Техника минета
Mine detector
Minet (French Mintte is a cat, synonyms: irrumatio, fellatio, felatorism, penislictio, penislmngus, coitus per os) means the oral contact of a woman with male genitals.

Some professionals consider the term " minist " to be outdated and use the term " felace " or " fellacio " . The term " fellare " was derived from the Latin word " fellare " to " suck " . The term fomentation indicates that penis is stimulated by league movements, as it comes from the word " licko " . However, in the promotion of male genitals, all these techniques can be applied alternately. And in this regard, the minit technique involves several actions: lick, suck, slip and bite.

In addition to the development of all these actions, there is a need to know the areas to which these actions should be directed, as the mere mine is possible only in an integrated management of actions and zones.

Men ' s genital stimulus zones


The head stimulation can be carried out by various actions. The lower surface of the penis head and the cure are extremely sensitive, so their stimulus must be very shore.

    Head stimulation may be performed:
  • I'm in the middle of a league of tongues. These movements can be carried out both strictly vertically, i.e. one repetitive downward movement (kiska milk) and exciting when a tongue like a small-stamped pendulum wipes out the zigzagi, moving up and down the hill, as a string (the star-titis);
  • The fast-track motions of the tensile peak of the tongue ( " cracking bulb " ) at the very end of the head, where the vent is located;
  • by circular motions by conch or body of the language at the edge of the vein ( " karusel " );
  • Compounding movements with reversible head immersion in the mouth ( " uninhabited body " ). This action may involve not only lips covering the ring and keeping the head in the mouth, but also a language that spins around the head in the mouth or moves along the brush;
  • by squeezing and squeezing your head with lips (Lina)
  • by friction of the head on wet lips. A woman can, however, be committed both by her head and by a hand-held penis movement;
  • by swinging the top of the head on the edge of the teeth ( " spit above the tree " ) as well as by movements that remind you of the fact that you're squeezing your teeth from the top of the head, both of which moves away from and not on a sexual member.
The Kamasutra Tractat describes the actions taken by the Eunuchs against the man and constituted a combination of eight types of action:
  • " Moderate action " or " salivation " , in which the Eunuch, holding the men ' s hands, attaching them to the lips, holding a lingam on the surface of the lip and slightly in the mouth.
  • Bock bite, when, by covering the fingers of the lingam head, like a bottle of flower, the eunuch squeezed his lips and sometimes his teeth.
  • " External clamp " , when the eunuch induced to continue its operation covered the head of the lingam with tightly compressed lips and kissed like trying to pull it.
  • The internal squeeze, when he gave up his request, led the lings deep into his mouth and, by burning his lips, then pushed the outside without weakening his lips, i.e. through a tight ring.
  • Kiss when, by holding hands, the Eunuch kisses him as if he kissed the lower lip.
  • When the eunuch completes the kiss, the eunuch conducts the language at all ends and does the same with the head.
  • The foetus of mango when the Eunuch introduces the lingam into his mouth by half and kisses and sauce.
  • The absorption when the Eunuch, with the consent of the man, inserts all lingums into his mouth until the end.
  • The pleasure from the oral loop of the penis will be strengthened if, during the stimulation of the head, a woman uses both manuscripts where her fingers can squeeze the barrel and the root of the penis, cautiously cover the moshone or scratch her fingers, and stimulates her fingers and anus.

    If you are also using a manuscript in parallel with the oral straws, where you move along the handwritten penis, try not to pull the skin from your head too much towards the root of the penis, it can cause a man's severe pain, which will cause an induction. The same advice needs to be remembered when the penis is encouraged by tightly compressed lips. The severe skin tension of the extreme flesh when the ring of the lip on the penis stem from his head to the root may also cause anxiety if not at the closest, then when the man has long to experience discomfort in the field of lips or " exterior " ears.

