Hypnosis and increase in sex

In August 1993, I approached a talented hypnotrapist from L.A. to Jim Pyfer, who had given rise to a sexual penis by means of self-incrimination, studying a licendary hypnotist of Pat Collins. I gave him the idea of designing a program to increase the size of the man's penis by means of self-destruction and hypnosis. He's got the idea of increasing the penis with a hypnosis, and he's been working on a new program for weeks, after which he invited me and another person to participate in her trials. By explaining the whole process to us, he invited us to the living room where we relaxed sitting in comfortable soft chairs with a rolling back. Somewhere soft, nice music.

He quickly introduced us into a relaxed state that promotes self-defense. Then he asked us to imagine that we're in a big shop, we're approaching a catalog store, we're taking it in our hands, and we're starting to turn it over. But it wasn't a list of goods, but rather a catalogue of penis, with a new copy of the penis on each page. When we were in the catalog, he asked us to choose a photograph with a member who looked more at us.

When we celebrated the perfect penis for ourselves, he asked us to record his three-digit catalogue number. Then he asked us to imagine the process of infiltration of spermatosis into the egg. He asked us to visualize ourselves inside the eggs, then find a special DNA molecule that determines the size of the penis. In the sense, we removed all our current genes from our penis with the help of the scissors and replaced them with "new, improved" in addition to the three-digit number of an ideal member and his "cartinum."

After that, we deliberately presented how an embryo evolved with an outstanding penis. We heard the doctor and sisters talking about this penis of huge sizes. The period of puberty and youth development has led to an unbelievably rapid increase in sexual organs, and as a result, a penis has grown considerably longer than the average adult male. We saw that our penis is becoming a subject of admiration and love on the part of our peers who didn't stare at them in the locker room. In the 18-year-old age, we were delighted to be equipped with the same sexual members as in the catalogue. He was hanging between our legs: a long, fat penis, like a beer bank, and a whole box of blue vests.

Before we were removed from the hypothetical state, some guidance was transmitted to our subconscious in order to enhance the effectiveness of the programme. Using the different keys to a completely new field of neurolinguistic programming, he introduced into our subconscious several coders, serving as an anchor. Every time we heard a word or saw a certain gesture, our perception of a large member was increased.

After four sessions, he taught us to hypnotize ourselves and advised us to do the self-defense five to ten minutes every day. In order to further strengthen the visual impression, he recommended that we think about presenting our naked body and attaching a picture of our perfect penis. So he said, we'd be more aware of what we'd look like with our new penis, as desired by the sexual organ. Every time we look at the mirror, we imagined we were standing in front of him with a new penis.

Our debate on the influence of self-defense on the increase in the sex membership would be incomplete if we hadn't mentioned Ray Carlton's name. This veteran in the area of penis expansion began to expand the penis until the age of 20 when the penis was only 15 cm long.

After 10 years of use of the vacuum pump, it was able to increase its length to 20 cm, but was still not satisfied. Ray claims that he was able to recover from physical misery directly, and he developed his effective programme to increase the size of the penis through meditation and thorough study of the subject. Now his penis was 27 cm long, and in the photos, you can make sure he actually has a penis like a "bad." He, however, set the nearest goal of elongating the member to 38 cm and drowning to 20 cm. His program includes meditation, imagination and a few more surprises.

Conclusion: The possibility of increasing the size of a male sexual member by means of a controlled visualization, imagination, hypnosis and self-defense actually cares about any man.

But research in this area is still quite new, and it is therefore early to draw some serious conclusions on the practical results of increasing penis. Nevertheless, we will closely monitor the results of studies on the increase in sex. Maybe we can get better results if the method of self-defense is combined with a vacuum-difference and "dear."

Гипноз и увеличение полового членаBig penis has a number of significant advantages over a small penis. The size of the member also plays a major role in providing a partner with a great sense of pleasure.

A large, fat man's penis is capable of stretching vaginal or anal muscles to a much greater extent, creating a woman's sense of deeper penetration and maximization. In addition, the length of one sexy member, when combined, also plays a role, with great pleasure for both partners.

One very important paragraph should be clarified. There's nothing in this big penis if his owner is full of profan with no sexual predicament, healing and living. Technical techniques, like a sensitive understanding of the needs of a lover, play a much more important role in delivering sexual pleasure. In most cases, penises and vaginas (and other sex openings) are well matched, and the small size of a male member can sometimes be fully compensated for by technical devices.

I give the word "sometimes" because the sex organs of men and women can be different in size. By contrast, all women are not created equally. Some of them have narrow and small vaginas, others on the contrary have deep, easily stretched. Even a tight vagina can stretch sufficiently to fit a huge penis (in the end it serves to move the baby through it).

Of course, a woman who has a simple vagina won't have much sexual pleasure from a man with a penis.

I can give you some examples.

Steve, the reader of my newsletter, the Quarterly Quarter of Men's Power Qualities, told me his interesting story in the letter. He has an incredibly large penis, as fat as his wrist. Thanks to his unique talents, he was doing what he did to the most powerful women in our country. For a three-digit fee, Steve provided services to women who wanted to feel penetration to the end of a penis like a stallion. He said that they were all arranged differently, and frankly, only a few of them were able to consume his dick. It's strange, but women with the deepest, most comfortable vaginas were mostly middle-aged women who never married.

Rob, the other subscriber to my bulletin, wrote to me about his intention to reschedule surgery on the increase in membership. He told me he was gonna marry a woman who was already married. She had a very simple vagina, and her old husband had powerful sexual organs. Rob never wanted to give up her husband and intended to give her the least pleasure.

Every woman with a big vagina has another one with a narrow hole, which is difficult to penetrate a large penis. In his book, "Dualism of Sexology" of Medicine, Stifen T. Chan emphasizes that the anatomy of a male sexual member is the most important of the partner.

"Penice measurements are important in two ways: (1) the psychological effect on a man who thinks his penis is too small, and (2) his fitness to his partner.

In addition to technical techniques, the thickness of penis is important for women. The more he is, the more he has the potential to stretch the vagina walls, which creates a sense of deepest penetration. It is interesting to note that when men call the size of their sexual member (13, 19, etc.), they speak only of its length. They hardly pay attention to the thickness of penis. It's a length for them.

Such a game of numbers allows them to compare their dick to their neighbors. On the other hand, if women were to be given such a measurement, they would probably place other parameters at the first place, the size of the sex penetration.

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