Normal Sex Member

There is a difference between the root or the base (Lat. rádix pénis), the body or barrel (Lat. córpus pénis) and the head (Lat. glans pénis). The wall of a sexual member is formed by two cavery and one dead body.

The cave and spontaneous bodies consist of a tight white shell, from which numerous overlaps, trabecules, intersections between which form caves or lacunas (lat cavérnae).

The cave bodies shall be located on the edges, the purified body in the sorrow between them, adjacent to the lower surface, together with the uréthra urine channel or urethra in its thickness. The body at the end of the sexual penis ends with concussive exhaustion, the head of a sexual member. The edge of the head, covering the ends of the caveal bodies, shaves with them, forming the circumference (daughter) of the circumference, followed by an eternal sorceration.

The head is covered with a thin tender skin with a large amount of glazing that makes a laugh. The head, like the body of a sexual member, contains many lacunas, with the sexual initiation of filled with blood. It also has a large number of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of the penis.

Outside the head of a sexual member is covered by a thin, lightly moving skin, by a very high dam, moving into the skin of a pub upwards and in the skin of a mouse downstairs. There are choves on the lower surface of the penis, which continue on the rear of the mouse and the intersection.

In the front section of the body of the sexual member, the skin is a skin warehouse, the extreme flesh (latum pénis), which covers the head in whole or in part. Extreme flesh, if it covers the head completely, it's usually easy to move back, naked. On the rear surface of the floor member, the extreme flesh shall be connected to the head of a longitudinal warehouse called the rig (Lat. frenulum praeputii). Between the head of the penis and the extreme flesh, there is a cavity (pre-popular) which is finally formed to the two-year age of the child. In a prep bag, it's usually a blur.

Some men, because of the very narrow opening of the extreme flesh, the head is difficult or impossible. This state is called phymosis and requires compulsory treatment. Small children (up to 2-3 years) have physiological characteristics and generally do not require treatment.

A man's penis is made up with a mosquito. A sexual member is composed mainly of cave, or an erectile, tissue consisting of elastic and smooth muscle fibres. The foam flesh consists of three bodies: two cavery (which are the back of the penis and creates its rigidity when the penis starts) and one lipstick (which passes the urinating channel and ends up in the head of a sexual member). Functionally, they're the only one.

In the condition of rest, the size of the penis is determined by the degree of blood filling of the carpet bodies. The carpet bodies, which are lipstick formations composed of a variety of small receptacles and polypsies, are capable, like other bodies, of responding to the effects of active substances present in the blood and the influence of temperatures. Thus, when the air temperature is reduced, there is a narrowing of the blood vessels of a sexual member, which reduces the blood flow into the carpet bodies and reduces the penis. When the temperature rises, there is a reverse reaction.

The lowering of the receptacles and the reduction of the penis is also the result of the release of adrenaline in response to the outbreak or other stress. So it happens that the penis, which is big and "representative" during the erection, decreases repeatedly and decreases alone.

The size of an erected sexual member is limited to a white sheath, a structure with a solid connective tissue that restricts the vegetation of a sexual member in erection.

Исследование нормального размера полового членаBut in order to establish the normal value of a male member of the sex, it is necessary to know clearly the limits of the norm and the statistical average size of the penis.

To this end, many scientists have long submitted anatomical parameters for the size of a sex member.

For the first time, the normal length of the penis was published in 1899, Loeb H. and then it was 9.5 cm. However, the author did research on the length of the penis only in a relaxed state.

According to Franoeur T. et al. (1991), a half member in a calm state fluctuates on average from 7.5 to 10 cm in length and 2.5 cm in diameter.

In the inflated state, the member fluctuates on average between 12.5 and 17.5 cm in length and 3.0 - 3.5 cm in diameter. Kabalin J., Perkash J. in 1994 confirmed that the average length of the penis when initiated was 15 cm.

According to Roos H., Lissoos I. (1994), an adult male penis outside the erection ranges from 7.5 cm to 10.5 cm when induction from 12 to 18 cm at an average of 13 cm.

