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Questions about sex and health

Removal of sexual member

Азат6 years

I'd like you to move your penis with your hands at home.

Hello. There's Jalk's equipment, Keguel. In time, such a method of increasing membership will appear on our website. Dear Azat, without the use of VigRx, Vig Rx plus, as well as the vacuum massage of a sexual member on the Matrix-Urologist machine at the BIONIS health centre on New City 25 in Moscow, you will need a lot of time, perseverance in achieving the intended goal of increasing the length and thickness of a sexual member.

If you live far from Moscow and there is no material possibility of ordering VigRx, VigRx plus delivery, you will have to change your way of life and spend a few years a day (depending on the targets set) on jelkin. First, you'll learn 1 level of jelking, you don't want to pry, or you can hurt a penis. Then move to more advanced levels. Jalking (the dose technology) is not very complex, but requires skills and skills. It's always necessary to remember that a sexual member during exercises must be capable of semi-referencing by half.

When there's a steady erection of the exercise, we need to stop and give the penis time to calm down. The jelking machine is described in detail on 28cm sites, and consists of an elastic bowl of a penis on the ground with two fingers (both big and pointing, like in a OC gesture) near the frontal bone, and a slow blood drain on the cave bodies towards the head. For more detailed information, it is possible to consult with the urologist of the BIONIS medical centre by telephone 8,985,774 81 56, or to attend a reception at the Novgorodsky House 25. Moscow City, near Altoufjevo Metro, BIONIS Medical Centre.

Penis length

Георг6 years, 1 month

Hello, Doctor!I am 16 years old, and the length of my penis is 15 cm, is this the normal length?? what should be taken from food that would increase the penis!or what do you recommend!!?? thanks

Honourable Georgia, you're at the beginning of the path of sexual abuse. Remember, a man's penis grows both long and wide throughout his life, like ears. There's no bones and muscle tissue in the penis, it's more juridical and connective. The size of your sex penis at 16, and... for example, at 40 years, will be very different from the increase.

The length of a sex penis of 15 cm has 85 per cent of men, the average size of the penis of the Europeans. The mongoloid race has less, a little more in the non-groide race. There's absolutely no reason for doubt. But there's no limit to perfection-- you can take VigRX once a year, which, coupled with physioprocedures (LOD therapy) at BIONIS, will please you both the increase in length and the thickness of the penis and increase your sexual self-esteem. Telephones for recording 8 985 774 81 56, 8 499 200 11 35.


Виктория6 years, 1 month

Hey, tell me how to sell your husband's erection, we were fine, but for almost a year it's not more than five minutes, I'm worried because I'm also suffering from it, tell Magic Stuff not to hurt his husband? He's 38 years old, and he's never seen that before, Magic Stuff needs to be taken all the time, and he's got a cure ephect? or take something else?

Victoria, the telega was put in front of the horse!

The question is written in vain, we'll try to figure it out. There's a place to shorten the time of the sexual act, the husband will end sooner without having to bring you to the orgasm. The intensification of the stage of the platoon (the time of return and retaliation of an erected male member of the female vagina) is one of the symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate husband ' s prostate. This is the result of the leakage of the prostate tissue and the elevated inducement.

A man may not arbitrarily control and extend the time from the moment of introduction to the vagina to the seedling. In serious cases, a man who has been instigated ends after one, two frictions or before a member enters the vagina. Magic Stuff will only increase and exacerbate your problem. Magic Stuff is increasing the erection and sexual harassment. The time of the sexual act will be reduced even more.

We need to take the husband to the urologist to the BIONIS medical center on the New City House 25th. Moscow and make the ultrasound prostate on a full bladder. When a prostate is detected, it is advisable to analyse PRCs for hidden sexual infections, which are the main cause of prostate. We need to cure the cause, not the investigation. An urologist can help this situation. Telephones for reception 8 985 222 67 03, 8 499 200 11 35.

Testesterone, what's the influence of a man's body?

Ольга6 years, 6 months

You've got Semenax on your website, one of the advantages is to upgrade the testosterone. What does it matter to a man?

First, under the influence of the testosterone, there is a normal development of the sexual organs of a male member of the sex, eggs, progeny (which, in fact, distinguishes it from a woman) and the emergence of so-called secondary sexual signs - the growth of the hair on the face and the body, the characteristic revolt of the frontal area. In addition, the hormonal influences the education and normal shrivelling of bones, with the testosteron closing the bone growth areas in time. The skin condition is also directly related to the testosterone, as it operates the steel.

Testesterone has an impact on certain parts of the brain, resulting in sexual activity (libido), not only for men but also for women. Normal erection is also ensured with the active participation of the testosterone: it has been proved that the carpet bodies are fully relaxed, and the testosterone contributes to the normal blood of the constituency.


Андрей6 years, 6 months

Can we do the masturbation on the day after the vicar operation? Thank you!
Answer Andrei, you shouldn't. Be patient.

