Justification for penis increase

Medicine, in reply to a question about the possibility of an increase in membership, may offer several ways. These are options for surgical intervention and the use of the hidden capacity of a male sexual organ. The prerequisites for natural expansion are laid by nature itself. The nature and construction of a sexual member makes it possible to conduct surgery and manipulation with an organism without critical consequences for the health of a man.

Member and size

The size of the penis is attributed to the purified body surrounding the urinating canal, including the head of the penis and cave bodies. It's Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongisum. These areas have a vicious structure and can fill and retain the blood flowing to them.

When a member is in a state of erection, the dead body and cave bodies are filled with blood. It follows that the size depends on the size of the blood-filled porous tissues on the maximum volume of blood they can fit during the erection.

Special studies have shown that the porous elements of penis are not even filled by 75 per cent. The adoption of natural drugs will increase the lipstick body (Corpora Cavernosa ) penis and caveal bodies and ( Corpus Spongisum).

Gradually, porous tissues will be able to absorb and retain an increasing amount of blood and, consequently, the penis will become more both long and wide. The circulation of blood in the area of penis and eggs will be improved, which will contribute to a significant increase in erection and stable tendencies.

Similarly, the increase in the sex penis is due to the growth of new penis tissues, reaching an increase in the muscle mass, as in cultural activities.

The growth of new tissues in a sex penis is taking place in the sex process, only slowly and slowly. As a result, the size of a male sexual member in life is increased by 0.5 cm per year. By accepting Magic Stuff, Santi, Vig-Erix, Vig-Erix Plus, Tongkat Ali Platinum, this process can be significantly accelerated!

Statistics indicate that men with more middle-aged sex workers have new sex partners several times more often. And that's not surprising, pay attention to the size of the penis in the sex scaps. Admit it is the size that makes the inside jealous and makes you wonder how to increase the penis. Artificial penis producers study this issue and offer exactly what women want. They know better than anyone what they're asking for.

Methodology V-Y-patch of penis

V-Y plastic is a surgical technique developed for elongation. The essence of this is to transform the leather-bearing area into a dried tissue defect in the form of the letter "Y," which makes it possible to visually increase the penis length compared to the mosh.

The invertible or reverse V-Y plastic can be two options: either with a broad base when the cut branches are 10 to 15 mm from the lateral edge of the fallos or with a base corresponding to the size of the penis. It is based either on an external leather foam or a few centimeters higher. Large V-Y cuts should not be overly divisive to the foambial corner, as this may subsequently lead to deformation and so-called leather on the basis of penis, as well as lateral warehouses of the type of dog ears and seemingly installing of a member, especially in the case of patients with expressed fat storage over the front.

These illustrations show how the correlation of the supporting link gives the impression of a long penis. In your original drawing, you see the scar in the form of the letter “V”
The incision is expanding with tools. Inside a visible supporting link
After the separation of the connecting member " pulls " forward, and the cut is staggered
Member, it's a cut.
Comparison: before surgery and after. Pay attention to the position of the head vis-à-vis the mouse. It's longer on the top of the "do" picture. The " post " figure shows a reverse picture.

As such, there is no elongation of the penis as a result of V-Y plastic. Visual effect is achieved by scrutinization, i.e. crawling on it from all directions of the mouse. In this regard, the operation is often combined with legamentotomy.

Complications for a member who may accompany the V-Y plastic include the formation of rough rods, the staggering of the post-operative wound, and the above-mentioned entity on the mossoon of the ears and the probability of having an effect that is diametrically opposite the expected result of reducing the penis.


When the penis is extended, a hidden portion of the penis is given in the form of a penis that supports the connection of the penis (a sex penetration). The task of an intimate surgeon is to cross this link and remove its internal part outside. Using endoscopic equipment, making a small cut on the moshound, making a connection under optical control and mobilizing it. There's no trace of the operation.

After the intersection, the inside is out.

The next challenge is to record the elongation. The result can be recorded by means of a special apparatus called ecturer, which must be carried at least 8 hours per day for 4-6 months. The penis may be extended by 3.5 to 4.5.

In this way, the operation uses internal, hidden reserves of penis, which are not only mobilized (disbursed) outside, but are also additional material for the post-operation ectender planting, maximizing the result.