In Russia, in 1998-2002, I. Kohn carried out studies on the size of a sexual member in an infancy (in length) of 8,267 men over 18 years of age. And received the following percentage data:

Conclusion: The size of the sexual member is to be assessed in a state of complete erection. However, with the normal size of a penis, it may seem small. This is the case of full or carnal men who often complain about reducing the length of a penis. Very often, a normal sex penis can be hidden in a very large, fat warehouse in the middle of the carpet.

The excess weight reduces the visible part of the penis. A study of Schoenfeld W.A., Beebe G.W. (1942) found that the thickness of the front abdominal cage increased with age, so the males examined were divided into two groups, up to 40 years and after 40 years. Depending on the age, the thickness of the superfeding pancreas has increased, and it has been higher in the group of older men.

At an old age, the penis length may decrease. This is due to the fact that the ageing reduces the number of elastic fibres in both the body and the sexual member. Some authors give certain characteristics of the size of a male member of different races. For example, black people have penis on average per centimetres more in peace and, in an ingenious state, comparable to white male genitals (Da Ros C., et al., 1994, Prost H., 1997).

Sex penetration can only be assessed in the erection mode

According to the other authors, the average length of a male male acquiescenced sex is 2-3 cm higher than that of men with white skin colour (Grifin G., 1995).

Thus, based on the aggregated data from various sources, it can be concluded that an adult male with a sexual member in an ingenious state of 15 cm in length and above may be absolutely certain that his penis is of a statistically average size. It's about the biggest member known for today.

A half member in an inflated state of 15 cm is a penis of normal length.

Principles of action for increased membership.

This is the result of the possible potential of an organism that has not been implemented in the wake of poor environmental conditions, malnutrition, stress etc.

The natural components of the preparations are helping to improve the flow of blood to the penis by freeing the hidden organism reserves.

The penis consists of caveal bodies and urethra. Ultra is used in male sex.

Under the impulse of nerve fibers directly to a sexual member, there is an increase in the lighting of the arteries supplying him with blood. There is a significant increase in the flow of arterial blood to the head of the penis and corrosive bodies, and the vent is slowing down. As a result, the blood quickly fills the spontaneous tissue of caveal bodies with an increase of 3-4 times. At the same time, there is a tension and an increase in the erection sex.

Scientists have detected the ability of tissues of the sex lane, composed of cavery bodies, to respond to the use of stimulant and reinforcing grass, traditional Chinese herbs and nutrient supplements. Corpora Cavernosa ' s human tissues can absorb a much larger amount of blood, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the sexual function, provided they are encouraged by the right combination of components in the given proportion.

The formulae for increasing sex is based on this model. They stretch the lipstick in length and width, allowing them to absorb more blood and eventually increase penis.

What are the benefits of increased sex?

All adverse effects of the environment, inadequate nutrition, stress, incorrect treatment, constant acceptance of stimulants (smoking, alcohol ) cannot be circumvented by the party and the sexual member. As strange as it may sound, a sexual member of a kind of process indicator that occurs in the organism, it is unlikely that a sick and depleted organism requires full sex. But when it comes to a critical situation. In everyday life, there may be no discrepancy from the norm of the natural organism. They accumulate and lead to sad consequences.

The natural composition of bioaccumulation is soft, gradually bringing the whole sex of a man to normal without shocking the organism, in contrast to chemical preparations, which often require permanent treatment. By accepting natural biofills, the foundations for the future are laid.

Preparates to increase the membership of WIH-Erix, Tongakat Ali Platinum, Magic Stuff, just from a series of medicinals to the human body. The following are realistic time frames and results that can be expected from the Vig-Erix drug. These are typical clinical results for a large number of patients:

One month. First change, a longer erection. There is also an increase in the circumference of sex.

Month 2. It's getting much more interesting. More serious changes in the appearance of a sexual member. There's a rise in sexual outrage.

Month 3 et seq. Now, in an erected state, the penis looks and feels stronger, strong and inflexible.

What drug is better to raise a member?

It's important not to confuse dozens of different pills that are advertised, promising results. In fact, it is very easy to make the right choice among men ' s natural drugs, as there are only a few of them of high quality.

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