Vig-Erix applications - feedback

2 months у + 1.5 cm in length and 0.5cm in thickness 12.06.2016.

I'm happy. It's been two months, and I've got 1.5 cm long and 0.5 cm thick. I'll take a break. Thank you very much! [38 years. Pavel!

Full course ный +2cm 04.02.2006.

(four Vig-Erix packages in four months) and received a centimetre of length and width. Now stop, let him rest. The girl said it was no longer necessary, because the level of sensitivity had increased. It took longer to keep contact, on average 30 minutes, and the biggest 1.5 hours, but after being completely tired, I didn't want to move. I'm very happy with the results. [29 years old. Alexei?

2 months ы +7cm long and 0.7cm thickness 28.01.2006.

First, I was sceptical about this drug. I've heard about all sorts of techniques, pumps, but Vig-Erix changed my mind. After a two-month application of your drug, I got two cm of length and 0.7 thickness. Now my size is 15 cm! And the personal target is 17 cm! [27 years old. Nikolay!

3 months ы +1.5cm length of 0.7cm thickness 22.12.2015.

I have to say that Vig-Erix's meditation was quite irregular. I did not respect the recommendations for application. In three months, I've achieved an increase of 1.5 cm long and 0.7 cm thickness! [34 years. Ahmet!

2 months ы +2cm length and 2cm thickness 20.12.2015.

Hello! I don't know what my successes look like against the background of others, I've managed to achieve an increase of 2 cm across all parameters! At the beginning, I had 12.5 cm/12cm, and now I'm 14.5cm long and thick. Now I'm more focused on extending the length, because the thickness, in my view, is good! Thank you! [19 years. Nikolay!

6 months ины +3.8cm length 03.11.2008.

I used Vig-Erix drugs for four months, the results were minimal! (1 cm in time) And there was already a doubt about the effect of the drug, but keep drinking the course. I did the right thing. Since growth began for the past two months. I've read somewhere that a drug can come from a different one at once, and a friend like me when I reach a certain threshold, and over the past two months, I've increased another 2.8 cm. [41 years. Eugenia]

5 months ины +3,5cm length 03.09.2014.

Weave-Erix practice for almost five months. All I can say is that the results are very good! In the first two months, I've reached an increase of 2.5 cm. Then two months was a rest phase, and now 1 cm again in a month. In these five months, I've reached an increase of 3.5 cm! No comment! I feel great! [23 years. Alexei?

Every month ий improvement of feeling 03.04.2012.

Vig-Erix practice for almost seven months. I've got 17 cm after the first month an increase of 1 cm. But the main thing is a new feeling of the act. There's been an emotion, an orgasm feeling has increased. I can spend a lot more and more time in the pastors. Got to take every two months with a one-time break. Unlike synthetic drugs, no negative feelings. [35 years. Alexei?

With Vig-Erix's help, I've regained faith 25.02.2011.

Never, even in the boldest fantasies, I didn't think there was such a simple way to increase membership. I haven't finished my first flask yet, and the penis has already grown in two and a half centimetres in length and more than a centimetre in width. At first, I had doubts, but I was very surprised. Thanks to Vig-Erix, I'm happy, and my girlfriend too. ♪

Thank you, Graham.

I feel young 25.02.2017.

I'm married after I started accepting Vig-Erix, I feel like young again. There was a time when we had sex only two to three times a week, and now I'm not tired of doing it all the time, three times a day. She says he's bigger and I'm cooler than ever before. Vig-Erix changed my life and gave our lives a lot of sense.

Thanks, Kevin R.

We're having fun tonight for 11.11.2009.

Vig-Erix is class! It's an amazing drug! I'm so happy I tried him, and my girlfriend loves that now I have extra power to have sex and a longer penis, so now we're having fun tonight. Like I said. This is class!

Thanks again, Peyton P.

It's hard as a rock. 10.12.2016.

I've read a lot about pills to increase penis, but I never believed in their effectiveness. When, about a month ago, a friend offered me a Flakon Vig-Rix, saying, "This thing really works," I thought, "Why not, if I tried, it wouldn't be worse." At first, I was full of doubt, but now on my own experience, I'm sure that this means is really working. After only four weeks of the use of Vig-Erix, my penis became longer than 2 centimetres, and in diameter not less than a centimetre. In addition to growth, my dick is a lot worse now. He's solid like a stone, from the beginning to the end. My girlfriend admires the results and shocks of my size and firmness. My love life has improved ten times, and I feel better and more confident.

Thank you, Damien C.

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