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Елена Бородина9 years, 3 months

Married is early, almost immediately after school graduation. A year later, there was a double birth and a hit. We need an apartment, a car, then a garden, a school, a sea trip... So much money was needed and I saw my husband more at night.

Well, it's clear that sex was a big holiday. My husband loved her very much, and I love her, so I didn't even think about it, and I couldn't help myself. That's how sex slowly became less and less and sexual life became dead. Financial issues have gradually been resolved and sexual problems remain. My husband's lounge, I didn't want sex even, but just to hug and stay close. Well, the process stopped bringing joy. Smoke your lubes, all your laundry, toys. That's not it. I thought I was frigid. Well, my husband did. I want to try Vigorell, who's gonna say something?

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