    Penis barrel

    The stimulus is carried out by leather or weak motions, when a woman is cautiously seizing the rubber and biting the leather of the penis (up or down). When introducing penis into the mouth, it is necessary to grab lips like a lipstick, and to carry out rhythmic movements along it, simulating motions during the genital intimacy. Put your penis in the deep of your mouth exactly as you can do without a sense of discomfort.

    During the stimulus, the penis barrels can be combined with oral and manuscripts, while promoting its language or mouth, and gently or slightly scratching the testicles and the intermediary, as well as the lazy anus finger, pre-mashed cream for lungs, sliding movements.

      The position of the woman ' s body in the penis is important:
    • between the legs of a man. In this case, the plane of the language and the lips has a greater impact on the building, but the penis has to be deviated from the body to make it more comfortable to enter the mouth.
    • being side by side of a man's body. In this case, the sludge will fall on the corner of the lips and the impact will be slightly reduced.
    • " floating " by mouth on the penis side of a man ' s stomach (which is particularly typical of the sea latches in the " 69 " position). At the same time, the active impact is on the head when the body of the language tends to stimulate the rearmost side of the language, and the upper lip and teeth are contacted directly with the brush, which can sometimes lead to its trauma unless precautionary measures are taken. Women therefore need to adhere to the general rule: to touch penis with slightly advanced lips that will cover their teeth and prevent them from entering " unauthorized " contact with a penis flesh.

    The penis stimulation must be carried out with highly humid lips, otherwise the dry loop could cause men pain. It is therefore recommended that women, prior to the start of the loop and during the process of mopping the lips of saliva periodically. In order to create sufficient layers of saliva, it is necessary, with the effort to tickle the tongue, that is, the two bundles of so-called " tongue meat " , which open up glacier and sub-language glands. The saliva thus produced should be put on the mouth. If the lips are to be mopped during the lasky, the penis should be removed from the mouth for a few seconds while continuing the manuscript, e.g. wiping the penis barrel or a man's mosquito, and, in the language of the worm, "to bring the required amount of moist to the lips, then proceed with the oral laceration.


    The mosquitoes may be carried out by leather, biting or co-driving motions up to the extremity of the testicle into the mouth.

    Техника минета
    Mine detector
    This area is very sensitive to the downing, don't overdo it! Kissing the mouses can be very exciting, too, especially if they're unexpected for a man who's been driven. A man must be aroused, because a tender loop at a time when a man's mood is far from erotic games can only be seen as cheek, or even as unpleasant. I mean, there is an inexplicable law that says: " Don't move immediately to the partner ' s genitalia, first give the words and the other parts of the body a desire in it, and only to make sure it's up to the private corners. " This rule applies to both sexes.

    If the puncture is carried out in the language, his movements may be roundabouts, around the testicles, and longitudinally, when the tongue relaxed to the scapula is moving upwards, from the bottom of the mouse bordering through the eggs up to the root of the penis, along the so-called mouse. However, the movement of the language can be both complete, i.e. one from the bottom up and lazy, i.e. accompanied by series of short league movements in the upward movement, recalling the movement of the cliffs that evaporate the tissue, sometimes staggering the most mint spots several times in short motions.

    Usually, a woman should either sit or lie between a man ' s legs in order to perform a mouse. If it is side by side of a man or on the side of his abdomen, the movement of a tongue in a mouse can reverse the root of the penis through the testicles to the bottom of the mouse. However, for a woman, this is not a very convenient position for a scapegoat, and in that case her tongue will not reach the nickname of the mosquito, which means that the zone will remain " untouched " laska.

    The cross-sectional mosquito league movements are also possible, but they are difficult to see that hairs growing on the mosshone are washed and sometimes even able to hurt the language by beating in the " lean " between his soft threads and his eyelids and by cutting their tops. So if you want to go through the tongue, so to speak, the width of the mouse, it's best to pre-cool the hair with the hand so that it's on the wool and change the position of its body so that there's a cross-sectional movement towards the mossoon that moves upwards, that's to speak perpendicularly to the moston.

