Vig-Erix unique formula

Why is Vig-Erix more effective than other similar drugs?

In addition to the correct formulation of the formulation, the quality of the components is the most important factor for achieving results. Investigators used in Vig-Erix are the most recent and selection substances available on the market. That is why no other means of increasing a sexual member can be compared to Vig-Erix.

What's in Vig-Erix and how does it work?

The Wig-Erix Formula is scientifically developed to ensure maximum possible results. It includes scientifically proven, highly active concentrated Afro-desians of natural origin from China, Europe and South America.

The exact proportion of these vegetables creates a powerful combination that guarantees the promotion of sexual activity, the maintenance of a firm erection and increased sexual pleasure. While the effects of all these components have been known for centuries, it is important that they are now confirmed by modern clinical studies.

Vig-Erix includes the following audited components:


Tribestan has been used in Europe for several thousand years to treat sexual dysfunction and increase sexual desire. No side effects have been detected at all times. The clinical studies in Bulgaria in the early 1980s showed the effectiveness of the tribestan to improve the erectile function. One of the confirmed effects was the rise of the fluteinizing hormone (LH), leading to an increase in the level of the testosterone. It is widely recognized by the European medical community. The popularity of the tribestan in North America jumped recently when the athletes found its ability to increase power and yield.


Also known as "Horny Goat Weed" is used for thousands of years to increase sexual activity.

Medical research found that the active ingredient of the substance was Icarin. Ikariin has a positive impact on an electile function. The horny has another effect, it increases the blood flow to the penis. This is because it increases the nitrogen oxide level in the organism, resulting in smooth muscles relaxing. It also acts as a moderate FDE-5 inhibitor. Like Viagra, the horny is drastically decreasing the level of the UDE-5, but not so much as to have side effects.

The experience gained over the centuries in China has allowed doctors to use a horny to increase libido, improve the quality of erection, restore sexual power and increase the sense of feeling. The scientific explanation of the horny strelistic act is the release of the testosterone, which naturally increases sexual desire and perseverance.


Medical tests have recently been carried out to examine the effects of the semen of polyvies on males with non-crosser (upgraded sperm sperm sperm sperm). The results showed a more than 70 per cent increase in the number of viable spermatoes and the mobility of spermatoes.

Evidence includes premature ejaculation, white vaginal allocations, and lower back pains, often accompanied by kidney failure, resulting in sexual weakness. Polynic seeds increase fertility among men and women, and in traditional Chinese pharmacopics it is considered to be aphrodisiac.


It has been shown that nutrient nutrient nutrient support for mental activity, high organism activity, and the healthy condition of blood vessels.

Like the polish, the gynogo belobe increases the vascular bleed, which leads to a better erection. Studies suggest that gyncgo biluba works by relaxing the smooth muscles in the cave bodies of a sexual member. More than 300 studies carried out over the past 30 years indicate that Gincgo prevents many problems throughout the system, and also contributes to their elimination in the event that they occur previously.

Gincgo improves peripheral bleed, blood saturation with oxygen, and increases blood flow to genitalia, beneficially affecting sexuality and improving erection quality. In a recent study, significant improvements - without side effects - were recorded in 78 per cent of participating men with sexual disorders due to non-medical causes.


Married is traditionally used to overcome general weakness and provide additional energy. It also has Afro-disaster properties.

A clinical study was conducted at the Ulsan University School of Medicine (Asana Medical Centre, Seoul, Korea) to examine the impact of Korean red wife on erectile dysfunction. The results of the study showed that Korean red wife is an effective means of treating male erectile dysfunction.

Genesiside (ginsenoside), the key component of the femur, normalizes the blood flow in the direction of the brain and in the penis area, and has blood and sperm properties. Russian scholars have established and recorded that the wife stimulates both physical and mental activity, improves sports performance and has beneficial effects on the sexes.

The wife used to treat the sexual weakness of non-medical origin and premature ejaculation, normalizes blood pressure, default and raises his tonus.


The fruits of the saturation are known as sex stimulant and aphrodisiac.

The JAMA Medical Journal has published studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of the sabal to treat men with symptoms of good quality hyperplasia prostate. The sword gives excellent results in the treatment of good quality prostate hypertrophyi (BPH). The abstract of the fruit prevents the conversion of the testosterone into a hydrotesterone, a hormon, which is likely to cause increased separation of the prostate cells, resulting in an increase.

The effect of the fruits of the swallow is the result of several processes. One of them is relaxing the tissue with a smooth muscle that leads to increased blood circulation. In addition, the sabal inhibits the activity of receptors in the Androgens and estrogens and can be shown to men and women to normalize the hormonal background.

Through these hormonal effects, the fruits of the plant can contribute to thyroid regulation of sexual development and to the normalization of the activities of these irons and bodies. To date, the fruits of swallowing are widely used in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States to prevent prostate and urea diseases.

They are now most commonly used to combat the increase in prostates, the problems of urea and the general strengthening of organisms. The shell is one of the few plants considered as anabolic, i.e. contributing to the growth of body tissues and strengthening them.


The Moira of the Puma is used to re-establish sexual activity and to strengthen sexual desire and sex with men.

Dr. Jacques Wayneberg of the Institute of Sexology in Paris (France) conducted a study of 262 men who complained of lack of sexual intervention or inability to experience or support erection. As a result of the study, 62 per cent of men with a lack of libido have benefited. 51 per cent of men with erection problems have also experienced improvements.

Recent clinical studies confirm the useful properties of Muira Puma. To date, the principle of the Muira Paum is unknown. According to preliminary information, it has characteristics that have a positive impact on both psychological and physical aspects of sexual activity. Further research will undoubtedly shed light on this vegetative extraction, which promises great progress in the fight against erectile dysfunction.


There are legends about the traditional historical use of this tonic plant. According to some data, this is the most famous of all Brazil ' s Afro-disaster plants. It is believed that the regular use of catuaba crust for a certain period of time is initially caused by erotic dreams, which are later accompanied by increased libide.

Medical research has shown that, in addition to antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, the cataba measles have the capacity to expand blood vessels. According to Dr. Meira Penna, the catua operates as a catalyst for the nervous system, which is particularly important in the treatment of functional male genital mutilation.

It's a tone and a central nervous system stimulant. It has long been known for its ability to force and to fatigue. The effect is most pronounced in men, especially as a way to revive the libido.


It's a phytochemical substance with exceptional preventive properties, extracted from the berries. The warrior is rich in bioflavonoids who expand the arteries and remove the tension. These substances, like powerful antioxidants, contribute to the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. This reduces the heart pressure associated with circulating blood and, as a consequence, reduces blood pressure and removes the stress from the heart muscle. The biophlavonoids contained in the warrior reinforce the walls of the receptacles and improve the blood supply of other parts of the body. It is also known that the substances contained in the slaughterhouse reduce the cholesterol level and the number of frogs in arteries.

Studies in Germany, where the beard has been officially approved for use in pharmaceuticals, show a complete lack of side effects due to its use. European studies indicate the ability of the warrior to improve the heart and brain bleed, to successfully combat heart arrhythmia, to increase the power of heart abbreviations, and to slightly reduce the arterial pressure.

All components have a direct impact on male sexual organs, normalizing hormonal background, blood circulation, and affecting penis tissues.

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