Maximizing growth

The following are 13 additional councils to increase the effectiveness of your training.

1. Finish every practice of erection.

If you can't get an erection at the end of your training, you're probably redesigned this time. Next time, take more rest and lower your intensity. The training has to reconstruct, not exhaust your cock.

2. Add masturbation.

Many men say that adding masturbations to exercises improves results and accelerates their achievement. So if you have time, masturbate 2-3 minutes before and after practice. Particularly carefully concentrate on the moment before direct ejaculation, the size of your penis is the maximum at this point. Some men also note that the addition of masturbation to exercises for a member improves the inferiority in bed. But don't masturbate too much, it can also have a negative impact on your growth, depending on how long and intensive you've been doing it. For example, if a man masturbates for a few hours (and that is possible), it amounts to the same stress for a member as full training.

3. The only way to find out if masturbation is useful or harmful to your member is to draw attention to signs of bodily harm.

Ejaculating or not depends on you. Many men believe that abstinence from ejaculation two hours before and after training increases the result. Men believe that, because they believe that a member should be relaxed, full of blood and be more than usual after training, and after ejaculation with a member, everything happens with precision to the contrary: he compresses, gets smaller and gets less blood. Either way, whether you ejaculate or not depends on your own preferences. If the ejaculation damages your result, you stay with her two hours before and after the training and see if it affects your outcome.

4. Do the right tech.

The main reason why many men cannot add to the size of a member is the incorrect practice. Bad equipment may include too severe stretches or irregular latitude in the jelking process. Use the descriptions and pictures for each exercise to learn the right technique.

5. Pain = no increase

One major difference between sports room sessions and exercises for a member is a popular motto among cultural players: " No pain - no growth " . Some people think that if you don't feel muscle pain after training, it means they don't grow. That is not true, especially in the case of exercises for a member.

The exercises for a member with this approach will only hurt you. If you think you're doing too hard, it probably is. Listen to your own body, it rarely deceives you.

Bol = No increase. If you feel pain or your dick's low sensitivity, stop right now!

6. Don't forget the kegs.

The big mistake of starters is that they forget or specially avoid Kegel's exercise. This is especially pronounced for many in the first few weeks when they are most occupied by the other basic exercises.

Kegeli is an important part of any training programme. They are indispensable for improving the integrity and universal health of your sexual member.

In addition, the Keguel exercises themselves in terms of implementation are the lightest, so why miss them? Always do the kegs start/stop. This simple exercise will take you two to three seconds in the process of what you already do, in the urination process.

7. Always warm up.

Mine clearance is necessary for the healthy training of a member. I've noticed that in many cases, when a man doesn't add sizes, it's because he's either wrongly mined or not mined at all. The discrepancy makes your dick more elastic and, therefore, more prepared for different loads. So always put a sufficient amount of effort into heating tissue inside your dick.

8. Keep cool after practice.

For some reason, some men are getting warmed up after training in the hope that the heat will do the same. I don't recommend you do that. The enlarged elasticity of a member caused by the heat is not what you need after the training. After training, your purpose is to keep your dick in an enlarged and vegetated state. By putting the heat on, you're preventing it.

Instead of putting the heat on, try putting the cold on your dick after practice. For that, you can use, for example, a piece of tissue in cold water. Put the cooling down for one or two minutes, make sure that cooling isn't too strong, or it's likely that your dick will burn and fall from the cold.

9. Do the jai stretch.

The jay stretch may look small and ineffective, but it's not that far. Every time men told me they didn't start adding up until they started adding jai to their exercise. A lot of men do 20 jai-strings before and after training, which certainly helps. You can do the jay stretch when you go to the bathroom.

10. Learn your mistakes.

If you know that some exercise or exercise isn't working for you, try something else. First, knowing what works and what doesn't seem to be your guess, but in time, you'll come to full agreement with your member. The man with Peter Dick said: " Practically any man can add size... he just needs to be dealt with correctly. " Peter'a Dick'a has never stopped growing his dick, he's been adding almost 6.5 cm all his time.

How did he do that?

He said: " I am in great agreement with my member and I know what works for me. "

Don't give up if you can't just add.

It takes time to enter the normal cycle, and non-patience is the main mistake of many men. Many men are trained for months, sometimes longer, without any visible results. And then, by sampling and error, they suddenly turn on what allows them to start growing almost immediately.

Increased membership is not a one-time procedure. Changes are time-consuming. Be consistent, stick to it, and the increase will come over time.

11. Take your time.

This advice should not be underestimated. There is a clearly expressed border between over-rearing (overly heavy loads) and under-utilization (overly small loads).

It's on this frontier you should be, it's called growth. Both retrievals and lack of training can stop the growth of your penis, but it's much better to be out of practice than to overload your dick.

Other side of coin: not increasing intensity

It is safer to increase intensity only after any increase in size has completely ceased. In line with this method, you will follow the same program as long as you don't take it out of it, and then gradually increase the intensity until the growth resumes. The best in this method is that it makes it virtually impossible to retrain.