    Sometimes hairs can not only interfere, but vice versa is a woman ' s co-facilitator for oral loops. We mean that when a woman breathes, the warm air coming out of her mouth or nose affects the flesh not only at temperature, but also tactile, because air flow moves her hair, irritating their root system, deep in her skin, making the skin of the moshones and receiving additional erotic eruptions. This does not mean, however, that in a simple arrogance there will be the same sense, but it is a secondary incentive for warm breathing, which accompanys and enhances the sense of basic lacunae in the language, lips or mouth and spreads it.

    Mouse stimulation

    The stimulation of the urine can be varied if the language is not relaxed, but the other way it is.

    His firm tip can be:
  • Lightly hit the eggs with a quick but sliding motion (please or tagging) as if we were going to have a pointy seam;
  • Switching the eggs inside the mouse, pushing their tongue, like a velocity slide in front of it... doesn't matter what it's important to roll J.
  • Put the boundary between the eggs in the middle of the moshound, disconnecting them with short cross-sectional movements when the end of the language simulates the movement of the pluga run by a drunken peasant.
  • If you're watching a man's mosquito for a while, you'll see that there's a movement inside her that resembles the beneath, it's a mouse skin that's constantly in motion by reducing the mosquito meat shell, like she's brushing her eggs so that their contents don't get caught. So you'll find out about your beloved man that he'll never know about himself unless, of course, he loves his manhood in the mirror.

    In addition to stimulus in the tongue and mouth, the paws can be performed with teeth. It is carried out as follows: a woman carefully seizes the skin on a mosh and slightly pulls it on and on the side, recalling these motions of a spoiled puppy who travels from the side towards the teethed pelvis.

    I'm taking my teeth through the skin of a mosh, i.e. snacking it here, then there's a grey wolf, adding to your partner a lot of new and unexpected feelings. The man of the new senses is guaranteed in any mosquito, as the zone is not so often given sexual attention, which is usually focused on penis.

    Oral patches of mouses can be accompanied by manuscripts when the fingers touch the mosquito, slightly scratching and even squeezing it. You can also squeeze the root of the penis, swallow the line and anus, etc. However, the response of the partner needs to be closely monitored, as the additional incentive may suffice and reduce it if it " does not fit " into the sexual expectations of a man during the proximity.

    Women who have been particularly tempted in the sea lanes use not only language and lips but also additional resources. For example, a piece of ice is used, which, while in the mouth, has a temperature effect on the skin of a mouse while stimulating by lips or dragging a testicle into his mouth. The truth is, in this case, a woman needs to be very careful and only breathe through her nose so that she doesn't taste like an extraneous subject. Different peppers, cheeks, whistles, etc. are also used.

    More seldom lasche than mosquito las are man's sea laces and anus. They may be carried out by the bottom-up, upper-circuit, blind-right and radius circumferences.

    All listed actions in the mined areas considered may be combined in any variation, allowing for the diversity of oral loins and making them irrepetible.

    Prevention of men:

    1. It must be remembered that a woman who touches you in an oral fashion must be free to move and feel safe. So don't hold her head with your hands, because it's too deep for a penis to enter her mouth and the inability to reduce it can cause her to have a vocal reflex or spasm of throat muscles, up to the asphyxiation, especially if at the time of your orgasm, you can't handle her emotions and reflect her. It is said that in the " red lights " neighbourhoods, women who are professionally employed in carrying out the mine can always be recognized as having a distinctive pale face colour and slightly blue lips, the effects of systematic asphaxia. So you better hug your woman over your shoulders. This will allow it to be intimidated and tightened to itself in the face of passion, and to give it previously specified markings during the mine, i.e., by removing it or by approaching it, when approaching would mean the intensification and deepening of penis movements in the mouth, and the suspension would show that the incentive to foam should be weakened or rescheduled to its head, or at all.

    2. Call a woman a word or a gesture of what you'd like if you're not comfortable with anything. Remember, it's hard for a woman to imagine your feelings, you're the only one who can tell her. And if a woman feels that something's going on, she's starting to lose herself, because she can't figure out what it is that you're doing, what she didn't like or what she didn't do at the moment.

