opening in the opposite urination of the urinary direction, are scattered. It's a simple and hygienic solution: the urine comes out of the urinary, not a wide sprinkling flow, but a twisted bra.

Symmetry occurs in nature less than it's accepted. Frequently, the opening of the urethra is not at the heart of the penis, but a few millimetres below.

Such a shift is purely aesthetic and rarely attracts attention, but the opening of the retrieval is significantly shifted.

On average, the adult male sex is 5-10 per person alone, with an erection of 14 to 16 cm, which is approximately the same as the female vagina. The difference in the length of a sex member in a calm state is partly offset by erection, the short member often increases proportionally more than the long. The shape of a sexual member during the erection and the inclination angle is individual. An erected penis with a length of 16 to 18 cm is considered large and 18 to 20 cm is giant.

The diameter of such a sexual member is generally 3-4 cm. A woman with a medium vagina size may have a safe sexual act with a man with a large sexual member, but such lengths are extremely rare.

There are no more than 1 per cent of cases of non-conformity between the sexes in the condition of the erection of the vagina and the length of the vagina, and this is therefore virtually irrelevant for the full sexual function. In principle, any man can satisfy any woman (referred to by the anatomical size of the genital organs). It must be borne in mind that the length of the vagina is reduced in the low-lying match, especially before menstruation.

When the pain is felt, a woman should limit the penis to taking the necessary positions or using special devices (or simply hand restriction) to a pencil who cannot enter the whole length of time to avoid trouble up to the rupture of the vagina.

With sexual initiation, all the lacunas of a sexual member are filled with blood, and it increases three to four times, with sufficient density. The head of a sexual member in erection is always less stiff and more elastic than the body of a sexual member, which prevents female genital mutilation. The delay in blood at the time of sexual initiation is carried out by special muscles located at the root of the penis. At the end of the excitement, the muscles are relaxed and the blood that filled the floor is easily flown back, followed by normal sizes and soft consistance.

Outside, the penis is covered with skin that is fluctuating freely throughout its length (including during the friction) and the outer skin section, the so-called extreme flesh, behind the head. The skin from the head usually moves easily, naked. On the rear surface of the floor penis, the extreme flesh shall be connected to the head of a longitudinal warehouse called a cavity. Between the head of the penis and the extreme flesh, there is a calytic (pre-popular) shelf which is finally formed by the two-year age of the child. In a prep bag, it's usually a blur. Some men, because of the very narrow opening of the extreme flesh, the head is difficult or impossible. It's called phymosis.

With the age on the skin of the penis, there's a marked hair bulb, and then a small amount of hair. Sometimes, hairy bags with extended glands are perceived by teenagers as regular, once a month, watch your sexual organ. Carefully examine all the stains and moles on its surface. White or black ogres may appear on the lower side of a member facing a mouse.

They take care of their own hygiene. If necessary, heating is allowed - it is done with clean hands, after the procedure, a disinfecting device is used that does not annoy skin.

There may also be fat cysts in the form of white and dense booths on a mouse, a pendant or a spider. They are caused by the plug of gland producing fat lubricants for hair bags. When the iron's out, the secret she's putting out is over. It can happen from time to time for all men.

The cysts are usually small in size and not disturbing. They're usually unmarked. If necessary, they may be removed. Sometimes, as a result of a brushing of clothing, an infection can get into the whistle and it's flamming. If the inflammatory process started, you can't take care of yourself. Such a whistle requires surgery. It's a simple operation for a few minutes. Vital cysts are rare, mainly sexual obscuration. This is due to unstable levels of hormonal sex and frequent stress situations at that age

In the examination, draw attention to the stitches, stained skin and fibrous seals (solid uneven education). Sometimes they pose no danger, but they may also be symptoms at an early stage.

Many believe that a sexual member should be direct.

In fact, a direct sex penis rarely meets. A member in a calm state seems straight, but erection sparks.

The appearance of a sexual member, like other parts of the human body, is very individual. There are very few changes in the form of a member of the sex who is unable to perform his functions.

  • At present, there are such concepts regarding the size of a sexual member:
    • 1. Micropenis - if the length of the vegetated penis is not more than 2 cm
    • 2. Minor sex member - sexual member less than 9.5 cm long
    • 3. Normal penis is a statistical average of 9.5 cm and above.
  • The size of the penis must be measured according to 3 parameters:
    • Be alone.
    • at maximum length
    • Erection
  • Reasons for men wishing to increase sex:
    • enhancing self-esteem
    • Increasing sexual attractiveness
    • Improving sexual life
    • Withdrawal of the " locker room " , reduction of shyness in male companies

Numerous world studies in this area have revealed no relationship between the sex penis in relaxed condition and erection.

The measurement shall be carried out on the dorsal surface, from the foam angle (the angle formed by the base of the penis and the front abdomen) to the edge of the head. The Penopubic angle must be 90 degrees.

The main indication of the increase in the penetration of the penis or the change in its appearance is the patient ' s desire. The main purpose of the surgical urologists involved in this difficult jewelry is to improve the quality of life of the patient.

However, patients should bear in mind that all existing surgical methods lead to a marked elongation of the penis only in a calm state. The length of the penis in a state of erection is much smaller.

Methods of increasing sex

All methods can be divided into vacuum, traction and surgical.

1. The vacuum method of increasing membership is a non-surgery method, which is the lengthy gradual extension of the organ. This method is still called a vacuum pump method, hypermemorial.

Vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In the latter case, a penis shall be placed in the tube and a negative pressure shall be created. The extension programme by vacuum pump is one year. The first 16 weeks of sessions are held daily. Then one time in three days. The session lasts an average of 30 minutes.

The results showed that patients who fully implemented the instructions and recommendations achieved an average of 3 cm per year. The quality of the erection has not changed.

To date, there is only one vacuum system that is easy to use and does not produce side effects. As a matter of quality, it exceeds all the others presented and marketed. Its details are tested and approved by medical experts.

2. A traditional method of increasing membership is non-invasive, based on the principle of " growing " tissues.

If certain parts of the body (hands and legs, ears, lips, necks, etc.) are permanently stretched, the cells of the area start to share, thus increasing the volume of the tissue.

There are special devices - Extenders made of plastic and silicone, which support the traction of 900-1800 g. They're lights in use, not visible under clothing. To achieve maximum impact, a daily practice of 8 hours per day, 12-20 weeks must be carried out.

Disadvantages of membership:

* can be seen at the beginning of the use of the extender
The use of ecender is limited to patients with diabetes sugar, liver diseases and blood systems.

The maximum elongation that has been achieved to patients complying with all the rules is 2.5-3 cm. It should be borne in mind that the greatest and long-term effects of the extender occur after the surgical elongation of the penis, if applied in the post-operative period.


9 years


Scientists believe that as a man evolved in a modern homo sapiens, Darwin's theory also evolved male penis. Its current form allows for the immediate removal of the sperm of the previous male from the vagina, and identified researchers from the New York State University.

The tests were conducted by a group of scientists led by Professor Gordon Gallapom. The professor believes that, among other things, a sexual member has shown himself as such a device.

In order to verify this theory, a series of experiments were carried out in which various fans, artificial vaginas and cracked water sperm simulated. Gallup on New Scientist's pages reports that only one fricking fan has managed to remove up to 90 per cent of the solution from the vagina. The converters of another form - without the current foaming - only 35 per cent were outdated.

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