The worst thing you can do is start training with excessive intensity, which can distract and disappoint you from the beginning. The key sign of the recurrence is weak erection. Worse than that, some men have noticed that continuous retraining has made the process of growth more complex in the future. It's because the penis is adjusting to overloads and becomes harder every time you're refried. So you're not only adding sizes to the alterations, but you're also making it difficult for yourself to follow up. The simplest thing to get rid of this problem is to start with a little one. At first, it'll be even better if you're not trained and intensified as necessary. If for some reason you doubt whether to increase intensity, don't do it. Move forward as soon as all doubts fall. Your member needs adequate rest from the load and a good physical form.

12. Keep the magazine and keep track of your results.

The magazine will allow you to record your results and practice. In the course of a magazine, you'll know for sure what kind of exercises and what kind of training programme suits you most. For example, you can find that you add the most when you take a two-day break between practice. You can keep a magazine after every practice, the best option is to keep it once a week.

If you're uncomfortable with the paper, you can do it online. Online Journal is useful in the fact that others can give you feedback on your results, a training program, and they can point out that you may have forgotten and followed.

In the magazine, describe the exercises you perform, their intensity and the time you spent on them. In order to be more careful, tell me how warm you are and how much time you spend on it. Write down any information you'll find useful. Some men, for example, list the vitamins and medicines they used in a week to know what could affect growth. The more data you're tracking, the more your chances of repeating your good results.

13. Proceed different variations

Different men are approaching different exercises and training programmes. For example, the basic rule of jelking is that jelking at a small level of erection increases the length and, at a higher level, the width. However, some men claimed that the jelking was the opposite.

Which is best suited to you, you'll have to determine yourself. Watch your results, try new things and change the old ones, and you'll find what's effective for you!

Overcoming possible side effects

"Penice is stronger than sword" - Mark Twen. With the right exercise approach, a member is as useful as a daily run for your heart. Thousands of men have done more and better. And you can do that, too.

But just as a run can cause a ship's and abdominal pains, exercises for a member have their side effects, which can put you back away. Most side effects are minor and take place within a few days. For example, small red points may be caused by excessive effort or dry skin may be a reaction to an incorrect straw.

Sometimes side effects are not even such, the “problem” could have existed well before the current time. One man, for example, was very excited when he found a little buffalo on his lower side of the penis, he was sure that the bagoroc was formed because of the jelking. When he showed him to his wife, she resurrected, "This little buffalo? You've had it for over ten years!

The side effects include:

  • pain;
  • The warming of a member;
  • Bruises;
  • The appearance of a stain on a member;
  • Donut effects;
  • dry skin;
  • wolves;
  • Blood;
  • Loans in vessels;
  • temporary erection.

Pain is bad.

Remember, pain is the main unhealthy sign of your body. Pain by nature can't be good. So if you started feeling pain at some point, stop doing what you're doing. Most of the pain just goes away after a few days. If she still stays, try to use light massage and put warm and cold to your dick. The warmth you can put heat on your cock by your usual heating method, using a hot towel, a grill, a rice sock or anything that brings heat to your cock, which usually removes pain.


A lot of colds are making pain much better than heat. When the pain comes, many men notice that the cold to the cock is very good at the beginning, and the combination of cold and hot helps in the future. A lot of doctors recommend a constant change in the cold, 20 minutes each and then a light massage for 10 minutes. In any case, the pain should not last more than a few seconds, but more than an hour. If your cock hurts for so long, it's probably not just annoying, go to a doctor now!

Negative massage

It's hard to believe that a little tenderness, love and care can have such a strong influence on your penis. It is not surprising that a member, an organ that responds to touching, benefits from a low massage. Massage plays an important role in reducing some side effects, including pain itself.

End of first 5 weeks

For most men, the first five weeks seem uncertain. Your first success is likely to be accompanied by doubt. The sense of surprise is often explained by the fact that you're asking yourself why you didn't come into practice for a member earlier. Some men have made great strides during this initial period, but there are also others that do not have any tangible results.

Question: "I didn't add anything in the first five weeks, what should I do? ”

The most important thing you can do is be persistent and not give up. Many men don't add anything for months, and then suddenly it starts to come. If you didn't add, there's a reason to do that, use the physical evidence to find a problem. If you have a strong erection and healthy bodily signs, it's likely that the basic exercises for starters were not sufficiently intense for you. Healthy signs are a good sign. On the other hand, basic exercises for starters could be too intense, which is especially obvious if you feel unhealthy bodily signs.

In this case, take a two-week break, and then resume exercises, but with more light equipment.

Have you achieved your goal?

After you have achieved your goal, you need to take on the strengthening exercises that need to be done for about three months. Strengthening exercises will help you consolidate your achievements and make them permanent. Once your result is fixed, your daily erection, together with light exercises to maintain the form, will allow you to support the new size of your penis. Are you ready to move on? Before you go on, ask yourself, " Do I have healthy bodily signs? Are I ready to go further, i.e. to increase the exercise? " If you answered " yes " to these questions, that means you're ready to move on...

Main findings

  • The primary programme of the newcomer is merely general recommendations. The best thing you can do is draw attention to your body's reaction and act accordingly.
  • Every man has a member unique in his physical and genetic structure, so not everyone will have standard programmes.
  • There are no clear boundaries that define, much or little you practice. If you're in a position to add at least intensity, do it.
  • Choose exercises according to your personal objectives.
  • The frequent side effects are warming, so-called doughnut effects and stain formation on the surface of the member.
  • Other side effects such as bruises, wolves and blood are less common.
  • The temporary erectile dysfunction is most commonly caused by the recurring.

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