Impact of seating on the number of healthy spermatoes

Long television screenings, sedentary lifestyles and inadequate physical activity have a devastating effect on the number of healthy spermatodes in young men.

At the same time, there is no significant influence of smoking, alcohol and psychoactive substances on the quality of male seeds.

American researchers from Harvard Public Health School published their observations in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It turns out that at least 20 hours a week before the TV screen is sufficient to affect men ' s health.

On the other hand, monitoring of almost 200 college students for 15 hours of physical exercises a week significantly improves sperm quality.

Researchers also claim that men who want to improve their sperms should be able to choose a type of sporting activity because some of them adversely affect male fertility. For example, cycling or running long distances in close sports can lead to a deterioration in sperm quality.

In general, according to the results of the study, the low level of spermatozoids was often encountered by persons wearing tight underwear.

The study was attended by 189 young people between the ages of 18 and 22. They were obliged to record how many hours a week they spend on physical activity and watching TV. They were further asked to provide a sample of sperms for laboratory tests. As a result, it became apparent that men who had been sports for at least 15 hours a week had played football, baseball, basketball, on average, had an average of 73 per cent more sperms than those who were the least physically active.

Students who spent at least 20 hours a week watching TV had an average of 44 per cent less spermatozoids than those who watched it less. However, no man had a spermatosis level that was so low as to speak of infertility. The mobility and shape of spermatodes were not linked to the factors studied.

Thus, men who wish to increase their fertility should seriously consider their way of life and perhaps become active in sports if they have a seating life.

Anyway, as long as there's a mystery, why a long view of the TV on the couch adversely affects the quality of the sperm.

" We have yet to see whether the replacement of a seating lifestyle will have a positive impact on the quality of sperms, or whether there is a fundamental (genetic) difference in the fertility of males who prefer television and males performing physical exercises " , by Dr. Alan Pacey, Senior Andrology Professor at Sheffield University.

Another study on the quality of male sperms, published in Human Reproduction last June, is worth mentioning. Scientists from Sheffield and Manchester universities compared 939 men to " low-quality " sperm and 1,310 men to normal lifestyles.

It was found that there was no significant influence on smoking, alcohol and psychoactive substances, and obesity on male seed quality.

Researchers have shown that, without doubt, the denial of harmful habits significantly reduces the risk of different diseases, but in their view this will not affect fertility. That is why special treatment of infertility should not be delayed, in an effort to improve the quality of sperm by eliminating harmful habits.

With regard to obesity, its impact on the quality of sperm remains a controversial issue. According to a report in the Human Reproduction magazine published last March by a team of researchers from Harvard Medical University, men who consumed most of the fastfud had on average 43 per cent fewer spermatozoids than men who used healthy food with high Omega-3 fat acids rich in fish and vegetable oils.

However, 71 per cent of the participants in the study were overweight, so it is difficult to make clear that the nature of the diet rather than obesity, as such, reduces male fertility. It is likely that different lifestyles and the combined effects of these factors must be mentioned.

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