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Часто задаваемые вопросы о увеличение полового членаVig-Erix is a natural vegetation product to increase penis to increase the size of a sexual member, improve sexual health and increase erection in the state of initiation. Our users have found that none of the other means of increasing the penetration of the sexual member can produce the results that Vig-Erix has produced. Despite the fact that Vig-Erix is the best product on the market, we are constantly seeking to improve its efficiency. As a result of the inclusion of the best components in the vig-Erix test formula, users saw much higher results.

What's the Vig-Erix principle?

The Vig-Erix preparate has been scientifically designed to expand the caveat bodies of a sexual member and significantly increase their volume. As a result, cave bodies can contain more blood than ever before.

What dose should be accepted?

Take one pill twice a day. That's it. Vig-Erix is a natural plant.

Any side effects?

No. Preparat Vig-Erix does not require a prescription and is safe for your application.

Who's required to use Vig-Erix?

If you wish to strengthen and extend your sexual pleasure with the plant formula, which is truly effective. The medication is approved by the doctors. It's made of entirely natural components. It really works.

How long before I get the results?

The following are realistic time frames and the results you can expect:

Month 1

The first change you notice and feel is a longer erection. You will also begin to celebrate the increase in the circumference of sex.

Month 2

It's getting much more interesting. You'll see more serious changes in the appearance of a sexual member. When you look in the mirror, you'll be amazed. Also, you'll be watching a further increase in your sexual outrage.

Month 3

Now, in an erected state, your penis looks and feels stronger, strong and inexorable than you could ever imagine.

What's in Vig-Erix?

Vig-Erix is a healthy patented composition of special substances of vegetation known for their special properties and connected to a powerful combination. These special plant substances are collected from all parts of the world.

Why does Vig-Erix leave in the pills? Why can't you take it in liquid form?

It is important to accept the right amount of the drug, which is best achieved when a pre-measured dose is swallowed. In the case of liquids that require piping, tea spoons or cups, a bad dose may be accepted.

I read that the average length of the penis is 15 centimeters. What about men of other nationalities or countries?

To date, Kinsey ' s reports are one of the most exhaustive studies of the sex membership. It is alleged that the average penis of the white race is 15.7 cm long and 9.4 cm circumferential, while the non-groide race is 15.9 cm long and 9.6 cm circumferential. The difference is only 0.2 cm, which is not statistically significant. In general, the difference in size is minimal, if not impermissible, and that fact is fair around the world.

What is this drug different from Viagra?

Vig-Erix is a complete natural. It comprises only vegetable matter. Besides, he doesn't have side effects. In addition to your sexual power, the beneficial effects of vegetable matter extend to other parts of your body.

What guarantee do I get?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We built our business by offering high-quality products to buyers who remain satisfied and continue to order again and again. Our clients often tell their friends about us.

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