After a procedure to extend the penis, the patient spends 1-2 days in a hospital. The O.R.S. post is set for 10 days. A sexual act is possible two to three weeks after surgery.

Removal of penis

The intent of the sexual body is to place any tissue between carpet bodies and skins. It is important to emphasize that this tissue must be solid and not dispersed. If a sexual act is considered as a massage for penis tissue, the likelihood of displacement or disassociation in an implanted tissue member is high.

One of the high-tech methods of drowning is the transplant of its own tissue under the skin of penis. Used for such manipulation the slope of the straight muscle of the stomach, on the sausage. The advantage of this method is that the tissue is alive and bleed. Insufficient is a long rehabilitative period due to the possibility of discontinuing the transplanted tissue.

Another equally effective method of drowning is the placement of the biocollagen matrix between carpet bodies (see illustration) and skins. Two to three months around the matrix, the tissue grows and increases the penis in diameter by 0.3 to 0.5 cm in circumference. The main disadvantage of this method is the risk of non-liability of an alien body, matrices and, as a consequence, complications in the form of inflammation, sparkling, etc. The complications are most often related to the individual immune system activity.

After a procedure to drown a penis of a rotated slope, the straight muscle of the stomach on an autonomous bloodstream, the patient spends 5-7 days in a hospital. In the next two months, sexual life is excluded.

After the procedure for the drowning of a sexual member by implanting the biocollagenic matrix, the patient shall be held in a hospital for 2-3 days. In the next two months, sexual life is excluded.

The size of a member is always important for a man, but effective ways of increasing his membership are not so much. The fact that the roots of this problem lie in men ' s psychology does not in any way diminish its severity. That's why there's been a millennium of penis technology.

The truth is often so that surgery is the only way. Such a way to increase the penis is not safe, and the doctor will warn you that the operation is not always successful. It is also worth knowing that all existing surgical methods lead to a marked elongation of the penis only in a calm state. The length of the penis in the erection is much smaller.

Over the past 15 years, the problem of increasing penis has been taken seriously by the medics and has found a suitable way for a modern person.

In order to avoid the effects of the surgical method, it is much safer to use the vegetation products of Magic Stuff, Santi, Vig-Erix, Vig-Erix Plus, Tongkat Ali Platinum. The result has been verified by serious medical research! Scientists combine the principles of traditional medicine with modern scientific advances to enable men, through safe and natural means, to reach the top of their sexual opportunities or to overcome sexual concerns.

As a rule, women say that a member, his size is not a matter of courtesy, although when it comes to the case, women prefer men with a large member. There are several reasons why women prefer men with more members, all simply: women want intensive sex. This intensive relationship increases the stimulus of vagina walls, where thousands of nerve ends are located, which facilitate pleasure. Women's clitoris also have such nerve ends.

Naturally, it does not indicate that a male member of a small or medium size cannot satisfy his own partner and have a healthy relationship. The fact is, if a woman had a choice, she would have preferred a man whose penis is bigger. It is also important that the men whose members are great are more confident in themselves and are able to meet their own partner. The size of the penis is the determining factor for the beginning of a relationship!

It's not the same thing to be beautiful and ugly, tall or skinny, strong or weak, nor to be naked in front of a partner with a huge, strong or small penis. Not only will she feel the difference when she enters the vagina, but a large penis will also create a visual effect that will lead a girl to admire.

The main answer is that the increase in the penis is possible!

This can be achieved through the adoption of fully natural drugs that increase the scope and sexual health without any side effects.

In order to fully increase the penis, it's not worth forgetting that they're going to act with regular sex and healthy lifestyles!

How much is the increase?

Are there restrictions and limit growth in general, do there exist a natural limit to the elongation of penis? How much can a dick change, its size? The cell growth method showed that the increase in penis had not stopped over time.

Numerous examples and feedback from clients on the basis of the statistical report revealed that up to and a half of the year, the average increase per month was 4-5 mm. The result depends largely on the individual characteristics of the organism. After one and a half years, the average growth of the penis is 2-3 mm per month. After this time threshold, the result is reduced by two. But it doesn't end up growing, it goes on.

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