How is it right to measure the penis?

The Master ' s and Johnson Institute has undertaken several studies related to changes in the size of male sex workers in the transition from calm to erection. As a result, they found that a small member had a large expansion and elongation factor. In their research, we have the following observations.

In the course of the studies, comparisons were made between 40 men, whose membership in a calm state was between 7.5 and 9.0 cm, and those whose length was 10.0 to 11.5 cm in the same normal condition. With full erection, the smaller penis grew by an average of 7.5 to 7.8 cm. In the erection, these members essentially doubled their length. In contrast, in the case of longer members, the erection increases were between 7.0 and 7.5 cm. Researchers note that the highest increase occurred in one person, whose membership has increased from 7.5 to 16.5 cm. The lowest increase was recorded between 11 cm and 16.5 cm. In my personal study, the highest growth was between 12 and 18.5 cm and the lowest from 11 to 13.5 cm.

Doctor of Medicine, the PhD Kenneth Purvis states that " the normal development of our genital organs depends on a well-designed, highly complex system with many stages, and enough of a failure in them to make a man as a result a member, like a mule, or as a boy-s-boy.

There is a need to say a few words about their measurement techniques. Since it is very difficult to remove measurements from a young, growing penis, scientists have used a method of measurement related to the retraction of a member in a calm state. So they stretched the penis and measured it like he was in a state of erection at that time. We have already mentioned this in a slippery way, the measurements made on a vegetated member in a state of rest are approximately consistent with those carried out on a member in a state of initiation. Since the size of a member in a calm state is very different, they recorded averages, making three separate measurements.

Measuring the size of a sexual member must first be done and repeated once a week after the application of the drug or methodology. These penis length checks assess the increase of the penis.

Several measurements shall be used to determine the size of the sexual member:

Measuring the size of the penis in the state of calm.

Измерение размеров полового члена в состоянии
Sex measurement

1. Measuring of penis length
It is determined by measuring the penis at room temperature (18-20)0 C), a sexual member shall not be burned due to the cold or extended after a warm bath or shower. It is recommended that the extreme flesh be removed before the measurements so as to accurately measure the length of the penis without swinging the free part of the extreme flesh. The measurements shall be made from the pubic throughout the length of the penis, including the head. Average length: 8-12 cm.

Измерение окружности полового члена
Measuring the circumference of a sexual member
Измерение окружности пениса
Penis circumference measurement

2. Member circumference measurement
Determine by means of a meticulous ribbon in the middle of the sex. You can use a thread, a strip of paper instead of a stick. Average: 11-12 cm.

Определение длины вытянутого полового члена
Determination of length of penetrated sex member

3. Determination of length of penetrated sex member

Retract the extreme flesh, take the penis to the head and try to pull as far as possible, measuring the penis from the top of the lobe. This measurement corresponds to the length of the sexual member in a state of erection and gives an indication of the elasticity of the sex penis, which has a major role in the process of increasing it. Average: 16-10 cm.

These measurements are not sufficiently informative, as the size of a sex member in a calm state can change under the influence of many factors.

Determination of the length of an erected sexual member

Определение длины эрегированного полового члена
Determination of the length of an erected member
Определение длины эрегированного полового члена
limit of the length of an erected sexual member

1. Definition of the length of the penis.
Measurements should be made from a pubic upside to the head of a sexual member with a linear. The size of the sexual member in the erection may vary depending on the degree of initiation. It is recommended that measurements be made before the seed.

The length of the penis during the erection can change 1cm! Average length: 16-18 cm.

Определение окружности пениса
Definition of penis circumference

2. Determining the circumference of a member.
Measured in erection. It is recommended to be measured in three locations: the base of the penis, the middle of the penis and the place of attachment of the head.
Average: 13-14 cm

Penis size checks. By taking control - re-measuring the penis, it is important to determine the length of the penis and its circumference at the time of the erection. The checks shall be performed after each seventh procedure.

In order to assess more objectively the increase in penis, it is recommended that photos of a penis penis penis should be made available in a calm and ereged state before the procedures for increasing the penis. This is particularly important in cases where the shape of the sexual penis is rectified.

When adjusting the curvatures of a sexual member, it is also recommended that the form of a non-regulated sex penis should be recorded on paper once a month, and that will help to monitor more objectively the bending change.


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The specialist will measure the length of the fallos only by line and only on the top of it. Data from the lower surface of the penis cannot be used. Sometimes you have to measure the length of the fallos without erection.

For example, patients with an erectile dysfunction where a full recovery is not possible.

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I don't understand how to measure, but I use linear, convenient.

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