Increase in vacuum pump member

Vacuum disarray is currently undergoing a non-viable upturn on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean due to the guarantee of safe sexual activity. The basic principle of this method is very simple. By creating a low pressure around penis (vacuum), we are thus forcibly increasing the blood flow to a sexual organ that floods and becomes solid. From a medical point of view, this process was called hypemy.

When the erection occurs, the blood is striving to the tissues of a member - "corpora cavernosa" and "corpus spongeosum" that are filled with blood, suffocated like this, like when we pump a bicycle wheel, and twisted.

Using a vacuum pump, we kind of bury the blood into a trap, and it's really expanding the tissue. The basic principle of hype-based penis increases is based on the ability to keep a member in a state of origin for a relatively long period of time, usually between 30 minutes and 1 hour. By hypermy, fallic muscles and tissues are being developed." The Blue Dum's Log in April 1989 placed a big piece of vacuum discharge.

This is his version of the effectiveness of this process:

"Muscules, in fact, vomit in this process and recover the following day or later. The recovery of muscles by means of the same vacuum pump is exactly the same as in the bodibildeenge when individual muscles are exposed to external influence to recover them, turning them into stronger, longer muscles.

The main difference between what is happening to your sexual member and your biceps is that the latter have a significant advantage, as they are always working. And the penis isn't always far. Biceps are created for hard work and used to it.

Penis needs to be trained as if it's an atrophic biceps.

This process also results in the drowning of a member after each vacuum discharge session. The additional length is due to various circumstances. There's a connection inside your body attached to the corpus cavernosa. She acts like a suspension cable for your penis. Two more muscles go further, deep into your body. The vacuum method weakens this connection by making the internal muscles stretch at 2.5-5 or even more centimeters."

These bundles are very strong, but they can still be broken. Some caution must therefore be exercised. If the bundles attached to the caveal bodies are broken, the rest of the muscles will not be able to expand, it must be remembered that the bundles are a hinged device that keeps them in place. Ultimately, the penny-building resembles bodilybilding, a process that requires cures, patience and accurate exercises to achieve tangible results.

Stability and attachment are two main requirements in the process of enlargement.

While almost all men are willing to use their chance to extend their membership by at least a few centimetres, not all are willing to spend the necessary time to achieve tangible results. Bodibildingu champions devote years of life to training to achieve a physical condition that guarantees them the prize. But when it comes to training a member, most men are starting to be impatient, and soon, unless they recruit a member by 2 cm in six weeks, they're refusing further sessions. This is, of course, silly, as any successful man in this area will confirm that it is necessary to spend at least six months (if not more) on such a process in order to achieve tangible results.

You'll see many vacuum pump models on sale, but mostly they can be divided into two categories: manual and electrical systems. Hand-operated mechanisms are much cheaper, but not always so effective. There are many similarities, but they are based on the same design. The full cylinder of plastic or acrylite (usually 20-25 cm long and 5-7.5 cm in diameter) shall be combined with a manual pump pump pump pump pumping the air from the cylinder by rotation of the special pen. Some of the cheaper models for pump operation need to be kept by hand. In other, more comfortable, it's two or three times to pull the pen to get a full vacuum in the cylinder within a few minutes.

In the case of electrical models, the vacuum shall be produced by an electronic pump which ensures constant and reliable air-strip. The only reason to use it is to lubricate the base of the barrel to better drain the edges of the cylinder and, by inserting the machine, to put its penis into the cylinder. A small button helps to regulate the extent of the vacuum created.

Many argue that the continuous, repeated use of the pump may lead to a gradual elongation of the member. The length of growth depends on several factors: the anatomical structure of the man ' s body, the regularity of use and the time spent on air pumping. In order to achieve good results, the penis has to spend some time in the cylinder, and this time will be different from the different individuals. I saw one man in less than thirty minutes fill up a 7.5 cm cylindrire with his member. It's like this. When the cock is removed from the turbine, it's incredibly fat and meaty. However, its elongation is temporary and is mainly due to the lymphedemy, the harmless accumulation of lymph node, which lasts only a few hours, after which the member enters his previous normal state. However, one doctor claims that he was able to permanently elongate a member by means of a vascular expansion, rather than by a lymphatic overfilling. We'll read his detailed story later.