Itchy pain

Алексей6 years, 7 months

Good afternoon. I'm interested in what kind of question I've been doing with masturbation for 16 years, about once a day, no sexual contact. But once a month, there's a problem after the seeding of the eruption begins with a weak cloaking around the head on the right side of the cut. There's no harm to urination. There's no pain. There's nothing on the pressure. After sleep, the pain passes. Calling your parents is embarrassing. Maybe we should reduce the number once? And when I'm masturbating, I'm very often inclined. And then I'm done. Waiting for your answer to Alexei. Thank you.

Don't worry, Alexei.

Probably nothing serious. Most men experience similar feelings from time to time.

They appear more often after masturbation than after a full sexual act. Your self-defense is perfectly normal. Try to reduce the number of times (up to 3-4 per week).


Юлия6 years, 8 months

Hello. I have a problem: my partner and I don't have the perfect sex compatibility. Can you please tell me if there's anything without an operating method to reduce the vagina size? Since we're not often dating, we're interested in the same short-term options, that is, 2-3 days.

Dear Julia, The problem of sexual incompatibility among partners is very rare.

The average sex ratios of 90 per cent of couples are fully compatible. In only 3 per cent of cases, the dimensions of man ' s dignity are significantly higher than the average statistical values of length and thickness or significantly lower than the standard.

Loved sex partners always find compromises. In your case, the incompatibility of the thoughtful. Even if a woman has a lot of birth, a heroin mother with a big, dark vagina, a partner with a humble size of a penis, even in this case, she'll enjoy herself and give her pleasure to her partner. The skilled mistress owns intimacy muscles and makes miracles in bed during the sexual act. You can't narrow the vagina walls arbitrarily. Your assistant will be the muscles of the pelvis. These muscles cover the vagina belief as a ring.

Rhythmically, by reducing them during sexual intercourse, in the backward movement of a sexual member, an experienced partner is ideally placed under any anatomic characteristics of a sexual partner. It's easy to feel those muscles. Burn them during the urination and defection. By training them, you'll learn to always be up.


Иван6 years, 8 months

Doctor, I have a problem with the size of a penis. In normal condition, the penis reaches a length of about 6 cm. 12-13, is that normal? 15 years old?

Ivan, 12-13 cm long of inspired sex penis is normal. In ancient Greece, this size of the penis was a gold standard. Take into account, your system is still undergoing intense growth.

The increase in skeleton will be completed by 25 years, and the size of the sex will increase throughout the active sex life. With regard to optical illusions: with the right attitude of any man, a sexual giant with huge sexual organs can be made.

There's no reason in porn films, the camera is directed down to the intermediary and sexual organs of the porn. The same optical illusion occurs in museums, antique gods ' genitals are accessible from the bottom to the bottom and seem more powerful than they really are. There are no grounds for concern, Ivan. Live and enjoy life.


Настя6 years, 10 months

Hello! I'm concerned about the question: when a young man and I do a sexual act when we enter the vagina, his dick doesn't always come first, then two, three times hard, and I don't have a nice feeling, and then when everything goes well, nothing bothers the end of the sexual act! What does it feel like when you come in?

Dear Nastya, everything comes with experience. This used to be a passive role for a woman during a sexual act (recognized only by her womb) and any act of activity led to suspicion of being corrupt. With the beginning of a sexual life, a girl who has no experience of sexual life can not completely relax pain and discomfort during the introduction of a sexual member. In serious cases, there is a spasm of the vagina superstition, which makes it impossible to introduce a sexual member and to have sexual contact - a condition called vagina.

Without the help of gynaecologists in such cases, a girl cannot handle herself. It's important to have sex experience that a girl receives during her first sexual intercourse, when a defloration occurs, a rupture of a virgin. Pain and bleeding, rude, without pre-screen, a violent sexual partner's behavior can cause psychological trauma for the rest of his life. Frequently asked about the compatibility of the sexual organs, complained about the size of the sex penis, the fear and panic of an errected penis. Know that 90 per cent of couples are fully compatible with the size of the sexual organs.

This is facilitated by the good muscles of the pelvis, because during the birth, a healthy woman with no ruptures for a minute giving birth to a child with a head diameter of 10 cm. It's still a very important moment of the partner's pre-screen and tactics during sex. Regrettably, this period of time does not pay attention to the man.

In the case of an average sexual act of 5 to 15 minutes, the necessary adultery (wetting of slime spectacles and vagina walls) needs to be doubled. This problem is being addressed easily by the use of a variety of intimidants, which the modern pharmaceutical industry produces many. There's just lubricants, there's anesthetic or vice versa, antibacterial effects. Don't be shy to find the right lover. Also, Nastya, there's nothing to be disgraceful and dissuasive if you guide and show your boyfriend's friend. Contemporary stereotyping, marked by porno-industry, creates a form of dissolved, sex-provoking sex, always thirsty, both vaginal and anal, male. At the same time, males always receive 100% pleasure and orgasm. Typically, sex appetite comes to a woman by 30 years or after delivery, and there's nothing pathological about it. Orgasm is a woman's business, her ability to retrieve, to trust a partner, to get in one piece with him. In time, this ability will come.

Vig-Erix and alcohol

Виктор6 years, 10 months

What are the odds and limitations of Vig-Erix Plus?
Answer Hello, it's not advisable to take alcohol during the reception, but it's also against the chronic heart condition. Respectful.