    3. Don't ever take the penis out of the woman's mouth, because you can not only hurt her teeth, but also hurt her, she can take such a rush out of her mouth as she's uncomfortable to you, or you've already dropped her off. In that regard, heed the advice of Sheikh Nafzavi, who, in his interpretation of the “Bluechard”, had paid particular attention to the correct completion of the proximity, since even the best coitus could be distorted by the unpleasant postality of its gross completion. So take out the penis slowly and carefully, and don't forget to thank the woman for the pleasure she gave you. But it's better not just to say "thank you" like you've been taken to something, but to try to put in your words the praise of her actions: “You're an amazing woman, I'm going crazy from your luxury!" or "You're doing it, I'm just leaving!" or "I've never felt much less in my life!" In principle, luxury vocabulary and encouraging words should be spoken during proximity. It is the positive atmosphere during the oral loops and their completion not only by your orgasm, but also by your gratitude and praise, that will lead to a woman ' s sustained emotional burden of repeating these loopholes to you. And you'll only win from it...

    4. Try to find out delicately in front of your lover whether she's gonna feel bad about your sperm in her mouth, because some women really don't like it, and one third of the women who use oral sex with a man are allowed to eat in her mouth only without sperm. Even though we're talking to women here, we're going to go out with the greasy grime of the love of our beloved, it means hurting him, even if he doesn't tell you. If you can't overcome yourself, you'd better stop being so close. Why call a beloved insult and negative emotions! Because the fact that you accept his moisture is yet another indication of how much it is to you.

    The only logical A justification for not sperm siping may be spermotoxicoswhen a woman has an intransigence or an allergy on sperm. In this case, if a woman likes to give her man a blowjob, but she must avoid sperm in her mouth, she will have to do a blowjob with either a condom, or if she catches the seed, remove and continue to stimulate her penis by hand until her partner is ejaculated.

    A man ' s approximation of an orgasm can be seen on several grounds: usually the penis counter movements become more active and men ' s breathing is interruptive. Specially sensitive and caretaker women can feel the language of a few drops of Cooper's secret, a little bit of cheesy, and a change in the penis structure itself. Its erection is so increasing that, due to the maximum filling of the blood of the caveal bodies, the penis begins to be seen not as a homogeneous barrel overwhelmed by the veins, but as rows and rows of the corn or chain of illuminators on board the spacecraft, etc. Such a epilephic feeling of vagina would never have been able to detect, only the sensation of the mouth and language is capable of doing so.

    Some men before the orgasm, on the other hand, as quiet as they might be, stop active counter movements, close to breathing and breathing (sometimes with a hundred) only during the orgasm, reinvigorating actively ahead and striving away from the excitement excitement. In this case, the active phase of the movements goes to a woman.

    At the height of your partner's instigation, it's necessary to grab his penis with a hand, sometimes accompanied by motions up and down the barrel with a light squeezing on the frontal lobe, and put a penis in his mouth so that his tongue and his lips can be completely swamped. But there is also a need to closely monitor the partner ' s reaction or to know his preferences in advance, as there are men who don't like it when their penis is further stimulated by their hand during the blow. They're complaining that it's starting to hit them, because the stimulus of the hand is a lot harder than the mouth. In addition, those men who have a short-sex penis suffocation begin to experience pains when their hand moves to root, and these painful feelings can be sustained long and after the closeness. However, the advice to hold the penis by hand is substantial, because your hand covering the penis, even without moving, will act as a buffer to control the deepest penetration that is safe for you at a time when the pre-arrange height of the partner's instigation will not allow him to control his own actions. In addition, the rhythmical pressure on the root of the penis also creates an additional incentive, as it simulates the pressure on the area by a woman ' s lobe during the frictional movements of the traditional sex act.

    During the orgasm and the ejaculation, your motion partner doesn't have to stop if the partner doesn't ask you a word or a gesture.

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