Is it possible that a male member can be permanently elongated with a hypermy?

Some men wanted it. They claim that they were able to increase the length and diameter of the penis by 2.5 to 5 cm. The most common question is, how much time is needed to ensure that a member is elongated by a few centimeters? The Blue Inches magazine put it to its readers and then published a compilation of their answers in the article under the heading: "He's getting bigger... "Gid is a long member." Most readers replied that they had used a vacuum pump for one to two years, and as a result they had reached a 2.5 to 5 cm. Here's one of those letters:

" Before I started using a vacuum pump, my penis was 20 cm long and the thickness was 16 centimeters. I used the vacuum three to four times a week. A whole year. Now that I put my penis in a vacuum for 15 minutes, its dimensions are increased in length to 22 cm and in diameter to 18 cm."

Another reader's message:

"I bought my vacuum machine two years ago and now I use it every day for 30 minutes. I had a nice penis of 15 cm long. Now it's 20 cm long and 8 cm circumference. He's as strong as he used to, but in his hand, I think he's more meaty."

The third reader adds:

♪ After a year of continuous use of the vacuum, I've made the penis almost 2.5 cm. But more quickly his thickness grew. I didn't measure it before, but it appears that it also increased by a few centimeters.

So what's the final verdict? It's quite possible to expect that, after such exercises from six months to two years, your penis can extend by 2.5 cm. The period depends on the time spent on the vacuum pump, its design and the individual anatomy of the male body. Some men have been able to achieve good results in an amazing short time.

Others spend months and months, but the results are not satisfactory.

While all of the above-mentioned evidence argues that there can be a noticeable addition of a member, the truth can only be confirmed by a photograph of the member before and after the experiment. Not to mention the scientific evidence, I have dozens of men who are engaged in a vacuum as jealous as the prayers read, and all of them are vowed to the great effectiveness of this method. Their penis tends to be very large and very impressive. If you need details on vacuum-discharge equipment, various kinds of comparative information on the rotation of members, the vacuum pump clubs, and recent research in this field, let alone the pictures of the pine-pumpers that have been obtained by this method of yielding results, read the "Vaccumonal pumper." Dr. T. C. Peter commented so much on the hypomy method: "It seems that this progressive method can strengthen and expand any muscle."

Warning. Special caution should be exercised by newcomers at the beginning of the vacuum process.

If you're too old, you can call a moustache, harmless, red, size with a bleed head, both on the dick's head and on his gun. These painless openings of small capillars on a member can then cause severe pain in the future use of a vacuum machine. They usually disappear in a few days. However, the continuation of the intensive use of the vacuum will only increase the rash and, in a few weeks from it, it may even darken the whole barrel. If that happens, you'll have to postpone this procedure for a few months until the cock gets normal.

Увеличение вакуумным насосомThe Osbon system, which helps to achieve erection, is a medical apparatus for vacuum discharge only available from a doctor ' s prescription.

When I bought it for testing, I was pretty sceptical. I pulled my dick out, lubricated it with vase and put it in a clean oily camera.

I needed to turn on the car, how I felt when it was so tight that she grabbed my penis. I was most surprised that she was pulsing and forcing my cock to be pulsed and vibrated with 52 hits per minute, just like my heart's rhythmic work. This makes the machine profitable from all the others available on sale. Pulsation is a suction-free suction-free-- brings blood to the cock, enrichs tissue with oxygen - these vital foods for blood cells. Other pumps create a permanent vacuum that causes blood in the penis. In this case, the risk of wolves and rashes increases.

