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David8 years, 11 months
Scientists believe that as a man evolved in a modern homo sapiens, Darwin's theory also evolved male penis. Its current form allows for the immediate removal of the sperm of the previous male from the vagina, and identified researchers from the New York State University. The tests were conducted by a group of scientists led by Professor Gordon Gallapom. The professor believes that, among other things, a sexual member has shown himself as such a device. In order to verify this theory, a series of experiments were carried out in which various fans, artificial vaginas and cracked water sperm simulated. Gallup on New Scientist's pages reports that only one fricking fan has managed to remove up to 90 per cent of the solution from the vagina. The converters of another form - without the current foaming - only 35 per cent were outdated.

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Sex formationSex formation Sex formationHalf member (penis synonyms, falloss), external sexual organ of a man who performs sexual acts, ejaculat (sperms) in the vagina of a woman, and urine extraction.Sex formationAt the initial stage of the embryonic development, a penis and a mouse look like an open niche. The lower edges form the jellyfish, then they are blurred … More detailed...