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Исследования увеличения члена
Expansion study

There is a 21-century in the courtyard, and the problem of mankind ' s interest was that of an increase in membership as it was a thousand years ago. It wasn't yesterday or the past century to increase the penetration. Humanity has always wanted to increase penis, even more like having a penis bigger than a neighbor. Big penis symbolized fertility, power, the ability to increase the size of the troops.

Historically, fallows have been worshipped throughout different historical eras and geographical parts of the world. Many of the methodologies and unique practices of the peoples of the world have not reached our days, as evidenced by the discovery of archaeologists and historical documents, some have failed to verify time, yet some secrets have remained.

The main focus of researchers in the past was the use of the environment together with the improvement of the organism through certain procedures. In other words, the use of plants and animals plus certain exercises. There have not been research centres in the understanding of what we can now imagine. Not to mention the statistic and testing of tens of thousands of patients. All the ancient doctors had was a gradual study of what their ancestors gave them, plus the minimum possible changes. Under this system, only what really works, which produces results, could have been retained until today.

What does a man now come to with an increase?

Any person has better means to increase his membership.

The most efficient and most safe are bio-conductors and manuscripts and techniques. Why?

At a time when modern medicine has reached unbelievable heights, since its existence, medicine has increasingly sought to look at the components of vegetation. Medicines of natural constituents are becoming more and more emerging. It's not hard to know that if the substance or weed were cured and 1,000 years ago, they're going to be operating now, but... without side effects that occur when the substance is synthesized in chemical processes.

The side effects not known to anyone have become a beach of modern pharmaceuticals. After 10 years of testing, the drugs are on the market, but the next generation knows nothing about them or they're on the list of prohibited applications. That is unfortunate today ' s practice. Chemical constituents of medicines treat one , but cause irreparable harm to the organism in a completely different field. Once again, the drugs and the effects again. There's a closed circle.

But we'll go back to the subject of an increase. Numerous biosuits are now in place that can restore the original natural sex penetration. The adverse effects of the environment, stress, non-quality food, all have an impact on the male urea system and its member.

Most biodoctors have soft, gradual effects on humans, a male member, like nature itself. For example, Vig-Erix is a product of a multi-year research by Canadian scientists that does not cause disabling. It strengthens not only men ' s sexual system, but has a generally reinforcing effect on the organism. Preparat also increases the size of a sex member in reception from 1 to 6 months, depending on the constitution, climatic and life conditions.

Vig-Erix Plus is similar in composition, but with a component that the manufacturer's secret doesn't reveal. It works more aggressively, but it is also safe and as effective as possible. The two biocontractors have undergone more than one study, both in our country and in Europe and America, and have confirmed their unique action and miracle form. Millions of men over 20 years have dramatically changed their lives to better use these drugs.

члены Vig RX , VigRx PlusAs all working and well-known, demand-driven products, Vig-Erix and Vig-Erix Plus, they've been doing in China. And, of course, they started to sell and we're in the country. Naturally, forgery is in the order of cheaper, naturally on drugs, it says they're produced in Canada, but one thing that can distinguish them from the original is that they don't work! What they're made of isn't a test, it's good that there's not yet any poisoning or harmful effects on the organism. We advise you not to take these pills, on the one hand, it's not the Vig-Erix formula - an increase on the other - that trying to simulate fakes won't work. China has its own, unique biosuits that have effects and invented in China.

Tangkat Ali Platinum is popular in our country based on the roots of Eurikoma and Majik Stuff, Santi. But these drugs are more responsible for stable sex, reliable tendencies. These bioaccumulations are unique to our planet, which is why they have such a miracle.

Manuscripts are desirable to increase sex.

At present, we have received the treasure of each people of the increase. Practically every civilization had its own effective method of increasing membership. In an era where there is no borders in the world, every human being is given a unique opportunity to choose civilization from ancient peoples to our days. Yes, many work well and so on, and they can achieve an incredible increase in membership. Mantek Chia, his attitude and attitude towards a man ' s sexual life may not appear normal, but his beliefs lie in a thorough study of Dao ' s technician, human device and great practice make his methodology truly unique.

However, each ancient methodology is detailed on the website.

There are modern programmes, the fruit of our researchers.

Try it, they're working!

There have been a large number of extenders in our market lately. Their impact is based on the experience of some ancient methods. Yes, in theory, they must work, but unfortunately very uncomfortable in operation, may embarrass others and over time stop working.

What can't be done if you decide to change the size of a member.

1. Surgical intervention is difficult to recommend, medicine has not yet reached the extent of penis expansion, as we say in plastic surgery. The small percentage of successful operations, experience gained, and too sensitive area of application in a member (more than 30 nervous endings in the male penis area) make them more dangerous than useful.

2. Hormon pills to increase penis. By their effects, the exchange of substances is altered, which may affect the entire body of a man.

What can be said in the end

If you're going to change the size of your penis, the best way to date is to apply the methodology together with the bio-tested ones.

Methodics are more likely to replace full sex. It's not a secret that in an intense sexual life that is systemic, the penis increases. Unfortunately, the frequent seeds of eruption are destroying a man's body. And then the question of increase, sex. How to achieve an orgasm and not ejaculate, you can learn on our website. The methodology simulates this process, but it is much easier to acquire.

As you always choose.

Extensers and manuscripts may also be encouraged to increase the membership.

The size of the penis, its ability to erection, the power of an orgasm indicates the health of a man. It is for this reason that, in biogeneratives and manuscripts with the member, the components of improved overall health are included. It's not a different word. According to British scholars who studied the relationship between men ' s sexuality and their health, the leading active sexual life is less likely to be afflicted, has made great strides in the service and, ultimately, has lived longer and meaningfully.

The techniques described and the biodoctors operate on every person and his member by their own, someone helps Vig-Erix, someone in the Tibetan monk method. To say in advance that it will work for a particular person. The combination, the choice of a method, methodology or bioproducing can be done by itself.


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The hormones are a very common group, mainly the tablets and mazes based on the testosterone and its derivatives, which should be accepted only on the appointment of doctors. For several reasons, first they are hepatotoxic, i.e. destroying liver; secondly, you replace your own synthetic testosterone, and that would negatively affect their own development; thirdly, such treatment would only have an impact if the member failed to develop his deficiency. So self-treatment of such drugs is unacceptable. The problem with these drugs is that it is necessary to create a high concentration of the testosterone in the penis, not in the whole body (even after a local injection into a penis in a few minutes, the entire drug will be scattered with blood all over the body). And with a concentration that needs a hormon to influence the cock, it starts to suffer liver.

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