In fifteen minutes, my dick has reached the size I've never seen before. When I pulled him out of the camera, I was surprised for a long time without believing in my own eyes. I've been wearing Brax Brothers' khaki pants. I had to go to the hastron on my way home. After the procedure, my penis was still very swollen and hung out on his pants. One of the men was staring at him and, as a result, hit his cart in the window where potato chips were shown. The other one, when he apologized to his wife, went after me quietly, and at that time, I didn't see the shelves looking for a muscular nuts.

Vakuum pumps filled up the vials in medicine.

Now the doctors are making their impotent patients treated with these devices. After the cock goes to the limit, we need to get him out of the cylindra, and on the basis to wear a ring that prevents the blood flow. As a result, there is a partial erection allowing such a man to engage in sexual intercourse. If you need the details of the most recent devices to overcome impotence (renewal, vacuum pumps, erection injectors), then read the manual "The strength of your member is the guide to the full restoration of manhood."

That's what one doctor says about the hypomy method:

"In my age (in sixty) isn't it wonderful that I had a member of the sizes I've ever dreamed of? I had a penis 15 cm long and barely reached 4 cm in diameter. Now, my penis is 17 cm, and after a time vacuum session for almost 24 hours, I can maintain a diameter of 7 cm."

Another doctor writes me from Lindborg, Kansas:

"I'm really sure you've given the world a very valuable apparatus, and there's no doubt that if all men knew what a wonderful feeling you could get from your machine, you'd be thrown away for a while. I, as a doctor, recommend to any man who wishes to test these unforgettable feelings to acquire such a machine, especially as it increases the size of a member."

Another doctor commends the effectiveness of the STS XI machine 1,000 in this way:

"CTS is a completely unknown experience. I am very pleased with the results achieved. I'm not really sure how long they are, but I know one thing that my dick for hours is a treasure that is pleasant. He's the best thing for me."

I have recently written a letter from my reader stating how much effort, patience and time it takes to achieve satisfactory results:

"I'm sure I've raised a member by at least 1.3 cm and 0.7 cm in diameter. But tell your readers that it takes a lot of time. I've been doing this for six to seven months, and I almost got desperate. I'm glad I didn't leave these classes and I got some results."

A couple of years ago, I was visiting my Norwegian friend, whose house is located in the suburb of Oslo. It's a well-known professor at Harvard University, a financer at the international level, a man who's hard to hit. He read my book and asked me about vacuum pumps. Fortunately, I've had this machine in my suitcase. We were gonna go on his sailing after noon for a walk between the fords and he asked me to take a vacuum pump. With approximately 18.5 km away from Oslo, he offered to undress under hot sunlight. He asked me to hold the wheel, and he dived himself in the cabin. Soon he came back, holding my sleeping bag.

♪ Is your pump here? - Yes, I answered - he's on top. Ralph, unleashing the silence, pulled my machine.

- Show me how to use it.

I built a machine. It's a little windy. By smashing coconut butter, the base of the turbine, I put my cock in it, and by pressuring the pen, I triggered the pump. He kicked me a couple times for penis. In a few minutes, he began to grow up in volume right in front of his eyes and soon filled the entire cylinder. I told him that a member could only be subject to a partial erection. When I was driving again, he went down to the lower foot of the on-board staircase and loaded his belt into the water. The guy took him forward at ten knots. When he boarded after that refreshing salt bath, he asked me:

♪ Well, do you think I'm ready now? I threw it. By losing his penis, I lubricated the butter on his base, cylindried it, and triggered a machine that hit him a couple times for a dick. He sat on a rescue vest, and he took it with curiosity to watch his Viking member wake up. When he came to total dementia, he resurrected that he had never seen him like this before, and I must confess, he was very surprised by his size. I've had to run a sailor for two hours, and my master was having fun with a new toy this time. Since then, Ralph has become an enthusiastic reader of the vacuum pump and recently, inviting me to the Norwegian coast with two of his pals, said:

♪ Four machines are coming this time, and a big smile.

Exclusion. The hypomy method really works, but it requires a lot of fun and patience. The sessions should last between 30 and 60 minutes each (on the use of medium-sized equipment) and be repeated several times a week.

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